“Mickey Rourke should always wear his hair down” links

Orange British Academy Film Awards 2010 - Winners Boards

Mickey Rourke should never rock a rooster tail. [Go Fug Yourself]
Nicole Kidman‘s frozen face showed up for Olympic ice dancing. [LaineyGossip]
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Tracy Morgan wore a red vinyl suit to his big premiere. [The Blemish]
Olympic siblings pull an “Angelina and James Haven”. [Gawker]
Evgeni Plushenko is such a douche. [D-Listed]
Bristol Palin, television star? [Bitten and Bound]
Lindsay Lohan‘s sketchy photos to go along with her sketchy Sun interview. [Egotastic]
Kristen Stewart‘s killer skirt at the Burberry show. [I’m Not Obsessed]
The Ghost Writer reviewed. Verdict: it‘s okay, even good. [Pajiba]
Whitney Houston: not dead yet. Take that, Enquirer! [Yeeah]
Is Kiki Dunst covering “Turning Japanese”? [The Frisky]
Miley Cyrus is such a classy dresser. [Celebslam]
Uh-oh. Maybe Whitney isn‘t doing so well after all. Damn. [PopEater]
Katy Perry says Russell Brand is “the boss.” Oh, honey. [Starpulse]
Sparkles would hate this fur vagina jacket. [Hollywood Rag]

Orange British Academy Film Awards 2010 - Inside Red Carpet Arrivals

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  1. Tia C says:

    Mickey Rourke should get his face FIXED!!!

  2. Risa says:


    I have no words for that awesome picture.

  3. princess pea says:

    Ouch Tia.

  4. snowball says:

    Whenever I see him, it sort of makes me sad. He was very attractive, then after 9 1/2 weeks, he started doing crazy stuff with Carre Otis – practically porn movies – there was a rumor going around that in one of their movies, they actually had sex during a scripted sex scene.

    I’m glad he’s making a new career out of playing weirdos, but he’s seriously starting to look like Carrot Top. He needs plastic surgery to fix that awful plastic surgery.

  5. Alexis says:


  6. Goosie says:

    That closeup is seriously not right!!

  7. Solveig says:

    What was he thinking when he did that to his face? It looks burned.
    Agree snowball, it’s sad.

  8. simplicity says:

    The years of boxing weren’t kind to Mickey, a battered face was the result.

    However he looks today, he’s still got a personality to love.

  9. Kaboom says:

    Mickey looks like a shell-shocked Carrot Top in that picture.

  10. viper says:

    looks like megan fox

  11. Maddie says:

    Rourke was so hot in Angel Heart, then he went and fked up his face, with surgery and the whole boxing thing, boy did he fall off the rails.

  12. e-non says:

    ugh. he was so damned hot back in the day.

  13. Dolkite says:

    Back when Rourke was at his peak…


  14. Mingo says:

    Somebody should sue that plastic surgeon.

  15. Kat says:

    Puhhhleeeze do not do that to a middle aged lady without a warning! I have used up my monthly allotment of eye bleach and now have to stay off line..Thanks!

  16. Scout says:

    It amazes me that he does not:

    a. hide his face
    b. fix his face – if that is possible
    c. remove the smirk off of his face that makes him appear as if he thinks is the hottest thing!

    I also agree that his surgeon needs to stop “practicing!”

  17. ForeverAFan says:

    Mick is truly a phoenix rising from the ashes…I too loved him in his early films..there was something beautiful and tragic about him that drew me. i lost him during the boxing phase and when i saw his new face i was shocked. i think if he could fix the previous work he would have done so already…listening to him in interviews during the Wrestler promotion made me realize how far he has come to resurrect himself and his career. Mick’s is a case of looking at the inner man more than the outer one…is he still a little crazy? yeah i think so but he wears it well and its one of the reasons his fans love him.

  18. Neelyo says:

    A comedian described his face as resembling what you scrape off the plate into the trash after Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty apt.

  19. snowball says:

    If he got rid of the cheek, jowl and chin implants and had whatever he put in his lower lip removed, it’d be a good head start to looking better. He always did sort of have pockmarked skin, but that’s barely an issue.

    He looks painfully sunburned, I’m not sure what’s up with that.

    Olympic brother and sister from Ireland? Yep, skeeved me out, especially since they were the same size. Thankfully, they never tried skating to a love song.

    Plushenko – you should see his website’s forum. Oh. My. God. They say Plushy (as they call him) is going to file a protest with the IOC claiming unfair judging and at the least, he wants double gold medals like the Russian and Canadian ice dancing teams from the Salt Lake olympics ended up with.

    Bristol Palin – okay, she wants to be on television. Wasn’t it her mother bitching that the media was intruding on her kids unfairly? That they weren’t public figures and were off limits? So yeah, put her on TV promoting a way of life she obviously couldn’t adhere to.

    Kristen’s skirt – love it. Not sure with the top though, have to see it without the coat.

  20. curious says:

    Leave tha man alone already,,,,he is not a Victoria Secret model for crying out loud!!!!!!
    he is only a human . Plus a great actor if still draws the audience to the screen,,,,
    Let him be – face no face ,,,,who cares!!! He is still IN THE GAME after all he went through. Thats the ONLY thing that counts.
    So give it a rest people ,,,,no,,really

  21. Jessica says:


  22. Jessica says:

    My eyes are burning!!