Fergie, Gisele & Olivia Wilde are most requested bodies, say plastic surgeons


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really care if someone gets a little plastic surgery here or there. Sometimes the gene pool comes up with some weird combinations, and I get that everyday people and celebrities might need or want the occasional nip or tuck. The thing that bothers me about celebrities (and real people) is when they lie about it, especially when they’ve come back from a three month “vacation” with an entirely new face.

But I digress. I’ve always thought about getting my nose done – my nose isn’t hideous or anything, and I know it has “character” (and a bump that annoys me), but I’ve always wondered if I should just go in for, at the very least, a consult. If I had to choose a celebrity nose that I would just love to have, it would probably be Isabella Rossellini’s or Catherine Zeta-Jones’s (although it’s rumored Catherine does not have her original nose – or her original birth date – either). You know who wouldn’t be on my list for anything? Fergie. It’s not that Fergie is unappealing – I’ve actually been finding her really cute lately – but I never look at her and think “I want what she has.” Apparently, I’m alone though. Fergie has one of the most requested bodies, claims the latest annual list compiled by plastic surgeons. What the hell?

Jennifer Aniston may have a figure that most would consider close to perfect, but apparently it wasn’t enough to help her keep her title as Hollywood’s most desired body. While the “Bounty Hunter” star topped the list of the annual “Famed Hottest Looks,” compiled by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Richard W. Fleming, M.D. and Toby G. Mayer, M.D., it seems Aniston failed to crack the top three this year.

So whose body does the majority of surgery seekers want more?

Black Eyed Peas songstress Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson apparently has the most wanted figure, followed by Gisele Bundchen and Olivia Wilde.

“Fergie’s body is proportional – that’s really the key,” Dr. Fleming told Tarts. “ Women like Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria have topped the “best body” list in the past. They’re not as curvy as Fergie is, but they’re all proportional.”

Meanwhile, Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt’s and partner Angelina Jolie topped the list for the most-requested lips.

“The two of them are the whole package – they’re considered to be gorgeous, very talented entertainers and they do a tremendous amount of good will, all of which makes them appealing,” Fleming said. “But the only way you can get Jolie’s lips is through the gene pool. If somebody comes in with small lips requesting perfect Angelina lips, we can’t duplicate that; they would end up looking like Melanie Griffith.”

Angie’s full-bodied lips were followed by Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl. Pitt, meanwhile, was followed by David Duchovny and Will Smith.

And when it comes to hot Hollywood hair “Glee” starlet Lea Michele, Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys topped the list.

But despite the ever-changing celebrity landscape and the constant shift in trends, Fleming said that in his thirty-plus years of making these seemingly unattainable standards a reality for his patients, nothing really changes.

“It amazes me that people’s concepts of beauty hasn’t changed that much over the years; what people are requesting in terms of beauty has been pretty consistent with us. Our patients want to look natural and proportional,” Fleming added. “It surprises me that despite the exaggerated appearances like Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson, what people really desire is to look natural and not overdone. “

[From Fox News]

I could see wanting Gisele’s body. But Olivia Wilde? Seriously? Genetically, I think God made her a beanpole, which is fine, but I really think Olivia has some kind of eating disorder. She did that mostly-naked photo shoot in GQ last year, and she looked very underweight. I guess I just don’t get these women going into plastic surgeons’ offices with photos of Fergie or Olivia when women could be holding up photos of Halle Berry or Blake Lively – because, seriously, those women have the perfect bodies, in my opinion.

Fergie at the NRJ Music Awards 2010 at Palais des Festivals on January 23, 2010 in Cannes, France, credit: AHN/Fame Pictures.


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26 Responses to “Fergie, Gisele & Olivia Wilde are most requested bodies, say plastic surgeons”

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  1. bite me says:

    what about jennifer aniston

  2. mila says:

    I always thought that Fergie looks like a much uglier Ava Gardner. Olivia has a stunning face but her body is nothing special. I also have a bump on my nose and even considered plastic surgery in the past but was always scared that the final result will only make things worse.

  3. KIKI says:

    Some people are sooo obsessed with JA!

