Linda Hamilton wants attention, “tells all” about ex James Cameron


This is a very, very long story from The Daily Mail, so if you’d like to read the full piece, I’d suggest you go the Daily Mail’s site. I’m just going to do the highlights, which are still pretty f-cking epic. So, Avatar director James Cameron is on his fifth marriage (to Suzy Amis). One of his ex-wives is Kathryn Bigelow, who, like Cameron, is up for the Best Director Oscar for her work on The Hurt Locker. That little side-drama is pretty good, but apparently one of Cameron’s other ex-wives was feeling left out. That ex-wife? Linda Hamilton.

CB wanted me to mention that Linda Hamilton has talked about her marriage to James Cameron before, and discussed in the context of her bipolar disorder. I remember vaguely some of the interviews Linda did many years ago, where she slammed Cameron over and over. So, some of this may be old news, but I think some of it is new. The basic gist of the interview is that Linda Hamilton doesn’t give a f-ck, she can’t stand Suzy Amis, and she wants the whole world to know that James Cameron is really, really screwed up about women. Shocking!

James Cameron may be in line for nine Oscars for his record-breaking movie Avatar, to add to the 11 he won for Titanic, but will they make him happy? Actress Linda Hamilton, one of his four ex-wives, says the trouble with Cameron is that he always wants what he can’t have – at least as far as women are concerned.

‘The woman he can’t get is always his dream girl,’ she says. ‘Work and women go hand in hand for Jimbo, and I should know.’

While he was making Titanic, and living with Linda, he fell for Suzy Amis, who had a small part in the movie. Later, torn between the two, he left Amis, went back to Hamilton and married her. The marriage lasted just eight months before he went back to Amis; she is still with him and they have a son and two daughters. But now, 11 years after they split, Linda believes she’s got him exactly where she wants him.

‘It’s interesting because while he was making Titanic, Suzy at that time was the gargoyle on the end of my bed, waiting to swoop in. Now I’m the gargoyle on her bed because for Jim, the one who doesn’t end up with him is always the one he wants. I’m the one who got away, and she has to live with that.’

Of course, there is, too, the ever-present shadow of his third wife, director Kathryn Bigelow, whose nine Oscar nominations this week for the Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker include a direct challenge to him for the best director award.

‘Yes,’ squeals Linda, now 53, in her sexy gravelly voice. ‘Don’t forget Kathryn!’

The first thing that Kathryn did after being asked to direct The Hurt Locker was to show her ex-husband the script. He urged her to go for it – although it’s doubtful that he envisaged they would end up competing head to head for the same Oscars.

‘Titanic was the most painful thing in the world,’ says Linda. ‘But this wasn’t because Jim was cheating on me. Jim went off with Suzy because we were taking a break from each other and he was free to go with her. It was a painful time because we’d had a relationship where I’d push him away, then he’d push me away. Frankly, most of our relationship was us taking a big break.’

‘It was a crazy time, too, because we clashed as I was prepared to stand up to him. I’d say: “I’m never going to consider going back with you, plus I’m going to tell my friends all about you.” Then when he got together with Suzy I changed my mind and he came back to me and we got married. Then he felt terrible about what he’d done to her and went back to her. Yes, there was a period when he did sort of cross over because he was confused.’

Does it still rankle because Linda was the loser? ‘One does want to win, of course, but I’ve known for many years that this was the very best way to work it. I’m the one that got away and she has to live with that and share him with me.’

It’s a fact that Cameron himself has an extraordinary capacity for remaining on good terms with his ex-wives. There are still family Christmases with Cameron at Linda’s Malibu home where all the ex-wives and extra children gather. Does Suzy cope well with this? Linda, anxious not to be indiscreet but irreverent enough to say it anyway, silently mouths a big ‘no-no’ and indicates that Suzy clearly dislikes her.

‘But she doesn’t have the option of not having me in her life, so we all have to manage,’ she says, her voice rising in passion.

