Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie suing British tabloid over “divorce lawyer” story


Two weekends ago, the News of the World published a scandalous story about Brad and Angelina “consulting a divorce lawyer” to split up their assets and work on a custody agreement ahead of their big breakup. This story jumped internationally very quickly, and many, many, many people freaked out, both the Brangelina lovers and haters. It was a weird situation, because the report didn’t seem to have any more merit than all of the random Star Magazine and In Touch Weekly stories that have Brad and Angelina breaking up every single week. Still, it touched off a big media war, one that Brad and Angelina are still doing some damage control on. And now it’s not just some friendly photo-ops to let everyone know they’re fine – it was just announced that Brad and Angelina are suing! This is seriously the first time they’ve ever sued, so it’s a big deal:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are suing a London tabloid for claiming that they were planning to split.

The couple’s lawyer Keith Schillings tells BBC News that Pitt, 46, and Jolie, 34, have begun legal proceedings against the News of The World tabloid, which reported Jan. 24 that the two had agreed to divide their assets and made arrangements for the custody of their six children, Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 3, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 18 months.

Schillings tells the BBC that the tabloid report contained “false and intrusive allegations” and that the paper failed to meet a demand for a retraction and apology for the article which was “widely republished by mainstream news outlets.”

Schillings says Sorrell Trope, a Los Angeles divorce lawyer identified by some publications as advising the two, denied claims that he had been in contact with the couple. “I have had no contact from… Angelina Jolie and / or Brad Pitt,” Trope said in a statement. “I have never met… your clients or had any involvement with either of them. The foregoing is true with respect to all other members of this firm.”

A spokesperson for the News Of The World has yet to comment.

Pitt and Jolie, who are not married, packed on the PDA Sunday during an appearance at the Super Bowl in Miami. They took their eldest son, Maddox, to the big game.

[From Us Weekly]

I’m going to put all of my cards on the table: I like Brad and Angelina, together and separately. I think they’re good people, I think they put up with a lot of crap from the media, and I think they’re generally pretty smart about how they handle their public personas. All that being said, one of their dumbest moves as a couple was to have no publicist together or separately, and to have no media consultant or anyone like that. They should have had someone on their staff dealing with the media fulltime ever since 2006, when Brad let go of his long-time publicist. Having someone on permanent standby would have helped a lot throughout the trials and tribulations the tabloids seem to have Brangelina going through every week. And now that they’re taken on lawyers and are actually suing one publication for one story, it just strikes me as too little too late. Why this story and not the others? I don’t get it.

Oh, and why not sue Ian Halperin while they’re at it? That guy needs to be taken down.

Brad and Angelina at the LA premiere of ‘Inglourious Basterds’ on August 10, 2009.


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  1. juiceinla says:

    The first time they ever sue a tabloid and it isn’t one of the “Big Five” (people, ITW, Us, Ok and Life & style)- hmm. sounds to me like they value the “coverage” provided by the others too much.

    Funny, so many criticize Jen for media manipulation, and here we have an interesting example of Brangelina picking and choosing to sue a tabloid that they won’t ever need in the future, over a story that had no legal merit (no need to consult divorce lawyers for asset division when no common law marriage or real marriage…)

  2. lucy2 says:

    If the story is completely false and has disrupted their lives, then go for it, sue their butts off.
    I agree, Kaiser, a publicist would definitely be helpful.
    I have to ask though, there have been breakup stories about them for years now, on the cover of practically every tabloid all the time. Why is this story so different that it warrants suing? Is it because it got picked up by main stream news?

  3. Jean says:

    Why don’t they sue the American Tabloids like US, InTouch, etc… for their constant breaking up stories. Why do celebrities ONLY sue the British tabloids. These American Tabloids can say the same thing and not get sued?? Stupid!

  4. dee says:

    Because this story was reported by so called legitimate news organizations like CNN. Before, most of the new media ignored these types of articles. Also their kids are getting older or maybe they were just sick and tired of these rags crossing their limits. They asked for an apology from the News of the world and they didn’t get one. Maybe they felt some line was crossed this time. Whatever the reason, I hope they get a big settlement that they can donate to worthy cause.

    It should be noted that its easier to sue tabliods in the UK than in America. Most of the time, they cover their butt by quoting some other US tabliod. This time they couldn’t hide behind another publication. This time they said they were the source.

  5. monkey says:

    gosh, he looks so much better with out a dead rat on his chin. even here, shorter is better. ugh! i agree that they are master manipulators when it comes to the media. i like them apart and don’t dig it as a couple, but who am i to judge?

  6. Rosalee says:

    It’s about time they called in their legal representatives, maybe this will put aside all the triangle stories for once and for all. I love this site for all the drama and near hysteria exhibited by each side, it has been highly entertaining – all the gossip, rumours and all innuendos. It would be too boring to acknowledge that Brad and Angie actually love one another, are great parents who happen to have enough money to hire staff – no I don’t believe that they actually cook and take care of the children by themselves. Jennifer Aniston seems very happy, she was over her marriage long ago and no doubt living happily ever after, rich, single, without a care in the world. Not desperate, not lonely, her uterus has not dried up and blown away. But we all love the drama and creating an existence for people who already have their own..I actually like all three and have enjoyed the insanity.

