“Lady Gaga’s granny panties on Cosmo” links


Lady Gaga‘s granny-panty-clad Cosmo cover for April. [CoverAwards]
Amanda Seyfried French kisses her dog. [Lightly Salted]
Kate Moss wanted to show some crack, and Naomi Campbell stopped her. [Agent Bedhead]
Child Services was called to Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen‘s home. Finally. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Beyonce‘s new leaked songs sound… weird. [Bossip]
Shutter Island shut down crapfest Valentine‘s Day this weekend. [Moviefone]
Bar Refaeli‘s hot ass is in Mexico. [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Travis Barker goes insane on the paparazzi. [Evil Beet]
Paris Hilton‘s stoned, drunk, panty-clad vadge-flash. [The Superficial]
Rihanna got a lap dance from a midget. Seriously. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Those photos of Hillary Duff the moment she gets engaged. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Beyonce & Jay-Z on a yacht in Miami. [Pop Sugar]
Charlie Sheen “doesn‘t need rehab”. Idiot. [ICYDK]
Evan Lysachek is cute. And probably gay. [PopBytes]


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24 Responses to ““Lady Gaga’s granny panties on Cosmo” links”

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  1. audrey says:

    i am starting to get tired of seeing her big ole face everywhere.

  2. Maleficent says:

    Talk about Photoshopped!

  3. Alarmjaguar says:

    Okay, I love Gaga, but girl, eat a sandwich!

  4. Iggles says:

    The make up is quite dramatic. With it she has the face of a drag queen.. or Gwen Stefani, lol.

  5. RedEyeJedi says:

    wow, thank god for makeup and photoshop cause that girl is FUGLY.

  6. Eileen Yover says:

    I like her music-but Gaga, Could you just close your mouth?? She’s constantly catching flies in every pic I see her in. I drives me NUTS!!

  7. Jag says:

    I’m so tired of the “dead-eyed” look that’s been plastered everywhere. What happened to good ol’ smiling?

  8. juiceinla says:

    Hey did anyone else hear that Cesar Milano had to put his dog, Daddy, down this weekend?? I am wondering if its true. If it is, its sad. The dog had cancer and I wonder if he was no longer responding to treatment.

  9. heb says:

    That picture is really boring.

    Although I do have to admit I originally thought it was a one piece leotard so..good job with that

  10. snapdragon says:

    god she’s boring.

  11. Dhavy says:

    Was Hillary Duff about to give a bj after her proposal???

    I don’t know why anyone even listens to Beyonce, those songs are horrible! it’s likely she actually feels threatened by a true singer like Sade

  12. teehee says:

    I hate the whole granny panty reference, like the only thing women are allowed to wear is the least overing and most exhibitioinist thing on the market. Im tired of overexposure in general, which is something that can apply to Gaga anyway, so its nice that she has “more clothes on” than usual, LOL

  13. bo says:

    Is anyone going to tell me about the rape danger zone most women don’t know about? As a woman I feel personally responsible for whether or not I’m raped, so that article ought to help me stop being such a sucker for rapists.

    Oh give me a break, it’s just really aggravating that the cover says that.

  14. Emily says:

    Dhavy, that’s exactly what I thought about Hilary! What else could she be doing?

  15. me2also says:

    I haven’t read or even looked at a Cosmo in years — is this a special issue all about sex or do they no longer pretend to write about anything else anymore?

  16. girl says:

    I heard that about Cesar Milan also. How sad. His doggie was pretty old.

  17. kmcrack says:

    what an ugly tranny.

  18. ogechi says:

    oh dt voice, i mean that voice is the best!!!

  19. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ teehee: My sentiments to the letter. Sometimes I tend to feel like an outcast with my opinions, because they aren’t like everyone else’s, but hey, they’re still mine. Nudity is not necessary. There definitely is a time and place for it.

    I was in a store the other day and a 15-year old girl walked past me and the (male) cashier in next-to-nothing. I said, “Boy, am I glad I don’t have a teenage daughter in this day and age!” He said to me, “I do too, and I feel worse for the teenage boys nowadays.” I stopped and thought about it and he’s right. The boys have this stuff thrown at them everyday. There are still ‘nice’ kids out there that actually have morals. How sad that they are the exception, rather than the rule. Look how much people make fun of the Jonas brothers. Sure, if you don’t like their music, fine, but they are making their life decisions based on conscience.

    OK, I’m done………!

  20. Icecat says:

    The more weight she looses, the more she looks like a tranny. I’m really begining to think she is just that!!

  21. Amy says:

    @ no 13, you should google shakesville. they tend to call the bullshit out on this whole “women are responsible for their own rapes” schtick.

  22. bo says:

    Thanks Amy! I looked it up and I’ve actually read her Feminism 101 section before, and it’s brilliant.

  23. Rob says:

    Lady Gaga is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I guess I tend to look at more than looks. But that’s me. On a lighter note – Lady Gaga, let’s stop the pretense and get married. I just realized you are my dream girl. I’ll help you kill Prop 8.

  24. It’s great to see Lady Gaga on the cover of Cosmopolitan. It will probably be one of their best selling issues ever. I’m grateful to her for helping make having one’s panties show fashionable, and it seems like more and more celebrities are being seen in granny panties. I love it.