Jennifer Aniston: Gerard Butler has got my back

The Pressroom at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards!

As we found out over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were in Mexico for Jennifer’s 41st birthday celebration. Of course, Sheryl Crowe and Courteney Cox were there too, so it’s not like people were like “Oh my God, Butler sex in Mexico!” But it was interesting, and continues to be interesting. Page Six is running a “behind the scenes” story about what’s really going on between Aniston and Butler, and it kind of confuses me even more. Are they romantic, or are they just friends staying in different villas? I need to know this, especially if Gerard and I get married, as planned.

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 41st birthday with a romantic weekend at a luxurious Mexican resort with on-again flame Gerard Butler and some chaperones. Sources said Aniston rented a $9,000-a- night, four-bedroom villa at the lush One & Only Palmilla resort in Cabo San Lucas and installed Butler in a one-bedroom casita a short stroll away.

Eyewitnesses said she and Butler looked “very friendly.” One of them said, “Jen invited 50 of her close friends to celebrate her birthday, and Gerard Butler was one of them. She was staying at a villa that had a 12-strong staff including a personal chef and two butlers, a private infinity pool, a spa with Jacuzzi, its own terrace with fire pits, an outdoor rain shower and day beds.

“Gerard had his own one-bedroom villa with a private pool, but he joined Jen for all the celebrations, and they looked extremely friendly but not overly flirty in public. Jen’s top request is always margaritas and guacamole,” our source said. “On Saturday, the staff lit 65 candles for her on the terrace of her villa, where all her guests, including Gerard, dined and drank, before a Mariachi band sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her in Spanish and she was presented with a dark chocolate cake decorated with her star sign, Aquarius. Despite all the eating and drinking, Jen took care of herself and did yoga every morning.”

Aniston’s other guests included her longtime friend Sheryl Crow, who was spotted working out with her one morning at the resort’s gym, as well as Courteney Cox and actor Jason Bateman. The source added that instead of giving gifts, she asked her friends to donate to the charity Friends of El Faro, which helps children at the Casa Hogar Sion orphanage in Tijuana.

Reps for Aniston and Butler — who were recently spotted canoodling backstage at the Golden Globes — didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

Hm… this is interesting. Over the weekend, I was totally like “they’re friends with benefits” but now I’m starting to doubt that. Even though this Page Six story makes it seem like romance is a possibility, I kind of come away from it thinking they’re not bangin’. Weird.

In other Butler-Aniston news, in an interview that will air today on Access Hollywood, Jennifer talks about how Gerard is “just fun” and “the most unpretentious guy”. She also says they “have each other’s back”. And now I’m thinking that they’re bangin’ again. What the hell? Aniston draws me in every time!!!

Jennifer Aniston makes no secret that she’s Scottish hunk Gerard Butler’s biggest fan, praising her co-star in The Bounty Hunter as “fun” and fueling long-standing rumors that the pair are more than just friends.

“We just had so much fun together you know. He’s just fun. Gerry’s the most unpretentious guy,” Jennifer tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an interview airing tonight.

“He’s a guy’s guy, but he’s absolutely the most lovely and sort of self-deprecating and just what you see is what you get,” she says of Gerry, who stayed with her in Mexico. “We look at work the same way…we always had each other’s back.”

Jen is celebrating her 41st birthday at the One & Only Palmilla resort in Cabo San Lucas, with an A-list gang of friends including Courteney Cox Arquette, Jason Bateman and Sheryl Crow.

So, how does she feel about turning 41? “Thirty-one, pssh,” she jokes. “It’s quite lovely I have to say. 30 was a hump but you know 31 is fabulous. It really does get better doesn’t it?”

What else brought Jen back to Mexico for the birthday trip which was organized by a friend?

“He said to me, ’You come to Mexico all the time and Mexico is really hurting right now because of the swine flu and the drug trafficking and all of this sort of stuff but it’s not all of Mexico,’” she explains.

