People Mag calls out Lindsay Lohan for her cracked-out drama


My thoughts about the celebrity media coverage of various hot messes, train wrecks and breakdowns is this: you know when People Magazine starts calling you out, there’s real trouble. Such is the case with this mysteriously direct calling-out of Lindsay Lohan in an online article on People today. People dissects Lindsay’s actions and interviews over the past two weeks – including her two part interview in The Sun, where she lied about her drug usage (Part 1) and claimed that she was still in love with Sam Ronson, and that if she couldn’t be with Sam, she would go back to “boys” (Part 2). They also note that Lindsay has gone out partying every night for the past two weeks, no matter if she was in London (where she’s apparently moving, because of her love of chunnels), to Atlantic City, to LA. They even document some very tabloidy behind-the-scenes drama where Sam Ronson asked a club’s security to protect her from Lindsay’s cracked-out shenanigans. It’s all pretty hardcore:

Lindsay Lohan recently declared she is healthy and happier and has put her substance-abuse problems behind her – but her recent behavior may suggest otherwise.

After trips to London and Atlantic City, N.J., Lohan, 23, is back in Los Angeles, where she has been out late for three consecutive nights.

On Tuesday, the starlet arrived at Bardot Hollywood after 1 a.m., where her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, 32, was deejaying. According to a source, Ronson asked security to stay by her side until Lohan left the club. “She wouldn’t leave, and at the end of the night, you could tell she was waiting for Sam,” the source says, noting that Lohan texted her ex, who ignored the message.

“They never talked at all, though, and Sam was definitely avoiding [her],” the source says.

A similar scene played out the night before – this time at Teddy’s inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where Ronson was also deejaying. Lohan, who asked for a table near Ronson and was denied, was “a total mess,” a witness says. “She looked really drunk when she arrived and seemed so out of it,” the witness tells PEOPLE.

The actress was out again on Wednesday night, acting “aloof” at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont – though this time her ex-girlfriend wasn’t anywhere in sight.

‘She Needs Help’
Friends of Lohan are concerned about her recent partying.

“She needs help. She needs to solve her problems,” a source close to the star says. “She’s just not taking care of herself.”

In a recent interview with Britain’s Sun, Lohan admitted to using cocaine in the past, and pointed a finger at her father, Michael Lohan. “I was only aware of cocaine because of my dad,” Lohan told the paper. “I was terrified of it. But I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid, and wanted to see what it was like.”

And she maintains that her substance use is behind her. “Now I’m in a place where I don’t need to use anything,” she told the paper, “and I can feel emotions because I choose to.”

She also told the newspaper that she drinks alcohol in moderation. “I’m allowed to drink now, but I know my limits,” she said, adding that she sees a therapist every two weeks and attends weekly alcohol education lessons.

Her Father’s Concerned
Michael Lohan, tells PEOPLE he’s concerned about his daughter still – and wants to get her help. “The reason Lindsay tries to drown her sorrows and mask her pain was because of my divorce from her mother,” he says, “which in turn tore her apart.”

Upon Lindsay Lohan’s return to Los Angeles this past weekend, a source tells PEOPLE, “Her dad showed up at her apartment in L.A., and Lindsay alerted security to make him leave. She is dealing with her attorney to stop him from harassing her.”

Amid all the drama, Kristi Kaylor, who runs Lohan’s 6126 clothing collection, scoffs at the notion that the starlet is in trouble. “She is very supportive of 6126 and very hands on,” Kaylor tells PEOPLE. “She just finished styling and modeling in the photo shoot for the debut fall collection. I have to say, I was extremely impressed with Lindsay and think she is a very talented designer.”

On Thursday, Lohan was expected in Milan, to attend an Armani-hosted art event. Lohan is also expected at the designer’s Friday and Saturday runway shows.

“She’s going from hemisphere to hemisphere from party to party,” says a source close to Lohan. “She needs to slow down a little bit and take time for herself and really figure out where she’s going to do.”

