Kate Gosselin on People cover: “Why can’t a mom have fun?”


Oh, for the love of God. Kate Gosselin is asking all of us “Why Can’t a Mom Have Fun?” on this week’s People Magazine cover. Look, Kate, you know I don’t like you and all of that, but seriously. Stop with the People covers every time you have a bowel movement. We get it. You’re on Dancing With the Stars, and you’ve got a budget weave, and you’re still “sexy” and you can still “have fun” and be a mom. Just stop talking about it. Give us a chance to focus on other people for a second. Like, you know, the people who have actual talent, like those Oscar winners that were shoved to the side of the People cover! Gah!

Anyway, People hasn’t released anything from the cover interview, although I suspect it’s the same rah-rah pro-Weave bullsh-t People has been feeding us for months. Oh my God, a mom doesn’t spend every waking moment with her children, and some people want to burn her for that, and People rides to Kate’s defense. Blah. But, Radar did have this interesting little story (if you’re interested in budget weaves):

Hair’s News! Kate Gosselin is getting ready for her debut on Dancing With the Stars and RadarOnline.com has learned that her stylist Ted Gibson is giving her a slightly new look, starting with taking her extensions out on Wednesday. The $7,000 hair-do Kate has been sporting is coming out, kids.

Kate will be hitting up the Ted Gibson salon on Wednesday and she’ll be back to her famous short-do. But not for long.

“She’ll have a new hairdo tomorrow because we’re taking them out and we’re not putting them back in until Thursday. So she’ll have short hair for a day,” Ted told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

And Kate will have multiple shades in her new hairdo. “We’re actually doing three different shades of blonde, a caramel, a beige blond and a little bit of a lighter blonde,” Ted exclusively revealed to RadarOnline.com.

“The extensions will last through the whole time she’s on the show.”

Kate is giving Jennifer Aniston’s The Rachel competition for most famous hairdo in the realm of pop culture. Ted explained to RadarOnline.com the process for Kate’s hair.

“We’ll be doing color, we’ll be doing extensions, we’ll be getting her ready for her premiere on Dancing With the Stars!”

Ted said that Kate is a contender in the reality competition. “I think she has a good chance, I think people love to watch her, I think she’s interesting,” he told RadarOnline.com. “ When she was here last week she said she been trying really, really hard at dancing and she doesn’t feel like she’s necessarily a dancer but I think she’s having a good time and that’s going to show, that she’s having a good time.”

“She’s thrilled beyond belief,” Gibson said about Kate’s excitement for her Dancing With the Stars chances. “I think this is going to be really great for her.” She is getting along well with her partner and Ted said Kate really likes Tony.

Ted has his own line of products and talked about the ones Kate uses on her new hair. “She loves Build It blow drying spray, she loves my daily shampoo which is called Daily Cleanse and a daily conditioner called Daily Nourish. She also loves hair styling sheets, she’s a woman on the go, and it’s a great product for styling or refreshing.”

[From Radar]

So, Kate is throwing out the weave and going back to a shorter haircut. For a day. And then she’s going to get newer (more budget) extensions put in. That’s the gist of it, I guess. What people choose to care about, I have no idea.

My great fear nowadays is that CB is going to ask me (“force” me) to watch DWTS so I can report on Kate. Please, God, don’t let it happen.



People Magazine cover courtesy of CoverAwards. Promotional images of Kate for Dancing with the Stars, courtesy of Radar.

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  1. funnygirl says:

    I hope she gets cut the first week! Then she doesn’t have to defend herself…she can just be with her kids and GO AWAY!!!

  2. Toe says:

    Kaiser, that was hilarious loool. It’s not about Kate, it’s about the weave.

  3. Scarlet Vixen says:

    OMG. I can’t believe this woman got more of the cover than the damn Oscars… I’m so sick of seeing her on the cover of People every 3rd week!

  4. dude says:

    I did not like her personality on Jon & kate. But she does have to make a living to support her children. Keep in mind that she isnt doing this for herself. She is trying to give her children a good life. yeah yeah She shouldnt have had sextuplets if she couldnt afford them. Yeah I get it.. but you dont spend money on IVF just to terminate or “reduce” as they say.
    She is just trying to raise her children, esp since their father is too busy finding his lost youth!

  5. bellaluna says:

    Because, Kate, when a couple with children gets divorced, it’s perfectly okay for the dad (non-custodial parent) to go play with his skank collection and travel on someone else’s dime, no matter how much time he spends away from the children. When it comes to the mom, however, she’s only allowed to attend school functions, run child-related errands, and take care of the children, you silly girl.

