Ruby Gettinger on Regis & Kelly, she’s lost over 400 pounds in 2 years

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Ruby Gettinger is the star of the Style network’s reality show Ruby. She’s currently promoting the third season of her show, which premieres on Sunday. Ruby was on Oprah last week and appeared Regis & Kelly this morning. She talked about her weight loss and the difficulty she’s gone through trying to recall her childhood, of which she has no memories. Ruby has lost over 400 pounds in the 2 years since she’s started her weight loss journey. She topped the scales at over 700 pounds at one point, and told Regis that she was that heavy for about 2-3 years.

Here’s some of what she said on Regis & Kelly:

I’ve been fighting it forever [weight gain] so I wanted to find out the truth behind it because I knew it was bigger than just dieting. I know the tools… diet… exercise… there’s deeper roots there.

It’s a deeper thing. The next season… coming up… I found out what it’s about. What we’re trying to fill up. It’s really sad, but when you find out the core… it’s so important.

I don’t remember my childhood… I started having nightmares. I go to a clinic and he says I’m suffering from post traumatic stress where I’m having nightmares constantly… It’s been crazy.

[Transcribed from Regis & Kelly, aired 2-10-10]

Ruby told Regis that memories of her childhood are coming in her dreams and “that’s the nightmare.” She was smiling and calm when she said all this, and you could tell that she’s done a lot of work with therapists. She also explained that she’s working through the 12 steps of addiction and that she understood more about why she would compulsively overeat. “You have this addiction because you’re feeding something else. What are you really hungry for?

They showed a clip of Ruby trying on a pair of jeans for the first time in her life. It was funny because she was joking about how much of a pain it was to get them on, but there was also something triumphant about it. I really like Ruby and enjoy seeing her interviewed. There’s something so upfront and open about her and you can’t help but root for her success. Season three of Ruby premieres on The Style Network this Sunday at 8:00.

Here’s a clip from last season of Ruby talking about emotional eating as she deals with her dog’s illness:

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  1. dude says:

    I love Ruby! She is very positive in her battle with weight. She is very pretty too. Love the red hair.

  2. Dorothy says:

    That is super great! I have never watched the show but maybe I will look it up!

  3. lucy2 says:

    I like her in interviews and certainly wish her luck, but I found her kind of obnoxious on the show. She has a very immature way of talking and an overly whiny voice – but only on the show, not interviews? I only watched one season, and the whole mystery past thing was sort of dragged out. I can’t believe nothing’s been resolved yet, but I think it’s just the show’s producers trying to stretch out the show.
    But that’s awesome she’s lost so much weight, she’s fortunate the show came along because she got a lot of professional and medical care through it, but it still takes a lot of work and determination to do it, even with help.

  4. Lem says:

    atta girl! keep it up!!!

  5. Lem says:

    that poor woman’s childhood must have been horrid! Even in the south, where yes they are secretive, they are also SOOO GOSSIPY. I can’t believe all sorts of folk aren’t coming out of the woodwork to help her fill in the blanks.
    I can’t imagine forgetting my entire life. I mean, I have a crap memory & have issues remembering yesterday, FB has reminded me I’ve lost alot of brain cells since HS but, thankfully I have wonderful memories of childhood. To have none at all….. that is so SAD

  6. Tia C says:

    Wow, Ruby is very RED in that top photo! Never watched the show, but people seem proud of her here in Savannah. A friend of mine ran into her on the street once and he said she couldn’t have been nicer, gave him a big hug and was generally very friendly. Hope her quest for health continues to go well!

  7. Big Mama says:

    I met her last year, then ran in to her again when she was doing the 5K Race for the Cure last year here in Savannah. She is very warm and sweet. I am very proud of her and wish the best for her.

    @Tia C- She does look really red. But she is still a beautiful woman.

  8. JulieNewmar says:

    RUBY !!!!!

  9. snapdragon says:

    400 lbs?! that is freakin’ impressive. good for her.

  10. Tia C says:

    I didn’t say she wasn’t beautiful, Big Mama! Just in that pic she looks awfully… RED, LOL! I didn’t know you met her, or maybe I forgot… 😉

  11. ogechi says:

    I really like her. It’s well with her.

