Tiger Woods’s press conference: Elin’s not there, he says all the right things

Well I’ll be damned. Tiger said all the right things in his little “no questions” press conference this morning, and he really sounded like he meant it. Tiger’s mom was in the front row just ahead of him but Elin wasn’t there at all.

The guy seemed contrite, sincere and like he understood the gravity of what he’s done. He was surely coached by the best, but he pulled it off and impressed me. He also admitted that he had multiple affairs, and said that when he was cheating he believed that the average rules didn’t apply to him because he was self-centered and entitled. Looking at the structure of his speech, it was very clearly set up to balance his serious admissions with PR-friendly topics like his charity, his time in rehab, and commitment to Buddhism. Tiger got all serious and honestly a little scary when he started talking about the paparazzi going after his family and the fact that there were false rumors about him. He kind of ruined the good will he had going when he started in with that, but then he talked about his faith in Buddhism and kind of smoothed it all out. Again, it was very professional and these admissions could help him partially recover from his PR crisis. Here’s a transcript I typed in. I know it’s long but I wanted to get it all down. (Some things might be misspelled, but I tried to be accurate!)

Good morning. And thank you for joining me. Many of you in this room are my friends. Many of you in the room know me. Many of you have cheered for me, or you worked with me, or you supported me. Now, every one of you has good reason to be critical of me. I want to say to each of you, simply and directly. I am deeply sorry (braces self) for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in. I know people want to find out how I could be so selfish and so foolish. People want to know how I could have done these things (looks directly at camera) to my wife Elin and to my chlidren. And while I have always tried to be a private person, there are some things I want to say. Elin and I have started the process of discussing the damage caused by my behavior. As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words. It will come from my behavior over time. We have a lot to discuss. And however, what we say to each other will remain between the two of us.

On letting people down, mentions his charity
I am also aware of the pain my behavior has caused to those of you in this room. I have let you down. I have let down my fans. For many of you, especially my friends, my behavior has been a personal disappointment. To those of you, who work for me, I have let you down personally and professionally. My behavior has caused considerable worry to my business partners, to everyone involved in my foundation including my staff, board of directors, sponsors, and most importantly the young students we reach. Our work is more important than ever. 13 years ago, my dad and I envisioned helping young people achieve their dreams through education. This work remains unchanged and will continue to grow. From the learning center students in southern California to the Earl Woods scholars in Washington, DC, millions of kids have changed their lives and I am dedicated to making sure that continues.

Says Elin didn’t attack him
But still, I know I have bitterly disappointed all of you. I have made you question who I am and how I have done the things I did. I am embarassed that I have put you in this position. For all that I have done, I am so sorry. (gulps a little.) I have a lot to atone for, but there’s one issue I really want to discuss. Some people have speculated that Elin had somehow hurt or attacked me on Thanksgiving night. It angers me that people would fabricate a story like that. Elin never hit me that night or any other night. There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage. Ever. Elin has shown enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. Elin deserves praise, not blame.

Admits to multiple affairs and that he was wrong
The issue involved here was my repeated irresponsible behavior. I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was unacceptable and I am the only person to blame. I stopped living by the core values that I was taught to believe in. I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules didn’t apply. I never thought about who I was hurting. Instead, I thought only about myself. I ran straight through the values that a married couple should live by. I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to. I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didn’t to go far to find them.

On how he tried to skirt the rules
I was wrong. I was foolish. I don’t get to play by different rules. The same boundaries that apply to everyone, apply to me. I brought this shame on myself. I hurt my wife, my kids, my mother, my wife’s family, my friends, my foundation and kids all around the world who admired me. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’ve done. My failures have made me look at myself in a way I never had to before. It’s now up to me to make amends and that starts by never repeating the mistakes I’ve made. It’s up to me to start living a life of integrity. I once heard, and I believe it’s true, “It’s not what you achieve in life that matters, it’s what you overcome.”

Apologizes for not living up to role model status
Achievements on the golf course are only part of setting an example. Character and decency are what really count. Parents used to point to me as a role model for their kids. I owe all those parents a special apology. I want to say to them that I am truly sorry. It’s hard to admit that I need help (looks to the side) but I do.

Says he was in rehab
For 45 days from the end of December to early February I was in in patient therapy receiving guidance for the issues that I’m facing. I have a long way to go. But I’ve taken my first steps in the right direction.

