Is nanny Grace Rwaramba the one who called CFS for Jackson stun gun?


On Wednesday we heard a disturbing story that one of the Jackson children was taunting his cousins, Michael’s children, with a stun gun that he purchased online. Rumor had it that Jafaar Jackson, Jermaine’s 13 year-old son, had ordered either one or two 3,000 volt stun guns online and had run around the family mansion in Encino, CA with one of them, threatening Michael’s youngest son Blanket, 8, and letting his other cousins play with the weapon. Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, acknowledged that Jafaar had purchased the gun but said in a statement that the boy had only tested it on a piece of paper and at no time was Blanket or any other child in contact with it. The California Department of Children and Family Services launched an investigation after the incident, and has made at least two visits to the home to interview the no less than 14 people who regularly live there.

There was some speculation as to who reported the incident to DCFS, considering that Katherine Jackson denied that any of the children were in danger. According to paparazzi agency X17, the Jackson family’s longterm nanny, Grace Rwaramba, notified the agency. They claim that there’s a longstanding feud between Grace and Katherine, and say that Katherine “is afraid to get rid of Rwaramba because she has been threatening to write a tell-all book.”

X17online can report exclusively that the Jackson family suspects the children’s nanny Grace Rwaramba is the leak from within their Encino home, who made the initial call to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services. She’s also suspected of spilling information to a tabloid website.

Our Jackson family source tells us that “Grace is trying to get custody of Michael’s kids while trying to paint Katherine as an unfit guardian. She’s throwing it in Katherine’s face! The children absolutely despise Grace.”

The source tells us Michael Jackson fired Rwaramba five times. Once the singer died, the nanny made her return to the Hayvenhurst home and was kicked off the property by Michael’s younger brother, Randy. Sources tell us that Katherine is afraid to get rid of Rwaramba because she has been threatening to write a tell-all book.

The recent stun gun incident involving Jermaine Jackson’s 13-year old son Jaafar has brought to the forefront the strained relationship between the former nanny and the Jackson family.

A video showing Jaafar Jackson pushing his 9-year old brother Jermajesty was sold to a website recently and X17online has been told that the Jackson family believes Grace Rwaramba released this tape.

Since the stun gun story “leaked,” Rwaramba has been mysteriously absent from the home. Jackson family sources tell X17 that her days are numbered.

[From X17]

X17 has run some bogus stories in the past. (Particularly when they got duped by a woman who claimed she was having an affair with Tony Parker and ended up being a hooker who ran scams like that in the past. It really is an incredible story if you’re interested in reading the background.) That said, they have a lot of people on the ground who are privvy to insider information. This could be true, and even if all they know is that Grace took off after the stun gun incident it does make it look like she’s the one who reported it.

We’ve heard stories of a feud between Grace and Katherine in the past. The National Enquirer claimed that Grace and Katherine were fighting over the care of the children after Michael passed. They even reported that Grace and Michael’s sister, Rebbie, got into a physical altercation that came to blows.

TMZ has more, including the detail that one of the women living in the home, Alejandra Oaziaza Jackson, is in the process of divorcing Jermaine and has an issue with the way he gave her child support – in Ralph’s grocery store gift cards. Alejandro has four children in total that all live in the home. She had two of them with Randy Jackson in the 90s, and then two more with Randy’s brother Jermaine, Jafaar, 13, and Jermajesty, 9. All of this is background for how Jafaar got the credit card to buy the stun gun. Apparently he bought a credit card from Ralph’s supermarket, and it may have been one of those pre-paid cards that are easier to obtain. He probably just swiped a gift card from his mom to buy the credit card.

TMZ also notes that Jackson mansion has 26 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms, which sounds more than adequate to house 14 people, even if some of them are currently divorcing. It sounds incredibly chaotic, though, especially when the children’s main caregiver has left abruptly after fighting with their grandmother. Katherine Jackson, 79, is responsible for eight children in total, although there is also a second nanny, a woman named Sister Rose from the Nation of Islam, who shares childcare along with maybe-fired Grace.

The Jackson Children Welcome Former Nanny Grace Rwaramba Back Into Their Lives!

Prince Michael Jackson II, more commonly known as Blanket, heads home after attending an hour and a half karate class

Grace on July 1, 2009, credit:

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  1. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I’m just glad that SOMEONE called the authorities!!!

  2. elvisgrace says:

    Damn straight!

  3. Sakota says:

    Those poor kids. I hope God sends someone to either keep them safe or get them out.

  4. dragonlady sakura says:

    It’s sad Michael Jackson is dead. He tried so hard to protect his kids and now look at their situation. That family has serious issues!

  5. helene says:

    Why shouldn’t the nanny call CPS? The Jacksons are the most insane, abusive showbiz family in the universe. Katherine Jackson, knowingly and willingly, allowed her own young children to be brutalized by their father for money and fame, while she hid deep in the Jehovah Witness nonsense and forced her kids to do the same.

    She never had any credibilty as a decent parent then. Now, at 80, she shouldn’t even be in control of a goldfish. 14 people living even in a 12 room mansion is absolutely ridiculous, especially since someone is always in the midst of a divorce and none of those kids have any stability.

    I wish that someone with superstardom, money and power would step in, shove the Jackson clan aside, legally, and rescue Michael’s poor kids.

  6. isabelle says:

    I sooooooooooo dislike Jermaine. Such a loser.

  7. Ursula says:

    This family is twisted but I don’t trust that Grace character either.

  8. joaquina says:

    wow. first of all i am so glad none of the children had gotten hurt. I think that maybe Katherine has a little to much on her plate right now. Michael protected his children from all this trash for years and now they are right in the middle of it all.
    As for Grace I dont trust her. I believe she truly cares for the children but if she is trying to gain custody she is forgetting one major player in the eqaution. Debbie Rowe. I am sure she is not going to allow Grace to have her children. I believe Debbie and Katherine have an agreement but once Katherine is gone Debbies gloves will come off and she will take her place in those children’s lives.
    Katherine has to come to terms with the fact that Grace is going to write a tell all book about michael one day. Some of it will be lies and alot of it truth. Katherine please get the extra help you need to help you with those children before it is to late. I say let the book be written and for now get Grace out of the lives of those children. Michael fired her five time for a reason and now it makes me believe the only reason he rehired her was because she was blackmailing him with the same thing writting a book and telling all the secrets of michaels.Now that michael is gone katherine has fallen into the trap of Grace. Please Rebbie or even Janet step in and help your mother with Michael’s children..

  9. vera says:

    eu não acredito nessas baboseiras da mídia. a familia do michael tem sofrido demais com nuitas acusações falsas. Acho que são pessoas que sempre quizeram manchar o nome do michael e de todo sua familia. O michael entregou a custodia de seus filhos a sua mãe Katherine. acho que deve permanecer com ela até o dia dela poder cuidá-los.