  4. Eileen Yover says:

    I always thought Fergie’s body was amazing. When the BEP was just coming out and I saw the Hey Mama video, I immediately joined a gym! And Gisele…I think that chick made a deal with the devil or something. She is just unnaturally perfect to me! Not rail thin-she has the perfect muscular tone. I don’t even know who this Olivia chick is but she looks pretty.

  5. hatsumomo says:

    I cant stand Wilde. I saw her on an episode of House and she struck me as a ‘Megan Fox’ type. Plastic surgery to an inch of her life, unnaturally emaciated and claiming genes, and that whole ‘if I open my eyes really wide and pretend to be too cool for everyone else its acting’.

    I dont get the appeal of Fergie either, but I guess its attainable since her looks are from P.S too.
    As for me, no thank you. I love my great big nose and chubby cheeks and doughnut love handles! I’ll just take the money and spend it on something that will truly make me happy, like a month long vacation at Padre Island.

  6. Heather says:

    I can see it. Fergie’s body is insane. She’s super fit and still has T&A. She’s smokin!

  7. Super Mustache says:

    I don’t get why anyone would aspire to look like anyone else. It just seems stupid and a waste of time. Be happy with who you are. These celebs have these perfect bodies and stuff, but do they seem happy to anyone, really? I can’t imagine wanting to be anything like any of them, they don’t have anything that seems all that great to me.

  8. RobN says:

    Only God can make you look like Olivia Wilde. The thin frame and facial bone structure aren’t something you’re going to buy at your local chopshop. I don’t think she’s got an eating disorder; you can look at her films for years now and she’s always been that thin. That, and she has great healthy hair and that’s the first thing to go with eating disorders.

  9. stinabelle says:

    I don’t like Gisele’s face AT ALL.

  10. Jen says:

    I had nasal surgery and I have to say that no one should EVER put themselves through that if it’s elective.

    I have a few bumps on my nose (it’s like a magnet for disasters – no balls flying at it, keep your jokes to yourself pls!) and as I was going under the knife to get the insides fixed I thought about the outside. I changed my mind, however.

    1) it would cost more (I live in Canada, so the necessary surgery was free, thank goodness)
    2) it would be a much more invasive and time-consuming surgery (added 1 hour + to the 20 mins for my septum)
    3) I have a friend who got her nose fixed for purely cosmetic reasons and ten years later she still has dead spots / tingles in her nose. That would be maddening and SO not worth it. The surgery I had got rid of pain that I’d been suffering through for a decade, so it was worth the grossness and temporary pain.

    Personally, I don’t think plastic surgery is worth it, especially not when it involves your face, but to each their own!

  11. Erin says:

    Jen, ITA. I could never be unhappy enough with my physical self (which is so meaningless anyways!) to ravage it with unnecessary surgery!

  12. van says:

    Too bad Fergie’s husband is after other ppl’s bodies…

  13. fergie’s problem is her head, all of our heads are round, hers come down to her forehead like a ski slope, ruining her beauty, and her forehead with this problem of the shape of the head, is strange., yeah an ugly ava gardner, her husband is way to good looking for her anyway, but her voice is nice.

  14. andrea says:

    dear plastic surgeon,

    i would like to look like me, only with a flatter tumtum, more toned ass, slightly longer legs, slightly smaller boobs and no dark circles under my eyes.

    actually, never mind mr. surgeon, i think i can accomplish most of my list with yoga and some concealer. much cheaper also. yay!

  15. Goosie says:

    Totally agree with the comments that Fergie has a great body! Toned & shapely & lovely.

    Gisele is *beautiful*, but she is a freak of nature. I wouldn’t even call her body perfect or ideal because it’s just so not the norm, and is not attainable for 99% of women because she’s built like some sort of giraffe/human hybrid. Not normal, but lovely nonetheless.

  16. Ruffian9 says:

    For reals?????

  17. nnn says:

    I like Gisèle Body in terms of proportions (especially her legs) cause I root for the body who i can identify myself with. I like long slender leanly muscular legs and long neck.