“These people survive on us coming down and spending money and coming here to these beautiful places. It sort of made sense to sort of say ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico,’” she says. “Let’s shout out to these kids in Tijuana at El Faro and you know, have a big…that’s sort of our birthday celebration this year.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Jason Bateman was Aniston’s costar in The Baster, so it’s not like Gerard is the only costar who came down to Mexico for a little vacation. By the way, even though Gerard is my future husband, The Bateman is far, far superior, and I only disregard him as marriage material because he’s already happily married with a gorgeous daughter. The Butler might be a moob-tastic sexy beast, but The Bateman is the one you want to hang out with.

Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief held in Los Angeles

Golden Globe Awards 2010 - PRESS ROOM

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler filming a scene for The Bounty in Queens

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  1. bite me says:

    that bounty hunter movie better be number 1 at the box office when its release, damn

  2. KIKI says:

    I think Jason Bateman is super fly! Was he there too? Jen has a lot of cool friends and it is nice that she is helping out Mexico and not putting out press releases about it! Just helping out quietly.

  3. bite me says:

    right instead she just invites access hollywood, bitch pelase

    and jenny you go girl fab at 40

  4. ogechi says:

    I can also talk about my male friends the same way….So appreciating a friend means having s*x?

  5. KIKI says:

    Bite me, you are not nice. Access Hollywood? Where did you get that?

  6. Beth says:

    Kiki it’s mentioned in the article several times this interview is from Access Hollywood. Obviously she’s not doing it quietly says she’s talking about it. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but Jennifer makes it sound like she’s Mexico’s savior by partying there. She would probably help a lot more people if she stayed at a Holiday Inn and donated that $9000/night to charity.

  7. Annie says:

    when you invite access hollywood to your party, you don’t need to say more.
    this is pathetic. Maybe if the film bombs, faux romances will be considered a no go next time.
    Oh who am I kidding…
    And the funny thing is, most people aren’t buying it. Rightly so.

  8. Mia says:

    Jennifer invited Billy Bush & Access Hollywood to her birthday party. They interviewed her at the resort this weekend. I’m sure she did this to keep the pap interest in her to a minimum. I’m sure it had nothing to do with her upcoming movie and promoting a certain image for it.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Hey, let’s help out Mexico” translates to her claiming she’s Mexico’s savior? egad, that’s a reach. but expected.

    and regarding the whole “he’s got my back” comment, it sounds like that was in reference to their work style…I believe the quote was “We look at work the same way…we always had each other’s back.” so, how that translates into them having sex is beyond me.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Oh please, she’s got a movie to sell. She’d better do a damn good job selling it this time around, because if this one bombs behind “Management” and “Love Happens”, she can kiss her Hollywood career goodbye.

  11. meow says:

    She is pathetic. I have seen the trailer for Bounty Hunter, it will bomb at the box office. Their fauxmance will not help it.

  12. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “because if this one bombs behind “Management” and “Love Happens”, she can kiss her Hollywood career goodbye.”

    interesting. that’s a pretty bold statement, and not really a good bet considering how often an actor has a couple of bombs (sometimes in a row) and yet still maintains a career.

    And considering also, how many movies she’s got in production (via imdb), I’d say her career will be pretty stable for a while.

    this, of course, is not to mention that even if her ACTING career withers, she still has a production company to run.

  13. wow says:

    Jen rocks at life. I could get behind her and Gerard being a legit couple, but that is so not happening.

    It was nice to hear she is having a great time though surrounded by her group of friends and even some business associates (that annoying Access guy.) Look like a fun time was had by all.

  14. Pooky says:

    They’ve got a film to promote, and they’re promoting it, and if looking like that, whilst lounging on a Cabo beach with Gerard Butler and millions in the bank is “pathetic”, then dammit, I wanna be pathetic too!

    Although I am sitting behind a computer, commenting on a group of people I don’t know, so I guess I’m already halfway there.

  15. meow says:

    She is a talentless twit that can only generate interest in her movies by creating fauxmances with her leading men.

    She is pathetic.

  16. bella says:

    So Jen has a good friend (or a few good friends) who are guys…this is a bad thing? Some of my best friends are guys. They don’t stab you in the back, they tell you the truth about how you look because it’s not a competition as far as they’re concerned, it’s not a crime if you look better than they do when you go out, and they don’t tell your secrets to their friends. Every girl should be lucky enough to have a few good guy friends who HAVE her back, not want her ON her back.

