Celebrity Photoshop: Time Travel

Worth 1000 has a lot of great Photoshop contests, and I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for not checking them out sooner. Their celebrity image contests are particularly interesting, although recent categories “Celebrities as cyborgs” and “Removing the airbrushing from celebrities” have some rather disturbing entries.

My favorite recent celebrity Photoshop-off is the tame, crowd-pleasing “Celebrity Time Travel“:

The rules of the game are thus: Place a celebrity in any time period and setting foreign to their own. It is preferable for them to adapt the dress, styles of the time period. As always, quality is a must. We will remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You will have 48 hours for this contest, so make your submission count.

Here are some of the best pictures. Kudos to these talented Photoshop artists.
Header image is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes By LesKellert.

Drew Barrymore By LucidPixels

The Future? (Nicole Kidman) By APRILMAE

Mandy Moore Classic By Puckenstein

Mel Gibson By xWaRgAsMx

Brad and Ange By Deborahb

Scarlett Johansson By chamara

Jack Black??? By JoelleM

Scarlett Johansen [sic] By MadWasabi

Johnny Cairo (Depp) By DoctorTweek

40’s Xtina By ziazan

Charlize (Theron) By whitebread1440

Colonial Vince Vaughn By Orinoco

KatieHolmes Garbo By MA1947

Jessica Alba By h2oscienceguy081

Kirsten’s (Dunst) Overseas Ventures By shaihalud

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Photoshop: Time Travel”

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  1. millie says:

    this is brilliant! thanks for finding it. I love Nicole as Barbarella.. we all know where she should aim that gun!

  2. celebitchy says:

    Thanks! Kidman as Barbarella is funny because it’s like she’s too goody-goody. That’s probably why I believed that report that she wants to hire Bette Midler to sing at her wedding.

  3. millie says:

    I think that Nicole wants to be BAAAD but her Catholic girl upbrining won’t let her. She seems to be pretty repressed but surely has a secret fantasy life of her own.

  4. celebitchy says:

    She just seems so sweet to me, like a mom type. Now you have me thinking about her “fantasy life” – thanks! She is a good actress and can play the naughty or crazy type, but it doesn’t seem like her nature now.