Says he won’t answer questions about his infidelity, gets serious
As I proceed, I understand people have questions. I understand the press wants to ask me for the details of the times I was unfaithful. I understand people want to know whether Elin and I will remain together. Please know that as far as I’m concerned, everyone of these questions and answers (looks serious and a little menacing) is a matter between Elin and me. These are issues between a husband and a wife. (clenches jaw.)

Denies rumors and tells paparazzi to back off his family
Some people have made up things that never happened. They said I used performance enhancing drugs. This is completely and utterly false. Some have written things about my family. Despite the damage I have done, I still believe it is right to shield my family from the public spotlight. They did not do these things (puts hand on heart) I did. I have always tried to maintain a private space for my wife and children. They have been kept separate from my sponsors, my commercial endorsements. When my children were born, we only released phtoographs so that the paparazzi could not chase them. However, my behavior doesn’t make it right for the media to follow my two and a half year-old daughter to school and report the school’s location. They staked out my wife and they persued my mom. Whatever my wrongdoings, for the sake of my family, please leave my wife and kids alone.

I recognize I have brought this on myself, and I know, above all I am the one who needs to change. I owe it to my family to become a better person. I owe it to those closest to me to become a better man. That’s where my focus will be. I have a lot of work to do and I intend to dedicate myself to doing it.

Name drops Buddhism and Buddhist principles
Part of following this path, for me, is Buddhism, which my mother taught me at a young age. People probably don’t realize it, but I was raised a Buddhist and I actively practiced my faith from childhood until I drifted away from it in recent years. Buddhism teaches that a craving for things outside ourselves causes an unhappy and pointless search for security. It teaches me to stop following every impulse and to learn restraint. Obviously, I lost track of what I was taught.

Says he’s going back to rehab
As I move forward, I will continue to receive help, because I’ve learned that’s how people really do change. Starting tomorrow, I will leave for more treatment and more therapy. I would like to thank my friends at Accenture and the players in the field this week for understanding why I’m making these remarks today. In therapy, I’ve learned the importance of looking at my spiritual life and keeping it in balance with my professional life. I need to regain my balance and be centered so I can save the things that are most important to me. My marriage, and my children. That also means relying on others for help. I’ve learned to seek support from my peers in therapy and I hope someday to return that support to others who are seeking help.

Says he’s not sure when he will be golfing again
I do plan to return to golf one day. I just don’t know when that day will be. I don’t rule out that it will be this year. When I do return, I need to make my behavior more respectful of the game. In recent weeks, I have received many thousands of e-mails, letters and phone calls from people expressing good wishes. To everyone who has reached out to me and my family, thank you. Your encouragement means the world to Elin and me. I want to thank the PGA tour, commissioner Fincham, and the players for their patience and understanding while I work on my private life. I look forward to seeing my fellow players on the course.

Asks for help – he was laying it on too thick here
Finally, there are many people in this room and there are many people at home who believed in me. Today, I want to ask for your help. I ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again. Thank you. (Sniffs audibly, yeah right!)

[Transcribed from Tiger’s press conference, February 19, 2010]

Ok, so Tiger said all the right things. The big loud sniff at the end wasn’t necessary, but it went along with the kind of shmaltzy way he ended, by asking for help. He then went and hugged his mom, who kissed him and looked like she was crying. He hugged and shook hands with a couple of people in the front row and then left. Tiger didn’t cry at all and I think he could have achieved his objective a little better with some tears. I know that sounds cynical but it’s true.

There’s still a lot of ego in the guy, but I think he meant most of what he said. I wouldn’t buy any of that if I was his wife, but I’m not her and she’s dealing with it in her way.

There’s some buzz in the golf world that Tiger’s announcement was timed in a way that serves as a snub to Accenture, the first major sponsor to dump him once the scandal broke. Accenture is holding a tournament today, the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona, and Tiger could have easily scheduled this for next week when it wouldn’t have coincided with that. I heard a pundit on the Golf channel say ahead of the conference that “I couldn’t imagine how this wouldn’t be perceived… as thumbing your nose at Accenture.” That’s why Tiger mentioned Accenture and his fellow players, and given the content of his speech they’re likely to overlook the timing. Golf needs Tiger and is likely to welcome him back when he makes that choice.

I watched Golf Central afterwards and they were very moved and impressed by Tiger’s speach. They called it “sincere and honest,” “as honest as anybody could ever imagine,” and “genuine and authentic,” “a full admission and submission.” The pundits were even kind of emotional afterwards and one guy was tearing up! The celebrity world, well we have a longer memory and we love to talk smack. As Kaiser told me today, Tiger will still be on the celebrity sh*t list for some time to come. That’s just how we do it.