  17. Sumodo1 says:

    I’ve GOT IT! 2010 The Year of the Fake Romance.

  18. bite me says:

    and what movies has jenny produced with Echo Films

  19. SageAdvice says:

    There is no fauxmance. Or romance for that matter.

    She’s said and he’s said that they aren’t dating. What more do you want?

    They have to promote the film per the studio’s orders at various events and such like every other celebrity. If they do any kind of public event, it’s publicity for their film. Duh. It’s been this way since the beginning of movie marketing some 100 years ago.

    Can they not do legitimate publicity for their film without it being called “Jen’s Checklist Item #1-Fauxmance”

    Also, men and women can be friends. If she wanted us to think they were in a romance, why did she invite 50 friends to her birthday celebration? Why is he staying in a separate villa? Why is she talking about him like he’s a good buddy?

  20. snapdragon says:

    i saw the preview for “the bounty hunter” recently and they both look hideous. in fact, the movie looks hideous, too.

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    considering the production company was formed less than a year ago, probably not many.

    but frankly, I have NO idea. My only point was that she’s formed a production co, and can produce films even if she’s not acting in them.

    Also quite frankly, I don’t really care that much. but if YOU care, and apparently you do, I’d suggest you use that little thing called google and check for yourself.

    I’m betting you won’t find any films, since (AGAIN), the company was formed less than a year ago, and they probably haven’t started producing films yet.

  22. Cinderella says:

    I think they’re just good, flirty friends.

    Even if the movie sucks, her career isn’t going away anytime soon. Enough people still want to see her at the box office, on video, or in magazines. Like her or not, she’s still a star.

  23. bite me says:

    actually honey, maybe if you use that google thingy yourself you would know that Echo Films was not created less than a year ago…its going on two years now

  24. lucy2 says:

    50 people, including a bunch of former coworkers, sounds like just friends to me. I think they’re just playing it up to promote the movie. Tiresome, but certainly not the end of the world.

    I love Bateman too! I really really really can’t wait for the AD movie.

  25. CB Rawks says:

    I saw a picture of Jen’s ass in a bikini on TMZ, and damn! Best ass I’ve seen in ages! I’m envious and perplexed, because I’m her age and I don’t know how she did that.

    I’ve loved Bateman ever since he had his own gorgeous sitcom in the eighties! “It’s Your Move”. Hey why don’t they bring that out on dvd?!
    My favourite episode was where he and his tv sister brewed a strange and indeterminate concoction, and then bottled it and slapped different labels on the bottles: perfume, aftershave, alcohol, and gave them out as christmas gifts.

  26. Lizzy says:

    Wrong! He is MINE! :)

  27. alex says:

    LOL! I am on vacation but hmmm let me call Access Hollywood to do a sit down interview on my vacation and her fans say that she is doing it quietly lol.

    I can’t remember any other celebrity going on vacation and inviting a gossip show to come along for a interview, but hey this is Fab at 41 we are talking about here. Fab at 41 know how to work the media etc

  28. KIKI says:

    There are certain guys that bring out the flirt in a woman. Butler seems like a great guy to hang out with, and Bateman is just a babe.

  29. alex says:

    When is the Baster coming out? Didn’t she and Jason filmed it before she did Bounty? I heard it can’t get a distributor

  30. Praise St. Angie! says:

    OMG, how could I ever live with myself after a mistake like that?!

    :eye roll:

    so, less than TWO years. March of 2008.

    I’ll go crucify myself now so you can feel like you won.

    because that’s what your whole question was about right? even though it was totally irrelevant to my point about her having a production company…

    the point, since you so obviously missed it, was that EVEN IF HER ACTING CAREER DRIES UP (which it hasn’t yet) SHE HAS A PRODUCTION COMPANY AND SHE CAN PRODUCE FILMS AT HER LEISURE.

  31. bite me says:

    praise n needs a laxative and theres no need for your tone, its not that serious, actually for you its seems to be

  32. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’m glad you’re that self-aware, bite me.

    listen, YOU asked a question, I answered – just the facts. then YOU got snotty and sarcastic with a faux term of endearment.

    why not watch your own tone/sarcasm etc before you start complaining about others? or go the REALLY “mature” (deflective) route and tell me I need a laxative…why not go whole hog and call me a poopie head?