  7. Bek says:

    The story never says that Sorrell Trope was their lawyer. Some other rag printed that. Weird quote from the lawyer when News of the World never mentioned his name. I too find it weird that they would sue this story and not Ian Halperin or any other magazine. Perhaps it IS because so many news outlets picked this up. OR perhaps it’s because there’s some truth to it, they struck a nerve, and nobody was supposed to know they drafted legal preparations just in case of a split–which I think was a smart thing to do for two unwed parents of six.

  8. hatsumomo says:

    I think it was because the news of the world article crossed mainstream media. I remember clicking on MSNBC the other week and there was a huge story about them splitting and cited NOTW for their source and thinking ‘Hmm, really? This is odd.’ generally gossip weeklies aren’t really cited for trustworthy news and if I noticed it was odd, I can imagine alot of other people did too.

  9. Kim says:

    Why this story because CNN, Cbs The Early Show , The Today Show, Msnbc reported it as true. Its easy to ignore Sh** on gossip sites but on CNN. Angie mentioned in a interview that CNN is her Favorite channel. As for having a publicist Tom Cruise has a publicist and he is second to only Brad and Angie when it comes to an A list star w/ tabloid lies. One of the tabloids recently wrote that their marriage is only a business contract.Many have implied that Suri is not his child.So having publicists is not the end all and be all. Also I’ve read many stories in IT and Star and they always say”the reps deny This” that what they would say if they had a publicist too.

  10. princess pea says:

    I’m just surprised. Surprised that they care, all of the sudden. Yeah, I know, it got a lot of press… so? They’ve ignored every other stupid lie in the media, and some of them got pretty big too, so why did this one warrant legal action?

    I kind of don’t believe it, but it’s coming from the BBC. Then again, every credible outlet did pick up that last stupid lie, so maybe this is just more of the same.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    @lucy2: dee called it right. The tabloids have been printing breakup rumors for the past five years but nobody took them seriously. This time NOTW made it sound as if it was for real — seeing a lawyer — and the media outlets picked it up and ran with it. I was wondering how in the world their children were coping since that rumor hit the internet, especiallty Maddox, who is old enough to read the tabloids. I think the Jolie-Pitts finally decided enough was enough. I hope they take that shitrag to the cleaners. And I agree with Kaiser, they should take Lyin’ Ian down while they are at it.

  12. alex says:

    I say good for them. They have ignore the bs stories from the tabs for years but I think some of the tabs have gone way beyond tabloid stories and have launch a personal attack against B&A especially Angelia. And sometime one can take so much. Their kids are getting older and are going to school and will be able to read and hear about the garbage. If I was the other tabs especially Star, IT & L&S and even Ian aka the creep, I will be careful what I write about B&A from now on.It seems that they had enough and it is about damn time.

  13. The Queen Bee says:

    Good for them… It’s my opinion that the stories about them really went overboard right before the News of the World article came out. There was the stuff about cheating and the sex toys etc etc, plus the fact that people still bring up Jennifer Aniston when that relationship ended 5 years ago. Maybe Brangelina decided it was finally time to take a stand against all the fiction out there.

    Agreed that they should have a publicist/PR rep/ someone handling the salicious and invasive media coverage of their lifes a long time ago.

  14. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Its easier to win a case against a tabloid in the UK. I assume thats why they don’t sue that moron Ian, because one he isn’t a tabloid writer working for a publication and why give him any attention to sell his stupid book. Good for them if they are really suing them. Brad and Angelina are awesome people…Angelina is amazing. Angelina isn’t a phony, she has no problem expressing herself, tabs can stop with all the BS stories. As far as the “damage control” you speak of…apparently we have two different versions of that idea, because Brad and Angelina are always support each other and go to awards for the other person, they always kiss maybe not at every public event but they kiss and touch often, and they are always out and about with their families when ever they can. So I don’t know what damage control you speak of…as if a bunch losers writing garbage and another bunch of losers believing it is consider damaging in someway…it can if it gets out hand…but these rumors happen all the time, since they were just a family of a 3. Its silly to believe tabloids in the first place.

  15. Beth says:

    I though Brad let go of his publicist late 2007, 2008? I think that because Star ran a big story that they married in New Orleans. Some time after that she was fired. Brad and Angelina were on tabloid covers all of the time when he did have a publicist so it didn’t seem to do much good to have one. Generally it’s a lot easier to sue European publications than American.

  16. ell says:

    Hopefully they’ll get enough money so that that rag has to shut down and perhaps teach the other rags that they can’t print whatever they want to sell magazines.

  17. Essie says:

    Well,Kaiser, since you don’t understand why they are suing now and not before, allow me to explain:

    Brad and Angelina have always ignored the ragmags in the U.S. because anybody with half a brain knows these publications lie like a rug and should not be taken seriously. Besides, the lies are basically harmless and, over time, prove to be untrue (break up, pregnancy, etc.) so why bother to sue? Also, none of the lies from the U.S. ragmags make it beyond a few internet sites. However, the News of the World lie was picked up by media outlets around the world and republished as FACT because nobody at other media outlets bothered to check the facts. Even CNN picked up the lie. Apparently, this was all too much for Jolie and Pitt and they hired Brit lawyers to send a cease and desist letter to NOTW requesting a retraction of the story. Since NOTW did not retract it, a suit has been filed.

