Is Ashlee Simpson’s old nose growing back?


As many eagle-eyed readers noted in yesterday’s Kourtney Kardashian post (about In Touch’s cover story regarding Scott Disick “betraying” Kourtney), In Touch Weekly is running a small story about Ashlee Simpson’s nose. To be more specific, it’s about her nose “growing back”. Now, Ashlee had a very noticeable nose job back in 2006. She denied it for a little while, then finally admitted it. Personally, I think this was one of those occasions where one surgery made a drastic, positive improvement on someone’s looks, and I was only offended when Ashlee seemed to think she could deny it or not simply be honest.

Anyway, In Touch asks if her old nose is growing back. The whole story is based on some recent photos of Ashlee over the past month, and ITW got a “doctor” to weigh in. Jezebel had the basics:

Ashlee Simpson’s “old nose is back”. Doesn’t the 2010 picture look like someone tampered with it? Dr. Steven J. Pearlman was asked to weigh in on the difference between her nose now and her nose in 2006, and he — quite astutely — points out: “The photo of her now is from a straight-on angle, while the one of her in 2006 is a side profile. No nose will look the same from different angles.” O RLY?

[From In Touch Weekly via Jezebel]

Honestly, though, from certain angles it does look like Ashlee’s old nose is growing back. It’s not as big as it used to be, but it definitely looks bigger than it did immediately post-surgery.

Here’s Ashlee’s nose in chronological order:

In 2005, pre-surgery:


In 2006, immediately post-surgery:


And in 2010, as it “grows back”:


Ashlee Simpson on January 27, 2010, credit: A. Miller/WENN. Also, Ashlee on November 30, 2009, February 11, 2005 and September 25, 2006. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Peach says:

    I wish she would have kept her big nose. But then again, I like interesting faces. Pretty faces are nice. They’re everywhere in Hollywood. But after her surgery she came out with some music video where she was boxing. And for a good couple of weeks, I really thought she was Jessica Simpson. I had no idea it was Ashlee.

    So I think it takes away from that whole ‘unique artist’ thing–if that is, indeed, her plan. Which is certainly subject to debate.

    But whoah. If her old nose is growing back I would die. Die, die, die laughing. It’s just too fantastic and one of those instances where I wonder if it is, at all, medically possible (I have heard the nose never stops growing).

    Any doctors in the house?

  2. tey says:

    damn — when you look at the shot of her in blonde hair, her nose is sooo straight and looks like a post-surgery nose (yick). and in the more recent shots, her nose seems fatter and less perfect and yes, like it’s growing some.

    wonder if she’ll return to her plastic surgeon to get some more work done.
    they say cosmetic surgery is addictive.

  3. Lway says:

    She looked like Pinocchio and then she looked like Michael Jackson and now she is a combination of the two.

  4. KIKI says:

    Is it possible to get a nose job too young before you have “grown” into your face? I think she is a cute girl anyway, but not much talent.

  5. Len says:

    It is growing back! Can these things happen?

  6. Jag says:

    Her nose just looks a bit swollen to me, like she got hit, or has a sinus infection. It still looks good.

    As someone who had a nose job at age 31, for me it wasn’t addicting. Remembering the pain of recovery keeps me very happy with what I had, and leaning towards never having another procedure done, ever. I had once thought I’d get my breasts done if they deflated after having children, but hearing that it hurts badly, no thank you. lol Lasers and non-surgical all the way.

    @Len – yes, it can happen. As Peach first mentioned, the nose (and ears) never stop growing, so maybe as KIKI mentioned, she got it done before her nose was completely grown.

  7. Bellatrix says:

    It’s a well known fact that ears and noses keep growing through one’s adult life.

    Which leads to this lovely question to wonder and ponder over: how would Ashlee Simpson’s nose have looked like now if she hadn’t had any surgery? Because obviously, it’s having a growth spurt again.

    EDIT: obviously, it’s not truly “growing”. There are different hypotheses regarding why the shape of ears and noses changes and takes more space through life. Such as loss of elasticity of the cartilage and skin, etc.

  8. guesty says:

    wow. who knew that could actually happen!

  9. Jane Q. Doe says:

    In her autobiography, Kathy Griffin said the same thing happened to her.
    I guess the nose wants what it wants…

  10. bella says:

    Thank God it grew back, because in that post surgery picture, she’s looking a little to later-in-life Michael Jackson for her own good. And if that’s immediately after surgery, it looked even worse when the swelling went down. She needs to leave her face alone. Heidi’s had enough procedures for the total of young Hollywood; everyone else needs to just let their natural beauty shine.

  11. Len says:

    Let’s hope Heidi grows her old chin back.

  12. Just a Poster says:

    Forget about Heidi’s chin.. lets aim for a human look in her eyes.

  13. princess pea says:

    I think it comes down to the fact that she had good work done. A good nose job doesn’t give you an Official Barbie nose, but a modified, “better” version of the unique nose you already have. That her nose still has a distinct Ashlee shape just says to me that it was a well-done surgery.

  14. Me says:

    Noses do continue growing, and scar tissue can also form post-surgery, changing the shape of the nose. I think she looks good, though.

  15. Emma says:

    I would kill for her skin. It’s perfect.

  16. Snarf says:

    Noses and ears continue to grow until you die. That’s why really old men always look like the wrinkled offspring of Pinnoccio and Dumbo.

  17. Tess says:

    Funny….She’s looking a bit like Patty the Millonaire Matchmaker. Could pass for her younger sister….

  18. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think her nose, while it does look a little bigger, is just fine.

    what I DON’T like is the black hair.

    to the young “starlets” of today: ladies, this hair color looks good on VERY FEW people. mostly, it will age you or make you look sickly. if you want to go dark, go with a dark brown with red or lighter brown highlights.

    but black? just say no.