  33. SageAdvice says:

    alex: She invited Access Hollywood so she could talk about the charity she’s donating to and releasing a doll for. Did you read the article?

    Oh wait, no, you have to attack her for something so you skew the facts to fit your view of her.

    And what fans are saying she’s “doing it quietly”? Doing what quietly exactly? Going on a birthday vacation?

  34. alex says:

    Read post #2. Oh really she just invited AH on her vacation to talk about her charity and all the talk was about her charity and nothing else right lol

  35. trish says:

    He might have her back, but in the first picture, it looks like she’s got his private part.
    I think she looks great, but she’s just not a very good actress. Sorry.

  36. alex says:

    you got to love Fab @ 41 fans, they are sure dedicated in sticking up for their gal no matter what. She can’t do no wrong lol. Fab @ 41 is perfect dont you know.

    Anyhoo enough gossiping for now, I am sure we will be seeing more of Fab @ 41 and her fauxromance in the weeks to come and all her little pr stunts. They got to sell the movie you know. So a few tv shows, some sexy magazine covers and the list goes on.


  37. hmm says:

    It is so funny how Jen’s defenders will defend anything no matter how ridiculous. She invites Access Hollywood and its resident douchebag, Billy Bush, to her party and it’s not called out as pr fu*kery? I have no problem with the pr machinations but let’s stop acting like she’s not playing the game.

  38. SageAdvice says:

    She is an actor. Actors promote their films. I don’t know why this is surprising to anyone or why people think they are “calling her out” when they are really just saying “she’s doing her job”.

  39. Kim says:

    They might me she denied she was dating Vince too and I believed her until I saw her stradling him on a hotel balcony.They are both single and their movie premiere is coming soon Go for it

  40. lucy2 says:

    The Baster is scheduled for summer 2010. Unless it has great previews, I probably will wait for DVD, despite my love for JB.

  41. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “they are sure dedicated in sticking up for their gal no matter what.”

    perhaps for the same reason posters like you feel the need to bash her, no matter what.

    it’s funny, just the other day you were complaining how people who hate the Brange always rush to a Brange thread to comment, how they are more obsessed than the Brange’s fans. Which may be true…

    …however, I guess we can say the same thing about you since you were the FIRST to comment on this thread, and have several posts on here.

  42. Kim says:

    The Bounty w/ Gerard comes out in March.

  43. Guest says:

    Jen has been close friends with Jason Bateman since before Friends – in her famous Rolling Stone interview from 1996 she was interviewed on a ski trip with friends in Colorado and Jason was noted to be in her party. I think it’s nice to see she has maintained so many close friendships for so many years despite how her life has changed.

    As for her and Butler…hard to say. I was with Kaiser in thinking they were friends with benefits, but now I don’t know. On the one hand, I don’t believe they are going the fauxmance route for the simple fact that if they are they are terrible at selling it: they have both denied reports multiple times linking them as more than friends, and they barely got within feet of each other in all the pics out of Cabo. So logic would say that they are just friends, yet another way to look at the behaviour is that they are hiding in plain sight: denying, keeping their distance in public…rather like how she was with Vince Vaughn before their relationship was outed. So, who knows!

  44. surfer girl says:

    I think Jen is as good an actor as all the others mentioned above. She’s okay. Not great. But then neither is her fictionalized nemesis, Angelina.

    They’re both decent, but certainly not great, actors.

    The End.

  45. Sumodo1 says:

    @Cheyenne–Jen NOT have a Hollywood career? Have you ever heard of “Marley & Me?” Huge movie.