Avatar, released in the UK in December, is the highest-earning film in cinema history, with global box office takings already passing $1.85 billion. Before it opened, it was rumoured that the film – nicknamed Dancing With Smurfs – was likely to be the most expensive flop in cinematic history. But now Avatar is set to sweep the Oscars. This comes as a bit of a surprise even to Linda because she couldn’t share his vision when they pored over the script together 14 years ago.

‘I read Avatar while we were married and I said nothing. I didn’t think it was rubbish, and I’d say to him: “Oh, that’s good, honey.” But it’s not like I thought it was amazing, because clearly Jimbo had a vision and I couldn’t translate the depth and scale to foresee it. This movie is above and beyond.’

[From The Daily Mail]

There’s a lot (SO MUCH) more at the Mail, so if you liked this, you should check it out. Quite honestly, after I read the whole piece, I came away feeling like Linda Hamilton is still very, very much in love with Cameron. I also think she’s a bit of a hypocrite to push Suzy Amis’s face in everything, considering James Cameron left Kathryn Bigelow for Linda, then left Linda for Suzy. Try as she might, Linda still doesn’t sound “over it” even 12 years later.

Linda Hamilton in London on February 4, 2010. Credit: WENN


3/14/98 Los Angeles, Ca James Cameron and Linda Hamilton at the 48th Annual Eddie Awards Competition

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  1. meme says:

    YIKES. skeery lady. Linda WHO?

  2. Ellen Smith says:

    James Cameron is just a lump of MASSIVE ego and Linda Hamilton is just an over the hill actress whose looks have faded.

  3. KateNonymous says:

    She sounds awful, and like she could use a lot more therapy.

  4. JohnnieR says:

    I used to have a quasi-crush on Linda when she appeared on TV’s ‘Beauty & The Beast’ many moons ago. She always came across as a down to earth woman. I had no idea she suffered from bi-polar disorder. That said, me thinks everyone should be more than tolerant of her questionable words and actions. Bi-polar disorder is a horrid affliction that torments the soul.

  5. Whatever says:

    She was how many wives ago? It is so sad when people hold hate and anger in their hearts for a lifetime. That is no way to live. I hope she can find peace in her life and do it without trashing her forever ago ex. It’s heartbreaking to see people living with so much anger for so many years.

  6. Jillian says:

    I’m just not understanding how she is “the one who got away.” He left your ass, Linda, for another woman!

  7. Roma says:

    Man the Daily Mail kills me with its writing style. “But feisty women at work and at home rarely make the best bed-partners”. I call BS, Daily Mail! I’m super feisty and make an AWESOME bed partner, or so I’ve heard.

  8. RobN says:

    He’s been married to Suzy for ten years. Really time to let it go. The crazier Linda sounds, the more you can see why Cameron dumped her for somebody who’s not a lunatic.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Even though he makes decent movies, he strikes me as obnoxious and arrogant. But Linda sounds a little too hung up on him. After all this time, she needs to have moved on and found some happiness on her own.

  10. Victoria says:

    I think Linda still loves “Jimbo” as much as he loves HIMSELF! And yeah Camron left Kathryn for Linda and then LInda for Amy but Linda’s the one that got away…acording to Linda!

  11. fizXgirl314 says:

    what happened to this poor woman? She’s really gone down the hill… she has not aged well at all… and I don’t say that in the hollywood “she needs to get botox” sense… I mean, I think she might be a crackhead :/

    She was so good in terminator… you’d think her career would skyrocket after that but alas… here she is… talking about “jimbo”… kinda sad 🙁

  12. gg says:

    ITA with Roma. The Daily Mail is constantly running “interviews” with Americans who talk like Brits:

    Most common BS expressions they use:
    1. I am desperate to get him back
    2. rubbish!
    3. saying “manage it” instead of dealing with it.

    Americans do not talk like this.

  13. clare says:

    I always get her and Maura Tierney mixed up!
    Never knew she had bipolar disorder.
    Agree, he does seem like “a lump of MASSIVE ego.” – Well put.

