Brangelina tell-all: nannies, nose jobs, and no more Ralph Fiennes


Last week, Life & Style revealed that there was yet another “tell-all” book being written about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and this one wasn’t written by anyone named Halperin, or any miscellaneous gossipy gerbil. This one was being written by a British tabloid journalist named Jenny Paul, and the excerpts that she’s already given away for free are absolutely priceless. Initially, the excerpts were about Angelina’s affair with Mick Jagger back in 1997 (when he was married to Jerry Hall), and then again in 2003-04. Apparently, Angelina was also boning Ralph “Oh My God I Hope This Happened” Fiennes back in 2004, as she was continuing to bone her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller.

According to Life & Style’s excerpt, “ the sources say Angelina was sleeping with Jonny Lee Miller and Ralph Fiennes when she met Brad Pitt and she’d just ended a four-month relationship with Colin Farrell, because he was becoming obsessed with her, and he drank too much and wasn’t a good role model for Maddox. An insider claims that Angelina and Ralph Fiennes met for regular S&M sex sessions at a hotel in London. “They would order room service and watch the news together in bed afterward.””

After letting your mind wander through some S&M fantasies with Ralph Fiennes (mother may I), this new interview with Jenny Paul about her book is a little bit anti-climactic. Unless, of course, you already climaxed during your leather-clad Ralph Fiennes fantasy (raises hand). Here’s more:

‘Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: The True Story’ comes out next week and asserts that Angelina slept with Mick Jagger when she was in her early twenties and that she and Brad plan to have 13 children, among other things. There were more than a few inconsistencies in the last Brangelina tell-all, so take what you will.

HuffPost exclusive: Author Jenny Paul gave the following details to Life & Style:

Angie’s had a nose job: No, she didn’t have her lips done. Paul claims in her new book that Angelina had a nose job when she was younger (which her rep has denied) and also underwent laser eye surgery.

They have five nannies for six kids: Each older kid has a nanny, and the twins share one, the book reveals. “They look after the kids and home-school them,” Paul tells Life & Style.

Brad nearly got busted for pot: A report claimed Brad and Angie were so loud while having sex in Kenya in 2005, cops burst in. The real story, Paul tells Life & Style: Someone thought he smelled pot and tipped off police, who later raided the couple’s room but found nothing.

Brad bought their French estate: The couple purchased the $60 million Chateau Miraval, Paul tells Life & Style. It was bought by Brad’s Briarcliff Trust.

[From HuffPo]

Zzzz…. Whatever, nannies, gerbils, it’s all the same in the end. More Ralph! I want more details about Jonny Lee Miller, too. He’s always been my favorite of all of Angelina’s men, and I want to know about their sex life, because that’s who I am and I’m not ashamed. I always got the impression that Jonny and Angelina were very sexually compatible, and that’s what kept their relationship/friendship together for so many years.



Angelina in 2004. Jonny & Angelina on September 20, 2005. Ralph on September 7, 2009. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Looks like her hair is trying to run off of her head.

  2. bellaluna says:

    Gawd, Ralph is beautiful! I mean, honestly, he is a gorgeous piece of man-meat.

  3. meme says:

    Ralph Fiennes is DEAD to me. DEAD.

  4. mslewis says:

    I don’t understand why anybody would care about a young woman having sex with various men. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Where’s the story? And, Kaiser, I’m with you . . . thinking about S&M sexy times with Ralphie had me fanning myself. More, please, Ms. Paul!!

    So, they have five nannies!! Big deal. I doubt there was anybody on earth who thought they didn’t have help with their kids. They’re rich, they can afford them and I have a feeling all of these nannies are paid well and enjoy the children and the travel. Where’s the story there?

    Well, good luck with selling this thing. I’m afraid Ms. Paul will be disappointed. Most people can get an overdose of Brangelina news just from reading the tabloid headlines and gossip sites. No need to pay $20 for a book.

  5. N.D. says:

    who reads these tell-all books nowadays anyway? When there are online gossip blogs, tabloids, fansites, forums, fanfics collections etc? The first page of google search for any star will bring you more juicy rumors than this whole book.

  6. Alex says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Angelina would get laser eye surgery! Doesn’t she know that she’s a role model to impressionable children?! Haha, yeah, not very revealing stuff here Jenny Paul.

  7. bo says:

    Alex there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood for women to see 20/20 and in come cases they’re expected to see better than that. I’ve heard of the infamous casting couches, where there are eye charts on the walls. I don’t necessarily approve of her laser eye surgery, but I know that sometimes to get ahead in life the only question you really need to know the answer to is “Better 1? Or 2?”