    It is much easier to file a libel suit in Britain against British publications because the libel laws favor the person who is libeled. In the states the libel laws favor the publication. It takes a LOT in time and money to even get to court in the U.S. with a libel suit. Publilcations are protected by the First Amendment of freedom of speech and a person filing a libel suit would have to prove they were injured by the lie. In Britain, proof of injury is much easier. (That is a very simplistic explanation but basically correct.)

    As for the Great Liar Halperin, I think Brad and Angelina refuse to sue him because it would give him all the publicity he wants. Besides, the book is a total bomb in the U.S. (already in the $l.00 bin) so why feed his ego by even acknowledging his existence? He’s just a minor annoyance.

  18. ien says:

    @dee, you’re exactly right. it’s becuase this is the one story that made the big headlines/news channels.

    good for them.

  19. prettytarheelfan says:

    I agree with a couple of points that have already been made, namely that they could benefit from a publicist and that it is somewhat easier to sue under UK laws. American journalists are protected the First Amendment which has been aggressively tested to provide tons of precedent for journalistic freedom and narrow definitions for libel and slander. In many other countries, the definitions seem to be broader and more open to interpretation. They are able to document the harmful nature of the stories because it was picked up and used by international media, which should provide enough supporting documentation for their suit.
    I am rather surprised they haven’t sued Ian Halperin, though. Smoke, fire? :( Jolie-Pitt Foreva!

  20. Kim says:

    I just read that Rupert Murdock Owns Fox News ,NOTW and couple more tabloids. Several stars(Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Elton John etc) have sued British Tabloids and won its easier over there to win. I guess because of our freedom of press rules. I always wonfered why stars like Patrick Swayze didn’t sue NE when they were claiming “he wanted to die and 5 weeks to live” stories

  21. moo says:

    YAWN – - – -

    why is it everytime a photo of them together is used, it’s from a LONG time ago?

  22. Kim says:

    Yeah August 2009 is a loooog time ago.GMAB. I hope they don’t sue Ian the Idiot he would love that. He hates that they have never acknowledged that he exists. Like the character from Fatal Attraction”I WILL NOT BE IGNORED” I wonder how many copies of the book he sold of the of the most famous celeb couples in the world

  23. lisa says:

    Let’s see they went to a game.. just like tons of other celebs. The media is the one that focused on them. Took pics. YET only they are accused of it being a photo op. When every they go out it is called a photo op. But mind you only them. Other celebs were at that event. The media was obsessed with them. There were crowds around them wanting to take pics and shake their hands. but of course it is their fault. They are not allowed to go out and just enjoy. But hey whatever. Most other celebs are seen everyday. When Brad and Angie are not seen the same people screaming break up are the same ones screaming.. How come they are never seen together”.. just no matter what they do some one will find fault. Funny how the people who don’t like them seem to know an awful lot about every expect of their lives. Why bother reading about them if you don’t like them.

  24. Blitz says:

    For whatever reason it’s easier to sue British tabloids (Cruise even did it) than US ones. Despite the fact that British liable laws are supposedly tougher, those mags publish utter crap. However I noticed Boyle never sues and many of her stories are provably wrong & would be damaging if they were true, so I don’t know how they get away with it.

    And yeah you’ll make a bigger point with a major publication that went viral, then giving publicity to a two-bit gossip with a tiny following.

    Another big issue: I think in the US you have to prove financial and emotional damages & suffer through extensive depositions. It’s a drawn out, expensive process that may leave you with nothing in the end and boost the opponents sales.

  25. Simplicity says:

    I think what they have suffered is backlash predicated on past behavior, and media/self-promotion.

    Do I think it’s time to end it? Yes, I’d like to see the kids be given more privacy. It’s sad to see the looks on their faces when they are in public and the cameras are non-stop.

    As for Halperin, he simply pushes the envelope far beyond what he knows. I had a copy of the book he wrote on MJ and it was un-readable.

  26. moo says:

    I wonder how many times they’ve been to events and appearances since AUGUST 2009? 6 months IS A LONG TIME – in my opinion…. and a LOT can change. AS it obviously already has………….

    god, I hate PHONY PEOPLE!!!!!

  27. nycmom10024 says:

    Maybe Maddox overheard/saw/read something on the internet and became upset and asked his parents.

    Nothing get parents more riled up than hurting their children.

  28. lucy2 says:

    That makes sense about the UK vs. US tabs. I kept thinking in US terms, like how can they prove this cost them some hardship, damaged career, etc, but I guess for UK that’s not as much an issue.

    I very much agree that the kids deserve some privacy, especially as they get older and more aware. But unfortunately I think the chance for that has long past them by.

