Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show

Palin addresses the Tea Party

Sarah Palin was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, which now goes head to head with The Late Show with David Letterman. Sadly, Leno is faring better in the ratings. Sigh… why does our country reward mediocrity so much? Along those same lines, Palin was just as annoying as I expected her to be. I try to watch her thinking she’ll more tolerable but she just doesn’t. I’m sure there will be people who accuse me of judging with my blue-tinted glasses on, but the issue to me is that the woman is just not articulate at all. There are venom-spewing harpies that I don’t find as hard to watch because they’re able to string together complete sentences.

Anyway, Palin does deserve some points for poking fun of herself for the hand writing incident. If she did it on purpose to get publicity then she’s smarter than I thought. I guess you can be media savvy and still have trouble delivering a coherent message. Or you could be completely on point and media saavy and just make promises you can’t ever keep, like Pres. Obama. Do I sound disillusioned with politics? Because I am, I really am. Maybe Matt Damon and I should hang out.

Here’s some of what Palin said. She also delivered the monologue and there were some zingers, you betcha. The videos are also here if you’re able to sit through them all. What the hell is she talking about half the time? I’m serious, I really want to know. She makes sense sometimes, but she also makes a lot of vague statements and rambles on without giving enough details to back up what she’s saying.

Sarah Palin—or any politician, for that matter—would have a hard time of it if she couldn’t laugh at herself.

“Hey Jay, we’re going old school tonight,” the former governor of Alaska told Jay Leno in The Tonight Show’s opening bit Tuesday, pointing to the words “Good evening and welcome to the tonight show” printed on her hand.

Aka, “the poor boy’s version of the teleprompter,” which is what she called it during her interview when Leno asked about being caught with a list of talking points inked on her hand during a recent speech.

“I took notes [when I was a kid], I take notes today, even on the palm of my hand, and just to get the left all whee-whee’d up and get their heads spinning, I’m going to promise to keep doing it!” declared the perennially perky hockey mom.

Palin also addressed that whole Family Guy thing while chatting with Jay tonight…

“What I would desire is more opportunity to follow up on a comment that perhaps I’ve made,” she said, pointing to the Family Guy episode that featured a girl with Down syndrome making a thinly veiled Palin reference as an example of her not getting the chance to talk enough.

“Jay, you’ve gone through this, too, especially in the last few months,” Palin continued as Leno feigned disagreement. “It’s like that old saying, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can even get its pants on in the morning.”

It is just like that, isn’t it?

Leno also asked Palin about the possibility of abandoning politics (and Fox News!) for her own talk show one day.

“I hear once in awhile this comes open,”she quipped, tapping Leno’s brand-new desk.

Palin then proceeded to try her hand at a monologue—”I will know these jokes like the front of my hand,” she said—to prove that she’s as good a candidate as anybody to take over the next time the Tonight Show hosting chair is up for grabs.

[From E! Online]

Kaiser told me she was watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe today and that Joan Walsh quipped of Palin’s performance “She was magnificent. I hope she runs for president.” I don’t know, we had Bush as a President for eight years and he was just as challenged at expressing himself. “Fool me once… can’t get fooled again” although I’m thinking that if anyone can do it, Palin and her babbling can.

Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show Part 1:

Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show Part 2

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  1. The only reason I like Sarah Palin in the news is because it gives Tina Fey another chance to do her one of a kind impersonations which I find hilarious. Sarah Palin seems ill equipped in so many ways I pray she doesn’t waste time and money running for president when its that time again.

  2. Anna says:

    Oh god, I couldn’t even get through half of the first clip before thinking “life’s too short”. Sarah Palin and objective, balanced journalism… at Fox? There’s nothing in that sentence that isn’t wrong. And that douchebag Leno trying to polish up his own image and agreeing with her “yah, I watch both, I like to get all sides”, puhleeze! That’s when I switched off and decided to write an angry comment instead 😀

    Please, someone tell me what ammunition I should use to kill that Harbinger of Doom that Sarah Palin is. Silver bullets maybe? Wooden stake? All of the above and maybe something else too? Ugh. I can’t believe I have to breathe the same air as this waste of cells.

  3. MICHELLE says:


  4. annie says:

    Anna, you wanna kill her? Really? I know you’re kidding, but get ahold of yourself, makes you look really bad.

  5. Judy says:

    Yes, she does have the I.Q. of a squirrel and since when do we reward people for being quitters? I still can’t believe she just “quit” as Governor of Alaska in the middle of her term. She’s such a loser.

