Calvin Klein: Kate Moss was difficult, hated Mark Wahlberg


Oh, snap! You know how you never really hear anything bad about Kate Moss as a professional? Sure, you hear about her drug use, and her crackhead boyfriends (cough Doherty cough), but I’d always come away with the impression that Kate was a true professional when she was working. Not so much, apparently, at least according to Calvin Klein.

With her earnings a fifth of what they were two years ago — she had to get by on a paltry £1million last year — Kate Moss has just taken another blow to her amour-propre, courtesy of Calvin Klein.

Klein, recalling the time he cast Moss and Mark Wahlberg in a series of advertisements in the Eighties, says she was, while “a great model,” a “difficult” person to work with. “It didn’t go too well. She didn’t like him at all. He was a pleasure. I have worked with so many women, great ones, and Kate was always difficult.”

[From Telegraph]

Just looking up these old ads has gotten me hot. Damn, remember when Mark was the bomb? I mean, he’s still pretty cool (hello, The Departed!), but back in the day, he was crazy, dangerous and unbelievably sexy. I still remember being very young and looking at these ads and feeling naughty. I thought for sure that Kate and Mark were probably doing it like rabbits. Turns out, Kate was a diva! And Mark was the good one. Who knew?

Old Calvin Klein ads courtesy of Google Images.

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36 Responses to “Calvin Klein: Kate Moss was difficult, hated Mark Wahlberg”

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  1. nikki says:

    Wahlberg also disliked her because she wasn’t enough feminine for him so….

  2. bella says:

    Wow. What a surprise. A model who’s difficult. Who ever would have imagined? Colour me shocked!

  3. LolaBella says:

    Mmmmm Marky Mark.

    *Googles the infamous pics of Mark in his tight white boxer briefs*


  4. javelin says:

    she was probably hungry. Mark does seem like a bit of a tool.

  5. valerie says:

    mark’s sexxieee…

  6. scorpiogal says:

    Weren’t those ads from the 90′s? I didn’t lose a whole decade did I?

  7. e says:

    bella you took the words right out of my mouth. I thought models were pretty much required to have an attitude.

  8. wow says:

    She was coked out then too. Druggies usually don’t like those who won’t give them their fix or those who call them out on their bad habbits. What’s even more sad is, Mark has progressed in his adult life and she still seems to be battling those same issues in drug land.

    Wasn’t she just photographed coming out of some club with white powder on her crotch? Or am I mixing her up with some other starlet like Lohan?

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    So, Kate didn’t do so well last year? Is that true? Rimmel, Burberry, etc aren’t payng customers anymore? There were rumors she was back with Pete Doherty. Maybe that hurt business. Jeez, it seemed like she was in every other ad in Vogue for awhile.

  10. marky mark says:

    If I remember correctly, that was the era of the Supermodel. There wasn’t a model then who wasn’t hell to work with.

  11. Kaye says:

    Mark must be standing on a box in that second photo. Aren’t they about the same height?

  12. Chris says:

    what you can feel the sexual attraction in these photos? lol

  13. snapdragon says:

    aren’t all supermodels difficult? *yawn*

  14. kermit says:

    How’s Klein to work with? I disliked his company’s pretentious commercials.

  15. shoegirl says:

    While I don’t doubt that Kate is “HIGH” maintenance, I serious doubt that she made only one million dollars last year. She has made a ton of money in her Topshop line alone to place her in the top earners in her field. So “OH SNAP” to you, Kaiser, for a poorly researched article. LOL-I doubt Ms. Moss would even get out of bed everyday for a paltry one million a year!!!! Yeah, I don’t understand it either-but she is the most prolific model in the world-still garnering national ad campaigns way past most model’s expiration date.

  16. Cinderella says:

    Regardless of how much she made last year, too much of it is probably going up the nostrils.

  17. Samantha says:

    Man he was young…I mean, he was hot, but he looks too much like a boy to me in those pics…is that weird? I don’t know, I like my Marky Mark all grown up. *drool*

  18. Mairead says:

    Definitely 90s ads – nice research by the Torygraph newspaper :roll:

    Although the pair of them have always struck me as being unpleasant and unlikeable (having relatives in that part of Boston, I heard stories). but she’d have only been around 17/18 at that time – was Calvin Klein really expecting an overpaid and undereduated teenager to be nice?

  19. AC says:

    definitely the 90′s … i remember because i was an impressionable young lady during the height of heroine chic and Moss’s reign at Calvin Klein. I didn’t appreciate it!

  20. Andrea says:

    I hope her daughter is ok.