  29. Mimi says:

    Yessssss!!! Finally Brad & Angie are suing a rag for their lies. I hope this sets a precedent. Enough is enough.
    And i think that they are suing now because of their kids, they are probably becoming more aware about people say about their parents.
    And other reason is that the mag that they are suing didn’t pick up other’s sites or mags as their sources they were the source so they now have to provide proves.
    Besides the media that was supposed to reliable in TRUE FACTS and trustful sources like CNN, CBS, Fox News etc pick up this shit history as true so maybe they are tired of all this crap for the last 5 years and are now sending a MESSAGE being STOP WITH THE CRAP OR U WILL BE THE NEXT… hope they WIN and get a lot of MONEY from this rags shit mag.

  30. Cheyenne says:

    Kim: I wonder how many copies of the book he sold of the of the most famous celeb couples in the world

    Not nearly as many as he thought he was going to sell. He bragged on his web site that it would be a huge best-seller and break their relationship up. He said everybody reading his blog should run out and buy the book and write great reviews on Amazon. It never cracked the top #200 on Amazon and except for a few shill reviews, the reviews were lousy. He was so pissed off he went back on his web site and threatened to sue everybody who wrote a negative review. Right now it’s at #5,500 on Amazon and it’s being sold for a third of its original price on the discount rack in the some bookstores.

  31. Carrie Thompson says:

    Something has to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, right? These type of stories are put on the cover of tabloids every single week (Angie and Brad are fighting! She’s a shrew! He’s always drunk! They hate eachother! Jen is still in love with Brad! etc) and they have studiously ignored them, probably on the theory that ignoring it will make it go away/don’t dignify the trash with a response.
    The News of the World report was picked up by the mainstream press and run everywhere. And finally Brad and Angie decided to take a stand, and they picked a target that is easier to sue (for all of the reasons in other posts) and that has caused the most recent and widest dissemination of bad information.

    Who knows why now? I tend to think it is because the kids are getting older- I’ve wondered over the years how they would respond once their kids got old enough to read this stuff.

    I say, good for them! This crap needs to stop being published!

  32. corine says:

    I don’t think they should’ve done that; now they have to stay together to prove they aren’t splitting. And, you know how well those Hollywood types are at staying together. I bet by the time this case actually gets to court (it may take years), they might’ve actually really split up. Now, the press would have a field day with that one–”we were right all along!” You can’t win with the tabloids on this one. They should’ve sued Halperin–his made-up stories were truly low, but whatever.

  33. Cheyenne says:

    @Corine: They don’t have to do anything of the sort. If they don’t want to stay together, they don’t have to, and believe me, if they don’t want to, they won’t. These two don’t BS around. I think they are making a point that a line was crossed, they have had all of the lies and bullshit they are willing to take and it stops here. If their older children have been hurt by all the break-up stories it was definitely time to take a stand. I wish they could sue Life & Style, OK, In Touch, Star Mag and the National Enquirer out of existence.

    Edited to add: have to agree with Essie. Much as I’d like to see Lyin’ Ian sued for every dime he’s got, a lawsuit would just help increase his book sales. Better for it to just vanish quietly into the obscurity where it belongs. I bet Ian is foaming at the mouth every time he sees his book on the $1.00 bin.

  34. Me says:

    The kids DO deserve privacy, which is why inviting a camera crew to her hotel suite in the days after adopting Pax seemed so inappropriate and disturbing.

  35. Sigh. says:

    They’ll sue.
    They’ll win.
    They’ll donate.
    They’ll be accused of manipulation for donating.
    They’ll be under even more scrutiny/speculation than ever before.

    The horse is out of the barn (closing the stable door after the horse has bolted for my Brit blog pals), dead, and will still be beaten week in and out.

    EDIT: Meh. At least SOMEONE will get something positive if they win/donate.

  36. Blitz says:

    @lucy2. Yes apparently there’s a big difference between US & UK lawsuits. Thus the famous line in “South Park” at the end when Cruise says to Stan, “I’ll sue you. I’ll sue you in England!” Plus a deposition with a sharp lawyer, might be more potentially damaging than doing nothing at all. After all how many people do you know who actually read supermarket tabloids or pay heed to their stories? Edited to say in England the line from tabloid fabrication and regular journalism bleeds a lot more.

    But I agree they’ve brought a lot of this on themselves, and much of it was avoidable. Overexposing their kids in pretend off-guard shots is imo one of the worst things they do. And they’ve set a low bar. Everyone who lacks scruples now tries to shape their image this way. And in HW it’s easy to lose sight of fundamental integrity. Too much competition and the game is to stay relevant. I notice even bottom feeders are following suit.

    Hopefully the new new laws in LA will clamp down on photogs. And parents!

  37. Amanda says:

    You actually think a publicist would do any good? ROTFL! Brad’s publicist was let go because it simply did not matter what she told the tabloids, they printed what they wanted to anyway. I distinctly remember Star magazine asking Cindy for a quote when they called her about a story they were writing on Zahara needing surgery on the bones in her legs. Cindy told them flat-out the story was a lie but they went ahead and printed it anyway, omitting her quote of course.

    It’s about damn time they got round to suing these sick SOB’s. IMO, they should have done it a long time ago but I can understand why they didn’t. However, their kids are older and can read and Google. Supposed reputable news outlets run tabloid stories like they are fact. The tabloids have been allowed to run rampant, unchecked for 5 years and their stories have become more and more twisted as they realise Brad and Angelina won’t bite.