  12. Schwety says:

    wow! 400 lbs, that’s one Backstreet Boy and two Jonas brothers. Go Ruby go

  13. jess says:

    @schwety -hahahahaha that made me laugh!

    ive never seen her show, but im so happy for her that shes getting healthy. she seems sweet.

    does anyone else find it ironic that shes a redhead and her name is ruby? maybe her parents picked it after she was born lol.

  14. Shannon says:

    For her to have absolutely no memories of her childhood means that she repressed a hell of a lot of ongoing trauma and abuse in order to cope. It’s so brave of her to work on finding out what happened to her – I don’t think I could do that. I’d be much too scared.

  15. Cinderella says:

    I haven’t watched her show in awhile, but she seems so huggable and sweet.

  16. gg says:

    Good luck Ruby! 🙂

  17. MeowMix says:

    I think she’s lovely. So pretty, so brave. Love the voice…of course, I’m from the south, so…I would!!

  18. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Ruby is far more attractive than Kate cokehead Moss and Heidi plastic surgery Montag- and she must have gone through some really harsh shiite, poor lady, but to come through it with a warm smile is pretty amazing. I wish her all the best on her journey!

  19. ViktoryGin says:

    Wow. It’s most likely that the repression of her memories from her childhood manifested in the food addiction and the massive weight gain. What the hell happened?

  20. I now officially hate my country for not having this on TV.

  21. sfbaylady says:

    Ruby’s weight and emotional pain is likely from the same place mine is…sexual abuse by a family member that is so repressed you can’t remember anything- as if you didn’t start to live until you got away from it – but it colors everything you are and do.

  22. jb says:

    I have seen Ruby on Oprah and other talk shows and admired her for tackling her weight issue. However, I caught her show last week for the first time and was very disappointed in how obnoxious she was at the birthday dinner for her friend. Of course, I don’t know any of the characters involved, so there may be more to it, but she seemed so possessive of the guy, I felt for his new girlfriend, who looked very awkward in the situation. Also, I didn’t care for her trying to control her nephew’s food selections. I would have been a nervous wreck and embarrassed for all if I had been at that table.

    I was so turned off by the way she acted, I’m not sure if I’ll tune into future episodes.

  23. ThinIsHealthy says:

    Not sure if I really believe in repressed memories.

    I feel the comments by Kelaa Khaa about thin people are mean.

    I love Ruby @ any size. She seems like a good person.

  24. Natasha says:

    I love ruby she is an inspiration!
    She motivated me to become healthier and I can’t thank her enough(:

  25. Renee( says:

    Its so painfully obvious that she was molested as a child. She knows it but rightfully doesn’t want to reveal it on television. Eventhough she is on tv, she has a right to keep that private. All those child like mannerisms and that baby voice, and forgetting your childhood kind of says a lot. Also I think her dad molested her.

  26. Patty G says:


    I have been watching you since the show started. I have lost a total of 46 lbs and plan to lose another 34 to reach my goal. I was 220lbs and am now 174. Been carrying that weight for 20 yrs. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and needed some inspiration to lose the 80 lbs to reach my healthy goal weight. I was so inspried by your journey and it motivated me to get ME back. I can move faster and fit into more stylish clothes and more importantly….the weight loss gives me confidence inside and I shed the negative voice in my head that told me that I don’t matter. I matter to myself now and that’s my new strength as I try to tackle the balance. It took me a year & a half to lose half but I am determined to finish and start a new life withy my soul intact. Thanks for your everything that you’ve given to so many people. I am so very proud of you for facing the pain.

  27. Karrie says:

    Love Ruby. However…

    I couldn’t agree more with those who find her childlike mannerisms and baby voice very revealing.

    I’d like to see her interviewed/helped on Dr Phil – seriously.

    Really wish her all the best

  28. Jnelson says:

    Doesn’t she have a sister. Wouldn’t her sister know what happened? And yes, acting childish and using a childlike voice often is a result of molestation, and frequently those molested try to hide themselves behind weight

  29. Angela says:

    I loved the show. I don’t think Ruby is hiding anything. I think she has repressed her pain, and she is having a very difficult time remembering her past as a result. I think she is very brave. Dealing with a difficult past is extremely hard work. I applaud her for her courage, and I can’t wait until the show is back!!