  6. andrea says:

    wow, jay leno really is an ass-kissing wimp with no integrity. which is a hell of a lot nicer description that i would ever give sarah palin.

    and what the hell is on her head?

  7. Megan says:

    I love that “Fool me once…can’t get fooled again” quote – always makes me laugh! I wonder if you heard the story where he and Laura were driving home from a speech he’d made and when he asked her how he did and she said that it wasn’t that good he drove through the garage door! She told that story on tv years ago but it still sticks in my memory 🙂

  8. Melanie says:

    Why is she relevant again?

  9. Ron says:

    Who is she really? Everything that comes out of her seems like a canned, rehearsed reposonse or one liner and she reads as insincere. Even my die hard republican mother can’t stand her which really says something. She is in no way shape or form smart enough to be in the executive branch.

  10. the other mel says:

    Oh man, I watched her on Leno for about 2 minutes before I wanted to wretch. She looks good, I will give her that, but her familiar, folksy ways and nasal voice make my ears bleed. And Jay Leno is so irrelevant anymore (as evidenced by those jokey headlines he goes through that are pasted on matte board)…he did the same bit on his 10 pm show. Mind you, I never watched that show for more than 5 minutes while flipping channels, but it was always the same tired schtick. It appears he is aiming to please the geriatric crowd.

  11. simplicity says:

    She wanted to become a sportscaster. Too bad she hasn’t. Blah, blah, blah, nothing.

    I didn’t watch the full clip, she just isn’t entertaining, well except with a turkey dying in the background.

  12. Lem says:

    I caught it. I actually found her quite charming and slightly amusing.
    Not in a political sense mind you, in a talk show sense. I think whenever it went political is when she lost ground. She was charming and had quick quips but whatever she was saying ‘politically’ made no freaking sense at all.

  13. Lem says:

    Also: it was hard to ration that that WASN’T Tina Fey
    ~ seriously what happened to her mannerisms when discussing the Tea Party or McCain.~

  14. dee says:

    This is another chick i dont get the big deal with. Ive yet to hear an intelligent answer from her about anything. Not sure how she could even be considered a candidate for any political position. I think she was supposed to make an otherwise unappealing presidential candidate more appealing b/c she’s considered attractive. But as far as actually being able to do anything worthwhile, I have my doubts.

  15. Neelyo says:

    ‘Joan Walsh quipped of Palin’s performance “She was magnificent. I hope she runs for president.”

    I don’t know who Joan Walsh is but she must be an idiot if she bases her decision on a candidate’s qualifications on how well they managed The Tonight Show.

  16. ElizabethM says:

    LOL @Ron! My die hard Republican mother hates Palin so much she voted for Obama. Seriously. I almost died of shock.

  17. Tia C says:

    @ Ron: Couldn’t agree more, and it does my heart good to hear that your die hard Republican mother has no use for her, either.

    I would think Republicans would be mightily embarrassed by her lack of IQ. But then, as someone else pointed out, W was President for 8 years, so… go figure. I’ve tried to like Palin, because the poor dear seems SOOO eager to be liked, but I simply cannot. I can’t get past the uber-nasal voice, the improbably hokey accent and the fact that her poor little one brain cell can’t string two facts together!! May she go away and rust in peace.

  18. Lindsay says:

    When I was watching her interview I kept wondering if the audience was preselected. Californians tend to be Democrats usually, and I believe it is one of those states that is almost assured in elections to win that state. Even some Republicans are a bit turned off by her. No one booed and a lot of clapping and laughter which I did not expect. However, with the low bar she set for herself seemed to be one of her best televised interviews.

  19. Anna says:

    @annie – yes, I’m joking, of course I would never, ever want to kill someone. I was just caught up in my rage there I guess 🙂 and I used that line because of Palin’s idiot “my father tells me what ammunition…” yadidyadiya thing. It’s just that everytime I see that she gets airtime and gets a chance to open her stupid mouth, I have this inane fear that somehow, she will manage to fool enough people into becoming followers of hers and then do something really horrendous, like try to run for office and, gasp, succeed… I just wish she’d go away and she refuses. Bad Sarah, bad.

  20. Sally G says:

    Evil, ignorant, greedy, bigoted, hypocritical,lazy witch. I wish she would go away.

  21. Scout says:

    If you are going to bash someone for their low IQ score, be sure to use spellcheck! It knows how to spell squiRRel! 🙂

  22. BReed says:

    Sarah P is an interesting personality. She is a regular person like most of us. While I might not agree with all of her politics (and I don’t agree with a LOT of politicians)she is a straight shooter and has a lot of self confidence. Guess we will all wait and see what the future holds for her.

