Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston’s sexy “cop & robber” W Mag shoot


I’ve been waiting for this since Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler appearance at the Golden Globes in January – it was just a day after that touchy-feely date night that PopEater announced that the two of them had already photographed a dual W Magazine photo shoot and cover that would be “the raciest cover that W magazine has ever shot. Far more sexy than the famous Brad and Angelina pictures in bed” according to PopEater’s source at the time. This would all be for promoting their film, The Bounty Hunter.

Basically the photo shoot is about a girl (Aniston, naturally) who is, like, a criminal on the run, with good hair and cash. A cop (Butler) like, stops her car and puts her roughly in the police car, without ruining her hair. At first glance, I was like, “Gerard looks damn good in that cop uniform” but as I’m looking more closely, he really doesn’t. He looks weirdly like Tom Ford, right? And Tom Ford is really hot, but it’s weird to see Gerry pull that face. Jen looks really cute in some of the shots, though. I like the heavy, dark eye makeup – that’s a look we don’t often see her styled with, and it’s a good look for her. W Mag has a minimal slideshow (here), but I’m including all of the relevant photos. Here’s more from People:

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have laughed off reports that they’re romantically involved, but the Bounty Hunter costars sure look cozy on the cover of W magazine’s April issue.

Shot on a ranch about 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles in mid-January, the 13-page pictorial featuring Butler and Aniston, both 40, consists of seven photographs by celeb shutterbug Steven Klein. Ironically, Klein also shot W’s infamous July 2005 cover featuring Brad Pitt – who had then-recently separated from Aniston – playing house with Angelina Jolie.

For the April cover, on which hunky Scottish actor Butler wraps his arms around Aniston, the actress tapped into her inner fashionista and wore an Alberta Ferretti silk chiffon dress, Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture’s silk bra and silk lace briefs, Stella McCartney garters and Lanvin shoes. Total retail value for her outfit? $3,800!

As for the inside pictorial, it’s called “Speed Trap: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler do a little role playing in the searing heat of the California desert where damsels aren’t always in distress and lawmen sometimes break the rules.” Hmmm … role playing?

[From People]

W didn’t have any interview excerpts or anything like that, which makes me wonder if this is just a pictoral. Could be. W has done that before, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. I was really expecting to hate this photo shoot, just because my expectations from PopEater were that Gerard and Jennifer were going to be trying to do a version of Brad and Angelina’s 2005 W shoot, but I’m pleasantly surprised it’s so different stylistically and “message”-wise. Although both were shot by the same photographer, Steven Klein. But he does most of W’s cover shoots, so whatever.

My favorite is the one of Gerry shoving Aniston against the cop car. It’s naughty.



W Magazine cover and photos courtesy of W online.

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  1. Ursula says:

    Ha ha , I like that one too, it is naughty. I love the last one. I love the tone of the pictures, nothing too desperate or in- your – face.

  2. Rose says:

    I don’t like the cover shot, but I do like the last one a lot. She looks amazing in it. Gerry though, hah, too many ‘Magnum’ poses. Zoolander how are ya?

  3. canadianchick says:

    Hot photos-she’s still got it, greek women can be super sexy and she is one hot greek! I hope she snags an awesome guy who loves her and is true to her, just wish she’d consider dating a “civilian” as Matt Damon calls non-actors. Gerard looks good but she steals the scene.

  4. Dorothy says:

    He can shove against me anytime! 🙂

  5. Snarf says:


  6. ogechi says:

    Jen looks cute all the time. So classy, sophisticated and ‘take away’. I do love these shots. Love love

  7. Madelyn Rose says:

    Hot! I am usually not a fan of Gerry, but these photos are leaving me weak in the knees. Could be a man in uniform! And Jen looks totally sexy. God, she has a great body!

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    who’s the guy with Aniston on the cover shot?

    I hate it when photoshop is used to the point that the celeb being photographed DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE THEMSELVES.

    blemishes? stretch marks? wrinkles? go to town, but don’t alter someone’s face so that they appear to be someone who simply resembles the celeb.

  9. N.D. says:

    Don’t like the cover shot at all. They both have wrong faces for it to look sexy. Neither of them looks like they are enjoying it, like they are playing some sexual game. But it seemed to be the idea of the photoshoot and the movie they are promoting.