  46. Mimi says:

    So let’s see if i can understand u people…
    All u defending her right to go on a vacation have a party, invite her friends and a tv show to promote her charitable soul that is helping bring awareness to Mexico that have their economy hurt because of traffic and swine flue with just her presence and off course confirm one more time that her co-star from her next movie that was also there is just a bud a friend… So u are the SAME ASS PEOPLE that was complaining about a UN AMBASSADOR that was going to a area that NEED AWARENESS just like Mexico, but that area NEEDED more because u know the place she was visiting was DEVASTATED… U call what she is doing “HER JOB” promoting her movie and bring attention to Mexico BUT is attention whoring bring attention to other’s countries in need and donating money to charity’s … WHERE THE F… IS THE LOGIC HERE? PLEASE LIGHT ME with ur great logic.
    And by the way good for her for help bring attention for the country that she’s like to vacation and remember us that are awful things happening there and that we all should go there and help their economy by going on vacation there

  47. Cheyenne says:

    @Sumodo: In which she played third fiddle to Owen Wilson and 22 dogs. Some people who saw the movie said she was the 23rd dog.

    Marley & Me was undoubtedly a box office hit. We won’t go into Management and Love Happens. But if Bounty bombs, three turkeys in row won’t look too good on her resume, know what I’m saying?

  48. whatever says:

    “Mexico is really hurting right now because of the swine flu and the drug trafficking and all of this sort of stuff . . . These people survive on us coming down and spending money and coming here . . . It sort of made sense to sort of say ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico,’” she says. “Let’s shout out to these kids in Tijuana at El Faro and you know, have a big…that’s sort of our birthday celebration this year.”

    God, she sounds so unbelievably dumb! Does she have any sort of an education whatsoever? She sounds worse than Lindsey Lohan or a 13 year old teenager. It’s unbelievable that so many people look up to this woman and spend the entire day here writing response after response defending her like she’s SO incredible.

    So, Mexico survives on a handful of Hollywood celebrities living it up? How insulting can you get? I think there’s a lot more to “these people,” as she puts it, than surviving off of your amazing tourist dollars. Mexico is not your charity case, or a dirt poor backwater for you to take pity on by flaunting your wealth. There are many amazing areas of Mexico and more to the culture–if ONLY she would move beyond Cabo. She is the epitome of a moron. Glad to see she’s soaked up some of the culture from going there.

    She is in the rich, resort area of Cabo–that is about as far from the streets Tijuanaa as you can get. I am closer to TJ (living in San Diego) than she is. What a complete dipshit. I have lost all respect for her and for those silly sycophants who spend all day here worshipping her.

    Seriously–she has A LOT in common with Jessica Simpson. Same amount of talent, brains, bleached blond hair, same fake tan, both dated John Mayer and both willing to flaunt their relationships or anything else for fame. Hey, they’re practically twins.

  49. SageAdvice says:

    She’s doing her job by promoting her movie, not by promoting a charity.

  50. whatever says:

    @Sage–I posted her comments. Aniston STATED she’s helping Mexico by partying there. THOSE ARE HER OWN WORDS.

    I can’t get over how dumb her comments are. Does she really think her money will trickle down to the poor, or to Tijuana? She’s not helping Mexico’s economy; she’s just helping those rich hotel/land owners. It’s trickle down theory, right? The resort employs a maid to clean up her trash so all this disgusing display of overt wealth and waste is actually a good thing, because the hotel maid will get overtime. Another 7 pesos! Gee, how generous of you, Ms Aniston, for partying at our hotel. Please come again with your charity! She should have said she was there to celebrate and left it at that. Instead, she tried to convert her celebrating into some sort of act of saintly goodness.

  51. snowball says:

    Funny how any post that mentions either Jen, Brad or St. Angie immediately calls out the crowd.

    She’s ugly, she’s not talented, she’s pretending to be with/without Gerard Butler because she’s a stupid whore, she invited a gossip show to come to her birthday party so she could talk about the charity and answer some other questions, so she’s obviously working the system and it won’t work because she’s a stupid dog. She thinks she’s Mexico’s savior, she can’t compare to St. Angie…

    I’m surprised no one’s chimed in with “Chiniston” or “she looks like a man.”

    Weird how Jen gets crucified for just about anything she does. If she gave up everything and decided to become a nun, then someone would complain that she only did it because she’s looking for publicity for Catholics.