  23. annie says:

    If you don’t like her, ignore her, you’re all feeding this, you make her relevant by always having something to say about her.

  24. TaylorB says:

    It would be interesting to see if she were only on radio if she would be so popular, a milieu where she had to sell herself and her positions on merit alone; people who are willfully incurious and intellectually stunted are easier to suss out if they can’t charm with a wink and a smile. I think this litmus test should be applied to all politicians in every party.

  25. BReed says:

    TaylorB, I do believe she has a degree in journalism and has a background in radio in Alaska, perhaps in sports…can’t recall.

  26. CeeCee12 says:

    I simply can’t with this woman.

  27. Emily says:

    Why do people keep giving her air time? Please, just pack her back off to Alaska already. Sorry for any Alaskans reading this… This bitch just scares me. The thought of her becoming president, well, I’m with Anna. Harbinger of doom. Annoying, incoherent doom.

  28. Dan says:

    I never watch these kinds of shows but Grandma and Grampa need something to watch right?
    Hey why not have her on? She’s a lightning rod (just read these comments)… SNL did it, her with awesome wacko Baldwin (love him).

  29. Gretchen says:

    You guys kill me — you make fun of Sarah Palin because she’s not polished. I am a Republican and while I’m not a huge fan of Sarah Palin, ANYONE would be a better president than the lunatic we have in the White House right now. And by the way, as Kaiser said, he’s a very polished speaker, but that is about it. Unfortunately, he is spending us into a very, very dangerous place. And if you believe his lie that “he inherited” it, then you need to stop being a puppet and do your own darn investigation on what has happened to the deficit for the past year. For all his “intelligence” I have never in my life seen a more stupid individual in action. And folks, if you can’t see what he is doing, then YOU are the idiot!

  30. Ron says:

    The whole thing was funny. My Mom is as republican as you can get and yet has three out of four pretty liberal kids. When Sarah Plain and Dumb first came onto the scene my Mom thought she was great. I argued that you wouldn’t take the very popular manager of the third smallest Wal-Mart and appoint her VP of the company no matter how good of a job she had done, but Mom was having none of it….Until…The Katie Couric interview. She called me a few days after that and said, and I quote:
    “I have to apologize to you”
    I said “Why?”
    Mom said “You were right”
    “About what?” I said.
    Mom said ” Alright. That Palin woman is a idiot. I assume you saw the Couric interview, and I’d surprised after that debacle if she has posable thumbs”
    Repulican or not, my Mom is hilarious.

  31. Trillion says:

    TaylorB, that’s an interesting idea. It could never happen here but it’s an interesting idea. A by-product of capitalism- everything, even our politicians, are reduced to merely products in our society. Marketed, branded, re-branded, consumed. Ad nauseum.

  32. Jules says:

    Do you know I honestly used to think Alaska was just a gorgeous place that I would like to visit someday. I had no idea that I was supposed to look down on Alaskans as pathetic and stupid until the media told me to in 2008. I am so glad that I listened to the brilliant media so that I can effectively stereotype everyone from the state. Who knew? I mean I was so much better than the people in this state for all this time, and I never knew it! Whew- glad someone told me how pathetic they all were. I guess I wasn’t in on the joke that was pathetic, stupid Alaska. I will now add that to all the flyover states and the south as places that I should make bigoted remarks about so that I can feel superior. What states are ok to live in now so that you can be perceived as smart and have the right accent so other people will think you are ok? Does anyone know? Please let me know asap. I am so desperate for your approval. I DEFINITELY don’t want to live in one of those DUMB states. Help!!!

  33. Trillion says:

    A degree in journalism don’t mean squat. That’s one of those dumb majors. I know. It was mine during my Freshman year.

  34. bros says:

    Emily, we dont want her either!

  35. Jules says:


    Michelle, when making bigoted remarks and bashing other people’s intelligence, you might want to at least spell your words correctly. Otherwise, you are not too convincing as a judge of intellectual prowess.

  36. Trillion says:

    I hate it that a public figure can make an over the top display of their stupidity and hypocrisy and then get away with it by “poking fun at themselves” publicly. She makes Dan Quayle look like a genius. The smarter members of the right should be deeply embarrassed by her. Straight shooter. Yeah right. Straight shootin’ bullsh*t.

  37. annie says:

    The politicians already are branded,marketed and consumed. Anyone in the public area is branded,marketed and consumed and it is they’re choice too!

