“Amy Winehouse’s triumphant return to her Camden crack den” links


Amy Winehouse‘s triumphant return to her Camden crack den. [Dlisted]
Yeah, Ryan Gosling is like a little mini-Clive Owen. [LaineyGossip]
I love this dress on Eva Marcille. [Go Fug Yourself]
This close-up of Courtney Love is terrifying. [A Socialite Life]
Boring Audrina Patridge in a boring bikini for FHM UK. [The Blemish]
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev is pissed about the Olympics. [Gawker]
Letterman v. Leno head-to-head begins anew. [Bitten and Bound]
Laetitia Casta‘s boobs. Meh. [Egotastic]
Jennifer Love Hewitt is writing a relationship advice book. *snort* [I’m Not Obsessed]
The Crazies reviewed. It‘s weird that I‘m hot for Timothy Olyphant, right? [Pajiba]
ScarJo is boringly pretty on Elle Canada. [Yeeah]
Will Johnny Depp make a cameo in 21 Jump Street: The Movie? [The Frisky]
Remember when Sophia Vergara fake-dated Tom Cruise? [Celebslam]
Daniel Radcliffe is sad because Harry Potter is ending. [PopEater]
Beyond the unfortunate hair, Parker Posey looks great. [Starpulse]
Kim Kardashian looks like S&M-flavored stuffed sausage. [Hollywood Rag]

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  1. canadianchick says:

    Scarjo looks skinny can see her chest bones.

  2. Goosie says:

    I’m actually kind of excited to see “The Crazies”. It’s been getting pretty good reviews and I can’t resist a well-made horror flick!

    I will love Parker Posey forever.

  3. Eden says:

    She has an amazing voice! I really wish her the best!

  4. Goosie says:

    Oh I forgot to say that Parker’s haircut makes her look like a big toe to me. I don’t know why but that hairstyle always makes people resemble toes.

  5. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Re: Kim Kardashian

    This is definitely NOT her best look. I wish young girls would stop thinking that bigger boobs is the answer to self esteem. I know a lot of posters will rake me over the coals, but I think Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful girl. Yes, she goes heavy on the make-up, but I still think she’s absolutely striking! She also seems like the nicest of all (the older)three sisters. Now, Kris…well here’s a classic example of not wanting to let go of your youth! She, also, is a beautiful woman, but she should really dress a little older than the 20-somethings. Just my humble opinion, guys!

  6. Maria says:

    sounds like someone is a little jealous of audrina, CB writer!

  7. curious says:

    shes is looking much healthier

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  8. Jag says:

    Word of warning: when I clicked on the ScarJo link and the page loaded, my avast antivirus alerted me to a virus found. (Then again when I hit the Back button and the page reloaded, instead of bringing me back here.) A trojan was attempting to download or whatever. Please make sure your antivirus is active and up to date. 🙂

  9. I Choose Me says:

    Nope I totally get being hot for Timothy Olyphant. He’s a terrific, underrated actor and I’d do him in a heartbeat. <3

  10. snapdragon says:

    why did i click on that courtney love link? *shudder*

  11. Blitz says:

    She is very talented, I hope somehow she can repair what ever isn’t working for her because she has so much to offer.