Jay-Z talks British politics, says Britain needs Obama-like leader

Jay-Z performs in concert in Sunrise, Florida

Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only star to give an extensive interview to The Sun this weekend. Jay-Z, arguably one of the biggest musical acts in the world, sat down for a long, highly political interview with The Sun. Sidenote: What gives? The Sun is a crappy rag. Why all the love? Back on topic: I think Jay’s point is that he wants to reach the British people and tell them they’ve got to stand up and be heard and have their votes counted. Which is a bit rich, because Britain consistently has a higher voter participation rate than America. In 2008, American voter participation barely cracked 60%. So… no American should ever give England a voting-rights lecture. Ever.

But Jay-Z isn’t just going with a Get Out the Vote message. Oh, no. He’s also trying to convince the British that they need “new blood” and that there’s a reason “People are calling it Broken Britain.” Um, once again, Jay – if Britain is “broken” than America has been smashed, pissed on and set on fire. Here’s more:

HE helped get the first black man into the White House – and now JAY-Z reckons he knows how to fix Broken Britain too. The power to bring change, he says, in in our own hands. The US rapper who picked up a Brit for Best International Male Solo Artist on Tuesday tells The Sun in an exclusive interview that change will only come if people use their vote at the next election.

However, he reckons neither GORDON BROWN nor DAVID CAMERON have the charisma of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Jay-Z said: “Everyone needs new blood once in a while. And Britain needs it to shake up the country. People are calling it Broken Britain, so there’s obviously a problem.”

“Someone needs to reinvigorate and galvanise the country and give it something to believe in. That means a leader with charisma to get the youth out to vote. The rise of the BNP is also a problem. Power is dangerous in the hands of the wrong person and it’s up to the people to get them out of there – which goes back to voting.”

“We have to use that power. We can’t just sit back and not vote – that’s dangerous. I’ve never met Brown or Cameron but Britain needs to look at America and Obama to see how he did it. He connected with the young and gave them something to believe in. He made references to rap and let the kids know they were accepted. Before Obama, people in my neighbourhood were disillusioned. They thought nothing would happen no matter who was in office. But Obama changed that and really connected with people. He heard us and so we voted. Britain needs a leader who can do the same, who understands the youth and deals with their needs and what they have to say.”

Jay-Z – real name Shawn Carter – is a close friend of the President and worked on his election campaign, holding several free concerts to help his campaign register voters.

Despite a recent backlash against Obama, the 40-year-old music mogul believes his first year as President has been successful, stressing the importance of his healthcare plans.

He says: “Obama’s meeting a lot of resistance but I think he’s doing fine. We all knew the job he was taking on. He may have been dealt the worst hand ever in American politics. What I admire about him is he’s taken it on head-on. Who can say no to healthcare with a clear conscience?”

“Britain has a National Health Service to be proud of but in America, people have lost people in their lives because they didn’t have the proper healthcare. A friend of mine who is 41 just went to the doctor for the first time to get a check-up. That was the first time in his life he could afford health insurance. It shouldn’t be happening.”

“Making music is my love. It’s not arduous, not a task, and it’s not a job. I’m making music, touring the world and playing in front of people. It’s unreal. Britain is like my second home. I have a real connection here with the place and the people. I like Britain’s honesty, and the sarcasm – my sense of humor is dry so it blends well.”

[From The Sun]

Ugh. Yeah. I usually like Jay a lot, but I found this interview very sanctimonious. Maybe he didn’t really say this stuff – it doesn’t really sound like him, you know? Beyond that, Jay also appeared on Jonathan Ross’s BBC show, and he told/joked with Ross that he (Jay) was the was the one to invent Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance. EW raved about this interview clip, but I thought it was terribly dull:

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23 Responses to “Jay-Z talks British politics, says Britain needs Obama-like leader”

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  1. QB says:

    Jay Z needs to shut the eff off. People in Britain are doing just about the same as people in the USA.
    You are a music producer not a politician or someone who should be talking about politics.