  8. cee says:

    I think I will write an ANgelina Jolie tell all. I have followed her career and I thinkI can come up with some real jicy stuff. It doesn’t need to be true right? Just anboutAngelina and throw a little Brad in there and maybe Michael Jackson,Madonna Gerard Butler (Tomb Raider remember or was he even too spittle back then).

  9. sassenach says:

    This tell all will tank and is only a step up from Ian’s monstrosity. It is not a secret that when Angelina said back in ’04 that she had 2 lovers that one was Johnny Lee Miller. There are videos all over youtube of them kissing all over NY. Hot passionate kisses too.

  10. michellllle says:

    Nothing wrong w/ having lovers. Although I suspect the outrage, if it’s true is her bedding married men when she supposedly claimed she’d never do so after her mother had been wronged. Plus, that whole bit about only 4 lovers, if she really did say so. It’s her business so why lie? That just opens the door & refusng to comment shows more class. Still, RF is too hot to pass up.

    Despite being very beautiful, this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed an unfortunate witch chin. Funny considering the chin insults directed toward JA. For the record both are stunners, only brought it up bc the irony.

  11. Godzilla says:

    For the vast majority of us, this news will be met by an overwhelming feeling of “meh”.

  12. the truth says:

    love or or hate her, she is hot….

  13. isabelle says:

    I met R.Fiennes on a number of occasions and believe me: he’s nothing but a bastard womaniser. Hitting on other women whilst his partner (at that time) was chatting to another guest. Really revolting. Thinks he’s God’s gift to women – puts on this real shy act to lure women in. But that’s what it is: it’s all an act.

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    Johnny Lee Miller! Mmmmm!

  15. Stephie says:

    Ralph Fiennes and Jonny Lee Miller and (me &) some s&m….hmmm.

    We know Angie isn’t a saint despite her worldly do-gooding but I think we too easily forget her wild ways. It’s been years since I thought of her as the blood-toting weirdo married to Billy-Bob. Now when I think of her (if I ever do) it’s more in a slightly more positive light based on her saintly doings and adopted family. I may not understand it but hey, it works for them.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    And the beat goes on… and on… and on…

    Hopefully this book will meet the same fate as Pig Halperin’s tell-all, which, last I heard, is being sold for $2.99 on the discount racks at Wal-Mart. (That’s about $2.98 more than it’s worth.)

  17. snowball says:

    Yeah, isabelle, I’ve heard Ralph is a dirty boy too. Some of the things I’ve heard about him make Gerard Butler look like a choirboy.

    He’s still smoking hot, but no way I’d do him without a full body condom, especially if he was banging AJ during her freaky years.

    AJ’s beautiful (I love her eyes and brows, the bitch), but if she went to the trouble of a nose job, she might have asked if they could do anything about the profile of her chin.

  18. TG says:

    Ralph Fiennes looks like a serial killer to me. I can’t stand to watch him in anything because he grosses me out.

  19. JulieNewmar says:

    Fiennes looks like he’d fuck a goat if it would let him.

  20. fiona says:

    She has an impeccable taste in men…Who can blame her?Not me….

  21. lucy2 says:

    LOL at the laser eye surgery. Scandalous!

    Pretty hard to write a tell all when the subject in question used to publicly talk about most of that stuff anyway.
    I too suspect it will mostly be a mix of tabloid nonsense and made up stuff from “sources”. A real tell all would be interesting, but I doubt this would be.

  22. Zelda says:

    So…Jonny Lee Miller in the above pic def-definitely gets his underwear from K-mart. G-Gotta be KAAY-Mart. But only on FRIIIIdays. After Wopner.

  23. Bek says:

    ^^^I want to know how you can tell the difference between a “real” tell-all and this one.

  24. d says:

    Probably most of Hollywood has had sex with each other, and AJ’s just easy pickings for a non-story and for some thing that are pretty obvious, so, I mean, wow, she had sex with guys when she was single? shocker. Nannies? You don’t say. Pot? So what else is new? Oh, look, “sources.” The reporter is just one of many people/jackals want to make money off of the brand of Angie and Brad. It’s all pretty laughable.

  25. Chana says:

    mslewis: They’ve claimed in the past that they didn’t have nannies. Not that anyone believed it then, but they’ve both said something of that nature before.

    Anyway, any tell-all is going to be about 70% lies, 20% hearsay and 10% random truths that you could find out by looking on the internet.

  26. Toe says:

    @JulieNewmar Loool, i can see the animal abuse in him.

  27. Melanie says:

    This sounds like an “authorized” wink, wink “unauthorized” biography. Just making her that much more an icon to her fans.

