PETA slams Jessica Simpson for thinking about getting a pet pig

Jessica Simpson Brings Her Dad An Autographed B-day Present!

This story was hanging around yesterday, but CB asked me to cover it today. Apparently, Jessica Simpson tweeted that she was thinking about getting a pet pig. Her beloved dog Daisy was eaten by coyotes last September, and since then, people have been encouraging Jessica to get another puppy to love. However, it looks like Jessica’s heart can’t open to another dog quite yet, thus, fantasies of adopting a piglet (side note: the “adopting a piglet” story line was used with great effect on Bones a few weeks ago). Also note this: Jessica didn’t say that she was for sure going to adopt a pig, just that she was thinking about it. Well, PETA Thought Police just had to chime in with their thoughts about pigs-as-pets.

After the death of her pet pooch, Daisy, five months ago, Jessica Simpson is ready to get another companion.

“I’m thinking about getting a pet pig,” she wrote on Twitter Monday. “Does this mean I’ll have to give up pork?”

The 29-year-old singer has been trying to get over the bizarre and tragic death of Daisy (a gift from ex-husband Nick Lachey), who was snatched from her L.A. backyard by a wild coyote in September.

“I haven’t really thought about another dog yet, but maybe sometime,” Simpson told a month after the incident. “Daisy meant the world to me.”

But not everyone is thrilled that Simpson wants a barnyard baby.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sounded off on the singer, telling the mag, “Pigs, who are smarter than dogs and every bit as sensitive to pain and stress, don’t belong in Jessica’s stomach or carted around as her latest accessory.”

Simpson isn’t the first Hollywood trendsetter to want a little piggy: heiress Paris Hilton adopted a teacup piglet last fall that reportedly cost $4,500, while David and Victoria Beckham are said to have spent over $2,000 on their own pair of designer swine.

[From NYDN]

Eh. I don’t really think it’s fair to adopt a pig (or a dog, for that matter) if you don’t have the physical space to make them comfortable. But Jessica’s house and yard are huge, right? I think she would probably love a pet pig and treat it well. Pigs are very intelligent animals, perhaps even smarter than Jessica, who is as dumb as a box of hair. I feel for Jessica that she can’t even wonder aloud about pig ownership without PETA climbing up her ass. Poor Jess.

P.S. I know “Poor Jess” and everything, but this girl cannot dress for sh-t. This is what she wore to her dad’s birthday party! This was probably her gift to him, her cleavage. Ugh.

Jessica Simpson leaves BOA Steakhouse after celebrating her father Joe's birthday

P.P.S. So I was looking up images for “pig” and guess what popped up first? Alec Baldwin and his daughter Ireland. Poor Ireland. Anyway… look at the cute piggies!

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  1. Lem says:


    they should be more concerned she thinks buffaloes have wings!

  2. gg says:

    WELL, she’s dated enough of em ! But why would she want a Tiger Woods?

    Aww, those pictures remind me of “Babe”. “luh-luh-luuuhhhhhh …”

  3. elina says:

    PETA needs to shut it….they always seem to forget that many of the celebrities that pose for them wear LEATHER all the time….leather comes from animals. its not just fur.

  4. Chana says:

    Aw! Wittle piggies! They are so super cute. If I had the space I would definitely have one.

    I have family who have a farm in the country in England and they raise those massive Large Whites (also called Yorkshire pigs) for both food and company.

    One lives in the house, kinda. His name is Wilbur, naturally. He’s about 8 years old. Very very very sweet animal. Extremely intelligent though. And huge. You do need a lot of space for a large pig. He comes and goes when he feels like it. He’s mostly in though as they have a trough for him in the kitchen.

    If she wanted a pot bellied pig though they don’t need much space. They lounge around most of the day and are pretty much like a dog, only smarter (they manage to get into everything) and much more clean. You can train them to use a litter box.

