Linda Hamilton: marriage to James Cameron “terrible on every level”


Once again, if you thought Linda Hamilton was going to go gently into that good night, you have been sorely mistaken. As her ex-husband (James Cameron) and one of her ex-husband’s other ex-wives (Kathryn Bigelow) battle it out for the Best Director Oscar, Linda Hamilton just won’t shut up about her divorce from James Cameron, which, by the way, was more than 11 years ago. She gave a lengthy and delusional interview to The Daily Mail less than a month ago, and now she’s given another one (albeit, a shorter one) to The Lady Magazine (a British mag for, you guessed it, the ladies). Linda is still railing about ex-husband “Jimbo” and how their marriage was “terrible on every level”. Jesus, Linda. Get it together.

Cameron has been married five times and Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise, was wife number four. The couple wed in 1997, the year that Cameron made Titanic. It went on to win 11 Oscars, but Hamilton said the film’s success made their marriage even worse.

“It was terrible on every level. I wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready. He was terribly insecure that I was going to ruin it for him somehow, which didn’t make sense since I am an actress in my own right and had been in front of the camera. It was dreadful,” she said.

“Jimbo gave me a big diamond but our marriage was all of nine months, the ring meant nothing to me and I gave it away.”

Hamilton said she hated accompanying her husband to awards ceremonies because their relationship was falling apart behind the scenes.

In an interview with The Lady magazine, the actress claimed: “The parading around, the lunches, the stress of being with Jim during the Titanic days – for years I could barely get make-up on, I was shaking so hard, because every damn award show we had was terrible.”

The marriage ended in 1999 and a year later Cameron married his fifth wife, actress Suzy Amis. Despite their problems, Hamilton, 53, insisted: “I’ve never loved anyone like that since and if I did it would be a different game.”

Hamilton read an early Avatar script when she was with Cameron and was unimpressed, but changed her mind on seeing the finished product. She has watched it twice: “That’s how much I liked it. And I paid both times. I was invited to the screenings [but] I was like, ‘Thanks, Jim, I’ll get this one on my own’.”

In previous interviews, Hamilton has described Cameron as work-obsessed. “Titanic was the mistress he left me for. He was the kind of man who really would rather be at work with the mistress than at home with the wife. That was hard to come to terms with,” she said recently.

Cameron’s first marriage, to Sharon Williams, lasted from 1978-84. He was married to producer Gale Anne Hurd from 1985-89, then to director Kathryn Bigelow from 1989-1991, before Hamilton and Amis.

He and Bigelow will compete for the best director and best picture Oscars on Sunday. Avatar and Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker have nine nominations each.

Hamilton said Cameron was a faithful husband despite his track record of divorces. “He’s not a cheater, he’s a serial monogamist,” she explained.

[From The Telegraph]

Look, I get it. It’s eleven years later and she’s still hung up on the guy, and she thinks that she’s still relevant. So she does this push-pull in interviews of “I hate him, he’s horrible, out marriage was a train wreck and it’s all his fault” while saying in the same breath “I love him so much, I’ll always love him, he’s amazing, he’ll be coming back to me any day now, right?” The thing is that every time Linda opens her mouth, I just end up feeling for Cameron. And I know I shouldn’t! He’s got more money than God, he’s one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, and I’m pretty sure that he really is a terrible person. But something about Linda makes me sympathetic towards him.

12/14/97 Hollywood, CA. Linda Hamilton and James Cameron at the world premiere of "Titanic."

Linda Hamilton in London on February 4, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Ursula says:

    Why after 3 failed marriages does one go ahead and marry the 4th and the 5th time? Clearly if you fail at the first second and third, the marriage shindig is not for you, get the point and take pity on your poor relatives and friends who have to come to each of these weddings while counting down to the divorce.

    Rant over.

    Clearly this woman derives her relevance from her marriage to Cameron. I don’t like such people, who cling onto some thing because it brings them recognition. What happened to pride?

  2. mslewis says:

    Wasn’t Linda a nut case back then? I mean, she has admitted to having mental problems while married to Cameron. Besides, she left her unknown actor husband for Cameron. She’s not exactly innocent.

    Well, her interviews seem to only be with foreign magazines. I don’t remember seeing an interview with People or even the ragmags in the States. Poor Linda should realize that nobody really cares what she thinks about James Cameron. When a director has two movies that make BILLIONS, he all of a sudden becomes bulletproof and nothing a crazy ex-wife says about him will change that. She needs to just shut her mouth and spend those millions she got in the divorce settlement.

  3. CeeCee12 says:

    Kaiser-Well she admitted to being bipolar several years ago so maybe that is what you are picking up on. She wasn’t taking medication back then so I am guessing she wasn’t a walk in the park either. I heard he was a class A egomaniac so imagine that combo.
    Girlfriend needs to chill on her cringe worthy interviews.