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  1. QB says:

    If I remenber correctly , there are no second chances or forgiveness in Buddhism?

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    ..and for those of us who wanted to see him squeeze out a tear, there was a convenient camera malfuntion to keep us from seeing his face. (*Golf clap*) Well played, Tiger Woods.

  3. Carena says:

    He just goes on and on…

  4. wow says:

    It’s good for him to apologize to his family (for also embarrasing them)and the sponsors (who survive off of his “clean” image), but really the only apology that matters in the end is from his wife. Don’t talk about it, BE about it.

    At any rate, they should all be able to move along now. Nothing much else going on there. Good luck.

  5. Ling says:

    No… you just get reincarnated into a lower form of existence. Like a cockroach. He’s gonna be a cockroach next time around.

  6. Really? says:

    He is sorry he got caught. He is most sorry that the fallacy of his carefully constructed image was revealed. Money talks, and it can make those who earn it obscene amounts jump through hoops. He is jumping through the hoops to reconstruct the TW’s brand. Eldrick, you put a ball in a hole with a stick for a living, nothing more. Perspective can have a sobering effect.

  7. good for you says:

    Tiger Woods did a great job. He said sorry to his entire family and that was amazing.
    My buddy who kinda knows the Mel Gibson situation
    told us that Mel Gibson and his sister attacked and hurt someone in the family for speaking up and this girl was preggers.
    Pretty much told her to shut up and take it. Don’t know if she lost the baby or not. Will try to find out.
    Tiger Woods was good.
    Not so much the Mel Gibson situation maybe he should FINALLY do a Tiger statement.

  8. J-Lin says:

    I thought his apology was appropriate. I was respect he took the blame and asked folks to leave his family alone. He’s human. Human makes mistakes. Tiger was not the first and will not be the last to cheat on his wife.

  9. The Old KC says:

    Buddhism is ALL about second chances and forgiveness. Buddhism teaches peace, walking the seven-fold path to enlightenment, and using meditation as a tool to seek inner security rather than seeking it externally (through other people, material goods, etc.) If you stray from the path, what I understand from everything I’ve studied is, you pull yourself up and get back on it through mindfulness and regular meditation.

  10. EMV says:

    As a golf fan myself he really let the sport down, but like other atheletes and famous people, who have had affairs or done unfortunate things he’ll still be great at what he does and will hopefully press on and be a great golfer. I hope he finds whatever he is looking for.

  11. Bonfire Beach says:

    As a cynic I still don’t like him. I hope that he means what he says and doesn’t eff up again, but as far as me caring about him as a person and golfer – big MEH.

  12. the other mel says:

    Anybody can say ‘I’m sorry’, but in the end, actions speak louder than words. Time will tell if he really will change and become the man he says he wants to be. I hope so.

  13. Giraffe99 says:

    He shouldn’t have had to do this. He did not owe an apology to anyone outside his wife and family.

    I don’t remember where he had to sign an oath of fidelty to his wife to be able to play golf. He only let himself and his family down. Otherwise it was no-one’s business what he did.

  14. meme says:

    Wow. I didn’t know Tiger was such a good actor.

  15. justme says:

    YOU SUCK TIGER! He is not sorry for what he did at all. He only feels sorry that he got caught. NEXT TIME HE WILL BE MORE CAREFUL, that’s it.

  16. the other mel says:

    I agree with Giraffe99. Why did he even have to read a statement to begin with? It has nothing to do with anyone except the parties directly involved.

    Having said that, I rather think this is likely an attempt to get back into the good graces of the public, his sponsors, and the media, and to pave the way for his return to golf. It has a sense of calculation (as evidenced by the controlled environment of the conference) and manipulation. Not that he may not be genuinely sorry, but again, those apologies can be made privately.

  17. guesty says:

    cannot wait for snl!

  18. Mary Stevens says:

    Weren’t the other women in the front row whom he hugged at the end his mother-in-law and sister-in-law Josefin? If not, who were they??

  19. simplicity says:

    PGA wants him back, he’s gold for the organization. The heckler’s will be vocal in the gallery if and when he returns to golf.

    Adultery, the gift that keeps on giving.

  20. d says:

    yep, talk is cheap. actions speak.

