Does James Franco in a wet t-shirt make you hot?


This is the new ad for Gucci Pour Homme fragrance starring James Franco, once again. What do you think of a delicious Franco all wet? I think… it needs more nipple. Why didn’t they do it in a white t-shirt? Why isn’t it bigger? Does Gucci smell like “Wet Franco”? By the way, I imagine “Wet Franco” smells mildly better than “wet dog”. Here’s more from People:

Following James Franco’s good-natured spoof of his earlier Gucci Pour Homme fragrance ad campaign on Funny Or Die, the actor is officially back in front of the camera for the Italian luxury brand’s newest scent, Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme.

“James Franco is perfect for this fragrance and perfect for Gucci,” the brand’s creative director, Frida Giannini, tells WWD. “He personifies the sort of nonchalance and unforced appeal that is most attractive in a man. In the advertising campaign, he captures the fragrance’s casual, modern and masculine air.”

Shot by famed fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in Cannes, France, the new series depicts a very wet and chiseled Franco gazing seductively into the camera after a fully-clothed dip in a pool. The sporty fragrance, a mix of fresh citrus scents and masculine undertones like veviter, is available in stores now with products ranging from a deodorant stick for $27 to a 50 ml spray at $57.

[From People]

Last year, Franco even showed he had a good sense of humor about his Gucci modeling contract, and he did a pretty good Funny or Die spoof-voiceover bit for the actual Gucci commercial. I know it’s old news, but it’s still a funny video:

Oh, Jesus. He’s got a mustache too now! Dammit, very few men can pull off this look and you’re not one of them, Franco!

60th Berlin International Film Festival - Howl Premiere

Gucci ad courtesy of People Magazine.

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38 Responses to “Does James Franco in a wet t-shirt make you hot?”

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  1. Kim says:

    Yikes. That moustache is… ill-informed. I don’t ever want to look at James Franco and see Sean Penn. It’s just not right.

  2. smilelover says:

    would be useless, I’m a woman and he’s gay

  3. Karen says:

    I really don’t care what his sexual orientation is, he is so damn sexy!

  4. ela says:

    Good work with PHOTOSHOP!!. He is not this chiseled.

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    Rockin’ a porn-stache? That knocks a good 40-percent off his previous score of 95-percent hot. Now he’s only 55-percent hot. Way to go, Franco. And, what’s up with the gay movie?

  6. Francophile says:

    Yes, yes it does. He’s dreamy.

  7. k says:

    mmmmmmm…. I could just eat him up.

  8. princess pea says:

    Re your questions about me and James Franco:
    Would I could I, if he’s wet?
    Would I, could I, in a jet?
    Would I, could I, with a ‘stache?
    Would I, in a pile of trash?
    Would I, could I, in the buff?
    Could I ever get enough?

    (A: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no)

  9. yo says:

    bahahaha, truth

  10. meilamon says:


  11. Fire says:

    it’s nice to see he does actually shower sometimes…

  12. ien says:

    lmfaoooo @ princess pea

  13. Obvious says:

    that thing on his face just aged him 50 years

  14. Enonymous says:

    Blah! He has never been hot, so no. Most of the Hollywood men today look decent on adverts and magazine covers thanks to photoshop but in reality they ALL are fug.

  15. Ursaline says:

    @princess pea: LOVE IT!!!!

  16. snapdragon says:

    no. no, he doesn’t.

  17. sarah says:

    He is soooo sexy, even with the creepy mustache.

  18. wif says:

    I like his acting, but I don’t find him sexy.

  19. fizXgirl314 says:

    ummmm… in short.. YES… *blush*

  20. drakeula says:

    sigh. luvs him.

  21. LolaBella says:

    Why yes, yes it does.

  22. QB says:

    Yes he does.

  23. ThunderC*nt says:

    wasn’t he in that movie with Seth as a blond. He was gorgeous but I guess he was wearing fake hand painted contacts and bleached hair. Hey, women do it all the time. If Paris Hilton didn’t don fake eyes and not her natural brown hair and eyes and original hook nose, nobody would recognize her.

  24. JC126 says:

    YES, James Franco in a wet t shirt makes me hot! He is ALWAYS hot!

  25. canadianchick says:

    @princess pea..I bow down to your poetry skills, rock on.

  26. Rianna says:

    princess pea that was a classic!

  27. Hellencatherine says:

    The Sexiest Man Alive

  28. Karen says:

    @Sumodo1 – That makes you sound really homophobic, hopefully that was not your intention.

  29. vange says:

    He looks more like Steve Buscemi in the stache picture and that is distinctly not sexy.

  30. tia says:

    he’s not so hot. why? because he looks too conceited to have a thought in his head.

  31. Kelly says:

    I really cant get there with this guy. I like dark looks but there’s something rodent-ious about this piece, something that makes it look like his soul is being compressed by the weight of hidden commitments, or perhaps a pact with Satan that was intended to keep his eyes from being waaaay too close together but hey it’s just like the prince of darkness to fuck you over half an inch.


  32. jessica says:

    Yes. very hot!

  33. Anne says:

    He is not a looker I dont know why everyone calls him hot.

  34. Tia C says:

    Yes, in or out of the t-shirt, wet or dry. He is not my usual taste in men, but in a perfect world (that is, one in which I would actually have a chance, lol) I would SO hit it.

  35. t-shirt man says:

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  36. I think hes relay hot in his wet Shirts.