[From People]

I’m beyond caring about what Lindsay is doing to herself. She’s had ample time and opportunity to take a step back, to get help, to get away, to find her career. She chose not to, instead choosing a life of partying, drugs, enablers, and denial. What’s scary is how she survives – and even thrives – in that environment. It’s spooky.


Lindsay Lohan out in LA on February 24, 2010, credit: David Tonnesson/Pacific Coast News

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  1. Beth says:

    “you know when People Magazine starts calling you out, there’s real trouble.” When I read the headline this was my first thought. “People” almost never do tabloid stories like this.

  2. bellaluna says:

    Kudos to People magazine for calling bullsh!t on Lindsay and her lies. No one with her substance abuse problems can “have a couple of drinks and know [her] limits.” Obviously, she has no limits. If she had, she wouldn’t be the mess she is today. It’s time for her to grow up, take responsibility, and get clean for good. If she ever does get clean, I hope she’s absolutely mortified by her behaviour. She certainly should be. As far as her “blame game” BS, after 3 stints in rehab, she certainly ought to know how to accept responsibility for her actions. Absolutely shameful that she doesn’t!

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’ll say this…that pic of her is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time.

    and I have to laugh at what the 6126 person said…I mean, really…how much of a “talented designer” do you have to be to “design” leggings?! And her other “designs” appear to be total ripoff of other designers.

    Not that I’m any fan of Ronson, but she must be a bit freaked out by this point.

  4. Meg says:

    even robert downey jr. thinks little of her-compares her to paris hilton said he’d never work with either of them even if forced- so you know it has more than the fact that she’s an addict, people wouldn’t hate you for that. it’s that she loves fame more than working, she’s in the business for the wrong reasons. at least the kardashians are honest about, yeah we’re fame whores, we have a reality show we cant complain that the paps follow us, it’s why we get paid

  5. Solveig says:

    “The reason Lindsay tries to drown her sorrows and mask her pain was because of my divorce from her mother,”

    No, it’s because you are an asshole and because you exploited her childhood.

  6. canadianchick says:

    I think with her it’s going to get a whole lot worse before she decides to get help. If Sam feels harassed, and I’ve heard there is a restraining order preventing LL from contacting Sam and her family, she should call the police who I’m sure would be happy to place LL in the slammer.

  7. westender says:

    I have to ask the question: Where is Lindsay getting the money for all this travelling and (alleged) drug use? She has not done much in the way of acting lately and I find difficult to believe her clothing line is bringing in much money. Airfare, first class hotels(and first class drugs) all cost some serious change

  8. Smith says:

    Wow I just want to get ahold of this broken girl and not let go until she’s fixed. And that makes me VERY angry because I’m a disinterested stranger and I’m almost moved to action. Where the hell is her MOTHER???

    Also – yes she looks good albeit a little glazed over in that picture. Curious about who or what is financing her ’round the world party??

  9. Rianna says:

    you said it all bellaluna. she should know better but she chooses to stay in this lifestyle because any attention is good attention for her.

  10. Rianna says:

    and i have asked myself that same question smith many times… who the hell is financing her to fly all around the world? she cannot have any money left because it has all disappeared up her vaccum cleaner nose so someone is either lending her money or she was smart enough to put some away for a rainy day but i dont see that happpening…

  11. snowball says:

    I’ve subscribed to People for a while and have read it for years.

    Whether anything they said is true or not (and not just in this case), they have become a trashy rag, not the place that I’d even go to for accurate news anymore. They do things (I’m making this situation up because nothing else is coming to my caffeine-deprived mind) like put that skeeze Montag on the cover, then put a really important celebrity story in some sidebar, then devote a page to it.

    They’re all about the scandal and titillating gossip. I know times suck and they need to move copies, but they’re turning into Star magazine, while the National Enquirer is actually the place to find true stuff (most of the time).