    Please don’t attack me – this is a satirical generalisation, but I AM speaking from personal experience (as well as observation), and I know that not ALL men behave this way.

    Dude – kudos to you for calling it like it is. Since Jon is busy playing with his skank collection, surfing and snowboarding and doing all those things he didn’t get to do because he “lost his 20’s” when he chose to marry and have children, Kate doesn’t really have a choice but to support the children, financially as well as emotionally.

  6. michellllle says:

    Looks good on the cover but bitch please. Take care of your kids. They brought her wealth & fame, the least she could do is make them her main priority while they’re so young & bc there are so many.

  7. jen says:

    She looks so stiff and ungraceful in the posed pictures, she has no chance lasting on that show.

  8. snowball says:

    I love how the weave assassin gives People the “exclusive” on what colors he’ll be stapling on her rabid beaver head. She’s going to have the “next Rachel.” I hurt myself laughing on that one. Because she is such a style and fashion icon.

    I do predict she’ll be gone quickly from DWTS. She looks dumpy, stiff and as sexy as a naked Gary Coleman.

    People has become a joke. Instead of renewing my subscription to that rag, I’m going to switch to the more credible Enquirer.

  9. bros says:

    dude: you must be the new pollyanna of the site, defending the lardassian sisters and now Khate. She is a trained damn nurse. the whole supporting the kids thing is BS because she is fame addicted narcissist who only needs to keep doing sh$t like this because she has an army of staff whitening her teeth, putting in her raggedy hair extensions, cooking organic gourmet meals, doing her nails, and raising her kids. if she would quit with the absurd overhead, maybe she could afford to raise her own kids and have a job that is something other than shoving her mediocrity and entitlement down America’s throats.

  10. Sumodo1 says:

    The jet lag alone will kill her chances. But, she’ll make a few bucks and keep her face in front of the public. After all, it’s not about the sextuplets anymore, is it? It’s all about Kate.

  11. Jackson says:

    Meh, IDK. It’s up to People who they put on the cover, not her. I’ve never seen their reality show, so I don’t like her, dislike her, whatever. But…the fact is, she is a single mother who has a bunch of kids who she needs to support. Why wouldn’t she do DWTS? You have to strike while the iron is hot for the $$$. I’m guessing she’ll make a whole lot more money doing this show versus working part-time at Walgreen’s when her kids are at school.

  12. I can understand the frustration of seeing Kate everywhere, but let’s be real…she can’t exactly go be a secretary anywhere and expect to earn enough money to take care of her kids! It’s not even about them having all they want, but it’s just the truth. She HAS to be seen in order to earn that cash.

    As a poster said earlier, it’s okay for Jon to take off and be young again without responsibility, but Kate has to do all the dirty work. Stiff, odd, controlling or other, she’s got to earn that loot.

    Or would you rather the taxpayers pay for them…

  13. Judy says:

    Dude, are you ever naive. You obviously don’t have a clue about all the ins and outs of this story. Kate is nothing but a lying, manipulative, self-promoting famewhore. She doesn’t do a damned thing for her kids–it’s all for her. She’s a fake from the word go.

  14. Anastasia says:

    I will never understand a single bit of sympathy for this woman. They made $75,000 PER EPISODE for their show on TLC and it ran for FOUR SEASONS.

    Add that up for a second, wouldja?

    The kids live in a million dollar mansion and have nannies who care for them, a cook, housekeepers, a pool guy, groundskeepers, you name it.

    They ride a bus two hours a day to get to their tony exclusive very expensive private school. That’s ten hours a week just sitting on a bus. And they’re FIVE. The twins ride the same bus the same amount of time.

    She doesn’t spend time with those kids. John asked for more time with them since she’s going to be taping in LA Monday through Thursday with DWTS and she said no, she’d rather them be with NANNIES than have more time with their FATHER.

    I guarantee you that hurts the kids badly.

    She’s not some poor single mom slaving away to put food on the table! Give me a break!

  15. canadianchick says:

    I vote for a total Gosselin ban- who’s with me?

  16. Rachel says:

    (Awkwardly ducks head, avoiding eye contact while haltingly raising hand)
    Kaiser, I am forced to admit that regardless of all my bitching and moaning to the contrary, I’ll watch. I just can’t help myself! If you want, I can write your posts. There’s no reason for both of us to suffer through that kind of shame.

