Lindsay Lohan denies getting lip injections


Um… Jesus. Lindsay Lohan, once again acting as her own cracked-out publicist (never a good idea), decided to go on her Twitter and deny that she’s getting lip injections. Uh… seriously? Because we have eyes. And most of us aren’t on crack. We can see that your lips are twice as big all of a sudden. Lindsay tweeted her self-perpetuating drama: “Why are all of my friends asking me if I have a cut on my lip? Lol coz I don’t.” Then she put up this Twitpic (below) and wrote: “see! my lips are just as they’ve always been :) lol-it’s nuts that i feel the need to give proof! what is this world coming to!!** lol it was @jennidawnsays fault!”


Kiss off!

Lindsay Lohan is denying she got lip injections.

After blogs pointed to a cut on her lip and speculated that she’d had a filler injected to puff out her pucker, the actress, 23, posted a photo of herself on Twitter, and wrote, “See! my lips are just as they’ve always been :) lol-it’s nuts that i feel the need to give proof! what is this world coming to!!”

She also denied having an injection scar, despite a small mark visible in the TwitPic.

“Why are all of my friends asking me if I have a cut on my lip? Lol coz I don’t,” she wrote.

Lohan recently showed off her clutter-filled apartment, stuffed with hundreds of pairs of shoes.

“I just need to get rid of… stuff,” she admitted to The Insider. “That’s personal stuff that I have to work on.”

[From Us Weekly]

Now, some will put out the theory that Lindsay is not getting lip injections, that her puffy lips come from, say, her drug use. Like, her lips swell up when she rubs cocaine on them. Could be. But even if that’s the case, I still think she’s getting injections. There’s just too much variation in the size of her lips from day to day. Here are some photos of the variations over the past year, and one of Lindsay from 2004:




Lindsay Lohan’s lips, all photos by WENN: on December 12, 2009; on Noveber 15, 2009; on November 12, 2009; on October 19, 2009. Finally, how her lips used to look, when she was a kid: Lindsay back on June 14, 2004.

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  1. Icecat says:

    Ya right? Nice try Lindz….

  2. Janine says:

    It’s almost freaky how different she looks compared to 2004. She looked so much prettier then.

  3. nAynAy says:

    I say BULL*&%$!! I’m 100% sure that she had her lips done. If you look closely at the pictures posted. You can definetly see she had work done.

  4. Novaraen says:

    She was so pretty when she had red hair and wasn’t cracked out.


    Obvious that she got lip injections too.

  5. bella says:

    Maybe she’s not getting injections; maybe she had that weird implant thingy put in instead. Then she would be sort of telling the truth. Which would be rare for her, and probably kind of hard to do. (Or maybe Sam hit her, like she’s claiming in an earlier post on CB.)

  6. Kris says:

    She has aged alot since then.

  7. monkey says:

    wtf – in that first picture her bronzer goes straight from her face into her hair. i always wish she were my friend, i have pulled a few of them from spirals and i like to think i could do the same for her!

  8. juiceinla says:

    I only read this one for the comments, but boy was I surprised to see how horrifically different she looks now as opposed to 2004.

  9. viper says:

    I swear shes megan fox’s twin

  10. lucy2 says:

    I wish SOMEONE was her friend. She needs someone to really help her, because she’s clearly out of touch with reality.

    She was pretty back in the day. What a shame, when you look at the pics side by side, you can see how much damage she has done to herself.

  11. kermit says:

    The other blogs article was about a cut received from an alleged fight with Sam and they posted a picture to show it. Lindsay responded saying her lip doesn’t have a cut, nothing about lip injections. She took this pic to show it. That’s what she means by “like they’ve always been”. jennidawnsays is Jenni Muro, her major assistant. Obviously, like other actors in Hollywood, Lindsay has had some sort of lip plumping “enhancement”.

  12. ccoop says:

    Uh, if “my lips are just as they’ve always been” = “somebody sneaked up on me and glued 2 kielbasas to my face”, then… yes.

  13. Lady Nightshade says:

    When was that top picture taken? I didn’t realize she had gotten that bad!

  14. lem says:

    yea she was commenting on the tabloid article that she had a cut on her lip due to a fight with ronson, not about speculations that she had lip injections.