  38. Emily says:

    @bros where can we send her then?

  39. e-non says:

    sarah palin is a grifter who is grabbing every dollar she can from the fools who worship her.

  40. Dhavy says:

    She should go back o wath Russia from her backyard. Seriously, this woman is an embarrassment to the US. No wonder some countries think our politicians are idiots. Republicans should not even acknowledge her

  41. ThunderC*nt says:

    Boycotting Jay besides- Conan is on Twitter now.

  42. Trillion says:

    You’ve missed the point, Annie. Oh well.

  43. Anna says:

    @Trillion – you can’t generalise like that about a journalism degree. It all depends where you get it and how good you were at it. There are some very prestigious journalism schools who make world-class journalists.

    However, I highly doubt that Sarah Palin’s degree means much or that she was particularly good at it. If it had or if she’d truly felt the journalism gene inside her, she’d probably have stayed in that career track some way or another.

  44. djork says:

    Thanks, Jay. You dumbass dipsh*t closet neocon.

  45. Trillion says:

    Anna, you know Trillion better than that by now, don’t you?

  46. CB Rawks says:

    Her hair looks terrible down. (Is she wearing a Bumpit?)
    Since her brain is essentially a void, I think she should at least try to have a business-like appearance, to trick people into thinking she has substance. Therefore, back to the up-do, like McCain’s team had her wearing.

  47. Bobby the K says:


    Just because someone has confidence, doesn’t mean they have any integrity.

  48. Chana says:

    Hee! A Bumpit!

    Anyway, this woman is folksy and cute and all but holy moly I don’t think ANYONE wants her to run this country in any capacity.

    jules, where on earth did anyone say that all Alaskans are dumb? This one is quite…special, but I’ve read through all the comments and the only state stereotype I’ve read is that Californians are generally democratic. Which is probably true. I think 98% of my district voted for Obama.

  49. annie says:

    Trillion, I have’nt missed the point, whats wrong with people getting on radio so it’s just the person and their principles we hear, no frills,I think you’re jumbling things together.

  50. e.non says:

    and to prove my point — but the fools keep defending her:

    Palin and her entourage were seen partaking in one of celebrity’s lushest rituals — the Oscar gifting suite.

    While the group was loading up on freebies, the Los Angeles Times reported that, “Palin’s middle child, Willow, got her hair styled, receiving a blowout from Erick Orellana of the Chris McMillan Salon (Jennifer Aniston’s longtime hairstylist).”

    The Times also indicated that Palin was supposed to donate $1,700 along with all of her gift items to the Red Cross, which is currently helping with relief efforts in Haiti and Chile.

    But E! Online insists, “we can assure you she did not give up any of her swag.” They quote an unnamed vendor who claims that upwards of 20 people from the Palin camp swarmed the event. “They were like locusts,” he told the entertainment news outlet.

  51. annie says:

    Trillion, explain it to me then.
    Ron, my next door neighbor just apologized to me last week for voting for Obama

  52. Ursaline says:

    @ Sally G: Evil, ignorant, greedy, bigoted, hypocritical,lazy witch. I wish she would go away.

    I agree that she’s absolutely awful. The latest thing is how she cleaned out the free stuff at the Oscar gift suite and wouldn’t even give the merchants the publicity photos that they are there for. Why does she need 40 sets of free headphones and a roomful of free stuff that she said she’d donate but never did?

    Liar, liar, pants on fire. And people want her in public office. Ugh.

  53. Anna says:

    @Trillion – *lol* apparently, I don’t? 😀

  54. TaylorB says:


    Yes she does have a degree in journalism. But it took her something like 5 schools and 6 years to attain that degree. Do you consider that an acceptable background for the POTUS, a person who should be well versed in constitutional issues? While I dislike her demeanor, I would consider Ann Coulter (Lawyer and versed in politics) much better suited for POTUS; and I would suspect in a radio debate Coulter would wipe the floor with Palin.

    To the others: Say what you will about the current POTUS but he is, as a former Constitutional Law Prof (adjunct) very familiar with the document; you may not like his policies but I would be mighty careful unless I was Steven Hawkings to label him a fool because you will, and should, be called out on that comment.

    To dislike a POTUS policies is a perfectly fine thing and it is very patriotic to question your leaders decisions, however to simply parrot people who hate that leader based on their party affiliation is childish. No person who runs for POTUS ‘hates’ this country or wishes it ill will, they just have different ways of looking at how to improve the country and help the citizens… granted from time to time those tactics are stupid but that is why we can vote them out of office.