    Well, they have bitten now and I hope they take the News of the World to the cleaners. I think it’s Brad driving this because he’s done it before and if it is, the NOTW are f—-ed. Especially considering who they hired. Trust me. I’m an English law student and I know about Schillings. They ain’t no joke. They’re like rabid pitbulls in suits who speak nicely, lol. If American laws on freedom of speech weren’t so backward, they should go after the American tabloids as well but that would be more difficult. Part of me thinks it would be worth it, just to watch them squirm. But outside of legal action, they just need to get the hell out of America asap. It’s toxic for them. France will be their saviour.

  38. nnn says:

    Halperin has written about Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Celine Dion and others.

    He has already a nasty reputation in his home country. He should be ignored pure and simple like he always was.

    As for that law suit, good for them. Everyone should defend oneself when he/she think that enough is enough.

    Most people would have made that step a long time ago. And besides, those media have made lots of money on their back by spreading lies anyway.

    It’s time for payback mode.

    Hope CNN and other supposedly serious outlets will learn their lessons and go with factual checks before taking informations coming from dubious sources.

  39. Maritza says:

    Well it was about time, I hope they sue the tabloid that said about the affair she had in a hotel with leather sheets and all. Oh and the tabloid that said she had an affair with Lady Gaga. Hell, they should sue them all!

  40. Jag says:

    I think they sue the British ones because people can win those suits. Here in the U.S., freedom of the press and our First Amendment rights would make a lawsuit iffy to win. Not to mention, maybe British courts award more damages?

  41. Whatever says:

    That story was completely over the top. There is a limit to the slander and lies these rags can write, especially when the other so called “news” organizations pick up the crap and run it without bothering to do 3 minutes of fact checking. Journalistic integrity is dead.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    What blew me away was not that NOTW printed that rumor, you expect that sort of thing from a shitrag like that; but that legitimate news outlets like CNN and MSNBC actually picked it up and ran with it, and never bothered to check out the source. I hope they have the decency to print a retraction and to apologize to Brad and Angie for spreading that vicious rumor around in the first place.

  43. Anak says:

    Too many lies, too many “faces” for photos, too many everything! They are ridiculous. Sue the brit and not the americans! Uau!

  44. prettytarheelfan says:

    Legally, it’s libel. Slander is spoken.

  45. Dhavy says:

    It’s about time they put a stop to it!

  46. Chelsea9018 says:

    Jolie/Pitt are a joke! I hope the newspaper doesn’t back down. They’ve been using the media for years to feed their supersized egos. Let me guess….that sstupid movie – SALT – is coming out and Jolie needs publicity. Pitt failed miserably with his movie. And if they thought for a minute about their inglorious basterds they would have dropped out of hollywood after the first adopotion. They have clearly demonstrated they aren’t ethical, honest and have no morales. Two snakes who need to slither away…

  47. javelin says:

    They don’t want a publicist b/c they’re both smart and media-savvy and highly manipulative(?)

    I’m glad they’re suing; makes the story even more interesting.

  48. Guest says:

    Well I certainly think it is probably a good idea to sue. I don’t understand however, why they haven’t done this before. It is interesting that the split stories are so important to them now when they have never bothered with them before. What about that whole we don’t pay attention to the tabloids? What I think is really sad is that when they got together I really think they lived for themselves and enjoyed their family, however now it is like they have just become a big publicity machine.

    I know that some of their fans say that they are in the tabloids alot unjustly. But, just imagine if Johnny Depp went to the game last night and acted with Vanessa like these two did. It would be all over the tabloids. If any famous person acted like this the tabloids would have a field day with it (just imagine Rob and Kristen, Jay Z and B, etc.) It is behavior (which makes them look cheap) like this that makes the tabloids talk about these two. They purposely give and fight with the tabloids in their own fashion. To stop this they really need to stop this whole publicity game.For their kids sake. I think that the sueing is a great idea – but not the PDA to prove a point.

  49. teri says:

    To nycmom, that’s exactly what I thought. How terrible if Maddox had read that. No child ever wants their parents divorcing. Brad means the world to little Maddox and I’m sure it would totally crush the little guy if he left along with the other children as well. As a parent myself I would be so hurt for my child and how they felt. Maybe this is why they are spending more one on one time with Maddox reasuring him they aren’t seperating.

  50. cee says:

    I am happythey are sueing NOTW. Forget the tabs and Haperin. Their made up stories are so ridiculous and they are far from mainstream media

  51. yawn says:

    What a pitiful life… Feeling the need to show affection in PUBLIC in order to prove something.

    If they want to sue that means that they CARE what the public think and this automatically makes them attention seeking wimps. I guess the millions they have come with a price tag…

    In her case I hope next time she marry a psychiatrist who’ll treat her for free and Brad to a plastic surgeon who’ll return his face to its pre-angelina look!

  52. Whatever says:

    That’s right, slander is spoken. so next maybe sue the TV outlets for slander who have been running it over and over without bothering to fact check. Even CNN, do they even teach fact checking in journalism school anymore? Apparently not… I think they should be able to sue in the US too, free speech and freedom of the press are really limited rights and should only extend so far, if one is not reporting fact.