  15. ien says:

    god it’s so sad look at how pretty she was when she was healthy…her hair was beautiful and her features were so much better when she was at her natural weight with her rounder face…

    now she seriously looks like she’s on meth..her face is skinny and unhealthy looking, her hair is like thread, and her legs are pencils. gross.

    she went from being on track to become an A-list actress to having a 5 minute feature on her clutter on Entertainment Tonight. sad.

  16. kermit says:

    @Lady Nightingale That top pic was taken October 2009. She was with Donatella Versace at some function in New York and comments were made of how similar they looked. I agree, she looks absolutely horrible.

  17. ell says:

    Yeah, sure. We’re all stupid!

  18. kermit says:

    @len Lindsay’s face would’ve gotten a bit thinner than 5+ years ago had she remained healthy. Why when having such beautiful hair do you dye it so much? Funny thing is, she has a brother that also has red hair, but she’s the only one in her family with green/blue eyes. Everyone else, her siblings and parents, has brown eyes.

    Her skin is so damaged now, she’s hooked on fake tanners, but she can still be quite attractive at times.

  19. bros says:

    god she and donatella look like long lost sisters, especially sitting atop one another on the home page.

  20. moo says:

    She denies using street drugs too.

  21. Maria says:


  22. padiddle says:

    she used to be so pretty and cute, it’s crazy to see the beautiful healthy girl that is now looks so empty

  23. CB Rawks says:


  24. Dorothy says:

    That top picture is totally awesome!

    I agree that looking back over her pictures makes me sad. What a waste!

  25. Snarf says:

    She’ll try to allude it’s from SamRo punching her in the mouth next. Hell hath no fury like a cracked-out trainwreck scorned.

  26. Susette says:

    Drugs, lies, twitter drama, sketchy abuse allegations….It’s really sad that this once promising and beautiful young actress is about 3 steps away from becoming Tila Tequila.

  27. Kim says:

    Why wouldnt she just be honest and say she had them plumped? They look awful so she should be saying she had them done not claiming they are natural because they look terrible!

  28. Mina says:

    Sorry Lilo, but you did something.Back in the day, your lips did not look like a Chihuahua’s hoo-hoo in heat. (Too much)?

    Seriously, can someone just bathe her in bleach followed by a Pine Sol rinse?

  29. lola lola says:

    Poor kid. She looks like a used up old hooker and she’s not even 30 yet.

  30. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Liar Lair…pants on fire!!

    Honestly, what with the drug use and the surgery this girl is so knackered and haggard looking, she has completely ruined her looks and I dread to think of the state of her internal organs…


  31. Carrie Thompson says:

    She was so fresh and pretty back in 2004-this post just makes me sad.

  32. california angel says:

    Wow, that one pic of her healthy unfortunately stands out like a sore thumb. :( She needs an intervention badly.

  33. Denise says:

    Exactly. We all have eyes! Just like the drugs and the drinking and the stealing, she’s convinced herself that the lip work isn’t real. It’s just as she says it is, well, because she says so! Not sure about those boobs either….

  34. kermit says:

    With Facebook, only friends are able to read what you write and comments are below articles referenced. Twitter is public unless tweets are protected. Lindsay wants to share with her friends and fans interested in her updates and her tweets are turned against her by the tabloid world. Tabloids made it up about lip injections when it’s not about lip injections at all. CB then posts months-old pics of Lindsay when they have a pic taken a few days of Lindsay on another of today’s Lindsay articles where she has far less puffy lips than that main horrible pic for this article. Geez. See comment 14 for correct info.

    How many use twitter here? Twitter isn’t like a blog that threads. It’s hard to determine what people are replying to or responding to sometimes. You have replies to some questions and the question is on a long list of tweets on a follower’s page. You have to be very careful to determine that someone what someone is replying to or commenting on.

  35. ♥Natalie♥ says:

    Wow in 2004 she was so pretty. Drugs, drinking and smoking is just not worth it!

  36. blinditemreader says:

    I wish she would wake up. She’s en route to becoming a statistic, and it’s sad. She looks awful.

  37. bubbles says:

    that’s exactly what I was thinking.
    it’s sooo sad what Hollywood and a sick set of parents can do to a child.

  38. Sparkles says:

    LOL, Lindsay’s pic looks just like Donatella right under her on’s homepage…except, sad to say, Donatella looks better for her age!

