Whoopi Goldberg on her issues with “light bladder leakage”

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Whoopi Goldberg is serving as a spokeswoman for Poise products in a series of web ads that feature the comedienne as famous women from history suffering from bladder control problems. Whoopi has been open about the fact that she suffers from light bladder leakage, or “the spritz” as she calls it. She is now backing Poise’s “1 in 3” campaign, which emphasizes that a third of all women have this issue and that there are solutions that we need not be embarrassed about.

The View’s Whoppi Goldberg confession about leaky plumbing.

Goldberg, who’s made no bones about her ongoing wetness problems due to a leaky bladder, has to taken to the net to trumpet her support of Poise’s 1in3 Like Me. It’s goal is to make more women aware of bladder issues.

Goldberg has shot a series of viral short films where she’ll play Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and other femme faves from HERstory talking about their lack of bladder control, the activist/host said.

“Nobody ever wants to talk about LBL (light bladder leakage),” Whoopi admitted.

“For some reason, we’ve decided there’s something taboo about it – but so many women experience it and we should be able to talk about it openly!

“Leaks don’t discriminate, we all go through it – I tell women this ALL the time.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Whoopi said on The View that light bladder leakage is “one of those things that we should be able to say ‘hey, does this happen to you?’… but we don’t talk about it because nobody knows about it.” She said she’s hoping to raise awareness that there are pads specifically designed to absorb leaks and that sanitary napkins don’t do the job. “These are panty liners. That’s all you need… This is not about wetting your pants and needing a diaper. It’s just a panty liner.”

This issue affects me and I have to use these products when I exercise. Several of my female friends have this same problem and we’ve mentioned it in passing. As Whoopi says it’s embarrassing, though, and you don’t want people to know that you pee yourself when you sneeze. I really like that she’s trying to take the stigma away from this issue. Yes it’s a commercial, but it’s for something we shouldn’t be ashamed to use.

The webisode ads are pretty funny and you can watch them all online through the links below and at 1in3likeme.com. Whoopi explained on the View that she came up with the idea herself.

Mona Lisa
The Princess and the “Pee”
Statue of Liberty
Joan of Arc
Lady Godiva
Helen of Troy

Poise has not contacted us or encouraged us to promote this product.

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  1. lmae says:

    happens to me, too. thanks for being honest.

  2. kc says:

    Hey everyone — light bladder leakage is EXTREMELY treatable. Most women can be instructed in an exercise program to strenghten the pelvic floor (more than just Kegels) and NOT leak. It does happen to 1 in 3 women but it is CURABLE. Physical therapists, gyns, urologists can all help.

  3. BReed says:

    I had a problem, too, until I quit smoking. Less coughing=less intra-abdominal stress & pressure. I was actually amazed as I had been wearing panty liners for about 5 yrs.Quitting smoking helped me in so many ways. I am 58, don’t know how old Whoopie is but I think she is a smoker.

  4. Shelly says:

    kc, I went through a pelvic-strengthing program a few years ago. While I was doing the exercises religiously, they worked. After I stopped, I started leaking again. It kind of freaked me out how pelvic muscle tone is measured, though. I blame my leakage on my two monster babies. LOL

  5. Tracy says:

    I started having this problem but don’t have it anymore. Riding a bicycle regularly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. We had a very rainy fall/winter season and I didn’t ride as much and the problem returned. I’m thinking about purchasing an indoor bike to ride in the off season.

  6. Stephie says:

    Funny typo in the article quote’s first line Whoppie/Whoopie


    Love Whoopi. Do you all know the story about how she chose her name? http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_did_Whoopi_Goldberg_get_her_name
    It’s funnier to hear her tell it.

  7. Anna says:

    I don’t have this problem but I think it’s so great that Whoopie is not afraid to speak out about it. She is such a class act. All the commercials are hilarious and yet they all drive home the point so well.

    I didn’t know that so many women had that issue but I’m glad I learned about it. I’m also really impressed with you, CB, and you other ladies who spoke out here. We should all be so open and honest, the world would be a much better place.

  8. Kelly Reich says:

    I had this problem too. I had a sling procedure done and now I’m fine. It was a 20 min surgery that changed my life. Now I can sneeze all I want.

  9. Kat says:

    I applaud Whoopi for being so open about this!!

  10. Shelly says:

    Kelly, can I ask you to post some details about your sling procedure? Not TMI details but things such as pain with the procedure, how long you were down, how long it took to tell a difference with the problem. I’ve talked with my dr about a tie-up procedure but she’s not really wanting to do it because of my age. Heck, I’m almost 38 and don’t want to continue to cross my legs every time I sneeze or laugh really hard.

  11. Annabelle says:

    Kt pelvic exercises don’t resolve it for everyone. I think having children has a lot to do with thud issue- I never had a problem
    until I became a mom, but it’s here to stay now

  12. TaylorB says:


    Good for you for quitting smoking, that is awesome and takes a strong person to do so, major congrats. It is funny you said that, my aunt had the same issue with her ‘spritzing’ from coughing and she used to be a smoker as well.

  13. Rosalee says:

    That’s it I’m quitting smoking, thanks for the advice folks, seriously..I’ve had this issue for the last two or three years. I hate it. I recently bought a bike so now maybe I can work on two issues at the sametime..bladder and the lungs.