  53. Solveig says:

    Why now? Is it because every “reliable” magazine and newspaper in the world republished what NotW wrote?
    I don’t think it’s NotW’s fault if the world took the bait.
    Is it because it’s easier to do with english magazines?
    They should sue every gossip magazine and give the compensations to charity. ah.ah.ah…
    And then make an official statement, of course.

  54. elvisgrace says:

    In the U.S., the plaintiff bears the burden of proof in a libel lawsuit. Brad and Angelina would have to prove that the story was intentionally malicious and that the publisher knew or should have reasonably known that it false when they ran it. The U.K.’s libel laws are much friendlier to the plaintiff. Under their law, the publisher, as the defendant, bears the burden of proof. It is a lot easier to bring and prevail in a libel suit in the U.K. That’s why most of the time when you hear about a celeb going after a print publication, the case is against a British party, within that jurisdiction. Basically: U.S. – Brad and Angelina have to prove News of the World is guilty. U.K. – News of the World has to prove that they are innocent.

  55. PJ says:

    Despite the PDA, the Daily Mail isn’t convinced: “At the Super Bowl, Brad & Angelina put on display of togetherness worthy of an Oscar nomination.”

    That’s my reaction, too: Comparing them to the other celeb couples who were at the Super Bowl, all the other couples look happy together but aren’t going to the kissy-huggy extremes Brad and Angelina are. It’s like they are trying too hard to prove how much in love they are.

    The breakup rumors are typical tabloid fare: First they publish a rumor, and then when the parties involved deny the rumor, they publish a second story about how they have denied it. And the cycle goes on and on.

  56. dee says:

    I forgot to say earlier but I’m surprised to find out Kaiser likes them.

  57. Beth says:

    @Blitz I really don’t understand comments saying Brad and Angelina overexpose their kids to the media and set up photo-ops. Since January 1 the Jolie-Pitts have probably been photographed no more than 6 or 7 times. A lot of other celebrity kids, like the Aflecks and Beckhams, are photographed that many times in a week on many sites. I think there are only 3 photographs of the twins and they haven’t been seen in months. I don’t see how it’s a photo-op when most most pictures of the kids are the five seconds of them walking in/out of a store or restaurant to the car. They don’t spend hours in the park so they can be photographed. I don’t find the selling baby photos a valid point either because a lot of celebrities do that or release a free photo to the media. I just don’t get why they are always attacked for doing what 99% of all celebrities do. More baffling since their kids are photographed a lot less.

  58. Josephina says:

    Well, it’s about time. The breakup trash rumors have gone way too far to the point that some of you have gotten used to it and think it is OK. My mother thought they had broken up and she never listens to the tabloids. There is no excuse at all for the never-ending hunt to continuously play the same “they are breaking up” story over the last 5 years just to make money and break them up. Finally!

  59. SisterAgnes says:

    About time. The stuff that’s written about them is just flat out ridiculous, hurtful and malicious. Why should *anyone* have to put up with lies being printed about them week after week? Especially when those lies are picked up globally and their kids are dragged into it.

    I’m glad they are suing and it’s because they’ve had enough. They may have millions of dollars in the bank but that doesn’t give people the right to try and destroy this family. And for what? Publication sales? It’s disgusting.

  60. Ursula says:

    It is simple, they are suing because all their faux pas PDA has failed to make the story go away. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  61. Beachbum says:

    Why does everyone take their side in this matter?? I don’t BUY anything these 2 are SELLING. How are these 2 Media savvy? That is a matter of opinion only. Many of his Fans have said, BYE BYE. Someone leaked that story to the press and undoubtedly someone had the Guts to PRINT IT… Anyone can do the math.. Just my opinion.

  62. cedar falls says:

    Ever heard the phrase “you reap what you sow”? This pair of numpties have been selling their private lives, together and seperately, to the media since Thelma & Hackers came out, and now they’re crying foul? Bitch, please. There I was worrying about the kids in Haiti, the war in Afghanistan and keeping my job, but at least I don’t have to worry about a celebrity couple NOT splitting up! Just like Cindy & Richard Gere weren’t when they spent £24k taking out a full-page advert in the Times to deny press rumours of a divorce…
    …6 weeks before, ermm, filing for divorce.

  63. ogechi says:

    I don’t care whether they sue or not…I don’t even watch any of their movies…Whats the big deal?

  64. ropuszka says:

    I really hope that they fight this.

    Brangelina invited the world into their relationship. When they give interviews about meat spinning in the grotto, they are inviting us into their relationship.

    When they sell pictures of their children to tabloids for millions of dollars, they are inviting us into their relationship.

    When they publish pictures of one another breast feeding their children, they are inviting us into their relationship.

    The idea that the Brad-Jolie set up can be intruded upon is absurd. It is a public space, as per their wishes.

    They have treated Brangelina as a money spinning endeavour since day one, and they continue to do so. Note how they ramp it up when it comes to their shit-tacular films about missing babies and reverse ageing.

    If Angelina and Brad want to profit on their relationship through magazines and the like, then it is open to scrutiny. I would argue that they use their public personae as marketing devices.