  21. Cheyenne says:

    Totally agree with giraffe99. Tiger doesn’t owe anybody an apology but his wife. Everybody else needs to back off, cut the sanctimonious bullcrap and mind their own business.

  22. andrea says:

    yes, people make mistakes. i make them. but nowhere near on that level. like chris brown, john edwards, and all the rest – he’s sorry alright, sorry he got caught. very simple – if the tabs hadn’t blown him up, today he’d be ringing up his madame to put together a harem of girls for him to have at this accenture tournament instead of this press conference. this was not just an affair – his treatment of women is disgusting and some b.s. corporate-y supserscripted “apology” for the sake of his career is not going to make me shed a tear for this misogynist pig.

  23. Stephie says:

    I’m with meme and Really? — He’s just sorry he got caught. What a great actor. Pft.

  24. princess pea says:

    @ Giraffe99 – He didn’t HAVE to. He WANTED to, because he wants his fans back. He would have been accepted back into the golf world without any public statement, because there is no contract saying he has to be faithful to his wife in order to play, you’re right. So why did he?
    a) to win back fan support. Reread the last paragraph if you’re uncertain about this. Maybe fans should ONLY care about his game. Maybe parents should never have used him as a role model. But they did, and do, care. If Tiger didn’t think that was important, he didn’t HAVE to speak out.
    b) to win back sponsors. Despite being a gazillionaire, Tiger wants his endorsements. That’s why he apologized to his investors and business associates. He thinks they care, and he thinks this will help.
    c) to get the media off his back. We’ll see if that works. Like he said, an apology in words is nice but it’s the actions going forward that will define how people really feel about him.

    I don’t really get why I read so many comments that he shouldn’t HAVE to apologize. Unless it’s part of his therapy, doctor’s orders, this was a choice. Even if it was therapy, it was still a choice. (He could always choose not to pursue treatment, right?)

  25. Giraffe99 says:

    Yes, it could all be one big act and he is not sorry at all, but then how much do you know the guy to make that judgement?

  26. Giraffe99 says:

    Hi Princess Pea, whilst I agree with most of what you are saying about his possible motives, what I don’t get is the expectation of his apology from the media, essentially to the media.

    What a man chooses to do in his private life should remain private, no matter that he is a well know figure (unless it is criminal).

    I find it a bit hypocritical that a morally bankrupt media, can somehow make demand for a public apology like this.

  27. lucy2 says:

    @princess pea, I agree. This was his decision to make a statement, for whatever his reasons were. He didn’t HAVE to do anything.

    I also feel like he’s mostly sorry he got caught. Had he not, I doubt he would have realized his errors on his own and stopped fooling around. But I hope he was sincere in what he said, and that he’s a changed man from all this, but that will, and should, all be gone through privately with his wife.

    If I were Elin, I could eventually forgive and at least have an amicable relationship for the kids, but I could not have a marriage with that guy.

  28. Slymm27 says:

    Whatever! Thats between Tiger and Elin. All men in the world cheat on their girlfriends nd wives, get over it!

  29. RobN says:

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in the reactions on the Golf Channel. GC needs Tiger as a star like a drug addict needs crack. No Tiger, no ratings, no Golf Channel.

  30. Sincerity says:

    May GOD continue to bless Tiger Woods and his family.

    Sure, he could have chosen to say nothing directly to the public but doing so was a very shrewd thing to do. Some of the outlandish gossip and opinions of “so called” experts were really becoming “somewhat parasitic”. Tiger publicly set the record straight about his main priorities which should help curtail some of this crap.

    Discussing private scandals in the public arena is very difficult and he did so with “class” and I, for one, really can respect that. Whether his marriage succeeds OR fails, only time will tell but as far as I’m concerned, TIGER WOODS PICKED HIMSELF UP, ADDRESSED HIS DETRACTORS AND PLAYED THE GAME LIKE A “REAL WINNER”. What you do when your “back is to the wall and the chips are down” helps refine “the content of your character” and Tiger Woods has acknowledged his faults and is striving to become a better person who won’t be easily ruled by his “personal demons”. TIGER WOODS IS THE MAN!!! I can’t wait for his return to professional golf! YOU GO, TIGER!!!

  31. gorud says:

    I’m sorry to tell yall, men like Tiger Woods never changes. I have a strong feeling that ELIN, knew bout the cheating, I think the nail in the coffin was when the cheating became public.
    Come on now, its not like tiger tried to hide that he was a cheater. he was banging only hoes, sorry hoes not female, hoes. if u know a man is married and u still banging him u r a hoe.