    Sorry for all the pig talk. My family are way into pigs. 🙂

  5. SammyHammy says:

    Yay! I get to eat red meat tonight. I know it’s petty, but every time I read/hear about something idiotic that PETA has come out with, I make sure my next meal is red meat.

    Hmmm…steak or a burger? I think a burger…sounds good to me!

  6. Oi says:

    Did they slam their darling, Carrie Underwood, for having one on that episode of HIMYM? Nope. Not yet anyway. Hate these hypocrites.

  7. hatsumomo says:

    Chana, he sounds like a darling!

  8. bellaluna says:

    Well, she has dated John Mayer, so it’s not like she doesn’t have experience in dealing with pigs.

    Also, pot-bellied pigs are absolutely adorable, but my friend from high school’s grandma who had one had a problem with him eating her lovely roses.

  9. Dan says:

    what elina said, but furthmore some people who have posed for peta like vin teese wear fur as well! peta dont really care about animals but then i wonder, what do th£y car£ about £h?

    lol@ Bellaluna, though i think its rather insulting to compare John Mayer to pigs! Pigs are sweet, affectionate and in fact rather clean after all! 😀

  10. LindyLou says:

    I’m so tired of PETA forcing their propagana down everyone’s throats. If Jess wants to adopt a pet whether it be a pig, dog or whatever, as long as she takes good care of it – what business is it of theirs??

    By the way, I’m not advocating the wearing of fur or any other kind of animal cruelty, but this is going too far IMO.

  11. Dani says:

    I’ve raised exotic animals just as much as I’ve raised and rescued domestic animals. As long as you care for them properly and give them the space required, there should be no problem and it shouldn’t be anyones business but the owners.

    For 18 years I lived one street away from a park. People would go to the park to dump their unwanted animals [usually because the animal was pregnant and they didn’t want to take care of the babies] so the poor confused pre-owned cats, dogs, and a few others would of course wander over to where the homes were, looking for shelter, love, and food. For 18 years I took every abandoned animal in, let the pregnant animals have their babies in a safe place, fed, loved them, and then re-homed them after a period of fostering them. Yet I’m sure PETA would probably find a problem with that, too. Like I said, as long as you can care for them properly, PETA HAS NO RIGHT TO BITCH ABOUT ANYTHING.

    My grandfather told me of a time where he saw some guy throw a bag into the creek by our house. He thought something seemed off, so he swam out and got the bag and brought it to shore. You know what was in that bag? Newborn kittens. Somebody threw helpless newborn kittens into a creek to drown and suffer a horrible death. Thank GOD my grandfather knew something was off and swam out to get that bag. They all survived, thanks to people like my grandfather.

    PETA should be going after people who dump their animals in parks and who freaking tries to drown newborn kittens, but all I ever hear is PETA going after people who honestly would care for and love their animals [Paris Hilton not included]

    PETA appalls me just as much as that guy who threw the kittens in the river. Ugh.

  12. Late night wigs says:

    Peta needs to STFU. They kill animals, so they have no right to preach. If Jessica wants a pig, she should get one. The people down the street from me have a baby…I think it’s a boar, and it’s adorable. PETA is evil and they have no right to say sh*t to anyone. Look it up and see what hypocritical murderers they are.

  13. bellaluna says:

    I agree PETA has gone over the top with their accusations. Most of their spokes-people (models/actors/etc) wear leather, and I doubt it’s the vegan kind of leather.

    @ Dani – I totally agree. PETA needs to go after people who refuse to neuter or spay their pets, then abandon them when they become pregnant or have babies. PETA needs to go after people like the person you describe. My mother has been rescuing animals since she was a small child, and has continued to do so. She also taught me about rescuing animals, neutering and spaying them, and adopting from shelters or rescue agencies rather than from breeding farms and pet stores. Pass it on.

  14. lilred says:

    George Clooney has had pot bellied pigs as pets for ever.

