Tiger Woods is out of rehab and ready to rework his shattered image


I get the feeling that Tiger Woods expects to come back into the public eye with Elin on his arm and be golf’s golden boy again. It’s like he did a little work on himself and convinced his wife to come back to him and thinks we’ll all forget the way he was catting around with too many women to count. He probably won’t even bother to hold a press conference in which he gives a statement.

I’m just hoping that Elin is in it for the money and that she doesn’t expect this a**hole to change his stripes. There will be those of you who call me a cynic or tell me it’s none of my business if a wife wants to forgive a serial cheater husband, and to an extent I agree – we don’t know what goes on in their family life, etc. There’s plenty of damning evidence, though. I would much rather see Tiger dumped on his ass and keeping company with sycophants and skanks.

For now Elin is staying though and Tiger will be re-emerging on the golf scene. Radar is reporting that he’s out of rehab in Mississippi and plans to continue touring a little later this year. I hope it’s massively uncomfortable for him at the very least:

His wife Elin flew to Hattiesburg, Mississippi earlier
this week, as RadarOnline.com previously reported, to fly home with
the golfing legend.

And now Tiger has completed his stint at Gentle Path and is on his way
out of Mississippi to see his two children for the first time in more
than a month.

Surrounded by heavy security, Elin and Tiger were flying out of
Mississippi on Friday and the couple is planning on spending some time
alone as they attempt to repair their marriage.

Tiger lived in a simple cabin at Gentle Path, attending group therapy
sessions and undergoing individual counseling. Now he’s determined to
get his life back, and that includes staying married to Elin and
returning to the PGA tour, multiple sources told RadarOnline.com.

Elin has not been wearing her wedding ring but she has called off the
divorce, as RadarOnline.com was first to report. She had consulted
with an Orlando-area attorney but has decided to give Tiger another

Elin took part in Tiger’s therapy, previously spending five days in
Mississippi with him. Her twin sister and nanny took care of her two
children at that time, even taking them to Sea World.

Tiger’s affair with Rachel Uchitel was exposed by the National
Enquirer and after that he was linked to at least 14 women, including
a porn star.

[From Radar]

How do you rebuild a relationship after something like that? If you can’t trust your partner not to cheat, how can you trust them in general? There was probably a lot of crying and promises made while Tiger was in rehab, but do you think the guy is really going to change? How long until he misses the thrill of random hookups and is bringing various diseases home to his wife again? I just feel for Elin.


Elin Woods on January 25, 2010. Tiger on November 11, 2009. Credit: Fame Pictures.

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  1. wee freckles says:

    It would always feel as though all those other women were in bed with them (not literally, of course, though he’d like that). I can’t imagine getting past that, ever. And I imagine that she won’t, in fact, be able to get over it. It’s just a matter of time, and she’ll be done with him for good.

  2. Lady Nightshade says:

    Am I the only one who thinks celebrity marriages are not like normal marriages? I mean, they probably thought they were in love when they got married, but now its more like a business deal. When things like cheating are exposed I think the other party feels more embarrassed than betrayed.

    I’m not saying I’m right, I just can’t imagine celebrities couples as anything other.

  3. mel says:

    They will eventually divorce. He’ll secretly see Rachel on the side and Elin will get sick of it and leave him for good.

  4. YT says:

    Maybe Elin got a revised prenup, heavily in her favor, and she will leave if he dares to go back to his old ways and sleazy women. Maybe she has no interest in a revised prenup but in a stable marriage. Here’s hoping they can work things out. If not, he is the one who loses, and she can move on with her head held high.

  5. niamh (neev) says:

    Yeah, I agree, marriage in the public eye is nothing like a marriage in real life. Unfortunately these people tend to make individual sacrifices for the brand they’re selling and life they’re living.

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be easier to forgive a partner for a slew of women rather than one long, emotional affair? Tiger obviously didn’t LOVE all of those women, so it was JUST SEX.

  6. Whatever says:

    Good luck with the image repair, Tiger. Elin, take those babies and RUN!

  7. rreedy says:

    Infidelity is awfully hard to get past, to really forgive. It is a terrible emotional assault on the partner–sends one sense of trust reeling. Your world crumbles. Been there. Elin has a long row to hoe as we say in Dixie!

  8. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think he’ll ever fully recover his reputation. Way too much damage. He’ll still play great golf and make bazillions of dollars, but everyone looks at him differently now.

  9. Bonfire Beach says:

    None of this has changed my feelings: I will always be on Elin’s side regardless of the decisions she makes and I still hate Tiger.

  10. snappyfish says:

    Has anyone else heard the rumor that the Rachel Uchitel chick was actually a facilitator and not a hook-up? That her job is to fix up the rich/famous/pro-athlete with women, which is why she never spoke out? I heard that on Elliot in the morning radio program the other day.

    As for Elin, I would take 300 million and leave. He will not change his ways. So if she stays it must be a business arrangement.