  52. jim says:

    they look stunning, love her show Friends, love his movie Ugly Truth

  53. Birdie says:

    It’s absurd to claim her expensive vacation as a charity … Let’s call a spade a spade Jen, you are celebrating your birthday with friends. There is nothing charitable about dropping dough at a resort in Cabo, a resort that probably isn’t even owned by the Mexicans you claim to be helping out.

    I think it’s really hypocritical that the same people dissing Angelina for visiting Haiti are on this thread defending Jen Aniston’s right to party, right to invite Access Hollywood to her party and the right for her to claim to Access Hollywood that her hedonistic party is charitable. Bold statement Jen, Bold and False.

  54. Mimi says:

    So a HIRED person that do her job bringing ATTENTION to a country by going there because she WORKS to UN as a AMBASSADOR and THEY SEND her to all places that need that the world pay attention to then and donate to charity’s that work trying to help those places and peoples is a seeking whore…
    BUT a person that goes to Mexico and call ACCESS H to talk about the city that she loves go on vacations in the same week of her birthday and that in the interview she said that the country need us to help then recovery their economy because of the decrease of tourists that used to come there… So she REALLY ISN’T PROMOTING HER CHARITABLE SOUL WORKING by telling us to go there and help the children’s by going on vacations?… So again WHERE THE F… IS THE LOGIC HERE? PLEASE LIGHT ME with ur great logic because i’m slow and don’t understand maybe 1+1 in Jen Fans heads is equal to 3

  55. Fat Elvis says:

    Cheyenne: To use your go-to phrase, “haters gonna hate.” Which in this case, refers to you and your inexplicable disdain for this woman. And for the record, I’ve only seen her in “Office Space” and have zero interest in any of her other films or personal activities. But for the life of me, I cannot understand your obsession with trashing this girl. Then again, you also know every fact, figure, outfit, destination, bowel movement, and pretty much anything else related to the JPs, so obsessing over the goings on of total strangers is nothing new to you.

  56. nnn says:

    I am sorry but this woman often says things like she didn’t went to highschool.

    She has the brains of a prebuscent teen, is vapid, vacuous and often full or pretension.

    Her intelligence and articulation is not even in par with what you should expect of an adult in his twenties. She is exactly in par with Megan Fox in that regard except for the deliberatly shocking things this later says.

    But then again, going out twice at 40 with a guy like Mayer and raving about his way of ‘thinking thoughts’ was already an indecation of her lack of basic intelligence.

    I agree with the flagrant double standards as revealed in post #46

    And to #48, i agree with nearly everything you said, it’s sad and pathetic and insulting the way her rhetoric goes but i don’t agree with the last paragraph. All things equal 29 year old Jessica Simspon has more common sense than Jennifer Aniston. She didn’t take Mayer twice and she knows she is a bimbo and would have never shown the extent of her dumbness in serious matters like Jennifer is doing when talking about Mexico and economy. And she is 12 years her junior, hence she has thE excuse of still being immature because of her age.

    41 and having such a poor brain is tragic and lame and pittiful. At a certain age, you have no excuses anymore for being immature to such striking extent.

  57. Kitty2000 says:

    I love the way Page Six says she’s “installed” Butler in a room nearby, like he’s some kind of gigolo she’s brought along for fun and games.

    I like her more and more, especially now I know she’s a margarita and guacamole girl.

  58. Libertad says:

    As a former resident of Mexico. I want to thank Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler to help promote the tourism sandy beach luxury resorts in Mexico, specially in a time of crises. They make a amazing couple to bad the relationship in based on a solid frienship. Good Bless both of them and the best of luck in your coming movie feature “The Bounty Hunter”.

  59. Trace says:

    @whatever – Thank you, thank you for such a great post! That quote really shows her ignorance and is frankly, embarrassing. Look, the reason she was in Cabo was because she goes there all the time for vacation. It’s no different this time. All this stuff about her promoting tourism of the Mexican economy, and highlighting her fave Mexican orphanage is baloney! With Aniston, it’s always about PR manipulation. It’s interesting that all Kaiser wrote about was her “relationship” with Butler. Why not analyze the absurdity of Aniston’s “charity” stunts for PR?

  60. crash2GO2 says:

    @Whatever; “So, Mexico survives on a handful of Hollywood celebrities living it up? How insulting can you get?”