  15. snapdragon says:

    there is so much cruelty to animals in this world for PETA to be concerned about – why they care about someone adopting a pig as a pet seems strange. as long as she takes good care of it, so what?

  16. princess pea says:

    Dear PETA,

    If no one eats pigs, and no one keeps them as pets because it’s so cruel, what do you really think will happen to pigs? I take it you want NO CONTACT between unruly, cruel humankind and the noble and virtuous animal kingdom, as you advocate not having pets, companion or working animals and also not eating meat. But honestly, if you had to pick one, as Jess kind of joked about in her tweet, wouldn’t you pick the ‘keeping alive and in good health with regular vet visits and plentiful healthy food and a beautiful estate to run around on’ over the YUMMY?

    I know, PETA, there’s no point in rational debate with you. You are the real life equivalent of an internet troll. But all the same, sometimes you are irresistible.

    Thanks for nothing,
    princess pea

  17. *Lee* says:

    PETA is a hypocritical mess of an organization. Do they just have staff poring over gossip sites, tweets, and magazines, waiting for a chance to talk sh*t?

  18. SammyHammy says:

    Dani, your grandfather is now one of my heroes.

  19. Obvious says:

    PETA PETA PETA…what are we going to do with you?

    Jess is harmless, not the brightest but she’s harmless and she seems like she really cares about everything she takes under her wing. If the girl wants a pat pig let her get a pet pig. i still think you should keep out of everyone’s business-except for paris hilton (take the b*tch down!).

    You had a great message once upon a time, but it has gotten lost behind your teroristic tactics and needless guerrilla warfare on the world.

  20. Phantom Goddess says:

    If I remember correctly, back when she was still dating Nick, she admitted that pigs were actually her favorite animal (insert dating / john mayer joke here). And Nick actually got her a baby potbellied pig as a gift, and set it up on a farm somewhere.

    So this story can either be a rehash of that event, or she wants another one. So this story isn’t a surprise to me at all.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I hate PETA. I really do. For all the attention they get, they COULD do a lot of good and be a positive force for animal welfare, but instead they’re a bunch of lunatics just looking for publicity.
    I don’t see Jess as a bad pet owner. I’d imagine whatever she adopts will be cared for properly.

  22. skilo says:

    Obviously Jessica can afford pretty much any pet she wants, and provide it a very good life.Having said that I just don’t see a pig being right for her. With Daisy Jess was always carrying her everywhere, holding her, giving her kisses, sitting on the couch with her. Jess seems to need a pet she can snuggle with when the down side of fame gets to her. As much as I have always loved pigs they just aren’t snuggly animals. You can’t hug one and cry into it’s fur when you’re sad.

  23. Mrs. Rut says:

    I hate PETA. Why can’t they just keep their damn mouths shut? It’s not like she said she was going to get a pig, fatten it up, and butcher it! Hell, that pig will have a better life than most children in this country!

  24. Emily says:

    Jess strikes me as someone who’d love her pig, and care for it properly, as she obviously she cared for her dog. How can there be a problem if someone has the space and the love to treat a pig right?

  25. cecil says:

    i’m so sorry for the people who commented like: “oh i’m going to eat meat after i read this… f’k off peta”. really… you call youself a part of an intelligent species and you write things like that? you should educate yourself better and care more for the animals that live on this planet and that died for your daily meal. we are talking about creatures who feel pain and suffer. you should respect animals more.

  26. cecil says:


    i think it’s amazing that you help animals. thanks a lot for doing that and thanks to your grandfather. it’s amazing that you care.

  27. Oi says:

    @cecil: PETA doesn’t respect animals anymore than cock fight organizers. Its a proven fact. They defeat their own purpose more than anything. And they are hardly non profit. And insulting/criticizing/patronizing people is not a way to get people to be more educated about anything.

  28. Sunnyjyl says:

    Are we supposed to set them free? Wha? Isn’t it better to have your pet pig sleeping by a cozy fire, or curled up on your chintz sofa?

