Levi Johnston celebrates son’s birthday a month late for the cameras

Levi Johnston needs to maximize his media opportunities in the wake of his pitiful Playgirl spread. The 19 year-old dad invited Entertainment Tonight along as he celebrated his son Tripp’s first birthday. Tripp was born on December 27, 2008, so Levi is really pushing it by celebrating his son’s birthday over a month after it happened. Maybe Levi was busy promoting his Playgirl spread and this is his first chance to sell the rights to his son’s birthday. Tripp is of course the son of Johnston and Bristol Palin, the daughter of former VP candidate and babbling political lightning rod Sarah Palin. Levi’s once potential in laws can’t be too pleased that he’s pimping out their cute grandchild to the press, but they did the same thing and it’s not like they’re trying to shield Tripp from the press. Tripp appeared in a birthday video for ET along with his paternal grandmother, who is on house arrest for dealing prescription narcotics, and his aunt.


Levi Johnston is a first-time dad experiencing the joys of fatherhood, and he’s invited ET along to Alaska to help celebrate his baby Tripp’s first birthday!

The father of Sarah Palin’s grandson was surrounded by his side of the family, including aunt Mercede and grandma Sherry, who loved every minute of her time with her grandson. Sherry must spend almost all her hours confined to her own home — the result of her guilty plea on a drug possession charge. She is allowed just four hours a week outside her house.

“I feel very bad for that, but the only thing I can do is make up for it,” she says.
It wasn’t long until the little boy was enjoying his first birthday cake to the fullest, and having covered himself in birthday cake, that means the last part of their time together was spent cleaning him up right in the kitchen sink — and grandma is more than happy to do it.

[From ET Online]

I have to say that Tripp is so adorable! Even though the Palins and Johnstons are kind of tenuous celebrities, I still love to see their babies. It just reminds me of that time in my special guy’s life when he was little like that. It goes by so quickly. There’s a cute part of the clip in which the Johnstons are singing “Happy Birthday” to Tripp and you see him looking around all confused like he’s trying to figure out what’s going on. Is he thinking “what’s going on?” or “didn’t we do this a month ago?” That said, I wonder if the Palins will try to slap Johnston with an injunction against making media appearances with Tripp. You can see that coming around the corner.

Johnston is currently being sued for increased child support for Tripp. He has separated from Tripp’s mother, Bristol Palin, who asserts that she’s only received $4,400 from Johnston since Tripp was born. She’s asking for $1,750 a month, or 20% of Levi’s estimated $100k + earnings last year. He’s not going to be able to keep that money coming in for long, especially if he’s resorting to celebrating his son’s birthday six weeks after it happened.

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14 Responses to “Levi Johnston celebrates son’s birthday a month late for the cameras”

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  1. bella says:

    What is it with ET being the media outlet of choice of deadbeat douchebag famewhore dads? Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan, and now this ass hat. What is up with that? They should change their name to Famewhore Dads on Parade Tonight, or something like that.

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    Levi Johnston: a Michael Lohan in the making!

  3. girl says:

    In a way I am kind of glad about SP showing off her son in the media.

    I have a child with a birth anomaly and the stares and comments we get are just incredible at times. My daughter’s birth defect is on her face so it would be pretty hard to hide. So what if our children aren’t ‘perfect’? I think it is part of championing diversity that people who are different are regularly seen.

  4. snapdragon says:

    the johnstons and the palins are hideous. why won’t they go back to alaska and stay there?

  5. lucy2 says:

    Aw, he’s very cute, but I think it’s really disgusting for Levi to have all this on ET, especially since he waited to celebrate his birthday for the cameras. Why can’t he just be a good dad and support his kid without using him for more pseudo-fame?

  6. princess pea says:

    Well, haven’t the Palins been limiting his access? Levi can only be with the baby when he’s allowed to be; if they didn’t let him come around closer to the actual birthday I wouldn’t be surprised.

    As for the famewhore-fathering, I am willing to give him a little time. He’s still young and I think the whole ‘fame’ thing was a surprise to him. Also, remember that guy Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smiths babydaddy? I totally thought he was a douche-daddy, but he got out of the public eye with Danni (?) after a short burst of famewhoring. I’ll withhold judgment a little while longer, anyway.

  7. bella says:

    Actually, Princess Pea, Birkhead is still bringing Dannilynn to pretty much any event that involves children’s merchandise. It’s just that, since the brouhaha over Anna Nicole’s death has died down, the paps aren’t as interested in snapping his pix.

  8. Just a Poster says:

    Bella, sadly that is what Mary Hart has turned to.

    I am really aging myself, but I remember when ET used actually used to be a decent show.

  9. bella says:

    Me too, Poster, me too. That’s what makes it so much worse.

  10. annie says:

    @bella – absolutely true, every word of it.

  11. princess pea says:

    @ bella – If they’re not being photographed and slapped on blogs and magazines, I don’t care who goes to those things. The events happen, and the people who organize them are certainly hoping someone shows up. So who’s the real villain, then? The parent who take their child to the children’s event, or the tabs and shows that buy the pics?

  12. lucy2 says:

    I can’t imagine his visitation is that limited, that he hasn’t seen him for over a month. I would assume (or hope) there’s some sort of custody arrangement as well as child support,and for the benefit of that little boy, both parties need to abide by it.
    I suspect Levi’s been too busy trying to make himself a celebrity.

  13. blinditemreader says:

    He’s probably pimping out his kid on ET so that he can afford to pay all that money Bristol is asking for monthly.

  14. ogechi says:

    cute baby