  28. teri says:

    Correcting your eye sight is now breaking news and scandalous? She used to wear contacts. Try as they might to hurt Angelina but everything is already out there. She’s been so open and honest.

  29. Kim says:

    They said they didnt have a nanny before Shiloh was born . When she was pregnant with Shiloh her assistant Holly helped them w/ Mad and Zahara. In Vanity Fair in 2008 AJ said they had 3 nannies and 2 teachers that travel with them and would be getting a baby nurse when the twins were born .She said the nannies were not live in nannies at that time. BTW Heidi Klum had 4 nannies for 3 kids according to her in Us weekly before Lou was born.Eddie Murphey had nanny for each child according to his ex Nicole and his kids were all schoolaged

  30. I Choose Me says:

    @Chana. They never said they didn’t have nannies just that the nannies typically didn’t stay overnight – or something like that. Meh, too lazy to google the actual quote. But if I’m right (or wrong) I’m sure someone here will set me straight. 🙂

  31. marglosw says:

    Actually, Angelina corroborates some of these things herself. She did a Vanity Fair article about being a single mom while Mr. and Mrs. Smith was being filmed – great photos of her with Maddox in a hotel room. She stated that she met lovers for trysts in hotel rooms – nothing serious – just meeting her needs. Refused to let them into her life with Maddox.
    If I remember correctly she stated people would be surprised who her lovers were. Timing wise, Fiennes, Farrell and Miller fit with Paul’s statement.

  32. lucy2 says:

    I always found that a little odd, wanting to keep her kid separate from her adult relationships (good idea) but then publicly discussing said relationships in interviews and such (bad idea).

    @Bek, I’d consider a real tell all to be by someone a person knows, worked with, had a relationship with, etc. Someone with first hand knowledge, not just someone scraping together tabloid stories and anonymous “sources”.

  33. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Chana they never claimed to not have nannies sweetie. In Angelina’s Marie Clair interview around the time she was promoting A Mighty Heart she states that they do have help but they are very hands on parents and thats obvious.

    marsglow your sadly mistaken, Angelina did say something about not being celibate, she had lovers, but I hardly doubt they were Ralph Finness and Colin Farrell, Angelina has denied the Colin Farrell one a million times. I think it was just JLM, Angelina wouldn’t sleep with a bunch of a different guys at once, she was mainly with JLM in 2004-2005 there are pictures to prove it. Angelina never publicly stated who she was with and probably didn’t want the media all in her business when it came to her love life at that time, so she said lovers.

    This author is full of crap. She knows nothing about Angelina and Brad. All BS for tabloid Wednesday.

  34. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol ok this sounds really hot!

  35. Whaaaatchu Say says:

    THIRTEEN children, huh? Hmm…numerologically significant number in the occult/Illuminati world (which Hollywood is a huge, HUGE part of). Interesting, especially when you factor in the adopted children and their roles in these cults. But Angelina is a SAINT and would NEVER EVER do anything wrong, isn’t that the prevailing (media manipulated and generated) opinion? LOL! It would be hilarious if it wasn’t true….and terrifying.

  36. meme says:

    angelina wouldn’t sleep with a bunch of guys at once? you kid, yes? as for 13 kids, that means 12 nannies, 35bodyguards,14 maids, 3 cooks and a partridge in a pear tree.

  37. Willing says:

    Nose job?! What about the chin+ cheek implants?!

  38. Beth says:

    As many had already said Angelina and Brad never said they don’t have nannies. Both have said in many interviews that they have them. I don’t know why haters always lie about it since you can look it up on the net. I’m just shocked she said only five nannies considering tabs/haters like to say they have a minimum of twelve. Although it sounds like Paul is including the tutors as nannies.

    I don’t know why everybody believes she dated Collin. They were both single so why deny it? Collin was the “Lindsay Lohan” of his day. He would brag about a relationship not deny it. I don’t know about an affair with Mick and Ralph. It just seems very unlikely.

    I think this book is going to be a massive bomb. The haters were gloating about Ian’s book but even they didn’t purchase his book. If the biggest scandal to come out is they may have smoked pot in Kenya, I don’t see how this book could be a success.

  39. Chana says:

    love angelina: I have only a passing knowledge of the things she’s said in the past and that was one of those things that I remember very clearly and talked about with friends as we rolled our eyes at her denying having nannies.

    She may or may not have amended those statements later on, but I really do not care.

  40. lisa says:

    I am a fan and she has NEVER denied they had help. Really.. but don’t let the truth stop the misquotes.

    Every dumb story has to be believed..