  29. yae says:

    Where would we be without a hard-core, whack-job organization like PETA?

    They are whacky I agree, but they get some very needed changes made in the animal welfare department. Its like a settlement lawyer, PETA screams for 300% even though they know they are only going to get 20%.

    I’m a meat eater. And I am thankful laws make it more difficult for slaughterhouses to torture my food. I don’t want the animals to suffer for my meal.
    It took hard-core crazies to get that ball rolling.

  30. cecil says:

    —- is a PR campaign from “Center For Consumer Freedom” (pool of tabacco and meat industrie)

    they are very unhappy with peta. it is bad for their business so they have to do something against peta. and it works. many of you believe what they read and forget what peta did for animals in the past and does now for them.

  31. Jag says:

    The coyote certainly would want her to get a pig, for a different type of meal. She shouldn’t get any animal until she coyote-proofs her backyard, since she obviously doesn’t keep her pets inside enough to prevent them from being killed.

  32. Aims says:

    If you ask me if Jessica adopted a piggy it would be a great idea. Once less pig slottered actually. It would be spoiled and taken care of. It would be a lucky pig!

  33. Lisa says:

    I’m not a great fan of Jessica Simpson – never cared for her music, never watched the reality show she had, just really never cared for the brainless thing she’s got going on. However, I hate PETA with the passion of a thousand burning suns and anything they spout out of their hole just makes me want to do the complete opposite. So, Jessica, you get yourself a teacup piggy, honey! You deserve it!

    And for the record, even though I think she’s not the brightest crayon in the box, I bet she takes good care of her animals.

  34. Dani says:

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words for my family and I, and my grandfather is my hero too 🙂

    For those 18 years that I lived on that street, I probably fostered about 150 animals. And those were the ones who werent afraid to come near humans after what had been done to them, otherwise the total would have been much higher. There was even a point where I took in 3 pregnant cats at once and who all had their babies within a 2 day period and I ended up with 13 baby kittens at once. If I can take care of 3 litters of kittens at the age of 15 all by myself, then those people who dumped them should have been able to take care of ONE litter for 8 weeks or so. And if they couldn’t because of money, they should have given them up to someone, or a no kill shelter instead of freakin’ dumping them in a park.

    It literally kills me thinking of how abandoned and unloved those animals must have felt. To be living in a home, being fed and loved, and then suddenly being abandoned and alone like that…it just kills me to think of how horrible those animals must have felt, how abandoned and unloved and probably wondering what they did wrong to deserve such treatment.

    Some people are just so cruel, and it infuriates me to no end. I just don’t get how people can do that. I just cant.

  35. Jazz says:

    PETA needs to shut their trap about celebrities and go save the animals instead. All that good work they could be doing is getting wasted on focusing on famous twats.

    God bless you and your grandfather Dani!

  36. bo says:

    Pet pig stories? “Consuelos” stories? Was yesterday Suzanne Sugarbaker Day?

  37. anon says:

    the pig video to the right is disturbing… i wish it wasn’t on this site, as this is meant to be an escape! i cant escape in these conditions! i already am vegetarian. yes i know pigs should be able to escape too

  38. Vacation says:

    All of this resentment and anger towards PETA is so obviousely fueled by guilt.

    Why else would PETA generate so much anger?

  39. Vacation says:

    And furthermore, to the author of comment #5 (Sammywhatever), you know damn well you just want to gorge yourself on meat, so just do it and stop making excuses for yourself.

  40. johndoe says:

    Hey Cecil

    save your self-aggrandizing lefty crap. You peta morons all say the same thing

    a) I feel sorry for you people
    b) is a setup
    c) Eating meat is wrong, so very wrong…when will people learn.

    Public record people! PETA has been charged with animal cruelty.

    No one loves animals more than me but phony celeb endorsed crap does nothing for their welfare.

    Wake up Cecil, you drank the kool-aid.