Is Gwyneth Paltrow “piling on the pounds” because of marriage problems?

Note: these are older photos of Gwyneth and are not the same photos used in the story we’re reporting on

This news is probably too good to be true. Considering that it’s The Daily Mail, and they illustrated this piece with a photo of Gwyneth when she was pregnant, it probably isn’t true. But we should enjoy it. According to the Mail’s gossip girl Katie Nicholl, Gwyneth Paltrow is so distraught over her marriage problems with husband Chris Martin, she’s drowning herself in food. Oh, and she’s also confiding in her new “sounding board” Tim McGraw. Nicholl tries to make it sound like there could be something between Gwyneth and Tim, to which I can only say that Faith Hill is probably going to shank Gwyneth any day now:

Her long-distance marriage to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin seems to be taking its toll on Gwyneth Paltrow.

The actress is currently filming in Nashville, while he is in London looking after their children, Apple and Moses.

According to sources on the set of Love Don’t Let Me Down, Gwyneth, 37, has been comfort eating and piling on the pounds.

She has also been confiding in her co-star, country music singer Tim McGraw, 42.

‘Gwyneth and Tim have become very close,’ says a source. He’s married and older than her, but he’s a good sounding board. In recent weeks her macrobiotic diet has gone out of the window.’

But Gwyneth’s spokesman denied her time away filming was causing any problems.

He said: ‘She has been back in Nashville for only two-and-a-half weeks – she was in London for a week before that.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I wonder what “piling on the pounds” means in Daily Mail-speak? Five pounds, maybe? If that? Gwyneth would wear an extra five pounds very well, in my opinion. So my guess is that we’re never going to see Little Miss Constipated put on twenty pounds of “my marriage is ending” weight. There are two parts of this story that I do think might have the ring of truth: one, that Gwyenth and Chris are having big problems in their marriage, and two, that Gwyneth would develop a friendship with Tim McGraw (and probably Faith too). Gwyneth loves having famous friends, and it wouldn’t matter to her that her new friends are country music people – Gwyneth probably considers thinks that the friendship makes her less of an elitist. “Look, some of my best friends sing country music to the yokel peons!” As for Chris and Gwyneth… well, I’m expecting their split announcement sometime this year. Probably just before the Iron Man 2 publicity tour, just so Gwyneth can pull focus from her “rival” Scarlett Johansson.


Gwyneth in New York on July 29, 2009. Credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures.

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I might actually pay money to watch Miss Macrobiotic rip into a bag of Doritos.

  2. GatsbyGal says:

    How do you pile on the pounds, exactly, when you’re a vegan? That’s gotta be a lot of sprout sandwiches.

  3. Solveig says:

    Why in first place did she marry him?
    Ok, probably he has hidden qualities (well hidden) but I can’t stand people that act like fools, that fake self-confidence, just to be/stay relevant as he does.

  4. Meow Mix says:

    I thought Renees’ dress was ugly until I saw what Miss Priss was wearing in this photo op. Seriously Fug.

  5. Beth says:

    If she gained any weight, which I don’t see in recent photos, it could be for the movie. Gwyneth is playing a country singer so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was told to put on weight. Not to say there aren’t super skinny country singers but country isn’t as image/weight cautious as pop music.

  6. Jillian says:

    I don’t think she’s vegan any more. I remember reading that she eats meat now.

  7. anna says:

    why do I loathe this woman so much?

  8. sonola trip says:

    Apparently Gwyneth’s marriage problems have also caused her to turn orange.

  9. michellllle says:

    She does eat meat & animal products, saw her on that Spanish culinary road trip w/ Mario Vitaly (sp?).

    I only wish I looked like her after packing on the lbs.

    What I’d give to see her hanging w/ the McGraws. They claim their fav dessert is Coca Cola pie, can’t imagine Gwenyth even tasting that, though I can’t say I’d blame her.

  10. bella says:

    @ Solveig – she married him for two reasons:

    1) Her father had recently died and she needed someone to cling to for support;
    2) She was pregnant with Apple.

    I absolutely do not like her with a vengeance, and I think it’s because she acts like such a snot. Like Taylor Momsen in 20 years.

  11. princess pea says:

    She hasn’t been doing the macrobiotic thing since before GOOP, as far as I understand. But hey, way to go, “source”! What a scoop!

  12. Essie says:

    Gwyneth gave up her macrobiotic diet years ago. She also is no longer vegaterian. She eats a regular diet, according to her GOOP blog.

