Tiger Woods’ wife refuses to move back in with him

Tiger Woods apologizes for irresponsible and selfish behavior in Florida
Radar Online is reporting that Elin Woods is putting her foot down and is refusing to move back in with her cheating husband, Tiger. Elin and Tiger have been staying in separate homes in Florida since the scandal. They’ve also been spotted playing tennis, however, and it was thought that Elin was in therapy with Tiger and quietly supporting him behind the scenes. She did go with her husband and their two children to Arizona and just returned to Orlando, Florida on Saturday night. Last week we heard a report from the National Enquirer that Elin had rejected therapy with Tiger and that his marriage was all but over. If this story in Radar is correct, Tiger is still on very thin ice:

Elin returned to Orlando, Florida on Saturday night, as RadarOnline.com was first to report. She and Tiger and their two children spent a week out of town – their first extended time together since shortly after Thanksgiving.

And while Tiger has apologized to Elin over and over, she can’t bring herself to move back into the house they shared, a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com.

“She’s put the divorce on hold, but she’s not caving in and doing everything he wants,” the source said. “It looks like they will stay married — but I don’t know what kind of marriage it’s going to be.”

Tiger has been linked to at least 14 other women during the course of his marriage. That betrayal caused Elin to move out of their home and into a nearby rented house.

Elin has also taken off her wedding ring.

“Tiger is trying to win her back,” the source told RadarOnlne.com. “He’s being as patient as he can because he knows he caused all this. But he’s not a patient guy by nature.”…

Tiger has asked Elin to move back home several times, including last week.

“But she’s still saying no,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “And it’s impossible to know if or when she’ll change her answer.”

[From Radar Online]

Tiger is currently in Arizona, where he was thought to be attending another rehab as a follow-up to the inpatient sex addiction treatment he received in Mississippi. The NY Post reports that Tiger is receiving private counseling at a private home, and is not in traditional rehab. He probably wanted to make sure that none of the details of his treatment were leaked to the press. There were plenty of stories in The National Enquirer about how he was belittling the other patients in his Mississippi rehab and refusing to admit that he had a problem. They also claimed that he had an addiction to the prescription drugs Vicodin and Ambien and that he “blamed a lot of his cheating behavior on his drug addiction, saying that the drugs were responsible for impairing his judgment.”

Tiger Woods announces he will take an indefinite break from golf

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  1. bellaluna says:

    Some things just can’t be fixed. When your husband cheats on you with as many women as Tiger did, not using protection, putting your and your children’s health at risk; that’s not something that can be fixed. No matter how many times he apologises, no matter what he buys her, he’s still blaming drugs and a sense of entitlement for what he did. Not the way to handle it, dumba$$.

  2. SammyHammy says:

    Who can blame her? After such a deep betrayal, I’m surprised she’s even spending time with him at all.

  3. canadianchick says:

    He should give her her space and focus on healing and connecting to his kids. If he is pressuring her to come home he’s still thinking too much about his own needs.

  4. Ursaline says:

    I’d be moving out of that house where he was screwing other women. There is just no way I wouldn’t be visualizing it whenever I was there. What a horrible thing for him to do, to ruin their home in addition to ruining their marriage.

  5. meme says:

    tiger turned out to be a huge dumbass. why would she go back to him? i don’t understand why she even talks to him.

  6. BReed says:

    She deserves to take her time and figure out what will make her happy. I wouldn’t let him near me till he took a Clorox shower.

  7. lilred says:

    I see no reason she should move back in with him.

  8. Hautie says:

    I suspect Elin knew he was screwing around the entire time. But could not prove it.

    A man that spent that much time chasing ass around… his wife will notice. He probably spent alot of time telling Elin she was crazy. That he was not cheating.

    And them BOOM! Busted!

    Yet, I bet he never thought in a million years, that over a dozen women would crawl out of the shadows. And tell on his ass! haha!

    So all the begging in the world is not going to get Elin to forget, his denying he was screwing around. Calling her crazy.

    But to be financially secure she needs to do what she has to do… and get his sorry cheating butt back on the course earning money.

  9. lucy2 says:

    For the kids’ sake, I hope they can have as amicable a relationship as possible, but in no way could I understand trying to save that marriage.

  10. Tazina says:

    He will be good for a while but if I were Elin, I’d be thinking down the road about 10 years, when she’ll be 40 years old, still lovely but what will Tiger be wanting then? girls in their 20’s? She is likely wondering about wasting her 30’s on a cheater of this magnitude who only stopped when he got caught from a lifestyle he seemed to enjoy in the extreme. She must be terribly torn about this whole thing, on one side him begging her to come back, promising to never cheat again, and then the other side which is so uncertain.

