Jennifer Garner upset with Ben Affleck for drinking, smoking & flirting

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Happy Together!

Last week, there was a report on Radar that Ben Affleck was downing straight vodka while at Sundance. As I stated at the time, Ben is a recovering alcoholic who has been to rehab at least once (in 2001) that we know of. While I questioned the veracity of the report from Radar, I have to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben was drinking again. Which is just my opinion, and I’m only making that judgement from photos of Affleck over the past year – he looks like he’s unhappy. Anyway, In Touch Weekly says that Ben is definitely drinking again, and it’s not just one isolated incident at Sundance. ITW claims that though Ben has “fallen off the wagon” a few times since 2001, he has “largely remained sober for nine years… until now.”

At Sundance, “Ben was definitely drinking,” a witness tells In Touch. “He had vodka on the table in front of him. This comes just 10 days after Ben was seen purchasing bottles of wine in LA.

“Ben’s started to have the odd beer and go out to bars,” a friend explains. Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner, knows that he’s been drinking again – and she’s very upset about it.

“Jen laid down the law and asked him not to do it, and he promised he wouldn’t,” the friend adds. But not long after Ben landed in Utah, he hit the bottle. “Jen was hurt.”

While Jen knows Ben love her and their daughters with “all of his heart”, she worries that there’s a part of him that misses his old life. While recently filming The Town, Ben lit up whenever he was around Blake Lively. “It’s obvious that Ben’s been itching to let off some steam… he’s dying to have fun.”

But if Ben keeps drinking, his four-year marriage to Jen might be at risk. Although friends say he has no intention of slipping back into his destructive behavior, specialists not that “when a onetime alcoholic begins dabbling in drinking again, it can quickly turn into a full-fledged problem.”

Also troubling: Ben has already started smoking again, a friend reveals: “It’s the worry of one addiction leading to another that scares Jen.”

Jen is keeping an eye on Ben to ensure he doesn’t fall back to his old ways, but she knows that nagging could drive Ben away, and she doesn’t want to lose him to his addictive nature.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, February 15, 2010]

The ITW report finishes with this hilarious/bitchy/probably-true quote from Gwyneth Paltrow: “Ben’s ideal woman would be a stripper with a Budweiser in each hand.” Touché, Goop. Well… let’s see. If this is true (big “if”), Ben is back to being a recreational drinker, a smoker (which I do believe, just because it’s so ridiculously easy to start smoking again) and a guy who might need to “scratch his itch” with Blake Lively. However, as many may point out, there are certainly people who have gone through AA or other other programs and then, years later, drink every now and then without it being a problem. And quite honestly, it doesn’t sound like Ben is having any big problems, other than his wife is worried. Except for the Blake Lively thing. I don’t think they had an affair, but I do think Ben was flirting his ass off. And that sucks.

2010 Park City - Celebrity Sightings - Day 3

Blake Lively And Ben Afleck Get Close On Set

Blake Lively And Ben Afleck Get Close On Set

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  1. Chicken Tetrazzini says:

    Oooh I would be FURIOUS if I saw my husband acting like Ben is with that Lively chick! I am no fan of Jennifer Garner but she can do better. Nobody deserves to be with someone who is flirting with other women. Ben is no prize pig himself, I don’t know why any woman would want him….but Blake Lively is supposedly the chick who slept with Harvey Weinstein to be the new “it girl”, so apparently she isn’t very discriminating. Gross. Ben must be a HUGE step up from Weinstein, but any woman who flirts with a married man is disgusting. I hope she remembers that karma is a b*tch and what goes around comes around.

  2. Boombeeba says:

    Oh yea! Its all in the EYES dude. Look how Benny Boom is lookin at Blakey Pooh?!!! He Wants to smash that p*ssy!! J.Garner is in trouble!! Oh & that quote from Fishdicks Paltrow is EpIc!!! Ima dancer Benny look me up bwahahahahaha!

  3. Obvious says:

    am i the only one who thinks blake looks like a hooker in these shots? she’s more covered up than usual but i don’t know…

  4. buckley says:

    Yikes, I have to say, I do see a certain sparkle in his eye here.
    This guy is no prize. His acting is mediocre too.

    pic#2…haha Ben you’re oh so broody!

  5. Jane says:

    Guys are dicks.

  6. Sakota says:

    He drinks, smokes, and flirts. First of all, she’s married to an actor. Second, she’s a thirty-three year old adult woman with not too pristine of a past herself. For pity’s sake, we all know what they do to get to the top and we know it isn’t through chastity and three masses a day.

    Third, there’s nothing wrong with light flirting as long as it’s done appropriately. If he’s fondling her, wrong, but I wouldn’t mind if my husband decided to play the gallant swain and flirt a bit.

  7. Kaiser says:

    Obvious – I’m pretty sure Blake is dressed up in character. Her role was that of a low-class, slutty, disturbed girl, if I remember correctly.