    Speculating about a Brangelina bust up is no different from forecasting a fall in Sony’s stock.

    If the News of the World were publishing articles about Howard Stringer’s marriage then it would be intrusive; as far as I know he doesn’t use it as leverage when he’s selling TVs.

    There’s no point in trying to close the gate after the horse has bolted, and a vampire wont leave your grotto once it’s been invited.

    Neither will the press.

    To sup with the Devil, you need a long spoon. I should sue these stupid bitches for polluting my environment with their odious photographs, films and knife play.

  65. celeducat'em says:

    right on ropuska.. i also feel polluted by these two with their constant press announcements, child pimping, etc.
    hopefully a lawsuit will dredge up more than thy care to be divulged in public. not that i need court evidence..brad’s appearance over the last couple of years speaks volumes about the health of their family life.

  66. Rose says:

    Just because they ‘invite’ the media into their lives (and hello, they’re actors, they entire worth is media based) does not mean they ahve to stand by and allow a gutter press tabloid like the NOTW to print lies about them.
    And ‘ropusky’, I can read that comment on Dlisted for myself

  67. teri says:

    The only people upset about them suing are the team jennay people. The rest think it’s overdue and glad they are taking a stand against a so called reputable company. Guess they aren’t as credible as they made us believe. Not even talking to them as they claimed as a fact makes them look like tabloid garbage. I really didn’t expect team jennay people to change their tunes over this either, they enjoy all the split rumors. Just another blessed day.

  68. SisterAgnes says:

    Cedar_falls please stop moralising to us. If you’re so concerned about Haiti and world wars, why are you on a celebrity gossip site? Pretty hypocritical after spouting all that sanctimonious mumbo jumbo.

    Ropuszka – what are you saying? If you’re going to slag them off, at least try and be coherent about it.

  69. prettytarheelfan says:

    @ PJ-they are active Saints fans…they weren’t just there because it’s a big deal and they can afford it. Brad has been a huge supporter of the city of New Orleans. When your team is playing, it makes a difference. Last year, as the Steelers won, my husband and I were all over each other. This year…We were pulling for the Saints, but it wasn’t our team, therefore, we weren’t leaping around, freakin’ out and hugging each other….

  70. nnn says:

    Well they have every right to defend themselves. That’s basic rights that anyone in here living in a democracy enjoy.

    Most who crirticize would have defend themselves, their family for much less than that.

    It’s their prerogative and their basic right and they don’t owe us anything, especially their motives nor the chronology of why now when it comes to retaliation to something done to them to begin with.

  71. Ursula says:

    But….. but….. I thought they did not read tabloids, could not use the computer, do not surf the net, and could care less about what the public thought of them.

    I am now confused. I need to buy more pop corn to watch this freak show unfold. I knew it was going to be a fun ride, but not this much fun.

    What next? An advert in the NY times that they really really love each other? A trip to Haiti to adopt an orphan or pose with them? Reality show on Fox? Never a dull moment in Brange land.

  72. cedar falls says:

    Actually SisterAgnes, I was commenting on the level of self-importance required to make an official announcement through your lawyer that you’re not splitting up, as if that has any relevance to The Real World compared to those other issues (which Brangelina themselves have been all too willing to exploit whenever they have a movie out or negative press to counter). I love gossip as much as the next girl, and since that Superbowl PDA performance wouldn’t even have been nominated for a daytime Emmy, it’s nice to come by Celebitchy and see exactly who’s been duped by it!

  73. bite me says:

    urusula, they didn’t have to read the tabloids, even fucking cnn reposrted this shit…

  74. I R A Darth Aggie says:

    Why do celebrities ONLY sue the British tabloids.

    Because it’s much easier to win under English law than American law, given that pesky First Amendment and a presumption of an “absence of malice”.

  75. Cheyenne says:

    @Ursula: What next? Well, NOTW will get slapped with an enormous lawsuit for libel, they will settle out of court for a hefty sum which the Jolie-Pitts will donate to charity, while you and the rest of the boo-hoo sisterhood will be grinding your teeth and tearing your hair out waiting for the Official Announcement, and by the time it finally comes you will be toothless and bald.

  76. Kim says:

    It’s always amazing to be why people who cant stand these two continue to not only click on stories about them but take time to comment. I guess some people thrive on negativity, how sad

  77. SageAdvice says:

    CNN reported it for literally HALF a day. And then they put an edit at the bottom that said that the story wasn’t true. All other reputable media sources did the same thing.

    The British tabloids have been saying nasty stuff about them for years.

    Why sue now?

    And Kim, you’re plenty negative on Jen posts so leave it.

  78. PJ says:

    Responding to Ursula’s post:

    “What next? An advert in the NY times that they really really love each other? A trip to Haiti to adopt an orphan or pose with them? Reality show on Fox? Never a dull moment in Brange land.”

    Ursula, you called it! Jolie is going to Haiti!! Today she posed with the president of the Dominican Republic. Maybe tomorrow it’s the orphans?

  79. Cheyenne says:

    @Sage: Why sue now? Because maybe, after the intense media saturation when the NOWT story was released, one or more of the Jolie-Pitt children saw it on TV or on the internet and thought their parents were about to break up. You can imagine how that must have impacted.