  2. Wench. says:

    I don’t think I appreciated Jay-Z telling me anything about what I should do, politically. The big story for me here was that he’s 40! No. Really? Well, I didn’t know that.

  3. Meanie says:

    Britain IS broken and is certainly not doing better than the U.S. Not that I give a crap what Jay Z says about anything however, because he’s foolish and uninformed. I don’t need political analysis from someone with their head up their azz.

  4. BeckyR says:

    Ri-i-i-i-ght….gee, thanks for your intellectual input.

  5. annie says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, his just happens to be wrong.

  6. Emily says:

    I agree with him about the BNP, but yeah, I don’t see why he thinks he’s suddenly an expert on British politics.

  7. Maleficent says:

    So now American rap artists are authorities on foreign politics, especially British policies. Well them, I think their PM should tell him how he should go about doing his next, hack CD.

  8. Jules says:

    This is another example of Celebrity Narcissism 101. Of course, why WOULDN’T anyone want political advice from Jay Z. I mean he knows it all, right? OMG.

  9. michellllle says:

    Jay Z’s clearly an idiot & no the UK does not need advice from a seemingly uninformed moron like him. Although I must say Kaiser’s remarks screams inferiority complex which is ironic considering Britain has nothing to feel inferior about.

  10. yae says:

    That was the first interview I have ever seen with Jay-Z.

    He seems like a warm, likable man. I chuckled.

  11. .... says:

    jay z reali needs to keep his mouth shut. what does he know about british politics anyway. if Britain is broken then so is America!!!

  12. jason says:

    why does Britain need to look to America? Most Americans agree that Obama hasn’t done anything yet and has been a huge disapointment. Its funny how this rap clown acts as if Obama is Christ or something. Maybe he should actually know a bit about British politics before opening his mouth.

  13. Catherine says:

    Ah, yes. Jay-Z: The voice of the World.

  14. Andrea says:

    Britain did have someone like Obama-Tony Blair. And look at the horrible situation that has left Britain in ever since!

  15. nj says:

    Where to begin…
    I love how Jay likes to play the Grand Gentleman when it suits him.
    I would love to know when he registered to vote.
    This man has no degree, and did not finish high school, so he should spare everyone his pseudo-intellectual opinions. Money does not make you smart and it doesn’t guarantee you class.

    One might think I dislike all rap and rappers, but that is not accurate. I just really get annoyed by Jay, his false image and his crappy, irritating music, not to mention the fact that he unleashed Rihanna and Lil Wayne upon the world.

  16. imo says:

    I dont buy it. Seriously doubt he did an interview with The Sun or if he did that he actually said that. Seems like some serious baiting going on here and people are falling for it lol

  17. Hel says:

    That “interview” with the Sun is just the rest of the interview he did with Jonathan Ross on his show. Jay did not talk to the Sun.

    Oh, and he should butt out of British politics, which he knows nothing about having spent very little time here.

  18. Bete says:

    Like Obama has done anything outstanding. He is just another talking head, a better dressed one, toeing the line. He is basically following through Dubya’s plan to send out more troops for the same imperialist agenda. What’s the difference? Tony Blair did the same thing. Maybe that’s what Jay-Z means. Then again, celebrities have no idea about the world outside their own entourage dominated microcosm. So yeah, he should STFU.

  19. Cece says:

    Bete…great point. Where is he getting his information from? I’m starting to believe that this is all a big race thing. That he promoting him because he’s black. Wishful thinking doesn’t get people very far.

  20. Jewbitch says:

    How did he help Obama get into the white house?
    I don’t think he gave this interview…he hardly admits he’s even married to beyonce.

  21. n says:

    i never knew he was soooo dumb.

  22. Babs says:

    So Jay Z…………how is that hopey changey thing working for you?

  23. wey452 says:

    Whether he did or did not have that interview, Jay Z is a great man. I thnk he has proved you do not need to graduate high school or get a degree to be successful, how many of you are worth five hundred million dollars?! He is a clever bloke and is where he is today because of that!
    Cece, how pathetic of you to say that he is only supporting Obama because he is black. Like you would say that if they were white!