  11. Feebee says:

    Elin standing her ground in this way sounds like torture for a guy like Tiger. And that’s the least she can do for him. I hope she takes her time figuring out what she wants to do.

  12. Carey says:

    When you think of all the dreams he shattered with his selfishness, it is absolutely heartbreaking.

  13. ann says:

    FINALLY. A small glimmer of sanity in this cesspool of insanity.
    I looked up the word cesspool and it means: a filthy, discusting, or morally corrupt place. (freedictionary.com)
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  14. Raven says:

    I hope they can work it out, but the odds are against them. Tiger seems to do well with challenges. He screws up when things are too easy. She may understand this and the advantage that comes with not moving back at this time. While they are living separately, he’s having to put his energy into the relationship, which is where it belongs.

  15. Roma says:

    I just can’t comprehend the thought of her staying with him; but I guess the rumours of Tiger still seeing Rachel have died down?

  16. ligeia says:

    i heard that people were taunting her on the street to leave him.

  17. Chana says:

    She shouldn’t go back to him. A man who cheated on such a level is not worthy of a marriage.

    What is the point of being married if he’s just going to go off and have sex with other women?

    He wants to have the marriage and have the girls on the side. But Elin found out, very publicly, and now she’s going to have to deal with it publicly.

    I personally will have no respect for her if she doesn’t divorce him.

  18. snapdragon says:

    she needs to take the huge settlement she will get and run as far as she can from this cheating man-slut.

  19. Emanuel says:

    Well she made the right decision by not moving back in with him. But i still feel she should give him a chance. Because he is obviously sorry for his sins…

  20. nnn says:

    He put HER in danger !

    People don’t realise it but she is living a nightmare right now of another much higher proportion than the mere fact of being the cheated wife.

    He may have infected her with nasty things, included HIV. You need three tests at least during the coming 18 months to be sure you are ok.

    How can you even think staying with a smooth criminal who has traumatized you to this level.

    If, you don’t want your wife anymore, leave her, dump her but don’t play the devil by mixing different genes in a nasty cesspoll being one who could carry, transfer the lethal virus from one another and kill the mother of your children or even kill one of the other companions of those women who is someone’s child, someone’s friend ect….

  21. gg says:

    nnn, I totally agree.

    I also agree with everybody but Emanuel. You must be the only man here, dude. lol

  22. Leek says:

    What an ASSHOLE! “Tiger isn’t very patient.” Obviously. Uuugh, he and his mistresses are all so disgusting that it makes me want to set myself on fire.

    He deserves a hooker with a cold sore on her lip, a case of the clap, and erectile dysfunction. Fourteen women is not a mistake, 14 women is complete and total arrogance and disrespect for the HEALTH of his wife and children.

    He can have a second chance getting screwed by Uday and Qusay Hussein in Hell.

    Oh, and Tiger, get an acting coach next time you do a press conference. You have the money so use it for something beneficial. Idiot.

  23. moo says:

    Elin? Every time Tiger asks you to forgive him, just say this to yourself;

  24. Jag says:

    Exactly. 14 other women that came forward; there could be more. I hope she takes him for every penny he makes, and I love that she’s stringing him along, making him think there’s a chance. Team Elin!

  25. Lway says:

    What Elin went through is/was degrading. When you marry someone, that person should be your best friend, your safe place – yet everything with a skirt on was Tiger’s friend.

    Now he is trying to “win” Elin back? WTF for? He should have thought of that before he betrayed her with 14 other women (not 1 or 2 …. 14!!)

    Tiger is an asshole. Elin should just take her kids and move on already.

  26. Therethere says:

    Of course Elin cannot go back to him, even if he publicly apologises, even if he really does love her and desire to make amends… because if she does, all the women of the world will scoff at her and say “oh, what an idiot she is!”
    Relationships are not always movie-perfect, people! People hurt each other, and sometimes, love means forgiving and giving another chance.

  27. Shaq says:

    A turd of a man.
    Tiger, do the Carridine and just hang it up.

  28. women says:

    Don’t people get sick and tired of hounding the couple to see if they are still living apart or living together ? Pls…even if they are living apart doesn;t mean they don’t have physical relationship…On the contary, even if they live in same roof does not mean they have a physical relationship… Let them sort things out either remain or not remain in marriage… I think people are more interested to see how Tiger Woods come back in sports because people just love the story of heroic comeback of once-a-bad-guy…
    Stephanie Mcnealy