More poorly named celebrity babies were born

We took a couple days off, and are technically still on vacation. Babies were born, people died, we got more comment spam – the world went on.

  • Baby girl Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born on Saturday, May 27th, in The Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia. She was given a mock-worthy name so as not to upset her adopted siblings.
  • Kingston James McGregor Rossdale was born on Friday, May 26th in Cedars Sinai Medical Center in LA.

    Both Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani were too posh to push and gave birth by cesarean section. *cough* wusses *cough* (Of course they may have been convinced by their doctors that they had legitimate medical reasons to have cesareans.)

    And everyone is said to be doing well.

    Tomorrow we’ll be back home and better than ever.

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    3 Responses to “More poorly named celebrity babies were born”

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    1. millie says:

      good to have you back! “too posh to push”–my new favorite expression. I should have used when pushing out my boy for 2 hours (and he still broke my back). Darn.. those celebs are pussies.. I’m sure there is ALWAYS a perfectly legit reason not to use one’s vag (like keeping it hypnotic and tight). Vaginal births are for peasants! Both weird names but it could have been worse.. think Bluebell Madonna.

    2. celebitchy says:

      Thanks Millie. I heard the “too posh to push” thing a while ago in connection with the standard scheduled celebrity c-section. I am totally naive and it did not occur to me that c-sections preserve the vag. That is just not something I think of. Those names are moderately bad, but not terrible.

    3. Jude says:

      My boyfriend told me he thinks Angelina and Brad should have named the kid “Jennifer.” I told him that that was something so bitchy, even I wouldn’t have said it. Then I laughed.

      It would seem to me that as far as preserving one’s looks go, it would be preferable to use the vag than to have the C-section scar, or am I missing something as well?