    As for Lindsay’s money, she’s been working a long time and hopefully in spite of the two morons she’s got for parents, someone somewhere invested wisely for her. She also seems to get a lot of stuff free and maybe like Tila Tequila, she’s selling off her jewelry.

    She doesn’t make me mad, I feel pity for her. Until she fixes whatever mental health issues she has, she’s not going to stop doing drugs. And until she stops doing drugs, she’s never going to confront her mental health issues. A bad, bad cycle.

  12. TG says:

    westender you said exactly what I have been thinking the past 2 years. If she is so broke how is she able to keep on going the way she does? Where does her money come from? If I stop working for one day I would be out on the street.

  13. gg says:

    She knows damn well she’s not “allowed to drink”.

  14. NiRa says:

    she looks kinda sane in this one…

  15. Eileen Yover says:

    As far as the financial backing for the traveling and partying: my theory is she gets paid for appearances like the other famewhores. That’s why she was flying to the Austrian Ball -but didn’t have the money to fix her missed flight. He paid her way, and probably everything else….but then she missed her flight that was on him, and didn’t have the cash to get there on her own. Bars, clubs, clothing lines pay these “celebrities” to show up knowing they will be probably making headlines with their trashy or druggie behavior. Any press is good press for them and they could care less about the paid celebrity.

  16. lola lola says:

    I wonder how it is that she isn’t broke already?

  17. JaundiceMachine says:

    Why be famous when it’s so much easier to be infamous?

    Even if she cleans up, she’s been neurologically conditioned to seek attention – the fame/infamy is far more intoxicating than any bender. Lohan is a famewh8re of the highest order – Dina and Michael must be so proud.

  18. QB says:

    Sam Ronson needs to get a restraining order. I think Hohan gets her money from appearance,borrows ( I think 50 say she owes him some money )and credit cards.

  19. ses says:

    The only thing 3+ rehab stays have given her is the ability to regurgitate crap like “I can feel emotions because I choose to.” She thinks this gives the impression that she’s healthy and “healed” (so she can continue her f-ed up charades behind closed doors).

    Hearing this year after year, yet seeing no change…no one’s very forgiving toward Lohan because the “I’m the best ever been!” spiel all just seems so forced.

  20. Erin says:

    if she isn’t already fucking rich businessmen for 50k a night, she will be soon. she’s a drug addict and shopaholic and she sure doesn’t have any film projects headed her way anytime soon.

  21. Carrie says:

    Snowball: I agree with your magazine assessment: somehow over the past few year the National Enquirer has turned into the source that I tend to believe (breaking John Edwards and Tiger Woods completely and solely) while People has turned into more of a tabloid.

    As for Lindsey- doctors should be studying her heart, lungs, and liver. She’s like a human cockroach- she’ll seemingly survive a lifestyle that has killed pretty much everyone else.

  22. HeartBrangelina says:

    She was never that great an actress to begin with, I don’t understand why she is even still getting attention. She’s a joke.

  23. Cat says:

    At #20- what rich business men would want her?? I’m sorry but she’s a wreck!! And always looks dirty.

    I know that’s harsh, and I do feel pity for her, but she needs to quit following the same path to self-destruction!

  24. Red Riding Hood says:

    She looks glazed over.

    I totally believe she sleeps with biz men for money for drugs etc – the yacht over new year belonged to older wealthier men.

    She is heading downwards & will end up dead if she carries on like this – fame or no fame, she is just a really bad deceitful, lying drug addict with no apparent people who care

    but most importantly she is as all addicts do just lying to herself,until that changes it’s all over

  25. NicoleAM says:

    Why do these clubs even allow her in anymore, let alone pay her? Surely they’d rather shell out the cash for bigger more relevant celebs?

  26. skeptical says:

    i am also wondering where she gets her money from. when she was still with Ronson i thought Ronson was funding her.. hence all the always-working and how Ronson tended to look like death warmed over. but surely ronson isn’t funding her now? right?

    where’s her money coming from? is having her show up really such a boon that she’d get such all-expenses paid trips?