    She is in my top 3 of the best pair of legs i ever seen, next to my sister’s and former champion Marie José Perec whose legs when seen in real are just hypnotizing…the length, the very feminine muscular mass, the perfect curvaceous shape,…it’s just a peice of art and you can’t stop looking at them even for the woman i am.

    Those who have those type of bodies are lucky, usually have small pregnancies, get back easily to their former shape, less celulitis and add pounds in the later years of their life. We are lucky in that department.

    However the error we often make is to eat everything, junk food often, chocolate, pizza, ect because of a good metabolism and then we end up with a super slender perfect body but yet our blood has high level of cholesterol and at some point we are on a diet for an health problem.

    In Hollywood I think one of the most underrated beautiful body belongs to STACEY DASH. It has everything i like in a woman body : great proportions (long legs/short trunk), shapely silouhette (hour glass, super tiny waist and not to wide hips), perfect curves with a rounder behind.

    I think her body is insane from every angle as usually when you look at the back of so called beautiful body, it isn’t as beautiful as seen in the front.

    I like a woman body who is long, tone (not overtone) in every angle and leanly curvaceous with a perfect muscles definition of the legs and behind.

    In Europe i will go for Kylie Minogue for the petite frame and Monica Bellucci for the tall women. I think both have extremely feminine gracefull bodies and are curvaceouly lean with the same proportional ratio (long legs/short trunk) according their height. And they are curvy from every angle once again.

  18. Super Mustache says:

    Nah, what Fergie’s real problem is that super low hairline. She looks like the Geico caveman’s daughter (or mother, if we’re gonna be honest here). She ain’t called Fuggie Fug because she’s gorgeous!

  19. Toe says:

    Can u have a boyfriend/husband that is too good looking for you? Is that possible?
    Anyways, Fergie body is BANGING.
    Like NNN said: Gisele legs is out of this world.

  20. linda says:

    we should definetly be happy with what we’ve got. and they look like that because they are rich. they can make a dark spot lighter, they can make any part of their body look different. they have trainers, personal chefs……..YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF,LIFE IS TO SHORT TO WANT TO BE SOMEONE ELSE.

  21. BryanG says:

    Really? Fergie isn’t even 5′-2″ and they request her body? At least request a tall woman’s body. And Giselle has a mannish face. Body shivers when I look at that face. Olivia is hot but has a high forehead. Almost on the level of Christian Ricci. Rockin’ bods on all three girls here though.

  22. Crush says:

    I wanna be Johnny Depp

  23. Super Mustache says:


    Why would a short woman want a tall woman’s body? Proportions are a big part of things, and if you’re 5’2 you just don’t have the same proportions that a 6ft model does, because you can’t stretch yourself! Since the average height for women is 5’4 it makes sense to me to aspire to look like someone who would be closer to your height and proportions. Yet I still cannot imagine wanting to emulate ANYTHING that Cro-Magnon Fergie’s got! She is so freaking ugly, and that body is not saving her. Too bad for her.

  24. Ana says:

    Okay so I just watched the Hey Mama music video and Fergie’s looks have changed a LOT since then. She was actually pretty in that music video! So either she continues with the PS or it’s proof that you shouldn’t jack with your face that young.

    I want my nose done, I don’t like how wide it is. I will probably at least get a consultation, but I’m pretty scared I will make things worse as well. Same thing for the boob job I want.

    I can’t to believe that Stacey Dash is 44 years old! She looks like she is 20! Not that 44 is old, she just looks really, really young!

  25. Vajayjay says:

    Awww.. I wonder why nobody requests the plastic surgeons for Fergies face/looks?

  26. laal says:

    fergie has a hot bod that is attainable, but Giseles is 100% more better and enviable. I guess hers is so unattainable for us normal people, that is why she is not #1. Fergie looks more “normal”. Gisele still has the best body I could only dream to have. I mean come on she is a freak of nature. and her face is gorgeous to boot. she is a freak of nature. Olivia have no idea how she made this list! she is pretty, but dang hwayyyy to thin. she looks like a bobble head.