  55. Jules says:

    “jules, where on earth did anyone say that all Alaskans are dumb? This one is quite…special, but I’ve read through all the comments and the only state stereotype I’ve read is that Californians are generally democratic. Which is probably true. I think 98% of my district voted for Obama.”

    Oh, gee, I don’t know. The Alaska jokes have only been all over the news for a couple of years now. And apparently everyone here has bought into it. You may not like Sarah Palin, and that is 100% ok, but I have no idea where the dumb comes from. She in all honesty killed Joe Biden at their debate. People expected her to show up and just slobber. Why underestimate her so much? Because she is attractive and a woman? And you can’t be pretty and have 2 brains cells? Or she has an accent that people don’t like? I can’t stand to listen to her talk, but it doesn’t lead me to believe that she’s dumb or hate her, or compare her intelligence to a ‘squirrel’. I am just sick of the over the top bashing–that’s all. She’s done nothing wrong except exist. Everyone else gets a pass for doing MUCH dumber stuff than she does. I could post a million examples, but the moderators will take it down again because it doesn’t support their views. Why pick on her? She’s obviously an accomplished person. What is the need to personally destroy her. People think she’s going to force them to have their Down’s Syndrome children instead of aborting?? Don’t understand the hate, never will. She’s done more than 100% of the people here bashing her. That’s a guarantee.

  56. TaylorB says:


    You are aware that the crash began long before the election, and really hit in Sept of 2008 are you not? And that the first stimulus was sent out in Dec of that year, before the current POTUS was sworn in? So to be fair and honest, regardless of political party, that was in fact inherited.

    I understand that you dislike the POTUS and have every right to do so, but at least be clear in your facts otherwise it eliminates the validity of some practical criticisms you could make.

  57. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “She in all honesty killed Joe Biden at their debate.”

    um…did you watch the same one that the rest of the world did? because she in NO way “killed” Biden. she did perform much better than people expected her to, but the overall impression was that Biden won that one.

    the reason people think she’s dumb (or, in my case, uninformed/intellectually incurious) is because of what she has shown them.

    not being able to name even ONE newspaper you read? thinking that being able to see Russia from your state qualifies you in the arena of international affairs? FFS, she didn’t even know what the VP’s job is.

    there are lots of dumb things she’s said…

    so, THAT’S “where the dumb comes in”.

  58. Jules says:

    “um…did you watch the same one that the rest of the world did? because she in NO way “killed” Biden. she did perform much better than people expected her to, but the overall impression was that Biden won that one.”

    Um, yes I watched EVERY SECOND of the debate. She DESTROYED him. Don’t know what you were watching. There is absolute PROOF Biden is an idiot on videotape, but they will just take it down if I post it again.

    “not being able to name even ONE newspaper you read? thinking that being able to see Russia from your state qualifies you in the arena of international affairs? FFS, she didn’t even know what the VP’s job is. ”

    A- if you think she was just incapable of thinking of some magazines to name, then you are the dumb one. Have you seen her explain this? Or have you seen the unedited tape of the interview?

    B- as far as being able to see Russia from Alaska–she was involved in national security issues related to Alaska’s close proximity because Russia has been known to violate our airspace on occasion. But Tina Fey took it further and made a huge joke out of it. I guess you get most of your news from Saturday Night Live.

    C- Obama once said there are 57 states. So I suppose that wasn’t just a misstatement, and he really thinks that too. Maybe he needs to go back to 1st grade according to you. Because people can’t just misspeak or make a mistake.

  59. Jules says:

    OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! Obama is Commander in Chief OF THE MILITARY, is he not? And he could not even pronounce ‘Corpsman’ correctly at the National Prayer breakfast. And it was not just a one time mistake. He said it over, and over, and over, and over (he pronounced corpse-man). It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I’m sure the military feels GREAT that this guy is in charge of national security, being as familiar as he is with the most basic of military terms and all.

    I’m sure this didn’t get much attention on the news stations you watch though. Wonder what else they are hiding from you. How about the video of him picking boogers at the health care summit? Seen that one?

    I mean, I can keep this up all day long. I have plenty of ammunition to chooes from. But I think it is more mature just to admit that people misspeak and make mistakes. You don’t have to brand them an idiot for life for the slightest infraction. They have all looked dumb from time to time. But yet the label only sticks to her. I think people really need to grow up.

  60. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “She DESTROYED him.”

    that is enough to make me realize that I can’t take anything you write seriously as you clearly have a warped view of reality.