    Angie and Brad have continually said over the years they don’t care what the tabloids print about them. But when it comes to their children getting hurt, it’s a whole new ballgame. This is where the parental protective instinct kicks in, know what I’m saying?

    If you have any kids of your own, then you know exactly what I’m saying. Screw with me all you want, but I will f**k you up if you harm my kids.

  80. princess pea says:

    Re: the idea that this is all about their kids getting their feelings hurt

    You know that other celebs have kids too, right? Many of whom are literate and probably have internet access? Why does criticizing THIS family matter, for the kids, and not all the others?
    (Note: I’m not saying don’t criticize, I’m just saying don’t hide behind the kids for some if you won’t for others.)

  81. Bek says:

    Aren’t any of you wondering WHY this particular story was believed by most media outlets (at least for a while, before “sources” came out to deny)? Aren’t you all wondering WHY this rag is sticking to it’s story when they know they can be sued for what they’re worth? Aren’t you wondering WHY this story is more important to Brangie than the other harassing stories that US/British tabs print? This still smells fishy to me. The way they acted at the superbowl was weird, and not really like them at all. I say we’re in for a wild ride.

  82. Bek says:

    I find it extremely funny that the hardcore fans are all up in arms over what the children will see in these tabs, using it as the only excuse for why Brangie suddenly “cares” so much. Oh dearies: their parents have committed enough scandalous atrocities to keep the kids entertained for years. Nevermind the tabloids. All they’ll need to do is look up pictures or read interviews. Those kids will be exposed to enough, even if tabs never wrote a thing. Just calling the poor logic.

  83. Kim says:

    Aren’t any of you wondering why The spokesperson for NOTW said they are aware of the lawsuit but had no comment. Why not say” we stand by our story / source and will defend this lawsuit vigourously”? Aren’t any of you wondering why NOTW removed the article from its website if it stands by the story . This smell fishy to me.

  84. Bek says:

    Where are my posts going? That’s no fun! Kim–Brangie’s lawyer made a statement saying that NOTW refused to issue a retraction or apologize. That is “standing by the story”.

  85. Cheyenne says:

    @Bek: I’m a tad confused as to what kind of “scandalous atrocities” the parents committed.

    Are you talking about Brad Pitt dumping his wife? That’s hardly a scandalous atrocity. Thousands of spouses get dumped every day in the week, often for other partners. Hollywood is full of them. So why focus all the intense scrutiny on this couple? Is it because the boo-hoo sisterhood can’t accept that their fantasy of the fairy-tale marriage was revealed for being just that — i.e., a fantasy? Your statement sound more than a tad hypocritical, IMO.

    BTW, do you have any kids? I thought not.

  86. Kim says:

    That was before the lawsuit was initiated, they didn’t issue a retraction so they decided to sue. Why take the story w/ the most web hits off your website if you stand by it.If someone threatened to sue me I would not only leave it on my website I would update it w/ more info to support my story and highlight it to draw more web traffic

  87. Bek says:

    You’re not serious, Chey, are you? I’m not defending other celebs when I state the obvious with Brad and Angie. Their children have plenty to look at/read about without the tabloids. They’ve said some crazy things in interviews, they’ve had some scandalous pictures taken (nude, provacative, to say the least). You’re all over the internet, m’dear. I would think you’d have seen and read some of this stuff. And a divorce, bytheway, is the least of their worries. And yes, I have children. But if it helps you to assume I’m a 40 something fat-ass with no life and an addiction to McDonalds, then assume away. Until the world is required to post pictures of themselves, their children and records of their bank-accounts, I would absolutely LOVE it if you’d keep my personal life (and others in a supposed “sisterhood”) out of it. It’s out of line, and I don’t quite know how it’s allowed on here.

  88. SageAdvice says:

    That is not what she was getting at Chey. There are plenty of nude pictures, “shocking” comments and movie sex scenes to fill their kid’s days for weeks.

  89. Cheyenne says:

    LOL I’m all over the internet so I’ve seen some of this stuff? Unlike you, hon, I don’t go looking for it. And good lord, Angie is far from the only actress with children who has done nude scenes in movies. You know damn well all of this is beside the point anyway. The point is these tabloids have posting break-up rumors for years, and that will get a kid far more upset and any nude scene in the movies his parents have been in. NOTW crossed a line. They’d better have a damn good lawyer, because the Schillings are going to rip them apart. And don’t get all sanctimonious on me and tell me they don’t deserve it.

  90. crash2GO2 says:

    Chey, what is it with your obsession the Brangie kids? I have kids too. Just because Angie ‘gave Brad’s parent’s six beautiful kids’ isn’t an instant ticket to preference over ‘you know who’.

    Oh well, I saw you were nearly banned due to rabidity in another thread. I suppose I really shouldn’t wind you up again here…

  91. Ursula says:

    Kim, the matter may be already sub-judice, so they have to put the story down. Those Brange kids are gonna be messed real bad when they eventually start using the internet uncensored.

    Maddox may be looking for guns anyway, so they have nothing to worry about. In any case, I don’t think Brange are headed to a good place so the kids have that to worry about. Rumors about their parent’s divorce at no biggie.