    I feel bad for the kids.

  11. clare says:

    Even if he had no emotional involvement with the women, and it was just for sexual release – immediate gratification, whatever, I would never feel the same bond with him.
    For it to have gone on for so long without Elin knowing (is she so naive? or maybe Swedish culture is more relaxed on infidelity?), but still feeling happy with him when he was with her as husband and “family man,” maybe that’s all she expects as wife to the famous Tiger Woods.

  12. meme says:

    call me cynical but i’m kinda highly doubting the the majority of married super rich famous men fuck around on the side. especially if they travel a lot.

  13. The Bobster says:

    Love isn’t forever, but some of the STD’s he gave Elin are.

  14. kirsten says:

    I truly hope that the therapy helped him, and that he continues to seek outpatient help. As far as his marriage, if I were Elin I would not be able to get past his actions…. serious addiction or not. I hope she continues to support his recovery though.

  15. gg says:

    I agree with wee freckles. I would never really forgive him and definitely never forget his sleazy sexual antics. If I can’t trust a guy they can hit the curb.

    I say it’s just a business arrangement for the kids and for money.

  16. CaramelKiss14 says:

    The first part of his image make over should be joining the Hair Club for Men. That hairline is holding on for dear life.

  17. TellMeNoLies says:

    I am not buying the sex addict story as anything but PR spin for the parade of women with whom Tiger has slept. Cheating is standard procedure for many married men until they get caught and suddenly they’re mentally ill or “addicted”. Rehab has more to do with repairing Tiger’s image than his marriage. Elin will move on, far wealthier than she started and let’s hope a lot wiser.

  18. princess pea says:

    You know, I don’t believe that famous-people marriages are that different. At least, they shouldn’t be. So what about the public eye? If you don’t want it, get out of the fame game, but certainly don’t use it as an excuse for why certain people with way more time and money than just about anyone else can’t be expected to love, honor and respect someone, or keep a promise.

    Edited to add: Also, I agree with many that a split will come eventually. After infidelity of this intensity, I would expect either an explosive break-up right away (which didn’t happen) or a slow fizzling out.

  19. C-DUB says:

    Girl, get your money and go!

  20. buckley says:

    What sucks is that Elin, if she takes Tiger back might lose all the sympathy coming her way and perhaps even incur some hostility.

    Erin, leave him and mantain your self respect!

  21. buckley says:


    ha! the man is already so unfortunate looking.

  22. kermit says:

    Somehow, almost miraculously, he hasn’t been seen anywhere since the accident. The golf world is eager for Tiger to re-emerge. There’s no buzz or excitement without him. He’s that big that he’s almost carrying the sport. So, it’s back to Tiger Woods the golfer I hope. I wish his family the best in sorting out their difficulties that Tiger’s caused but that’s a private matter.

  23. Kevin says:

    If I were him I wouldn’t take her back. He already had a good prenup. Cut her loose and do whatever you want. It’s obvious he wasn’t getting what he wanted at home. Life is short. Theirs wouldn’t be the 1st divorce would it? He has handled all this wrong from the beginning. He should have credited his sponsors through all this “Yeah, I scrumped 14 women! It wouldn’t have been possible without the regenerative ingredients in Gatorade and the dependable comfortable ride of my Buick to get to my liaisons”. I would also like to thank Wheaties for giving me the staying power and all pro energy bars for the vital recuperative nutrition.” “As for all the Ho’s coming out of the woodwork, I deny nothing, I will pay nothing, and I have the fortune and legal team to stall and starve your skanky asses into oblivion. Now, let’s tee it up!”

  24. Ron says:

    I tend to agree with you overall but the prenup part. Most prenups have a “faithfulness clause” and once that is broken they are open to negotiations. With the gaggle of ho’s Tiggy has ridden, Elin can take him for a ride now. Those cards are truly in her hands.

  25. andrea says:

    i am tired of this “it’s no one else’s business” crap. you know what? it is. and actually, we DO now know what goes on his home, unfortunately. tiger’s behavior was dangerous to his family and abusive to the extreme. bullsh*t it’s not my business, as a member of society, to fully condemn that.

    at this point, he has been exposed, elin is fully informed about what he’s done and has had time to get out and chose not to, and she and sponsors who continue with him deserve whatever they get in the future. fool me once…

  26. snapdragon says:

    wow – that was fast!

  27. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ rreedy: “Elin has a long row to hoe……. !”

    Don’t you mean to say, Tiger has a long row of ho’s?

    Anyway….I think now we should just leave them alone and let them try to work things out, no matter what the outcome.

  28. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ kermit: I totally agree with you on this! I just wish the public wasn’t so quick to jump!

    I have an expression: “Would you jump in my coffin as quick as you jump down my throat?”


  29. Sumodo says:

    Elin took him back. I guess her HIV test was negative.