  14. Susette says:

    Thanks for mentioning how he dumped Bigelow for Hamilton. As I read the article, I kept remembering that there had been a scandal when the two got together, because Linda was the other woman.

    Cameron has always seemed like a jerk, but Linda really does sound like she has some seriously unresolved issues.

  15. buckley says:

    Cannot stan Jimbo.

  16. Amoosed says:

    Just been having a look on IMDB – my goodness he runs to a type doesn’t he?

  17. danielle says:

    Yikes! I hope that is a made up interview, ’cause while I have no doubt Cameron is a giant pain in the butt, I’ve always liked Linda and she comes off TERRIBLE in this interview. She sounds obsessed with Cameron and the “woman who got away” thing is insane – he dumped her twice for another woman! I’ve read past interviews where Linda has acknowledged her own faults in their marriage, including her drinking and mental health issues.

  18. Linda says:

    No sense hanging on, Linda. He’s not the man he used to be either!

  19. Corina says:

    LMAO at Roma…agreed!

  20. snowball says:

    Ooh, can we make this the new triangle (or quadrangle)?

    Instead of you know who, it’ll be Suzy forcing James to come to her using her womanly wiles. Linda is the jilted wife, 11 years later, still in love with James, crying into her lonely old-lady pillow at night, wishing she were one-tenth as beautiful as Suzy, wondering if she’ll ever find the right man to compare to James. She’s probably even dated John Mayer. We can work in the Bigelow angle too, if needed.

  21. Green Is Good says:

    Damn woman. Get your meds adjusted. You’re off-the-rails insane.

  22. lastwordlinda says:

    Wow, how did they manage to get that picture of her looking through the window of the padded cell she is locked away in. “Let me out, let ME OUT!”

  23. thepickle says:

    she was the crazy chick in the terminator, remember that crazy body? the pull-ups she could do?

  24. Andrea says:

    James looks like an old woman now. I am surprised at how much he has let himself go.

  25. Raven says:

    Poor Linda. She sounds in that interview like she was cycling manic and a bit confused. Those photos of her are ugly, too, and really make her look crazy.

    I didn’t realize that she and Cameron were together for such a short time and that he’s been with Suzy Amis for so long. It seems like he was just rebounding after he left Bigelow and hooked up with Linda. It puts a different perspective on things for me because I remember the scandal around Oscar time when the Titanic was out and he had left his then wife Linda. The stuff I read characterized him as a jerk with a huge ego and her as the wronged wife.

  26. Sumodo says:

    Linda Hamilton should shut her wrinkled face. James Cameron owes her nothing, because due to”Her divorce from him was the second-most expensive divorce next to that of Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving. Hamilton stood to take half of Cameron’s earnings – close to $50 million.” So shut yer pie-hole, Linda.

  27. Sigh. says:

    Oh Linda, you silly…
    James Cameron is a lunatic in an artist’s body. Someone who can keep the crazy in check to make a (damn good) check.
    But when you’re “3 of 5 (credit Star Trek: Voyager),” then you’re making no ground-breaking proclamations to his or your sanity.
    He’s a pill, a diva, a child. Who in HW ain’t?

  28. lola lola says:

    Love Linda! Not that Cameron is a hottie but at least she had him when he was in his prime. He looks 10,000 years old now. UGH.

    And P.s. What difference does it make that she got a lot of money in the divorce? She can still blah as much as she wants to…so can he, if he wants to.

  29. Essie says:

    I don’t understand. Are Linda and Jimbo having an affair now? Why would Suzy not like Linda, after 11 long years and three children? I would imagine if Suzy objected to spending the Christmas holidays with Linda, she would have stopped doing it years ago. Linda really does sound like she’s off her meds and doing some other drugs. I guess she does feel left out since it has been all Cameron and Bigelow for the past few weeks. It’s tough to be the odd girl out.

  30. MaiGirl says:

    Seems to me that Bigelow got the best deal out of these three ladies. Her career is hot, and she looks amazing for her age. Linda and Suzy, not so much 🙁 It’s amazing how much Suzy Amis has aged since she got with Jimbo. I’m wondering if he sucks the life out of women.