  32. Really? says:

    ^ ‘Sincerity’ is Eldrick Woods’ mother. LMAO.

  33. gorud says:

    hes not sorry, please, hes sorry he got caught, hes sorry he had to lose some money over this.
    come on now, we all know Elin tap that ass that night, u dont need to lie tiger. she beat ur ass, with ur own golf club.
    And I wasnt shocked that Elin chose to stay in the marriage. oh please. tiger woods prenup is as thick as a book.
    elin knew if she lef she wouldnt get shit, but child support. if u live in a 35 million dollar house, u gonna leave to go stay in 2 million dollar house..please..
    this is bout money..and I aint mad at u elin..spend his money while yall still married.

  34. Judy says:

    I think he did the best he could under the circumstances and appeared sincere. Nothing he could say would please or placate everyone. Only time will tell if he’s truly contrite, but I respect what he said.

  35. emma says:

    will tiger change? i doubt it. what’s that saying, a tiger never changes its stripe, i think that applies here.

  36. ThunderC*nt says:

    No… you just get reincarnated into a lower form of existence. Like a cockroach. He’s gonna be a cockroach next time around.

    and Santa Claus is watching you sleep.

  37. elina says:

    Ok, so am I the only one that doesn’t think that he has had it THAT bad with the paps? But anyway…he brought this upon himself so he needs to get over it…people are interested in his manwhoring self.

  38. Gwen says:

    sounds to me like blah,blah,blah.

  39. westender says:

    Why did he wait so long to have this press conference? David Letterman admited he had a affair and it blew over fairly quickly. I really don’t see the point in Tiger having to explain to anyone except his wife why he cheated(okay maybe the sponsers as well!) but I have to ask again :Why did he wait so long to speak?

  40. yae says:

    Seemed a deeply humble apology.

  41. bella says:

    Some points I’ve noticed:

    1) Interesting that another cheating spouse (ahem, Jon Gosselin, ahem) lost his “core values” and didn’t realise it until AFTER he’d embarrassed his whole family;
    2) Amazing that Tiger’s cheating is only between himself and his wife (then why flaunt it to anyone who has more than 5 operative brain cells and still expect privacy in the matter, particularly when holding a press conference);
    3) An apology is in order (though really only to Elin, as she is the most wounded party in all of this), and will (hopefully) repair some of the damage done by Tiger’s nasty behaviour (don’t hold your breath, Tiger);
    4) Lastly, why, oh why, does one only realise how much one’s family means to him AFTER he’s humiliated his wife with a countless number of affairs?

    On another note, the paparazzi and the press do not deserve an apology: they were not wronged. Elin and the children, definitely; Tiger’s fans, probably; his endorsement sponsors, iffy – they only care about the almighty buck.

  42. The Bobster says:

    People, the jerk was reading a speech off a piece of paper, most likely written by his PR agent. The whole apology was a sham and it was full of lies. He’s been a known asshole for years, but the media was willing to cover for him. He treats his underlings like crap and never tips.

  43. oneBornEveryMinute says:

    Gotta make sure the cash cow gets back to producing milk as soon as possible.

  44. question4u says:

    Here is a question, if he claims that his wife did not attack him that night, what exactly does he claim DID happen that night as he crashed into the neighbors yard?…

  45. georgia says:

    Dont by any of it!!
    His wife is stunning and he’s out fucking rotten trash.

    I dont think so.

    Take him for all he’s got.
    I hope he’s got herpies from those whores..AIDS would be better tho!!

    Poor kids, your daddys a bad man.

  46. AngelHeart says:

    What I don’t understand is: why should someone be forced on national television (the occasion “coerced” him to hold this press conference. He didn’t decide to put his face out there because it would be great fun) to discuss something that is strictly personal?

    Tiger cheated. Many times and with different women. He’s not perfect and he contradicted his image of clean cut family man. So what? Millions of people in the world cheat and contradict themselves, but they don’t lose their jobs and contracts because of that. And they don’t have to apologize to complete strangers (“the public”) on TV. This is so demeaning. Elin should be the only one to care about Tiger’s sex compulsion. She’s his wife, after all, not the whole world.

    If I was a huge golf fan, I wouldn’t stop respecting Tiger’s talent because of his personal life. In the end of the day, none of us know him or the real state of his marriage anyway.