    2 others are ok, though for me she doesn’t look badass enough for these fantasies to work. But tastes differ.

  10. sayrah says:

    She looks really pretty. Much better than that spread where she was basically naked except for a tie (was is Vogue?)

  11. asiont says:

    even in those photos she looks boring. butler should date somebody more exciting

  12. guesty says:


  13. Akasha says:

    I love the cover shot. I love how his hands are on her belly….very manly and sexy. And her hand high on his thigh. I wonder if her thumb is pressing down 😉

  14. bros says:

    I’m pretty sure that cover position is from the kama sutra. 🙂

  15. bite me says:

    glad they did something with her chin

  16. Tintangel says:

    I didn’t know Andy Whitfield shot a film with Aniston.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Don’t like the cover photo that much, but the others look good.

  18. bellaluna says:

    @ bros – good call! I’ll have to check our copy and see. 😉

  19. nnn says:

    They have photoshopped the hell out of them. Gerry doesn’t look himself AT ALL !!!

    And i agree with the person who said they looked more bored than sexy, it doesn’t flow naturally and comes out too fakish.

  20. Alex says:

    I thought this photoshoot was suppose to be sexy lol not sexy but the photos are cute. BTW JA can’t do sexy no matter how hard she tries

  21. grisgris says:

    I just don’t see any chemistry between them. The cover looks like two people more interested in the camera than each other.

  22. Toe says:

    The heavy eye makeup is a good change for her. The pics Kaiser chose were the best ones. I wanna see her with a different hair color.

  23. hmm says:

    She looks good in the photos but that’s not really surprising since it is a magazine spread. However, they don’t have any sexual chemistry whatsoever and the picture of them against the car is just awkward; and she seems way more attracted to the cash in her hand than to him.

  24. Me says:

    She looks gorgeous – love the last pic.

  25. bo says:

    I vote for CB to hire a shoe expert to tell me what shoes are being worn in any given celebrity photo. What, am I being too high-maintenance?

  26. Mel says:

    Jen looks stunning, love that look on her…she should go for the edgy look more often.

    Can’t believe they’re the same age, he needs to slow down.

  27. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh yum. Oh yum. Oh yum yum yum. He makes me weak in the knees. I watch Law Abiding Citizen last night…have mercy.

  28. truthSF says:

    Well they win the photoshop awards hands down. Her face looks no way this good in any of her candid shots taken by the paps, and you can’t even tell who that guy is, let alone if he resembles Butler. And where the heck are the sexy shots, cause these ones ain’t it.

  29. Lem says:

    just the tip? just the tip. Just the Tip!

    ~ what is that face she’s making ~

  30. Sigh. says:


    I liked where they were going with this, but…they…just…didn’t…quite…

    Do this — take something (piece of paper, your hand, a bagel, etc) and cover up one side of Butler’s face in the cover shot. Then switch sides. Weird, right? So oddly “photochopped,” he looks like his own evil twin.


    I need for her to stop hiding behind that hair like Sampson for just 2 minutes. A different color/cut wig would have kicked this up a notch. She (and JLo) need to show VERSATILITY at this stage in her career, not just youth.

    And I just don’t think it’s “in her” to be, not sexy…but, um, PROVOCATIVE, God bless her vanilla/clean linen-scented soul. But only a chosen few in her field can do it without looking desperate (faux tough), confused (slack-jawed), near-sighted (squinty), or flatulent (place various celebrity name here).

    Back into the shadows I go…

  31. Lem says:

    @ Bo:
    Alberta Ferretti silk chiffon dress, Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture’s silk bra and silk lace briefs, Stella McCartney garters and Lanvin shoes

  32. snowball says:

    I like JA a lot, she may not be some smoldering sexpot that people seem to think is the gold standard of sexy, but she’s beautiful in an accessible way. She looks like she’d have girlfriends, not something you can say about certain other people.

    I don’t like the cover shot, though. Her head’s at a weird angle and she looks like she’s in pain. GB doesn’t look like himself, they’ve Photoshopped the bejesus out of him.

    The other shots are better. I agree with everyone who said the smoky makeup looks good on her and I love the outfits they picked.