  61. Jules says:

    “She DESTROYED him.”

    that is enough to make me realize that I can’t take anything you write seriously as you clearly have a warped view of reality.”

    Or in other words, you have no legitimate response to my other arguments. No, seriously, I’ll give you that ‘destroy’ is a strong word. He held his own and didn’t make a total fool of himself or anything like his drunk dancing on the golf course, but he didn’t win, imo. Who did better is really a subjective argument that no one can win, so whatever. He did have some problems with the facts if you will recall from the fact check they did afterward. It was not by any means a concensus that he won the debate except maybe on the liberal outlets. Sorry but that’s the truth–or reality as you would say.

  62. TaylorB says:


    While that 57 state thing has gotten a ton of mileage, I think it is taken a bit out of context. The US has 50 states obviously, but there are six US territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc)and DC itself, that all senators must consider in decision making as these citizens do not have direct representation but are protected by our laws, which totals 57, I suspect that is what he was referring to at the time. I am not saying the man doesn’t trip over his tongue from time to time, but if one is aware of this fact it makes sense. He doesn’t think we have 57 states, but he is aware when passing laws it was for 57 US interests.

    I am so tired of silly, talking point arguments than can not hold water. Please stop trotting them out.

  63. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Or in other words, you have no legitimate response.”

    if believing that will help you feel like you “won” here, more power to ya.

    however, if you want to put what I wrote “in other words”, try this, which is a little bit more based in reality.

    you clearly have a thing about this woman and nothing I say or post will make you change your mind. you have a warped view of the reality surrounding this woman that cannot be countered or straightened, regardless of what you hear or read.

    even when presented with facts that demonstrate her lack of intellectual curiosity, or how uninformed she is (not knowing the duties of the job she’s applying for) on any number of topics, you still claim otherwise.

    yup, I watched the whole debate and trying to claim that Palin “destroyed” Biden is simply off the map. IMO, there is simply no point in arguing with someone who can’t see reality when it’s punching them in the face.

    so, yeah, that statement is enough for me to realize that there’s no point in arguing with someone who starts off their argument with a blatantly biased observation like that.

  64. TaylorB says:


    While I do not think by any means that Ms. Palin ‘destroyed’ VP Biden in that debate, it is fair to say that she didn’t fail as badly as expected, granted the bar was set rather low. That being said she was debating Biden, who is a VERY accomplished legislator with a long history in politics, but he has a tendency to stuff his foot in his mouth. Frankly I was very surprised that he was chosen as the VP to begin with.

  65. Jules says:

    “I am so tired of silly, talking point arguments than can not hold water. Please stop trotting them out. ”

    YOU ARE MAKING MY POINT EXACTLY!!! I appreciate the backup (you can now apply this same thought to all the people bringing up Sarah Palin quotes). You might want to reread my post to better understand my intent. What I was getting at is that you can’t apply one standard to Palin and then not apply the same to Obama.

  66. Jules says:

    “you clearly have a thing about this woman and nothing I say or post will make you change your mind. you have a warped view of the reality surrounding this woman that cannot be countered or straightened, regardless of what you hear or read.”

    That is HILARIOUS–because I am saying the exact same thing to YOU. And your logic is terrible–that is why you’re not convincing me. You don’t get it. To make myself crystal clear, I have no ‘thing’ for her. I do not care in the least what Palin intends to do with her life. I don’t care if people support her politically. But what is up with the mission to destroy her? I’m sick of the pure hate spewing in her direction from a bunch of bigots stereotyping her based on a some soundbites and some comedy shows. I have never seen this done to a person so ruthlessly before. And just for the record–I’d be defending Hillary Clinton the same way. This isn’t a conservative thing, it is a hate thing. I only point out Obama/Biden bloopers (which you conveniently excuse/ignore) to make the point that you are not being open minded or fair in the slightest. You are being exceedingly harsh on Palin. I’m sick of hearing it. It is a disgusting display of human behavior. You might want to look into your own motivations that make it so important to demean her in any way you can.