  31. Tru says:

    I was wondering when she was gonna talk..

    her divorce settlement was HUGE!!!

    hold it together girly!!

  32. Kat says:

    Sounds like she is off her meds or maybe needs them adjusted this seems like an over the top manic rant to me.

  33. PJ says:

    She wasn’t trashing him, she’s still on good terms with Cameron and goes to his house for Christmas with his other ex-wives. The interview was more like gossiping about his love life than dissing him for it.

    Sounds like she was looking for attention, or as Raven said, “cycling manic.”

  34. Bete says:

    In the past, and it had to be in the past, because people with bipolar are really difficult to have relationships with, never mind be married to, I’ve been on the receiving end of the erratic personality that comes with bipolar people and have to say that I’m on Cameron’s side. Linda Hamilton’s behavior is exactly what bipolar disorder is: her manic rant about her ex husband.
    Forget the PC view about mental illness, bipolar isn’t depression. It’s an ordeal that is often inflicted on other people. These people go off their meds because they can never distinguish their manic phase for what it is, think they’re all right, and then they rant and rave, sometimes they’re suicidal.
    James Cameron is better off without her.
    It was a big mistake for the pharmaceutical industry to take over and for governments to medicate people with bipolar. These people belong in a sanitorium.

  35. nnn says:

    She was wife number 4 is 53 and has a 17 year old daughter with Cameron. A child who is half sibling to Suzie’s own children and nearly adult.

    She should behave herself and stop talking so bitterly about a long gone past since she still share a child with the one she criticizes so vehemently publicly.

    It is high time.

  36. MSat says:

    I have a hard tiem feeling sorry for her, as much as I like her in movies. He was married to someone else when she met him/got together with him on the set of Terminator. What did she expect? Clearly, that’s what he does – hooks up with actresses on set. What comes around goes around, right? It’s just too bad she wasted her attractive years on a cad.

  37. Kelly says:

    Like sands through the hourglass, eh?
    James Cameron is a giant douche but who doesn’t know that? One teeny look at his string of pathetic movies clears that up right away. I mean, the Titanic dialogue- a crime against humanity. And his award collecting behavior- my skin just wants to crawl off my body every time I see him slithering up onto the podium for another handjob from his industry mates. Avatar is the most unintentionally hilarious thing I have seen in a long, long time.
    Who would marry him in full knowledge of all this public technicolour fuckery?
    Caveat emptor, ladies. Remember that next time.

  38. Nat says:

    Bipolar people do not belong into a sanatorium, it depends on the grade of disorder. I’ve been working with them for years an there is a big range of different symptoms. So how can we judge?
    But hearty linda didn’t talk about that stuff for many years. Now she does it once and is considered as silly, poor, wrinkle face who’s still in love with that man. I think about how other divorced people wash their dirty linen in public and I must say, this is just nothing! Linda is ok and she will never loose her warm smile!

  39. Popcorny says:

    What in the name of Gorilla Cookies happened to this woman’s face?!!
    That’s not natural, that’s not “just age”. She used to be good-looking (and not too long ago).
    She does sound whacked tho, she didn’t “get away” -he ran away.
    Anyway, I don’t think her facial issues are due to her mental illness, sun or even crack/meth -I think it’s the steroid stuff she got into back in her “buff days” for Terminator.
    Her thin skin (under eyes and forehead) seems to have thickened greatly and then “released” (elasticity). Just guessing, it’s just a really harsh change in her appearance.

  40. paranel says:

    It’s time to move on. My god.

  41. Camille says:

    @snowball- LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing! About time for a change of players in a triangle too!

  42. Lenore says:

    Sorry, but I just love Linda Hamilton. Whether her interview is just irreverence that comes out badly, genuinely vindictive, or the result of bipolarity, I don’t care: she is Sarah Connor and she can do no wrong for me.

    Thing is, I feel the same about James Cameron! He GAVE us the Sarah Connor of T2, and for sci-fi inclined girls of a certain age, for that character alone, both he and Linda just get a free pass for life.