    Sexiest cover? If they were naked, maybe. This is good and moderately sexy, mostly because knowing what a dirty boy Gerard is, you know he’s loving where they have his hands. Just a few inches lower……

    What pic is supposed to be Gerry shoving Jen against a cop car? I see one where he’s sort of grabbing her around the waist after she gets out of her car (definitely not a cop car).

  33. snapdragon says:

    i love her nail polish.

  34. nnn says:

    Having girlfriends is not the end of all in Hollyowood.

    I don’t see Meryll Streep’s, Charlize’s, Sandra Bullock’s, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett’s,Reece’s, Julia Roberts’,…ect…None of them are seen with girlfriends nor male friends either. Actually not only they are not seen with but are never said being invited or hiring a friend’s home, ect.

    Only jennifer has loads of girlfriends…which is her prerogative and good for her.

    I just think that it’s a weird statement to always bring her friends into the equation when she is basicly the only actress whose friends are visibe and talked to like they validate her personality. They just don’t. They just show that she is very social within her Hollywood circle.

    Just like those women i have listed are not weird nor bad because they – according the same logic – have no girlfriends whatsoever. They probably have friends who are not Hollywood’s plus a man or/and family who are their best friend too)

  35. Kim says:

    Nice pics no sexual chemistry though

  36. bo says:

    Lem you’re my hero today.

  37. skibunny says:

    She looks gorgeous. Great Pics!

  38. Chana says:

    They photoshopped the bejesus out of Gerard on that cover; his chubby cheeks are gone and they gave him a stronger jawline. Not that it looks bad, it just doesn’t quite look like him. It’s like a Ken Doll version.

    This is cute and understated. No, she’s not a bombshell sex kitten because that just isn’t who she is and I don’t think this is meant to be that.

    I love the last two pictures. They are funny and sexy without trying too hard.

  39. Anna says:

    Let’s hear it for the airbrushers!

  40. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    They photo shopped the bejesus outta both of them Chana…and unlike Vogue and GQ, they managed to make Jen (Gerry to…not by much though) looks somewhat arousing. This is her most convincing at being sexy, she should be proud of herself. I mean wow good job W magazine. They out did themselves…I only can cringe at the further release of the rest of the pictures. I wonder how far they went with this.

  41. Wholesome1 says:

    Too much TRY. Dull.

  42. Harper says:

    Wowza, Jennifer is smoldering and sexy! She looks absolutely stunning.

  43. ThunderC*nt says:

    What a bad photochop job. They took from her chin and gave it to Butler! How does one photochop out bloated puffy drunk?

  44. Jess says:

    Boring. Jen can wear some slammin’ outfits but there is just something about her face. She is definitely not a beauty, but she is not incredibly ugly either. The cover pic is laughable because the girl does not give a good “sexy face.” She always seem uncomfortable and it shows.

  45. just my opinion says:

    Not hot–they’re both like “LOOK AT ME!” Not a lot of chemistry together. And, she looks sad in the pic. It’s just another druming up interest thru sex appeal thing. Nobody ever talks about her talent; it’s always who is she dating now. She should try to be more Sandra, and less Megan Fox. Sandra doesn’t do these things to get ppl to watch her movies.

  46. Lochie says:

    Sure, a ‘racy’ cover of two heavily stylised and overly schmoozed people with no related print article other than the cost of the clothes is going to make me run out and buy the magazine.

    Like hell.

  47. KerBer says:

    Sooooo the same people who complain daily about the mean things people say about Angelina are on here saying mean things about Jennifer. Oh man, you people are just sad. Or should I just quote you “OMG Get a LIFE LOOOSSEERRR!!! Jennifer is happy and perfect. I would know cuz I can tell you every detail of her life. But that doesnt mean that there is something wrong with me. I just admire women who are perfect and Jennifer is. Only lies are written about her cuz every1 is JEALOUS. That is thee ONLY reason why people have something mean to say about her since there is nothing wrong with perfection!!!!”

  48. PJ says:

    It should be interesting to see Jennifer in a “bad girl” role. She usually plays the good girl.

  49. Beth says:

    This is it? Popeater made it sound that it was borderline pornography. These photos are not hot. They aren’t bad just pretty photographs. They don’t look different from any other photoshoot. I don’t why they compared it to Brad and Angelina. They portrayed an unhappy, bored marriage. It wasn’t a sexy or hot spread.

