James Blunt banned from radio station

A British radio station has blanned James Blunt’s trite repetitive music from the air – saying that listeners don’t like it and they need a break.

Blunt defended his music at an awards ceremony last week, telling his critics to switch over if they didn’t like his songs.

However, now Essex FM has gone one better by banishing him from the airwaves. The radio station’s listeners say they are sick of hearing Blunt’s hits You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover everywhere they go.

“We don’t have anything against James Blunt and we’re pleased he has been so successful, but we really need a break,” said programme controller Chris Cotton. “While his songs have been very popular, there is a tremendous amount of industry pressure to play certain artists frequently.

“Often this can be out of step with the audience’s tastes. We’re happy to stand up to this pressure and follow the strong message listeners have given us. We encourage other radio stations to take the same step.”

People hate Blunt enough to demand that a radio station stops playing him, and even the station manager admits that Blunt’s popularity does not reflect popular taste.

James Blunt’s boring Hallmark card music used to suck even worse – he’s being sued by a producer who claims that he reworked six songs on Blunt’s album “Back to Bedlam.” The producer has a good reputation in the industry, having worked with Dido in the past. He says that Blunt lacks musical skill and needed a lot of his assistance on the album but screwed him out of any royalties once he hit it big.

Here’s Blunt with his trademark dumb ass look on the Today Show yesterday morning. He is also shown at the Ivor Novello Awards on 5/29. He looks really high. That must be how he copes with his lack of talent.

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  1. milie says:

    LOL! My son (10) and his friends remade the song with “You’re Hidious”.. that’s how much he loves it.

  2. Ru says:

    when my world around me stops buzzing and its complete quiet, i dont hear his song..i hear damn teddy geiger confidence ALL THE TIME! if we could get that stoppped id be happy