    At any rate, from interviews I’ve read of him in the past, they sound like they’re both at the same level of outspokenness/lunacy [delete as applicable].

  43. DB says:

    The metaphor of “the gargoyle at the end of my bed” to describe the other woman is HILARIOUS.

    She’s smart and funny if a bit loopy. Suzy Amis has never been either.

    James probably does miss her.

  44. Margo says:



    party of one, saucer of milk MEEEEOW!

    Get a grip Linda-If they cheat WITH you, they will cheat ON you! Think about THAT the next time you feel like sleeping with someone else’s husband! Karma IS a bitch

  45. Sincerity says:


    I couldn’t agree more! Linda Hamilton helped torpedo Kathryn Bigelow’s marriage to James Cameron and now Kathryn is actually competing in the same league with her ex-husband. How a person chooses to “moves on” after a failed marriage says a great deal about their character. Kathryn Bigelow is certainly “a winner” in my book!

  46. Alis says:

    I want to preface this comment by saying I am a pretty huge Linda Hamilton fan, because she’s a brilliant actress who, utterly rare in Hollywood, looks like a 53 year old woman who chain smokes and has spent too much time in the sun – she looks ‘real.’

    Linda is a talker. A big talker. She’ll talk to anyone, any time. And she’s never pretended to be the sanest person in the world. I’m convinced she doesn’t lie in bed at night thinking about ‘Jimbo.’ It just seems her mouth has run away with her again. A god-send to the tabloids.

    James Cameron likes strong, ‘real’ looking, and talented women – in life and in his films – and what you get with that kind of woman is intensity, passion, drama and a big personality. That’s why he’s still friends with his ex-wives, and there is still emotional stuff going on between all of them, years later.

    I love Linda’s terminal ‘uncool’, her reckless way of talking, her slight craziness, her refusal to be a good hollywood girl at the age of 53. She looks like what most women in Hollywood would look like if not for botox injections and knives – she should be applauded for her bravery, even though her career is not what it could have been because of it (she’s now doing a lot stage work, apparently, where she can show off her extraordinary acting talent). Thanks Celebitchy for finally posting something about her.

  47. Serenity says:

    If Cameron has been married 5 times, doesn’t that reveal something about him? It’s about character and judgement. It seems he is lacking in both. And, as for Linda, this only makes her look small. I wish she had shown a little class.

  48. Zoe says:

    Well, Linda Hamilton has had it pretty rough, fighting bipolar disorder and having a cheating husband. I will say I got a chance to meet these two several years ago, they were already divorced but hanging out with their kid. Despite the negative things one hears about them, I found them to be among the most approachable people I met all five years I worked in the entertainment business. They were very fun and had a real spirit of adventure and were massively friendly to me. I wish them both individually the best.

  49. Nat says:

    Thank you, poster 43 (and sorry, can’t read your name). I was doubting my english knowledge, reading those bad postings about her. LINDA IS HILARIOUS! That comes out clearly, how can she be so misunderstood on this board? No doubt, she is as well as she can and thats great.
    I never was a fan of her. While researching on bipolar disorder I struggled over several sites about Linda. After reading them the chance is high I become a fan of Linda. She seems hearty an manages well her difficulties in life. Why for goodness sake her appearance is so critizised? Is it so important? Are we here on a Hollywood-star posting board were we all look good and are infallible…? Or is it just the very small, tiny ego of some posters, that needs to be pushed up by writing spiteful words about Lindas face? Superficial and pitiful.
    Linda is gooooooooooooooooood:-)

  50. Morgs says:

    I’m Bi-Polar and proud!! Love Linda Hamilton. And Bete your ignorant grand sweeping statement about how Bi-Polar people belong in a Sanitorium? On behalf of other Bi-polar people, thank God you took yourself out of the dating pool. We have enough to deal with, without dating asshats like you.

  51. LostOcean says:

    I’m DELIGHTED that Kathryn won Best Director this year.

    She didn’t just beat James Cameron once…BEAT HIM TWICE!!