    My question is, why in the world would she leave her children back in London? I know they are in school but surely something could be worked out with tutors, especially since they are in the early grades. Seems to me it would be better for the kids to be with their Mommy rather than away from her. But, that’s my opinion.

    As for her marriage . . . I could care less if they are having “trouble” or if the marriage in shaky, but people should stop thinking there will be a divorce. Gwyneth is like her mother who suffered infidelity for years and just ignored it, held her head high and refused to acknowledge it. Gwyneth will never leave her husband, NEVER. Trust me!!

  13. canadianchick says:

    I didn’t know Blythe Danner went through infidelity too…interesting. Goopy could use a few pounds though I know Hollywood won’t forgive that. I’ve heard marrying a musician is a tough life between the groupies, the tours and of course his immature egomania. I hope she’ll be okay, another Brad Pitt castoff who may end up alone like JA.

  14. georgia says:

    ohhh yeahhhh.
    cauze shes put on maybe like 1/4 stone…
    or just a reeeaaaallll ugly dress.

  15. Guest says:

    I think that this couple is a happy as ever. They just don’t play the tabloid game. For example other couples if it is reported they are splitting they make sure that pictures are taken to let everyone see they are still together. Chris and Gwenyth have never played this game and it makes the tabloids and blog sites angry. Perhaps if they went to a public function and kissed infront of the world then people wouldn’t think they were splitting up? They would never play these games. But I think that they are a happy as ever and their family and children come first.

    and also wondering about the comment around the kids. Friends are very important to children and a stable life. At what age should a movie start stop dragging their children around? 10, 15, 18. Children need a stable environment. She probably flies home often, it is only 8 hours and Chris looks after the children. That is putting your children first.

  16. snapdragon says:

    “Faith Hill is probably going to shank Gwyneth any day now”

    hah – if only! i wouldn’t normally be so hateful, but goop and her superior attitude really bring out the mean girl in me.

  17. Bek says:

    Ok ok: I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask again: there are lots of people on here who REALLY don’t like Gwyneth. Can somebody PLEASE tell me why she’s so unlikable? Have I missed something? And I have to say I agree with “Guest” on a few points: it’s great (to me) that she makes sure her kids are in one spot. And I think it’s wonderful that she isn’t photographed with Chris making out all the time. She’s famously quiet about her marriage, which I think is a smart move in hollywood.

  18. monkey says:

    what is wrong with that dress? fug! going to eat a banana.

  19. Lem says:

    anyone would pack on pounds when released from that bat sh!t crazy crack head trainer’s dietary restrictions :D

  20. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol what a hog *eyeroll*

  21. Lem says:

    Bek: most of it boils down to the fact that she has NO talent/realistic lifelike qualities yet is as elitist and all knowing as they come.
    Lifestyle advise from the dalai lama is one thing. Goopy pretending she is a reincarnate… BS.
    uh-yeah- I’ll leave it at that-

  22. BeckyR says:

    Hey #17, I am with you…don’t understand all this ill will toward G.P. People write as though they really KNOW this person, which of course we don’t, none of us do, it is all speculation. I wish her well.

  23. gg says:

    Perhaps she dined on a sandwich.

  24. Jag says:

    I don’t like her due to all her negative comments about the United States, as well as other comments she’s made in taped interviews about many things. And she has played the “we’re out in a public place to show we’re doing well” game before, too.

  25. irl says:

    I think if she’s gained a few . . .she got down there around all that good home style Southern cooking. The macro/micro or vegan diets probably taste like tree bark and dirt compared to Southern cooking. Unlimited comfort foods around to indulge in too if she’s missing her kids and husband. That’s probably all it is. She’s too disciplined in her habits to let it get out of hand and gain a lot.

  26. daisyfly says:

    She’d stop “piling on the pounds” if she’d just shut her maw. Wait. I’m pretty sure that’s how she could save her marriage, too.

  27. jean says:

    She’s 37. I noticed after age 35, I could no longer overeat and not gain weight. The ravages of age. What really sucks for her is that she’s been on her soapbox for so long about diet and nutrition.

  28. Jules says:

    ARE YOU SAYING GWYNETH WILL BE PLAYING A COUNTRY SINGER?!?! Who the F cast that? Oh wow, that sounds incredibly painful. I would rather poke my eyes out than watch that.

  29. Okay, what I want to know is what this movie is about. Will she be singing? Because uh..that might not be nice.

  30. Guest says:

    “She has NO talent/realistic lifelike qualities”. She has won an oscar, has two children, is married. What more do you need to quality for talent or lifelike qualities?