    Where do you get that from her statement? Yeah, it wasn’t the most elegant way to put it, but I think we all know what she meant. And she did donate to the orphanage, so what is the big deal? Mexico is close to my heart too. I agree that she probably has no idea of the REALITY of the grinding poverty that exists there, and that spending luxury time at a resort hardly counts as contributing to Mexico’s welfare as a whole, but Mexico’s corrupt government is to blame for that, not the tourists.

  61. Amy says:

    Jen need to calm down and re-evaluate her priorites.She is not in her thirties any more. Forties is the age of maturity.

  62. Aims says:

    I love her! She’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I love that they are together and Gerard is a lucky guy! Jen is sooo nice too!

  63. Cheyenne says:

    LOL @ “These people”. Attagirl, Jen. Make them think you’re doing the poor people of Mexico a favor by blowing $9,000 a night on a suite in Cabo.

    This woman is as dumb as a box of rocks. I’ve peeled potatoes that had a higher IQ than she has.

  64. Ursula says:

    I think Jen bonded with Gerard and became genuine friends if a bit flirty. No harm in that. It always puzzles me why Angie minion spew hate at Jen. Could Helperin be right in saying Angejo pays them to do so?

  65. KLaw says:

    They look totally cute and happy together. I hope they are a couple. :-)

  66. westender says:

    If Jennifer finds the right guy settles down and has a houseful of children all the best to her. She deserves it. Maybe at that point the tabloids can stop writing about her and Brad getting back together. It has been 5 years! Can we all move on?!!!!

  67. Rosalee says:

    @Amy, I just showed your post to my daughter, she spit up her pepsi on my white shirt while she’s laughing and guessing your age. I’m 49 and still no maturity..I am sure my guide for the behaviour of women in their 4th decade was lost in the mail.

  68. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “this woman often says things like she didn’t went to highschool.”

    Did YOU?

    To fat elvis…hey, just be happy that she’s no longer perpetuating her ridiculous claim not to hate Aniston. at least she’s come to terms with that.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    @ Fat Elvis: LOL! You call her a “girl”? You got that right. She talks like she’s 41 going on 14:

    “Our gang, our party, has been holding up these mirrors in support of helping to sort of disrupt their photographs.”

    Since my office is closed due to a snow day, I am going back to bed in support of helping to sort of get some more sleep.

  70. CB Rawks says:

    Mimi, you can take the time to spell out devastated and ambassador, but you write “u” instead of “you”?
    That’s weird to me, because you are obviously choosing to look ignorant for no good reason. It certainly doesn’t help your argument.

  71. daisy says:

    This gets so dumb.In my opinion Jen is pretty,has a rockin body and has a great sense of humor.So because she dosn’t have a litter of kids and a man with a disgusting beard she is pathetic?I’m not asking you,cheyenne…I already know what you think.I can bet money that she is happier then Brad and Ang.She seems happier for sure,Quit hating!

  72. iris says:

    Thank you jenn because help for mexico .. nice help smile

  73. lolo says:

    So, she’s saving “these people” by drinking margaritas and suntanning at some uber-swanky resort? Ugh, the arrogance and self-importance. I’ve always thought she was a complete dipshit, and I was right.

    All hail Aniston, the savior of Mexico!
    Party on St. Aniston. Party on!

  74. siren says:

    The truth is that this comment is offensive and unfortunate. Mexico’s economy relies much more than tourism, the money she spent on luxury hotels just paid off the hotel owner who fails to pay all taxes and should pay starvation wages to his staff (especially the maids). Only the tips go directly to the pockets of these “poor Mexicans” that Ms. Aniston believes she helps. I have nothing against Ms. Aniston, or her movies. Only that I think her comment is very unfortunate and offensive. She sounds like a rich, sheltered child, helping “these people” or the lowly peasants with her cast-offs.

  75. Guest says:

    Oh! Why Gerry Why???… She is the dead for your career

  76. I vote no on the fake boobies. Fake boobies don’t bounce ladies! That’s the whole dead giveaway about them being fake! Her’s are clearly halway up to her chin and then down to a normal low position with no beachball roundness in evidence.