  47. Shannon says:

    I’m going to be honest. As a black person, I’m happy this whole tragic affair (pun intended) happened to Tiger. The reason I am happy is I think this dude thought he could escape the stereotypes and pitfalls other high profile, black celebrities have to deal with by calling himself something other than black. I still remember way back in the day when he coined the phrase “cablasian” (or however he said it) and I remember rolling my eyes. Even then I remember thinking his “cablasian” ass would learn what it was like to be “BLACK”, which is what this fool is going through now. I was also highly offended he put caucasian a head of black, especially since his father is black.

    Guaranteed, the media would not be loving his downfall so much if he were white or “cablasian”!

    Truth is Tiger will never recover from this. I hope he’s happy and “cablasian” from here on out. I never liked him to begin with and couldn’t care less if he’s the best golfer in the world. He always seemed like a delusional egomaniac to me.

    The sad thing is he’ll probably start pandering to the black community to reclaim some of his loss fame. Ugh…I can just see all the BET commercials…. I’m already sickened.

  48. niamh (neev) says:

    I love how all these non-golf fans are so involved with their opinions of Tiger. Nice work opportunists.

    Also admire how those say “he’s only sorry he got caught” probably never read or watched his full admission, merely blindly judged from the safety of their desks.

    While I don’t buy any “sex addiction” diagnosis, he didn’t hide behind one, the media diagnosed him. I do believe cheaters can change. All people can change, they just need support and encouragement.

    And to the idiots who lumped him in the same category as Chris Brown- you now live in a glass house. Stop scrutinizing others if you’re such a saint.

  49. kelly says:

    i dont think he is sorry. he is only sorry that he was caught.

  50. nana says:

    there is Tiger the man and Tiger the golf superstar. As a man, he asked forgiveness and Elin is willing to give him second chance. Those personal things are between him and his wife and should not be our business. All I want is to see Tiger the Golf Superstar to return to the course and see him play again.

  51. Slymm27 says:

    Enough of all this. Who cares why he apologised, nd how sincere it is anyway? Whose business? He cheated b4, he will only be more carefull this time. He is a man, thats the way they are all wired.

  52. MsTriste says:

    Obviously this was written by a spin doctor, not by him. Therefore there is no sincerity.

    Like cut and paste, just reading a script written by somebody else.

  53. Bete says:

    This is all about him retaining the sponsors he has and to gain a few more sponsors after losing Accenture as a sponsor. The person he needs to make an apology to is his family, not the public.

    The way this was timed -to conflict with an Accenture sponsored event – only confirms Tiger’s narcissism and nasty streak.
    It’s pointless to say, ‘if I were his wife I’d do this,’ because it’s clear that Elin is not anything better, compromising for money. Good luck to the both of them, they’re going to need it.
    The idea that he had unprotected sex with a porn star is disgusting enough, and no, porn stars aren’t ‘cleaner’ like they make out they are, with the recent HIV in the adult community.

  54. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Cheyenne: Don’t sugar coat it, tell me what you REALLY think!! LOL!

    Seriously, though, I agree with you. Nobody deserves an apology but his wife and kids.

    I read somewhere this week (and call me foolish to believe it but,) Gloria Allred feels Tiger owes all the ‘girls’ an apology. UGH! The porn star with the wig says she thought that Tiger should have mentioned her BY NAME in an apology. The absolute GONADS! I really hope this will never happen. What would that do to the credibility and sincerity of the apology made to Elin? All the people out there who put in their 2 cents worth (me included, I guess) should mind our own matters and allow these people to heal in their own way and time. And Cheyenne, I believe the use of the words ‘sanctimonious bullcrap’ were never better used in a statement!

    As my Mom always said,”Handsome IS as handsome DOES.” PEACE to the Woods.

  55. bella says:

    And good for Elin for not being present for his apology. I get so sick of these wives who’ve been cheated on standing by “their man” while he makes a public apology for his behaviour. Were it me, I’d be like “Dude, you made your own mess without me, you can clean it up without me.”

  56. Dhavy says:

    I’m really sick of all these famous people coming on tv and making apologies to everyone. I really don’t care if he screwed around and is now a walking disease because of it. the only one that should care is his wife and that’s who he should apologize to not the public.

    People should stop making all these celebrities role models because I think a role model should be a parent or someone close to a person not someone famous!