  67. TaylorB says:


    I think that the main point is that comparing a person that took 6 years to finish a Bachelors degree at 5 different schools, who comes across as a nitwit more often than not (not saying that she is one, but she plays one on TV), to a person who is a constitutional law professor and graduated Harvard is like comparing an Audi to an Edsel. She is a very likable person, and charming, she will do well on TV but she is not nor will she ever be capable of being the POTUS. I would LOVE to see a woman as POTUS, but I refuse to vote for and support a person based only on their party affiliation or gender, that is short sighted and simple minded. I will always choose the person who is best suited for the job via education, policy, and knowledge of the Constitution, and she simply is not up to the task. She would make a great talk show host, and she is an affable person and I bet a wonderful mother/sister/friend/wife etc. she is engaging and fun. Though as a sports fan, understanding she started out in sports reporting, I would prefer that she stay away from football she is just too perky I like my football reporters grumpy 😉

  68. Jules says:

    Hi TaylorB. I don’t have any problem if people don’t want her as POTUS. I can totally respect that. You’ll notice I never said that I wanted her as POTUS either, though it is not because I deem her a nitwit as you do. What I have a problem with is hypocrites hating on her (not saying you are one of them).

    Since you were mentioning quality of education, just for the record there are many theories as to how Obama got into school and paid for it. Don’t know if you want to do some research on that or not. Will leave it up to you.

    It is funny that I said before the election that Obama would make a great motivational speaker. Not POTUS. I don’t think either party put up their best candidates to be honest.

  69. Chana says:

    Jules, I said ALL Alaskans. In your post you said that people somehow think ALL Alaskans are dumb and it’s a “flyover state”. No one here has even expressed anything like that. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything similar.

    This woman is just one Alaskan who happens to not be the sharpest tool in the box.

    Does that make ALL Alaskans dumb? No.

  70. TaylorB says:


    To become the editor of the HLR isn’t a simple task, it takes some serious brains and a ton of hard work. I would be careful saying that Obama, regardless of your political proclivity, isn’t a very smart person. Playing about with how he got into school is akin to the Birther nonsense, he is in fact a Harvard Law Grad and that is nothing to sneeze at unless you just hate him on principal because he is a Democrat, in which case there is no point in having a discussion with you… just like the people who simply hated Bush to hate him because he was a Republican.

  71. Jules says:

    Hi Chana, I didn’t say Alaska was a flyover state. A flyover state is a derogatory term for basically the middle of the continental US–you know you fly over it to get somewhere ‘better’?

    In my post you are referring to, I was mainly referring to the media and the person here who called Palin a country bumpkin with a squirrel IQ. ‘Country bumpkin’ would be based on the place she is from. And I didn’t know Alaskans were considered country bumpkins so that was news to me. Also, the media tried to diminish and ridicule the importance/status of the state of Alaska during the election so they could say Palin wasn’t the governor of a ‘real’ state in order to further diminish her experience. And of course we had to hear all the moose, hunting and incest jokes. Let’s just say they did not shed a good light on Alaska.

  72. Jules says:

    “I would be careful saying that Obama, regardless of your political proclivity, isn’t a very smart person”

    Why don’t you need to be careful with Palin? Never said O wasn’t smart now did I? I just said you could try to research his college years. If you don’t want to, then you won’t. Never said I hated him either. In fact, I am here calling for ‘anti-hate’ or haven’t you been reading my posts? See for me it works both ways–not just in one direction. You say Palin is a nitwit and question her education and that’s totally acceptable, but ooohhhh, we had all better bow down to Obama. Doesn’t work like that for me. Bush went to Yale and Harvard—are you impressed? And I’ll ‘play’ with any idea. You are not going to cut off my intellectual curiosity by telling me to be ‘careful’. I like to be informed about everything. I am FAR from closed minded.

    FYI, I have a very rich friend. When her brother wanted to get into college at a VERY presigious school that he was not qualified for, guess what happened. They wrote a check and he got in. You could say the same probably happened for Bush and many others. I’m just being real. If Palin had enough money, she could have bought her way in too.

    Another subject you might want to research is “Ivy League Grade Inflation”.

  73. TaylorB says:


    I am sorry if I came across in the wrong way, I simply think that any person who is editor of HLR didn’t get there without serious intellectual heft.

    I don’t think that you are incurious and if it came across that I said somethig insulting to you I am terribly sorry that was not my intention at all.

    Perhaps I put too much weight on the education and intellect of the people who craft our laws, but we all base our decisions in our own way for our own reasons. I hope we can agree to disagree and not make this into some big hoopla, we all have opinions, no way one is right and the other wrong just different… no big deal, and thank goodness we live in a country where they are not just accepted but celebrated.


  74. Jules says:

    TaylorB-Sounds good to me!!

