Charlie Sheen is not going into rehab, “no one” is telling him to go

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This morning, I read this piece at Radar which was all about how people close to Charlie Sheen were trying to convince him to give rehab another shot (for like the tenth time). Radar’s sources said stuff like “Many people believe Charlie is simply in denial about his own problems” and “People close to him have urged him to enter rehab and get help again. But it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.” It sounded somewhat reasonable, I suppose, but I still didn’t think it was any kind of big story. I mean, yeah, Charlie should try rehab again. And the sky is blue and fried chicken is delicious. It’s a given.

Now, however, Charlie’s rep has responded to Radar’s report, and the denial is… strange. Charlie rep told Us Weekly: “”He is not going to rehab. Who told him to go to rehab? Correct answer: no one.” Um… that’s not really a ringing endorsement of your client and the people he has around him, you know? “No one” is telling Charlie he should get some help. Feel better?

A rep for Charlie Sheen is slamming a new claim that the actor is being urged by loved ones to go to rehab for alcohol abuse.

“He is not going to rehab,” the rep tells, adding, “Who told him to go to rehab? Correct answer: no one.”

Wednesday’s headline follows Tuesday’s rehab reports regarding Sheen’s wife, Brooke Mueller.

Anonymous sources have claimed to other media outlets that Mueller, 32, checked into a drug rehab last week for alleged alcohol and crack-cocaine abuse. Reps for Mueller could not be reached for comment by

Sheen, 44, was formally charged Feb. 8 for assaulting his wife in a Dec. 25 incident. (He allegedly put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her while the two were vacationing in Aspen, Colorado.) The actor was charged with felony menacing, third-degree assault and criminal mischief, and could face up to three years if convicted.

Yet at the same hearing, a judge modified a protective order that forbade the couple from communicating. Sheen and Mueller had both requested to be allowed contact in order to fix their marriage. The couple, who wed in 2006, welcomed twin sons Bob and Max in March 2009.

[From Us Weekly]

Obviously, Brooke Mueller is just as (if not more) screwed up as Charlie, seeing as how she’s not only drinking heavily, but also (allegedly) smoking crack on a semi-regular basis. Is Charlie hitting the pipe too? He’s had coke problems in the past, but I’m kind of thinking alcohol is his major drug of choice. I’m not saying that’s better or worse than crack, just that Charlie seems to be handling himself a lot better in the wake of his Christmas arrest. And I do hope he goes back to rehab. Maybe this time it will stick. Maybe.

Rihanna Attends Los Angeles Clippers Game

Actor Charlie Sheen arrested for domestic violence in Aspen, Colorado

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18 Responses to “Charlie Sheen is not going into rehab, “no one” is telling him to go”

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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    Charlie Sheen and David Letterman are the only things keeping CBS afloat. Yeah, they’re bad boys. Is either of them going to go someplace for counseling? Hell, no. And they know that nobody wants to upset these two cash cows.

  2. clare says:

    I can’t believe he’s still making his tv show with no fallout on the ratings.

  3. lin234 says:

    I still can’t believe he’s the highest paid actor on tv for a half hour show. This season House has continually blown my mine with his acting and the creativity on the show. Sheen’s show plays on the same two jokes every episode: he likes sex and his brother is mooching off him. Nepotism perhaps?

  4. lmae says:

    why do we forgive this repeated domestic abuser but vilify others? he is trash.

  5. oxa says:

    It would not surprise me if Brooke was intentionally enticed by booze and drugs, knowing she would go off the rails and look like a whackjob in the case in Aspen. Then Charlie is off the hook and dont have to go to jail.

  6. Tia C says:

    I am a Charlie fan, I love Two and a Half Men, but I am surprised that he never seems to have much fallout for his reprehensible behavior. I don’t think rehab would quite do it, either, he needs more than that. Total behavioral modification. Yeah, that’s not going to happen, I realize.

  7. LolaBella says:

    No one has the balls to stand up to Charlie. People seem to be afraid of him and his threats and connections.

    He makes too much money via his show and no one wants to put that in jeopardy. CBS is surely not going to tell him he has a problem and suggest rehab; they wouldn’t want to put their show on hiatus for him to ‘get the help he needs’.

    Charlie Sheen appears to be coated with Teflon; until he seriously injures or kills someone.

  8. Obvious says:

    @Sumodo are you joking? NCIS is one of the #1 rated dramas, it’s keeping CBS afloat just fine. And I do believe that Big Bang Theory and The good Wife are all hits for the network, unlike NBC….

    and as far as he goes i’m pretty sure people have just given up on him. he has his demons but is handling himself pretty well (not condoning Christmas)

  9. Ruffian9 says:

    Ok, I will. Go to rehab, asshole.

  10. canadianchick says:

    @Ruffian 9 lol thank you!

    IMO when you look into his eyes he just seems to be full of evil, so hateful and empty. I abhor how Hollywood gives guys like him, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski a pass for abusive behaviour. Sometimes it shouldn’t be about money.

  11. San says:

    Sheen is disgusting. He has abused women multiple times and still get away with it. When he kill a women his supporters are still going to make excuses for him.
    Sheen needs to be fired. I don’t think he will listen to no one in rehab. He is repulsive. All he care about is not going to jail never mind he held a knife to his wife’s neck and threaten to kill her. May be he will next time. I will never watch that show. If Brooke is in rehab then Sheen should still be put in jail for his crimes.

  12. Sami says:

    I for one WILL NOT watch Two and a Half Men (although I never found it funny to watch, really). I never considered buying OJ Simpson’s book If I Did it, as I would never even consider buying something that would benefit a (alright, alleged- in my mind, guilty) killer. Nor will I watch a show that benefits a wife beater. Charlie Sheen, I’ll pass, and newsflash- there are way funnier and better looking actors than you.

  13. Legend says:

    I couldn’t agree more San. Rehab would be useless and he won’t do it unless it spares him prison time. This guy is complete, utter scum. He’s had nothing but the best in life all his life and he’s still a complete bag of shit and always will be.

    The crack cocaine abuse does explain why this wifey latched on to him though.

  14. Sarah says:

    Charlie said once he took anything whatever was around except for heroin, so Coke, alcohol, pills, etc. and he thought he wasn’t an addict because no needles sticks in his arm. He might not really have changed that POV since then.

    From IMDB-Charlie Sheen bio:
    ~ “I’d begun drinking all the time. We shot in New York City, so I’d be out to the bars every night till 3 or 4 a.m., then try to show up for a 6 o’clock call to stand toe to toe with Michael Douglas and handle 50% of a scene. How could that work? Yet there I was, the guy that struck gold, looking around at dawn to find that the only one still partying was me. I’d be drinking away, doing blow [cocaine], popping pills, and telling myself I wasn’t an addict, because there wasn’t a needle stuck in my arm. Talk about mixing up fantasy and reality! My true addiction was alcohol. The extra toxic boosters just helped me shore up the wall between my celebrity self and my real self. The questions I was running from were: ‘Is this success all a fluke? Had I been fooling everybody so far? Will I get caught?’ It was easy to get hammered and messed up. But in doing so, I buried my self-respect, I buried my self-esteem, I buried my creative drive, and I damned near buried myself.” – On filming Wall Street (1987) and his life at the time.

  15. isabelle says:

    Boring dork.

  16. gg says:

    He’s a loose cannon. His interviews are so full of denial and defensive. Scary.

  17. abby says:

    I know this response is a week or so late (had computer problems, catching up with old articles), but it was announced today that Charlie entered rehab, so apparently someone mentioned it to him.

  18. I wish Mr. Sheen would have chosen us as his rehab center.