  50. Chana says:

    Loves you KerBer. Funny post in the midst of a bunch of crazy.

    Love Angelina: I doubt they did anything overly sexual with this. If they had, they’d have released those photos first, would they not? And they really didn’t do much to Jennifer Aniston in terms of photoshop. I’m sure they smoothed out her face and created better light and such, but she pretty much looks like that.

  51. snowball says:

    @35 – “Having girlfriends is not the end of all in Hollyowood.”

    Actually, I think it’s a good indicator of what kind of person someone is, if they have a strong circle of friends, whether in the biz or not. I’ve seen Meryl out and about with friends and her daughter, Julia has quite a few friends that she’s seen with, and she and Danny Moder are photographed with other Hwood couples frequently.

    I wouldn’t know about Kate Winslet, she doesn’t live here. I don’t think Charlize does either, she’s from South Africa but I don’t know if she lives there still or not. ReeSe has been shopping with friends and has talked about how her friends and family helped her during her divorce from Ryan Phillipe.

    I don’t think it’s odd in the least that JA seems like a nice, accessible person because she’s obviously well-liked and has long-term friendships with people who support her.

    Always bring her friends into the equation? It’s the first time I’ve ever said a word about it. And the actresses you’ve listed? Don’t even come close to the level of pap obsession she’s subjected to.

  52. nnn says:

    Actually Charlize and Kate Winslet both live in the US. Charlize has also been naturalized American for a few years. She said that two years ago if my memory serves me well.

    All I am saying is all those women friends are not seen as much as Aniston’s and I am sure they all have more friends who are not from Hollywood’s and are seen in the intimacy of their home.

    I still think it’s just an indicator of sociability and it is more prevalent with single persons anyway as couples or families spent more time together and/or families/relatives which is also a social trait.

    I wasn’t refering to you specifically about bringing Jen’s friends into the equation. It’s just the fact that her friends are brought very often on sites to validate a perecieved side of her personality versus other celebrities who are not perceived this way based on the same logic in reverse.

    I would say that people who tend to have strong family ties could also benefit from that same logic (after all you need some diplomatic and very strong social hability to deal with many family members because unlike friends, you can’t erase your family from your life and will have to handle whatever prtessure is in there. With a friend, you can still ran away and come back if you like, not with a family member) but don’t and right so because again, i don’t think that element determine straigtforwardly a trait of sociability or sympathism if i may say so.

    Most adults have two or three close friends, peers and share their social relations with friends coming either from the working sphere, outside the working sphere or/and from family.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    Good lord. He has this how-much-longer-before-I-can-scram-outa-here look on his face, and she looks like she needs a double dose of Ex-Lax. No chemistry whatsoever between these two.

  54. crab says:

    She looks fabulous!!!

  55. Bek says:

    K, here’s the thing I can’t figure out:
    The article (here and everywhere else) clearly states that the two are role-playing. She’s supposed to be some sort of thief or launderer trying to get away from a cop. When I saw the cover shot, that’s exactly how it looks. She’s pulling out and away from him, and looks like she’s desperate to get away…yet not too much (because it would ruin the sex appeal). They’re playing roles. It’s actually fun to do, and I’d recommend it to some of the tight-wads who grasp to find negative things to say about her. It’s like the crazies who make up stuff about Angie just because they simply don’t respect her. Call an orange an orange already. If you don’t like one or the other, that’s cool. But the stuff people come up with is ludicrous! There’s nothing wrong with these photos. And they both look great. And I’m sure they’ve been somewhat airbrushed, like every celeb does in every magazine, but they don’t look un-like themselves, as some of you are desperately trying to claim. They look like the roles they’re playing.

  56. kathy says:

    I love how people attack you if you don’t like this over-paid, over-hyped under-talented, air-brained, shallow nitwit. Sorry, she doesn’t represent me or my values in life. I think the people in love with this self-absorbed hobag are just as crazy as the brangelina bunch. When will the stupidity ever end?

  57. Camille says:

    Well said Kathy! Couldn’t agree with your statements more.

  58. saywat says:

    Looks like she’s in pain and about to cry in the cover picture. Gerald Butler didn’t even look like himself. And there’s no chemistry between them two.