    The only reason Tiger did this is because he made his entire career based on a lie and now he looks like a fool therefore, he needs to step up and ‘make an apology’ because otherwise he will lose his endorsements (money). That said, I don’t know anyone who will stop buying Nike or Gillette because he cheated since people don’t really care if he does or doesn’t cheat as long as it’s not their owns spouse.
    Standing there looking like a douchbag is just feeding his ego on how important he really thinks he is.

    Seriously, I’m with #17, I can’t wait for SNL either

  57. lola lola says:

    The pundit I saw after Tiger’s speech ripped him to shreds–which I think was unnecessary. I think he was sincere and of course he was coached. He’s trying to get this disaster under control. The only think I thought was weird was the denial of domestic violence. The windows were smashed out on his car and she was standing there with a golf club—don’t get me wrong. I think she is obviously a strong woman to be even considering keeping it together now and I am NOT advocating domestic violence. But if she were able to hear about his affairs and NOT slug him, she should be nominated for sainthood.

  58. Kim says:

    Shannon I watched the Oprah interview and Tiger said when he was a little boy he came up w/that term.I predict he will be bigger and better w/ in a year . He will be more focused since he won’t be juggling multiple affairs

  59. Cheyenne says:

    Dhavy: The only reason Tiger did this is because he made his entire career based on a lie

    Are you on crack?! Tiger made his entire career being the best golfer in the world. His career was made long before he got married. What he did to his wife is reprehensible but it shouldn’t affect his career one way or the other. It’s nobody’s business but his wife’s, and it definitely is none of yours.

    OT: I remember years ago when Vanessa Williams lost her Miss America crown over some nude photos published in Penthouse and everybody said she would never recover from that. She seems to have recovered very nicely.

  60. Rosalee says:

    I was home on Friday, sick as a dog – I comfy on the sofa with a box of kleenex a hotwater bottle and a huge dose of cold and flu meds..just as I was hoping to watch a guilty pleasure they broke into regular scheduled programning to bring in Wood’s press conference – I flipped channels and each network had on the same crap..HE’S A GOLFER FOR GOD’S SAKE A FREAKING GOLFER..NOT A HEAD OF FLIPPING STATE. WHY IS THIS A FOCUS OF ATTENTION? HE’S A CHEATING LYING SCUMBAG OF A HUSBAND – HAVE THE NETWORKS GONE INSANE? Okay now that I got that off of my chest..

  61. helene says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Don’t care. Don’t think that he is a “sex asdict” either. He is a world famous athlete, with a billion dollars and access to thousands of willing women. I think that most men, given a similar situation, would do exactly what he did.

  62. Alex says:

    What a puss, I dont think he would change. i dont he need to hold a conference about is personal life. Its his personal life and he can do whatever.

  63. Doe says:

    Are. You. Kidding?!? He was a freaking emotionless robot up there!

  64. Leek says:

    That was lame. The only person he needs forgiveness from is his wife and children. He’s a phony and hot mess. He’ll be banging hookers and porn stars again soon enough. I really hope his wife leaves him. He’s sick.

  65. yae says:

    Rosalee summed it up nicely.

  66. snapdragon says:

    meh – i’m not impressed. he seems sorry that he got caught, not that he banged every skank in america while married. and why get married if you have no intention of being faithful? if they had an open marriage, that would be different, but obviously he was cheating and lying to her all this time. what a man-whore.

  67. starduster says:

    Reckless and careless ……. that’s understated. How about shameful and disgusting ! I heard no remorse from the guy. Not sorry for what he did, sorry he got caught. The press hounding his wife ? They were more sympathetic than anything else. His anger at the press was because it played him up to be the filthy pig the guy really is. Have respect for his wife ! Where was his respect when he was bangin all those ho’s.
    It’s a public relation statement that’s paper thin with sentiment. G’bye you miserable creep !

  68. Dhavy says:

    No Cheyenne I am not on crack the comment was based on the image of someone who he’s not and everyone bought it including myself. If he would’ve acted like his true self- a male slut then no one here would be surprised

  69. Guest says:

    “It’s nobody’s business but his wife’s, and it definitely is none of yours.” Tiger made it everybodies business when he offered this apology. If that is what you call a statement written by someone else. See the problem is that Tiger had clauses in his contracts regarding his personal life, the millions he made have not only come from golf (in fact most was not from golf) but from huge endorsements – these were built around his personal life and what a good and outstanding person he was. His whole life was a big FRAUD – he pretended he was something he was not in the public eye. He played out this FRAUD life for everyone to see and gave press conferences about it. So he really did make it everyone’s business.