  41. niamh (neev) says:

    Ralph looks like an older Bradley Cooper, and what is with Johnny Lee Miller’s PANTS!?

  42. Solveig says:

    2nd pic: the battle of the chins.

    I know nothing about her love affairs, but the pictures of hers when she was younger speak for themselves:
    nosejob and lips done (lower lip reduction, upper lip augmentation), especially lips are different in shape not only in size. And who knows what else.
    I’m not against plastic surgery, but please don’t deny the obvious, it makes you sound ridiculous.

  43. mslewis says:

    Chana, I have never read any interview or article about Angelina or Brad where they say they don’t use nannies!! They have said that nannies don’t live with them (that was before the twins) but they have never said they don’t use them. There’s no way they could not have nannies with their schedules.

  44. minisoda says:

    There is some side-eye FEVAH in the Jonny Lee pic. Classic!

  45. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Chana where did you read this so called quote? Angelina never said anything like that and if you choose to believe bs that’s on you. I will sleep fine at night…I can can go to
    Marie Clare magazine’s website…a reputable magazine who did an actual interview with her and tell you the quote…unlike you.

  46. ThunderC*nt says:

    Nah, she’s a plastic surgery job. I know real beauty when I see it. My Mom was a true beauty.

  47. Dannni says:

    She has clearly had a lot of face work done….but who cares??

  48. No new news here... says:

    She admitted in interviews that she had lovers back then. Not many in her lifetime though. She is very selective and I don’t think she dated Colin Farrell. What actress in Hollywood has not had a nose job. I think most have. Aniston has and she’s had many lovers. Someone is just trying to make a buck.

  49. Amy says:

    This story is false. Angelina is a naturally beautiful woman, not like those make-up help me Kardashian women.

  50. CeeCee12 says:

    She has not had much plastic surgery. She had a nose job but nothing else. She lost some baby fat in her face but that is all.

    Every actor in Hollywood has plastic surgery at some point. I think many get accused of having way more than they actually had.

  51. les says:

    All of you who are defending Angelina are the same ones who dog Aniston about dating several men and her plastic surgery. What a bunch of pathetic, celebrity-worshipping hypocrites.

  52. ogechi says:

    Am really not an Angelina fan for obvious reasons and therefore believe any negative stories dished out about her.

  53. NicoleAM says:

    I thought that top pic was older. She looked so good, what did she do to herself since then?

  54. dm says:

    @snowball – u have heard stories about Ralph Fiennes?! share some news dearie 😀

    Seriously, he is SUPER HOT and profoundly talented!! Ahh! he has got everthing to lure a woman 😉 and we cannot blame him. hehehe.

    I was watching Schindler’s List some days back – I just LOVED him in that role even though he played a demon – a demon with whom most of us sympathized or at least was mesmerized!

  55. peacemaker says:

    I saw her Picture when she was young with his Dad, Brod and Grandma. Her nose are the same as she is now, good make up, makes different in every shot.laser help make you see better to avoid wearing eye glass, just being practical. Beside she don’t need facial makeover, she is perfectly beautiful. all good looking guys are crazy about her, can you blame her? She once said, she plan to remarry his first husband,JM, after she divorce BT. They are both too young when they decided to settle down. He is a good husband. But,she didn’t feel the same. Ex will always be your husband, unless both party have their own family, and you love your guy, more that your ex. Then that’s the end of your relationship. Beside both are free, she is looking for a good father to his adopted son. BT, disagree with AJ,and have kids in his previous marriage. In this country they love animals. more than human being,they do not want to share their time, and wealth to this kids. So it’s easy to abort them, than have them. Our kids in school, at early age, we teach them to use contraceptive,so to avoid aids,and pregnacy. But we forgot to teach them responsibility. Few are virgin,before taking their marriage vow. Those who fallow the Golden Rule. Also Intervention of private life with any individual,is against the 10’th commandment”Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods,” that include personal life, rights, which belong to them. This equivalent to the whole 10 rules, means your not better than MR. Brad and Ms. Angelina. Have no right to judge them, or condemn them. In the eyes of GOD, were all sinners.

  56. Liverwurst says:

    Actually Angie’s had several nose jobs. The trick is to tweek it here then there without an obvious transition…the last one was done in 2004 coupled with a chin implant. Angie’s face was very roung (regardless of the wieght loss) it is most ovious in profile shots of before and after. No matter how much you weigh, your chin doesn’t grow longer in profile. There have been reprorts that she also had a mini tummytuck after the twins to remove excess skin and a breast lift for the same reason. Afterwards she had breast injections to plump them up from all the weight loss.