  4. teehee says:

    Chemistry- some bring out each others worst and yet are comletely differet people when with somepone else instead.
    Some people just werent meant for each other.

    Being work obsessed doesnt necessarily make anyone a terrible person at the core. Just someone who needs to re-prioritize, or be true to their earnest priorities on the outside.

  5. Melanie says:

    I hope his ex-wife number 3 beats his azz and wins a Oscar. That would be justice. I just don’t get Avatar. It was predictable every step of the way.

  6. Majosha says:

    I actually feel bad for this woman. In her mind, she’s giving the public some much-coveted insight into her life with “Jimbo,” but in actuality, she’s just making an ass of herself. Let’s hope a friend and/or family member intervenes and tells her to stop yapping about this nonsense.

  7. El Predicto says:

    Wow….did you know she got a 50 million dollar divorce settlement? You’d think with that sort of money, she’d possibly STFU. Guess not.

  8. Tia C says:

    Bless her heart, she is looking ROUGH in those pix. That is a shame, I have had a chick crush on her for years. Time does march on, though, doesn’t it? It sounds like she needs to stop talking to the tabs about all this ancient history and talk to a therapist instead.

  9. Ponytail says:

    The Lady magazine ? My goodness, that’s a bit of a change in style (for them). It’s basically a magazine for people who have country homes, who have nannies and au-pairs and gardeners. They run adverts for stair-lifts, it’s really not a normal woman’s magazine, and I can’t remember them ever doing feature articles on gossip before.

  10. bellaluna says:

    I read that he said something along the lines of “Anyone can be a husband and a father. Only one other person can do what I do.” Arrogance like that would seriously make a marriage miserable on all accounts, no matter what the other partner’s mental state.

  11. nikki says:

    he was married 5 times(???) he’s the elisabeth taylor of men!

  12. snapdragon says:

    who would marry someone who has been married 3 or 4 times before? and why would someone want to keep marrying over and over? celebs get paid to attend screenings? so many questions.

  13. Feebee says:

    She was sitting in my sister’s seat on a airplane going from LA to London. My sister said she seemed really nice and she was very gushy over my 6 month old nephew but also a little spaced out. May explain why she was in the wrong seat.

    She needs to get something together and stop talking about Cameron.

  14. mslewis says:

    Yes, she should stop talking about her ex, if not for her own sake, perhaps she should think about the daughter they have together. The girl should be an adult by now, or close to it, but still, saying nasty thing about her father probably doesn’t sit well. Linda also has a son by her first husband. Maybe the kids could stage an intervention and make her get some therapy. That $50M settlement should be enough to pay for it.

    Cameron has been married five times but his other three ex-wives seem to be friends with him. Only Linda seems to hold a grudge. Maybe she’s still in love with him and the other three settled for a friendship. Cameron has said he spends Christmas in one place with ALL of his ex-wives, his current wife and ALL of his children. Bet that’s cozy!!

    Personally, I like James Cameron and his arrogance. He sure backs it up with the money he has made for the studios (and himself, of course). It’s not bragging if it’s true!! He won’t win an Oscar and I don’t think he cares. Kathleen Bigelow deserves to win, even though her movie made me cringe and cover my face.

  15. Green Is Good says:

    Oh, please. Linda got a BOATLOAD of alimony out Jim Cameron. What the hell does she have to be bitter about? She never has to work again, which gives her plenty of time bash a guy she’s be divorced from for 11 years.

  16. Maritza says:

    Wow, she has not aged well. Bitterness does not help at all at keeping young. But I agree,you got to be out of your mind to marry a man that has been divorced so many times and think you’ll be the one.

  17. isabelle says:

    Linda: get a life.

  18. lucy2 says:

    File this headline under “Duh”.

  19. Ellen Smith says:

    He was married three times before he married Linda. Lousy track record. How arrogant of her to think she would be “the one” to make it stick. She obviously has not gotten laid since being married to him. I guess she’s just remembering the lousy sex.

  20. DrM says:

    Holy crap she looks terrible! …wow… That’s some change in 11 years. Not a happy lady I would surmise…

  21. nnn says:

    Apparently he has been married nearly 10 years this last time around and has three children with his present wife (one with Linda who was already a divorced mother when she married him).

    So maybe the 4 exes were not the right one for him and probably that this time around, building a family with the right woman and three children that he raise conjointly with her is the REAL DEAL this time around for him.

    As for Linda she should STFU. She has a daughter whose half siblings are also wife number 5 children and who are vulnerable and young.

    She should behave herself for the sake of all those children.

  22. Wow, she does not look nice. Tsk tsk.

  23. jim bob says:

    This jerk-off thinks he walks on water..
    james, james most turds do float my man.
    Are you contemplating exiting your closet jimmy?