  21. NicoleB says:

    honestly “Marky Mark” was so obnoxious back then I remember an interview he did with MTV back in the 90′s and he couldn’t stop trying to fondle the VJ…maybe he was unprofessional because “gasp” rappers/singers/actors aren’t professional models…so maybe it was Kate who was trying to get things done while goofy ass Marky Mark was holding up the process……AND i’ve worked with Klein before and he and his team are some of the most difficult and ridiculous people to work with….He is BEYOND pretentious! So let’s not take this seriously obviously she wasn’t too bad as Kate had a working relationship in some capacity with CK for a decade…

  22. being there says:

    shame on you Calvin.
    Kate helped launch your ship in the 90s.

  23. clare says:

    @being there: exactly!

  24. juiceinla says:

    Her head is way bigger than his. weird.

  25. Tia C says:

    @ juiceinla: LOL! I hadn’t noticed that.

    I never was a fan at the time, but boy, he WAS a hottie back in the day!

  26. Ally says:

    Maybe she was difficult because she had to be topless and rub up against some dude she didn’t like. And once you’re famous on your own terms, you get to be have demands about how you’re treated and your image.

    Methinks Calvin I-sold-my-name Klein is being a diva for moaning about it after all these years.

    Off-topic, hilarious Google ad spoof with Tiger Woods doing the searches:

  27. Madelyn Rose says:

    Hmmm…I always heard it was the opposite about these 90′s CK shoots. I read that Kate didn’t like Marky Mark because he was an obnoxious a$$hole. So, something doesn’t sound right. As you pointed out, no one who has worked with Kate has ever said that she was anything short of sweet, funny and professional. I’m not saying she’s not a mess, cause obviously she is, but, everyone talked about what a douche Marky Mark was back in the day (I think he still is, but I digress).

    And Marky Mark isn’t so squeaky clean now himself. It is well-known he cheats and has cheated on his baby-mama, now wife, and that she is one of the most long-suffering women in H’wood. “It’s a good vibraaaaation…such a sweeeet sensation. Feel it, feel it.” Total cheese.

  28. Maleficent says:

    Uh, sorry but Calvin Klein was around waaaaay before Moss came around. She hardly launched his ship.

    Calvin Klein launched hers! Who had heard of her before he used her?

  29. j. ferber says:

    It is also well-known that Wahlberg blinded an Asian man in one eye, beat another Asian man with a stick until the man was unconscious and threw rocks at and injured African American children (while shouting racial epithets at them). He received 45 days in jail for blinding the man. I think it’s pretty clear he’s a racist. He did those things as a teenager, but that is no excuse. Unsavory and violent is not and has never been “hot.” Say he has a good body, but the man is a pig.

  30. Emily says:

    Yeah, I’ve always heard that Mark was a shit to work with. Never heard anything bad about Kate, except that she parties hard.

  31. Kelly says:

    Kate Moss= precious biyatch? Get right out of town!!
    Marky marky Mark or whoever never did it for me, even back in the day- I just kept thinking about that horrid boy band association. I was a GnR kind of girl. LOL… sigh. Hell, how old am I???

  32. Solveig says:

    He is really a talented actor but I don’t find him attractive.
    It’s amazing how Kate Moss resembles Vanessa Paradis in the main picture.

  33. Misty_* says:

    I’m very surprised with this kind of comment coming from Calvin, because the brand worked with Kate for many, many years in different campaigns. Calvin and Kate used to party together too. And suddenly he’s trying to “trash” her? I think he just wants attention.
    Kate didn’t like Mark at the time because he wasn’t a very likeable person. In the 90s, he used to have violent bouts of anger and problems with authority. To boot, he was a proud frat boy. Today, though, he seems to recognize that he was a very troubled person. Much like Johnny Depp, but with less talent and more defined abs (though Johnny is way prettier overall).
    You know, Kate may have all the flaws in the world – drug addiction, lousy taste in men, wild partying and obnoxious remarks – but she’s a real pro and I haven’t heard anyone say a bad word about her working ethic. Actually, the fact that she’s beloved by the “big shots” (people like Carine Roitfeld, Alexandra Shulman, Anna WIntour, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Mario Testino and Stella McCartney, for instance) of the industry was the only reason that she saved her ass in the cocaine scandal.

  34. kimberly says:

    ugh those ads ran in the 90′s not the 80′s like 1992 or something i had a pic on my binder in like 5th grade.

    back then it was also publicized that Mr Marky mark was a cocky small dicked douche bag

  35. ogechi says:

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  36. jessica says:

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