  17. dude says:

    Judy maybe your naive? Are you saying this mother doesnt love her children?? If anyone doesnt love them its Jon..he is too busy getting laid to be bothered with them. I do have a clue about the “ins & outs”. I have watched the show..NUMEROUS TIMES. When you have 8 children tried to run a house with out any organizational skills? It wont happen! She had to be the way she was/is. There is nothing wrong with being orderly. It gets things done!
    Kudos to you Bella & thanks for the back up.

  18. Anastasia says:

    To those of you asking what she’s supposed to do to make money and using examples of secretary, etc:

    She’s a registered nurse. AND she just announced a few months ago that she renewed her certification “just in case.”

    Nurses are in great demand and their pay isn’t exactly crumbs. She has the training, background and certification to go back to being an RN tomorrow, no problem.

    The thing is, her face wouldn’t be in front of the cameras if she were nursing. The fame would go away. And THAT is what she’s really into.

  19. flourpot says:

    I’m not seeing a whole lot of mothering going on. Go ahead and have fun. But don’t tarnish the mom name in the process. What a self entitled skank. Poor kids.

  20. Anastasia says:

    One other thing: she’d have to tone down the lifestyle if she went back to nursing. Those kids wouldn’t starve on her $85,000 a year plus the child support Jon has to pay, BUT she’d have to give up the million dollar mansion on a huge piece of land with a pool. She’d have to give up at least a few of the nannies and definitely the cook.

    The kids would have to go to a more normally priced school closer to home (which would be a good thing).

    Hell, their old house never sold. She could just move back into that, there you go.

    But again, all of that would involve living a normal life away from the cameras and La Kate can’t have that, apparently.

  21. *Lee* says:

    Actually I think I would prefer my children to hang out with rapid wolves than Jon Gosselin. Is it a surprise that Kate would prefer the children to be with nannies than their father? So far the nannies have better judgment, and actually care for them.

    The only reason Kate can continue in the public eye, is because people watch her. They report on her, they write articles about her, and they pay to see her.

    It never ceases to amuse me how people criticize her for working, and not spending that time with her children. So, using that logic, we’ll ban all movies, television, and music, because of all the time those parents aren’t with their children. And of course,
    there will be the argument that those people are “professionals”. Please. That’s really all a matter of opinion.

    The whole thing is funny. It reminds me of that character on the Simpsons…”Won’t somebody please think of the CHILDREN??!!”

  22. kelbear says:

    Going back and forth each week is gonna kill her. But I still hop she does good, I like her.

  23. Anna says:

    Is People getting payola or something? She seems to get on the cover at least once a month!

  24. Judy says:

    Anastasia, love your posts. Wanted you to know their old house DID sell. And I think TLC bought them the million dollar house–don’t believe there’s a mortgage and if there is, you can be sure TLC is paying for it. This woman does not deserve one ounce of pity. Give the pity to the women who actually work 8-5 everyday (or more) to support their kids. I did it and raised a child alone from the time she was 5 and I did it without any help. Also, all of those kids’ college educations have already been paid for by the state of Pennsylvania. Oh, and let’s not forget Kate getting rid of the dogs because they were smelly and needed caring for. Yeah, it’s all about the kids.

  25. Linda says:

    Will this woman ever go away!!! I hate that she is on one of my favorite shows and hope she is gone week #1!!!

  26. Just a Poster says:

    Dude I agree.

    And I think this is a brilliant move by DWTS. Love her or hate her, people will turn in and watch.

  27. judyjudy says:

    Yeah, I’m tired of the whole “single mom needs to support her children” bit. She lives in a giant house, has tons of nannies, can afford a $7000 weave, has several books out on the market and has more in the works. This woman has plenty of money. And she earned all of that money by doing nothing but talk about what a great mom she is, which is blazingly ironic.

  28. Anastasia says:

    *Lee* your comparison would hold up if every actor out there had nearly a dozen kids and made such a big deal ALL THE STINKING TIME about how everything they do is FOR THE KIDS. Everything is ABOUT THE KIDS.

    When it’s obvious it isn’t!

    Also, what are rapid wolves? LOL.

    Let me give you some low-down on dads: my mom and dad divorced when I was five, just like these kids. My mother made life hell for my dad when all he wanted to do was see us. All we wanted was to see him. He was a GOOD father, he was OUR father and we loved him.

    But no, it gave her pleasure to keep him from us, and she figured she was punishing him.

    She was punishing us, too. But her hatred for him was so blinding she couldn’t see that. We used to cry ourselves to sleep because we couldn’t see our dad.

    Unless a father is abusive or neglectful THERE IS NO REASON TO KEEP HIM FROM HIS KIDS. Her personal feelings about him DON’T MATTER when it comes to the relationship he has with HIS kids.