  8. sarny says:

    @Chicken Tetrazzini, I thought she was the one he wanted so was hurting her career and not the one performing for him?

  9. snowball says:

    After JLo, I seem to remember Ben and his friends going on about what he needs is a down to earth girl who can enjoy living outside the Hollywood bubble and is ready to start a family.

    So he gets what he wants and now he’s going to poop on it. I don’t know if Ben and that Lively person are bumping uglies, but as long as he’s been around, he knows the paps are going to pick up on his flirting (and laying hands on) and not only get pictures, but stir things up with stories from “sources.”

    Seems like treating your significant other like crud is going around a lot lately.

    Jen’s getting too thin, but Ben looks awful, worse than usual. Is his head getting bigger or are his hips, butt and shoulders shrinking? He’s a hot mess.

  10. Sakota says:

    I’m not sure how ‘down to earth’ Garner is. She’s an actress, I’m sure she’s high maintanence.

  11. anna says:

    Team Garner

  12. hottathanholywatta says:

    yeah god forbid he live a little, I have no idea why he hooked up with her, shes as exciting as a glass of warm milk (yawn)

  13. Betty says:

    “However, as many may point out, there are certainly people who have gone through AA or other other programs and then, years later, drink every now and then without it being a problem.”

    I have been in the program for over 20 years all over the US and Canada and have NEVER ONCE seen someone go back out and drink without it becoming a problem. That’s Bullshit.

  14. Zelda says:

    FLIRTING?! OMG this is just horrible….imagine….
    I’ll bet he even thinks sometimes about what it would be like to have sex with other people! Maybe he even… ENJOYS thinking about other womens boobs and stuff! And he doesn’t think about “missionary position quiet enough so that the kids don’t wake up” while he masturbates! For shame! Men are SO bad!

    Lighten up you guys.

  15. kris says:

    Where are the pics ? This is story is bull crap as usual.They ran out of stories for Brangelina so they have to pick the next popular couple.They don’t need or want publicity like other couples.They don’t need to show PDA or be on the red carpet to show their marriage is real.They live their lives as normaly without worrying what people are going to think.

  16. Dan says:

    Relax housewives, the guy wants to have some drinks and a few smokes… Doesn’t mean he stopped loving his family.
    Go for it Ben!!

  17. Cindy says:

    “Ben is no prize pig himself, I don’t know why any woman would want him”

    He’s rich, famous and well connected in Hollywood, if he were a 9 to 5 guy who worked as an assitant at WME none of these actresses would be with him or married to him.

    Garner’s no saint either, when she was married to Foley she was a major flirt with her co-stars too, it’s no big deal they all do it because they want to get to the top in Hollywood.

  18. Sakota says:

    “Garner’s no saint either, when she was married to Foley she was a major flirt with her co-stars too, it’s no big deal they all do it because they want to get to the top in Hollywood.”

    Thank you. I’m sick of Garner being touted as some holy saint, as if she has not done the things all actresses do to get to where she is now.

    If Ben weren’t as connected as he is I wnoder if Garner would have gone for him. Ben isn’t the one with two failed marriages.

  19. i love denise richards says:

    i have never seen ben look at his wife like that he always looks uninerested or bored

  20. Tazina says:

    Oh please, this is all old and BS. It’s been confirmed Ben was drinking a Rev3 Energy drink.

    Ben Affleck sipping a Rev 3 energy drink during a press conference for The Company Men at the USANA/Kari Feinstein Sundance Style Lounge.

  21. thepickle says:

    omg monogomy is so difficult for ordinary people. Imagine having the money and the time that celebes have..AND the access! People put too high expectations on other people. Although I think he should be honest with his wife about his drinking, I think there is too much pressure to be the perfect parent.

  22. The Queen Bee says:

    I believe this whole story.

  23. Sumodo says:

    Oy vey! Goop has to be the rich source with insight into her ex-boyfriend’s ideal woman? I need a drink.

  24. bigelle says:

    This woman has a multi-million dollar film-star Hollywood husband who drinks and smokes and seems to be capable of flirting occasionally… and somehow/somewhere there is a problem with that!?

  25. Essie says:

    I don’t care!! Mr. and Mrs. Taupe are so boring, I laugh when I see them.

    I will agree that I have yet to meet an alcoholic who can take a “drink or two.” No such animal exists. An alcoholic is forever in recovery and drinking even a beer would be a disaster.

  26. Laurie says:

    Jen knew what Ben was like when she met & married him. That doesn’t give a married man license to cheat, but I do believe they both have issues with being faithful to partners in the past. Why did Jen think she could change a man?

  27. Joe says:

    Once an Alcoholic, always an Alcoholic. It gets worse, never better. Keep coming back, Ben.

  28. teri says:

    Oh kris your such a hoot girl. A woman who takes her kids to the pap park on a dialy basis is out wanting attention. Like I said before if she didn’t she would let them stay home and play on thier own swingsets. Not wanting attention? BWAHAHA. I see these kids so much heck they could be my own.