  30. susanb says:

    From now on every time Elin gets so much as a pimple she is going to wonder if she got it from one of Tiger’s many many many women.

  31. Shannon says:

    The thing I think is different about celebrity marriages is there are just more opportunities for either partner to cheat. It’s one thing to see a beautiful guy or gal and imagine having sexual relations with them. It’s a whole another thing to KNOW you can because you’re famous and rich.

    I don’t think Tiger will ever be faithful, but I do think he’ll be much more discrete in the future.

  32. MYOB says:

    Not handsome enough to keep people interested in the long run…

  33. Cindy says:

    Tiger can rework whatever image he wants but I ain’t buying it and Elin can stand by her man all she wants but sooner or later it’s still going to end in divorce, once a cheater always a cheater.

  34. CB Rawks says:

    “I have an expression: “Would you jump in my coffin as quick as you jump down my throat?””

    What on earth does that mean? Is that some kind of *walk in my boots* analogy?
    If you’re in my coffin, am I still allowed to use it?

  35. Bete says:

    By staying, Elin reveals more about her own love for money and status. Pathetic really. It’s a horrible American trend among high profile women.

  36. Sincerity says:

    @Lady Nightshade & Meme:

    The both of you have made some very good points. Celebrity marriages depending upon the celebrity can become a “very high stakes” game based solely upon the image the celebrity is trying to “cash in” on. Politicians are particularly vulnerable. Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford and John Edwards are a prime examples. If I’m not mistaken, Mrs. Spitzer has not gone anywhere which may indicate she’s staying put for strictly business reasons. When a couple is “legally” married, who are we to judge? Women will usually do whatever they feel is in their best interest and that of their children. You can’t fault a person for trying to make a relationship work that’s not physically abusive.

    Realistically, fidelity is much more of “an ideal” that women hold dear as opposed to men. Right now there’s a married man interested in “hooking up” with me and I’m simply not interested. Even some of my MARRIED girlfriends are being chased by MARRIED men. It’s not unusual for a married man to actively pursue other women and expect to get away with it regardless of who they are. There are a lot “adrenaline junkies” on the prowl and sometimes they really get burned. Ask Mel Gibson! Hopefully, Tiger Woods realizes just how important having a respectable image is to his “bottom line”. I only wish him and Elin the best of luck!

  37. Tia C says:

    I can’t believe how sorry I am to hear that she’s staying with him. How dumb. It can’t have anything to do with money…naw.

  38. Victoria says:

    I love Kevin’s take on Tiger.

    Elin must be staying for a huge amt of money, but how much is enough?

    Or, does it look so good in court to have tried to keep the marriage together?

    Why not leave with $300M and live next door to the father? She can never have it better if she stays.

  39. wee freckles says:

    I have to say I disagree Elin is only staying for the money and the status. First of all, her position is now one of humiliation, not status. In her position, I would find it impossible to even go outdoors, knowing what people know! No, she’s staying for the kids, and swallowing her pride. However, this won’t last. She will gradually take back her self-esteem, and realize she’s not doing her kids any favours staying in a miserable relationship. And money? Once you get into the stratosphere they’re in, she’d have enough money forever, whether she stays or goes, so that’s not it. So she’s trying to keep her family together right now, and tamping down her humiliation, but it won’t last. It may take even as much as a few years, but she will be gone eventually. She’s young and hopeful she can get past it, but she will not be able to.

  40. Tiger Woods says:

    It’s tee time bitches! Skeet Skeet!

  41. Bete says:

    Those children don’t even know their father.
    He was busy with all those hos, traveling all over the world to play and meet up with Uchitel. He had time for his kids?
    Elin is a trophy wife. Tiger isn’t ‘cured’ of anything. You can’t treat hardcore narcissism in one month.
    Wee Freckles, how wrong you are. Many women stay for the money. She may be young, but she won’t find anyone as young or as wealthy as Tiger and that’s the kicker right there. Young billionaire (Tiger) versus old fart billionaire. Which would you choose?

  42. Beck says:

    To Bete: Whatever happened to old-fashioned gold digging then? She marries the old fart billionaire, old fart billionaire dies, and she’s suddenly left with money AND independence. With Tiger, she’s only going to suffer, especially with what appears to be his inherent and incorrigible infidelity.

  43. e. says:

    I would stay, only to make sure that the porn stars and hookers stay mistresses and don’t become my kids’ step-mom.

  44. ogechi says:

    Hip hip hip hurrayyy…

    good news for me..

    God bless Elin, God bless Mr & Mrs Tiger Woods, God bless their married.

  45. Jag says:

    If Elin truly does stay with him, then she deserves everything that happens. Tiger won’t stay faithful for long – if at all – and he thinks he’s going to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, too. Had he divorced Elin when he started cheating and then declared himself a single playboy, things would be very different. But he didn’t do that, instead touting his “family image.” Imo, whatever he does now to attempt to piece together his shattered images is too little, too late.