  75. TaylorB says:

    Oh and I will say that I don’t think an Ivy edu is necessary, but if you were hiring a person and one had a law degree, had worked as a professor and the other took 6 years and 5 schools to finish a BA degree, which one would you choose? I prefer to go, at least for our nations legislators, with the one who is more versed in the constitution and international law. But we all choose our leaders for our own reasons. Some go with who they ‘like’ or get a good vibe from, some choose along party lines alone, some read all the position papers, some just check the first box on the ballot. I guess it is frustrating for all of us to understand why a person would choose in a different manner than we do, and that is certainly something I am guilty of, so I am sorry for that and will try to correct that behaviour in the future.

  76. Jules says:

    TaylorB- you just couldn’t let it go could you–hahaha! My posts are not about her being president. I could not care less if anyone voted for her or would vote for her in the future. And for the record, you do realize the election was between McCain and Obama. Not Palin and Obama. So you clearly must favor an ivy league degree and 143 days of service in the Senate over years of military experience and 23 years in the Senate. Just saying–if you want to compare apples to apples and analyze what you go for in a candidate.
    To me fiscal policy matters are most important. Socially I am very liberal. Fiscally I am very conservative, which is why I do not agree with a lot of what our recent two presidents have done. So I guess I am SOL looking for a candidate I like. And as for the military aspect, I do not prefer a law professor to command our military over a war hero. Then again I hate some of the things McCain is for. So again, SOL for me.

  77. Chana says:

    Jules- “I will now add that to all the flyover states and the south as places that I should make bigoted remarks about so that I can feel superior.”

    That’s from your sarcastic post.

    And yes, I’m very well aware of what “flyover state” means.

    Alaska has an estimated population of around 700,000 people. That’s less people than live in my county. The point people were making was that she just wasn’t qualified to run the entire country should McCain (god forbid) have died in office.

    Alaska is also largely rural with a large group of people who regularly hunt for food and sport. Some people disagree with that lifestyle.

    I would not say they were “country bumpkins” but Alaska is, for the most part, beautiful wild woodlands and lakes and such. Sarah Palin probably has a lot of experience with dealing with loggers or national park policy.

    Someone who was mayor of a city with an estimated 10,000 people is just not qualified to run the country. I’m sorry. My university has more students than that.

  78. TaylorB says:


    I don’t know what SOL means.

    That being said, I adore McCain always have, always will and have never said otherwise, he should have been elected in 2000. So please do not suggest otherwise. As for military exp other than Bush 41 (a heroic pilot form WWII) that has not been the reality for our last several POTUS so that is really no longer the issue, hell if people really cared about that and based their decisions on that then there would have been a President Kerry.

    I do not mean to be terse, I have no problem with differing opinions, I think they are important, but I get frustrated when I am misinterpreted. Guess we all get like that from time to time.

    Perhaps I have been a bit of an education snob, and that is sh*tty behaviour on my part that I need to address and get over. It is wrong and I will try to avoid that in the future.

  79. Jules says:

    Chana- good, then you have made your point you don’t want to vote for her.
    Why not just leave it at that.

    Why does everyone keep trying to make this about her running for office. Just stop hating on her and I won’t say another word. If someone had said “she’s a decent lady with reasonable intelligence but I don’t agree with her and don’t want to vote for her”, then I would not have said one word to anyone.

    But people are calling her, ‘nitwit’, “Evil, ignorant, greedy, bigoted, hypocritical,lazy witch” and a “country bumpkin with a squirrel iq”
    and I have a huge problem with that from a feminist point of view. If people want to continue playing mean girl beating up someone in the locker room, then yes, I have a problem with that. There’s a lie of a story that has been extensively reported about her looting a gift suite out there right now that’s having to be retracted because the vendor said it was all a lie. Why make up this stuff? I don’t get the root of the hate toward her.

    “Sarah Palin probably has a lot of experience with dealing with loggers or national park policy.”

    Oh, yes, and I don’t know…maybe a little thing called OIL! And she got a little further than ‘mayor’ too. Just like Obama got a little further than ‘community organizer”. But whatever. I don’t expect a lot of fair and logical analysis on a site called “Celebitchy”. However, that is all I’m asking–that people be fair to her.

  80. TaylorB says:


    I will say that she seems a decent person, with reasonable intelligence, but I would never vote for her for the same reason I wouldn’t vote for Tyra Banks or that dude from Jackass, I expect better of my POTUS. Just because you play well on the tube (and this goes for all pols) doesn’t mean you are good legislators.

    Can you imagine how much better the house/senate/WH would be if we could only pick our pols on positions and policy, not their TV persona? Granted Reagan, Bush 43, and Kennedy probably wouldn’t have been elected… well, probably Reagan considering a deaf, mute bearded circus lady could have beaten Carter at that time (no disrespect to the former POTUS).