  29. MYOB says:

    Baldie’s career in front of the camera is done. Finito!

  30. Mouse says:

    She looks shitty, if you’re going to go for the hoody on top, you need to have jeans or sweats on the bottom. She looks like she couldn’t decide to go grunge or glam and gave up halfway.

  31. Alpha says:

    Really – Ben’s ideal girl is a stripper? Because Matt Damon married one!

  32. Cindy says:

    “Oh please, this is all old and BS. It’s been confirmed Ben was drinking a Rev3 Energy drink”

    It’s not BS. Ben never stopped smoking or drinking, people just want to believe that because he married jennifer garner he changed, now that’s BS.

  33. Jane says:

    Wait- Matt Damon’s wife was a stripper?

  34. Erin says:

    Alpha, curious as to your source? I know it’s said she was a bartender and met Matt while working, but bartender and stripper are pretty much interchangeable in this case.

  35. luckystarr says:

    OMG this guy is married to Jennifer Garner. What? Is that not good enough? 2 gorgeous little girls? What is wrong with him. He officially sux.

  36. Shane Gentry says:

    There is nothing wrong with Ben and their marriage is fine. I love gossip but they have a great family.

  37. Dannni says:

    She has nothing to worry about. I think this is all bs. Jennifer is known to take part in innocent flirting too. Big whoop.

  38. Kittypants says:

    Haha, that second pic of Ben with chronic sadface is priceless – “Aww Jen, but me loves smokez, drinkz and flirtz, do not deny!”

  39. lolitahaze says:


    oh yeah, because all actresses are sluts who slept with everyone and the set janitor to get where they are today.


  40. coucou says:

    Garner is benignly precious, she can keep a man interested. If Ben is suffering from the Ben-there-done-that syndrome, then he’s just a doofus who hit a lucky break, first with his career, and secondly, with her as a wife.

    Flirting is ok…as long as it’s not pathological. My guy likes to flirt, he does it naturally, like breathing. But then again, so do I. I don’t like that he does it – but on the other hand, not so sure I’d like it if he didn’t.

    It keeps me hot for him. Ben looks hot, in an angsty way. Like his cords. Jen dresses way down…and she could be turning heads left and right.

    Maybe Ben wants to get his head turned again. He’d do well to remember how lucky he is that J-Lo dumped him so he could marry up to J-G.

  41. Jeannified says:

    Yeah…flirtin’ with DISASTER, is what’s going on!

  42. skip tomaloo says:

    whatever – Ben’s lookin’ at Blake like she’s a porkchop! (or a beer)

  43. DB says:

    1. Ben looks completely in love with little Blake Lively who seems flattered but not interested. If she returned his interest, they would have had an affair.

    2. I have never seen him look at Jennifer Garner like that. Never. She should be worried. He did look at J-Lo like that however.

    3. I would pity Jennifer Garner, but let’s not forget a. She cheated on her first husband so she’s got some bad karma coming and b. She got Ben Affleck to marry her by getting pregnant. Using a baby to manipulate a man NEVER ends well. Even if the man does the right thing, the resentment will destroy the bond.

  44. P says:

    An alcholic who occasionally drinks is like someone with a severe allegy to bee stings who occasionally tends the hives. Something tragic is eventually going to happen. If he’s drinking, smoking and flirting, he sounds like someone dealing with depression, NOT someone kicking loose a bit. It’s not Jen’s fault but their relationship probably won’t survive it.

  45. guesty says:

    lol @ username ‘chicken tetrazzini’!!!!

    but back to ben…he seems so the type to marry the good girl that makes a great mom & then be ultimately dissatisfied causing tons of drama. poor jen.

  46. nnn says:

    She has nothing to worry about. I think this is all bs. Jennifer is known to take part in innocent flirting too. Big whoop.
    Innocent FLIRTING ?

    Jennifer Gardner had a very much publicized affair with Michael Vartan during the Alias show while she was married to her first husband.

    She actually divorced her first husband for Michael Vartan. After that she kept on refusing marrying him and as soon as Ben was in the picture, dumped Vartan and went to Ben, got pregnant and married him within 4 months.

    Vartan was devastating seeing the woman he loves giving to another what she kept on refusing to give to him in less than 4 months.

    Not to criticize Jen but she doesn’t innocently flirts per see.

    As for Ben he had two very publicized affairs with two women involved in other relationship at that time : Gwyneth Paltrow and JLO who was married with Chris Judd.

    Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck are of the same breed. None of them should criticize the other one about FLIRTING.

  47. ogechi says:

    Those legs

  48. alicia says:

    Ben and Jennifer were never a good match from the start, they do nothing for each other. Other than that, no other comment.

  49. Mark says:

    Um…hello and meet your husband Mrs. Most Unobservant Person of the Year.

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