    Maybe Lindsay’s allergic to peanuts and jammin’ on jars of JIF?

  39. Maritza says:

    I wish she would go back to being a red head, that blond makes her look old.

  40. jen says:

    The top pic makes her look like that girl from “Different Strokes” who overdosed. Very sad. They are going to find her in a trailer some day…can’t someone get her some help?! The picture w/ the red hair just shows how beautiful she once was.

  41. Samurai says:

    She used to be so pretty and young looking. Her face has aged at least 12 years in the past 6 years. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  42. Dhavy says:

    they look like Anna Farris’ lips in the Bunny House movie and she got them injected for it!

  43. frankiestage says:

    How old is Lohan. She looks like a young 37.

  44. uSheep says:

    people, have you seen her with her new dyed hair? it’s worse! it makes her look like a bobble head. how old is she? 21?! even heidi looks younger. seriously, it’s awful. to whoever said she’ll just become another statistic…she already IS one. at first you feel bad, then you realize she’s had plenty, i mean PLENTY of chances to get help that other drug users beg for. she pissed them away, and pissed away everyone who wanted to help. that’s why she doesn’t have friends. and yes, her parents and hollywood did fuck her up..very much so. but like i said, countless people have tried to help her. she simply refuses help, so it’s hard to feel bad for someone who clearly needs help and has refused, well, not only refused, but probably freaked out on the person trying to get her help. none of this shit comes as a surprise’s just like “So? we already know”. kind of like the brangelina stuff, if you believe that stuff, you have problems. and if you’re surprised by lindsey, you have problems.

  45. nana says:

    the scar thing she meant is not about lip injection scar. its about the cut rag mags saying was a smack from samantha ronson. those scarrings were from dry weather, poor hygiene and perhaps injections.

  46. Seer says:

    She looks like she had lip injections, and on top of that has decided to give “the pout”. I’m seeing all these people (women AND men) give “the pout”, and I just want to throw a wet sock at them! I wish they understood how stupid “the pout” makes them look! Not everyone can pull it off. Marylin Monroe was probably one of the few exceptions.

  47. MM says:

    She’s a walking anti-drug advertisement.

  48. ogechi says:

    The product of a broken home!!!

  49. Bodhi says:

    then how do you explain the “hoarder” video? He lips are so puffed up she can barely talk? In that video she bares zero signs of a fight, yet has ginormously puffed up lips

  50. joho777 says:

    Why does anyone listen to Lindsay? She has lied so much for so long. I suppose she will now try to say that she DIDN’T get an abortion last June?

    Lindsay has been getting cosmetic surgery constantly since her first pair of implants at age 17. Just look at for photos of ALL the horrible details.

  51. beef says:

    I just will never understand why someone would want to go from that beautiful unique red hair color that she used to have, to the same old torn up looking fried blond hair that any porn star would be proud to sport? Boggles the mind really… and as for her denial on the lips…bitch, please!

  52. dee says:

    my word I cant believe how haggard and old she looks. so sad.

  53. kermit says:

    This should clear this matter up. Here is the blog and even talk of it about why Lindsay posted the pic. I truly hope that CB allows this link:

  54. kermit says:

    Thanks, CB.

  55. Sick of Celebrity- there's nothing to celebrate says:

    Oh COME ON ALREADY! Let me guess a bee stung you in the mouth????

    Why do these dumb bitches gotta keep LYING to people? Do they take us for really stupid? I mean, some of you posters really are stupid… as well as the idiots who keep buying this shit. Hey lady- you’re ugly and a fat, bat shit crazy liar! The fact that these people are even known to me pisses me off. I’ve not watched a single one of her movies, although they were all cinematic genius I’m sure, but yet, I know all about this bitch. Damn you news-pages!!

  56. Anonandonandon says:

    …also denies the Earth revolves around the Sun.

  57. BamaGuy says:

    She is destroying herself before our eyes. Fame does that to a lot of people. This will not end well.

  58. t-rae says:

    If they are natural (which of course they are not!) then she should consider lip liposuction and other cosmetic surgery. What a piece.

  59. bmon says:

    Can’t see past that ugly fur coat. Cruelty is never fashionable.

  60. mannequin says:

    She looks hideous. Since no one really cares what her lips look like, the most irritating thing is that she must honestly believe people can’t tell what she’s done. As in every other situation in her life, why not just get real?