  19. RhymesWithSilver says:

    She also had a baby between then and now- lots of womens’ noses change from pregnancy hormones, and sometimes they don’t go back exactly the same way. She looks more natural with a softer edge to her nose.

  20. angela white says:

    i had surgery on my nose when i was 18 – removed the hump and corrected a deviated septum…the deviated septum came back..just as bad as nose is crooked again..but the hump is not there.

  21. El Predicto says:

    Now, if only she could grow some talent!

  22. Sumodo1 says:

    Asslee, don’t go to the idiot who did Kim Kardashian’s nose, which leans to one side.

  23. Obvious says:

    I liked her old nose. It was interesting and quirky, made her kind of adorable.

  24. Huma says:

    Maybe it’s a mekeup thing? I have a small nose but I just feel it’s a little too smushed looking at teh tip, so I use makeup. I use a darker bronzer or powder to make lines down the side of my nose, blend, and put a shimmery, gold bronzer or powder ina straight line down the front and center of my nose and blend it, and it looks slimmer.

    Maybe Ashley just stopped using makeup on her nose and that’s why it looks bigger?

    Okay, I admit it, I’m totally reaching. TOTALLY. Egregiously. But only because I’m super disturbed by a nose “growing back.” It reminds me of Gogol’s story about teh nose that runs off the guy’s face, gets a nice coat, and becomes a government worker.

  25. Brooklyn says:

    well your nose and ears keep growing until you die and your eyes stay the same – some saying like that. honestly i think she just grew into the nose. the cartilage (which is pretty soft bone) just shifted, healed, and is now growing once more like it’s supposed to. i actually like the nose a lot better now, it looks much more natural – you could have placed a leveler on the “fresh-outta-surgery” one.

    but posts like these make me nervous, i am really anti-modifying your body and stars gets a lot of pressure to go under the knife. the point is, Ashley is a gorgeous girl who never needs a nose job ever again.

  26. lucy2 says:

    I didn’t know that about noses and ears, freaky!
    It definitely looks a little different, but for the better, I think. That post-surgery pic her nose looks way too small.
    If her old nose really bothered her, I can’t blame her for wanting to fix it. Something minor like that is alright, but going crazy like Heidi is a sign of more serious problems.
    She has pretty eyes, but I agree, not much talent.

  27. L says:

    This reminded me that just a couple of weeks ago I was looking at some pictures of Ashlee Simpson that were reported as having been taken that week, however I couldn’t believe how much she looked like her old self. I was convinced that these were old photos re-surfacing. Now it makes sense….. something about her face is returning to her old look. I actually like it much better than her old new look.

  28. Maritza says:

    As you get older, the nose and ears grow. So she has a long way to go still, she’ll probably get another nose job.

  29. Larissa says:

    they indeed grow , but only the cartilage , which is not suppose to grow that fast, especially for someone her age …maybe the fact that she had it done speeded up the process

    it´s looking good tho, it suits her perfectly!

  30. Hm says:

    I always thought her nose job was a great move, but the “before” pic here looks adorable to me. I think because she had a little tiny bit of baby fat to soften her features.

  31. yadira says:

    That’s what happens when you tell a lie, dear young pinocchio.

    I agree, her nose sticks out more with the black hair and bangs, she needs to stick to softer colors. Still pretty though

  32. GatsbyGal says:

    Right after the surgery, the tip was angled waaay up there, but this nose here seems like it’s sloping down again. How odd! But I do like it. Her post-surgery nose was a trainwreck and looked awful on her face.

  33. snapdragon says:

    i liked her old nose, it gave her face some character.

  34. Tru says:

    I’d be grouchy if my old nose grew back.
    especially if I had a complex about it..

    Its baccckkkk, I would be angry.

    which one of her parents does she get the nose from?? I wonder..that mother?
    or Joe-ski??

    always liked her better than Jessica though.

  35. archiepelago says:

    In picture #3, I thought it was Alyson Hannigan. Is this really gossip worthy though? Are we really talking about noses growing back? That’s funny!

  36. Ana says:

    Bellatrix-where have you been? Great post!

    Maybe it’s her hair. It looks the same in the first and third picture. I”m glad you posted this because I was def. curious. This sucks though, because I want a nose job someday!

  37. NicoleAM says:

    I didn’t know that noses and ears continue to grow. Whoa, way to make me paranoid! My ears aren’t super tiny and they stick out. Maybe I’ll have to save my pennies and pull a Heidi and have ‘em pinned back.

  38. GatsbyGal says:

    @NicoleAM – Yeah, that’s why you see some old men and women with those huge elephant ears and bulbous noses. Kinda creepy, huh?

  39. Deanne says:

    I think it is God’s way of saying, “Leave well enough alone. That nose was just like I wanted it.”

  40. Anonymous says:

    Are you jokers kidding me? That’s like saying my boobs grew from size A to size D in a few months. Look at how enlarged it is now, is she going to claim she had no work done(again?). I mean seriously look at it! OMG. She had surgery, and she’s going to fool you all – YET AGAIN.

    Yes, noses grow all your life, but not that much. Have you ever noticed your nose change that way so fast? Yeah.. I doubt anyone else has.

    *facepalm @ society*

  41. gossiper says:

    Nobody has pointed out yet that pregnancy can drastically change the shape of a woman’s nose. That is one possibility for this situation.

  42. fiona says:

    your cartilage grows which makes the nose tip downwards, that makes it appear bigger in old age,this is unlikly to happen in people who have had a nose job,that is a medical fact.her nose looks a bit swollen,may be shes had an accident. people are nasty, why dont they look at their selfs. your nose does not grow after a certain age.

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