Who wore it best: John Mayer in the Borat Tankini (NSFW)

John Mayer rocked the neon green one-piece over the shoulder boulder holder made famous by Borat about two years ago. He was having some fun and jogging around the deck on a three day Carnival Caribbean cruise called the Mayercraft last weekend, in which guests were treated to concerts by Mayer and 15 other artists, including Martin Sexton and DJ Logic. Tickets were reasonably priced considering the venue and started at $674 for an inside cabin.

Thanks to D-Listed for the heads up on these pictures, which were found on ONTD. (One image is from the Mayercraft photo contest site.) The blogger and cruise guest who originally posted the photos has removed them from her site due to the influx of traffic. I initially thought it was some Mayer conspiracy to control the Internets, considering how he so quickly removed his blog when it received too much attention.

Here’s the video, thanks To US Weekly and Rolling Stone. More details about the cruise can be found on Rolling Stone’s website.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

You go, John Mayer, and please restart your blog and suck it up when you get some criticism. All you have to do is write something the next day, and people will move on.

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