Kathleen Turner looks wasted on The Today Show (update)

Matt Lauer interviewed Kathleen Turner on “The Today Show” this morning and the 53 year-old actress looked less than sober. She licked her lips repeatedly and slurred her words, bobbing her head and gesturing with her hands.

Turner was on the show to promote her upcoming biography, “Send Yourself Roses” in which she talks about her life and loves and dishes on her leading men including Burt Reynolds, Anthony Perkins, and Nicholas Cage. Cage is suing her for her claims she made about him in the book. She says he was difficult on the set of their film Peggy Sue Got Married, and that he stole a chihuahua and was arrested twice for drunk driving. Cage says he’s never been arrested nor has he ever dog napped, and that his former co-star’s claims are damaging to his reputation.

In her biography Turner talks about her battle with alcoholism and says that she turned to vodka to cope with the pain from rheumatoid arthritis. She said that she preferred that people thought that her problem was drinking and not a disease, because auto-immune disorders were still largely misunderstood and kept secret. From the looks of her in this video, she’s still having some issues with either alcoholism or prescription medication. Get well soon, Kathleen. You’re sounding and behaving like Paula Abdul.

Update: Many commentors have pointed out that Turner could be showing signs of her debilitating rheumatoid arthritis or the medication she legitimately takes for it and that it is unfair to judge her based on this. Others says she does look drunk and they recognize the signs. Whatever is going on with her, she is awesome for writing this book and promoting it.

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