    If he had never gotten multi-million dollar contracts based on his “perfect, honest” life then it would not be anyone’s business. However he did and that makes him a public person – people critize Miley Cyrus who is like 16 and just doing teenage things like she is some kind of criminal – then a man who played the pulic and received millions doing it – everyone is told it is none of their business – I don’t think so.

    and yes he does owe everyone an apology – he purposely lived an immoral life while acting “perfect” and being an inspiration to young men and women around the world. Especially the black community. I agree with the above poster about his attitude towards black people. He is in no way a role model and to pretend to be one – was wrong on his part. Fess up and admit you can’t stop yourself – leave your wife and kids – who cares – but don’t pretend you are “perfect”. That really makes me sick.

  70. AngelHeart says:


    Ouch! Did Tiger cheat on you too? 🙂

    Tiger never really claimed to be “honest and perfect”. It’s not his fault if crazy people projected onto him the image of someone he never was.

    His endorsements came from his successful golf career, his charisma and his huge popularity, not from his personal life. Is being a good husband a requisite to sell razors (Gillette), footwear (Nike), credit cards (American Express), watchs (Tag Heuer) and sports drink (Gatorade) now? Am I missing something?

    Or all those brands put a clause in the contract saying: “thou shalt not commit adultery”? Because “immoral” people who cheat, do drugs, spread vicious gossip and walk over others to get ahead do not get contracts in show business?
    *rolling eyes*

    Tiger is just a dude who plays golf. He has no obligation to moralize anyone or to tell people what they should do with their lives. He has to please no one but himself (and his family). Enough with this “role model” bullshit.

    BTW, what happened to the times when “young men and women” found inspiration in History books, instead of TMZ, Fashion TV or ESPN?

    To finish, I think you should go out more and get a life of your own, instead of showing such lunatic entitlement/hatred about the life of a guy you’ve never met.

  71. Lardy Chops says:

    Here in the UK his speech was just seen as cynical, wooden and controlling. Nobody was tearing up, I can assure you.

  72. Ellen says:

    I respectfully submit that this guy showed very little remorse. He sounded robotic, ingenuine, utterly unconvincing. And cliche’.

  73. Kim says:

    We Tiger and Elin played Tennis and flew back to Orlanda together according to US Weekly

  74. Guest says:

    I have to reply : I just can’t help myself. Did Tiger cheat me? Yes he did. See cheating isn’t just the physical act of sex. People cheat at school, cheat others out of money etc. Tiger cheated. Tiger pretended to be someone he was not to make money. And yes Tiger put himself out there as a role model. He didn’t have to but he did. He pretended to be moral. Why even pretend – why didn’t he just say who he really was? Thousands of kids looked up to him and respected him. And these kids are not crazy.

    Tiger did not get all his endorsements due to his golf career. If that was the case the companys would not be backing out now. If Tiger had openly made known that he had sex with multiple women montly, cheated on his wife, used steriods, etc. none of these companys would have endorsed him. He knew that. That is why he played the game. That is why he is playing the game now. He needs these companys back on side with him. If he didn’t want to be respected and a role model he never would have gone on TV to apoloize.

    Tiger lied his last interview “family comes first” – why even pretend? His family never came first. Now he is even trying to use his charitable acts to make himself look good. And yes Tiger did pretend to be “honest” and “perfect”. Why didn’t he just admit who he was. Because he knew he would lose endorsements – just like he is.

    Tiger is a cheat who uses the media to project a image he wants – he is at it again. And it seems like some individuals on this board are falling for it again. pretty sad.

  75. ogechi says:

    It shall be well with Tiger Woods and his family. may God continue to strengthen him. He is a hero!!!

  76. celandine says:

    A “mistake” is drunkenly kissing a girl on a night out with the guys. Tiger consciously and soberly went out night after night with the sole purpose of cheating on his wife – whether you’re a high-profile celebrity or an ordinary Joe, if you behave like that you will be judged harshly.

    That press conference was all about appeasing the sponsors and the golf fans. If he had any regrets at all about his behaviour or the effect it had on his family, he would have stopped and sought help before he got into double digits.

  77. waldemar says:

    Why are people bringing God into this. He is a Boeddist, he doesn’t even believe in the man! And since when is God protecting adulterers???

    I always say about sportmen: the smaller the ball, the bigger the jerk.