    Gwen is unwilling to play the tabloid game and that makes people mad. Most celebrties are controlled by the bloggers and media – not Gwen. She lives her own life and answers only to herself – not the tabloids. Can you ever imagine Gwen running out and making a display in public because some tabloid reported a split. That makes her look snobish. Good for her. She is living a happy life with kids and husband, and ignoring the tabloids. She is wealthy and beautiful. That makes people jealous. Desperate to put her down.

    The other reason for the hate here on this site is due to the fact that there are alot of JP fans. They are desperate to make old lovers/fiance/wife of Brad look bad. Because Brad is wonderful, loving, a good father, good looking(cough, cough) and his old lovers are desperate, snobish, untalented, who are nothing alone and lonely after they no longer have Brad. It really is quite funny to read it. Just enjoy the hate. It is quite entertaining.

  31. joe says:

    Gwen lives life by her own rules. She pays no attention to the tabloids or media. That makes alot of people angry. She just refuses to play the game. Good for her. Ignore the haters.

  32. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Ok, I LUV celebitchy, but totally don’t get the Gwyneth hate. I’ve been a fan of hers for like, 15yrs. And have never gotten the pretentious vibe. I think she’s genuinely a nice person who focuses on her entire family (she’s famously close to her kids, mum, brother and was to her dad), and long-time friends (Madonna, Steven Spielber-her godfather, etc) who happen to be celebrities. Her parents were both in the biz and so is her brother, so I think she’s naturally drawn to friendships with other celebrities. I also think her delivery is completely being misinterpreted. I’ve always found her to be genuine. I adore her. Always have. Always will.

    Oh, and she can sing. She sang in ‘Emma’ with Ewan McGregor, and in ‘Duets’ with Huey Lewis.

  33. Lem says:

    snort. Oscar does not equal talent,
    children do not equal a real personality
    and you severely missed the mark aiming a JA fangirl /jealous label at me

  34. snapdragon says:

    the fact that she says things like “i went to barcelona at 19 with nothing more than a train ticket and a backpack” is the reason she drives me up the wall. as if she didn’t have a wealthy show business family to wire her money if she needed it – no, she’s just a free spirited bohemian. whatever.

  35. Jules says:

    Well I for one don’t ‘hate’ her. I just have no interest in her whatsoever. She is just a total bore. And NOT beautiful at all no matter how many times they try to sell us on that. I’m thrilled if she lives a happy life with her hubby and kids and stays out of the limelight. Good for her…but who even cares what she does?

  36. Jules says:

    “Oh, and she can sing. She sang in ‘Emma’ with Ewan McGregor, and in ‘Duets’ with Huey Lewis.”

    Yes, I’m sure she can sing just fine. But she will be disaster in a country movie. Just not her vibe. Snotty is exactly the OPPOSITE of what country fans demand from their stars. She’s not going to pull it off. Trust me. And she won’t get the accent right. For anyone who is actually from the south, a fake southern accent is painful to hear.

  37. keirelle says:

    @snapdragon: Traveling with not much more than a backpack is really not quite as difficult as people might think. It’s not easy, but not impossible. So long as you have the ticket to get where you wanted to go, you can make due. I have done it, and I didn’t have rich parents to fall back on. If that is your sole reason for her ‘driving you up the wall’ why don’t you give it a go? :)

    As for Gwyneth, I am not a fan, but I don’t hate her. I do find the name of her newsletter thing to be really funny though. I mean, GOOP? Really?

  38. ThunderC*nt says:

    Irl, are you serious?
    [I think if she’s gained a few . . . She’s too disciplined in her habits to let it get out of hand and gain a lot.~]

    She’s not disciplined. A true vegetarian is disciplined. A person with a college degree is disciplined

  39. mtngirl says:

    Little miss constipated?

    …roflmfao…sorry…keeps me trim….although Gwyneth is really good at playing the aloof, cold bitch.

  40. snapdragon says:

    @kierelle: i traveled around africa & india with a backpack, so yeah i know all about it, thanks. my point is that gwynnie grew up in a very privileged family, and was given her big break when her father’s friend steven spielberg cast her in “hook”,(no audition needed). yet she tries so hard to convince everyone that she is just like us, despite recommending $5,000 burberry coats for christmas gifts in her GOOP blog (when half the country is out of work). she has her housekeepers, nannies, personal chefs & trainers and yet refers to herself as a “working mum.” her sense of entitlement is really astounding. also i don’t care for her as an actress – she is pretty bland on screen, IMO.

  41. Krissy Grage says:

    I read your article a couple of time so I could be sure I took in all the points. I’m in agreement with you on a lot of this content.