    I hate it when women act like they 100% own the kids and punish both dad and kids by cutting their relationship to shreds. It’s immature and hurtful.

  29. the other mel says:

    I feel kind of bad for Tony Dovolani. Hope he’s paid well.

  30. dude says:

    anastasia, it looks like this is Jon’s choice not to see his children. He is pretty busy picking up broads. You cant blame Kate for that…although someone will try!

  31. Whaaaatchu Say says:

    BOO FREAKING HOO, you can’t have fun? MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE YOU HAD EIGHT F*CKING CHILDREN, YOU PENNSYLVANIA TRASH!! Good lord. How selfish are people nowadays, seriously? Once you have a kid, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU ANY LONGER! Jesus, how f*cking hard is it to understand this? You cannot have your cake and eat it too! Where do people get these ideas about parenthood? I’m pregnant with my first and only child, and actually have a husband (unlike so many these days I’m not so deluded and arrogant to think that I’M enough for a child…kids need two GOOD parents), and I know it is not going to be all rainbows, sunshine and butterflies, but that’s OK. Anything worth doing usually isn’t easy, ya know!

    But really, we look at society and see how utterly f*cked up everyone is nowadays, and everyone asks why. Well, the answer is bad parenting, lack of two parents, selfish parents, and of course, glorifying and displaying HORRIBLE parents like Jon and Kate. The more we see dysfunctional, worthless parents like this, the more normal it seems, and so people emulate it. And now here we are, with a woman who has never ONCE (that I’ve seen) seemed to give a damn about her children other than as a ticket to fame and fortune, whining about how she can’t have “fun”. DISGUSTING. She makes me sick, the selfish c*nt. Those poor babies….

  32. bellaluna says:

    I’d be worried that the kids would catch an STD if they sat on the same toilet seat as Jon or bathed in the same tub or shower. Not to mention the fact that he probably only has beer in the fridge and vodka in the freezer. I know, I know, he sees the kids at their home, not his. And that would be the only reason there would actually be food in the house. Also, Jon likes to disappear to nightclubs and bars after the kids are in bed (sometimes before) – not exactly the traits of a devoted father.

    Yes, Kate could return to nursing, but she’d be working 12 hour shifts (or more) at least 4 days a week, and probably still wouldn’t be able to make ends meet, and people would still be bitching about how much time she spent away from the kids. And just because Jon’s been ordered to pay child support doesn’t mean he’s paying; take it from someone who knows from experience.

    I highly doubt she paid for the hair extensions (salons & stylists do that kind of thing for free publicity); she’s not allowed to get her nails done – my God, with 8 children wouldn’t you need a little “me time” too?

    I know I sound like a fan, but I’m really not. I feel for the children, and they deserve to be taken care of. Their father (sperm donor) put an end to the show that allowed them to take vacations and trips they never would have been able otherwise; he’s bad-mouthed their mother on national TV; he’s paraded his skanks all over the world, and he’s done it all with no regard to their feelings. If their mother gets to keep them in the same home and the same school by writing books and doing TV appearances, so what?

  33. Maritza says:

    I hope she surprises everyone by at least lasting until the semi-finals!

  34. Feebee says:

    No one said Mums can’t have fun. Most of us though are able to have fun without flitting around the country without our kids.

    Who thought the ‘weave piece’ would make interesting copy? People Magazine is going downhill faster and faster every year.

  35. bros says:

    anastasia, hear hear! and all wolves are rapid, dont you know? at least in the wild.

  36. Laurie says:

    We OWE her a high paying, high profile celebrity career on TV to support her kids…..WHY exactly?

  37. GatsbyGal says:

    She should write a stupid book or something, I’m sure lots of idiots will buy it and make her lots of money to spend on outfits to go clubbing in and more hair extensio–errr, I mean, to spend on her kids.

  38. oxa says:

    Why can’t this mom stay home and actually raise her own kids instead of chasing fame?
    This shrew has faked her way across the nation begging for money & crying poverty while taking money from gullible Church groups,as she lives high on the hog. Anything she does is for herself, if she was concerened about the kids future she would not have wasted their money on tarting up herself in ridculously expensive hooker heels, mini skirts, cleavage baring tops and designer purses.

  39. dee says:


    just wanted to let you know their old house did sell. I live 15 minutes from there, they took a loss on it but it did sell last month. Trust me, the Gosselins will not be hurting for money any time soon. May have scale back on their elaborate help and staff that is raising their kids but even that wont be for a while. Lets not forget all their kids will continue to receive state paid for health insurance until they’re 18. Thats more than most have right now. There’s no need to pity anyone but this kids with this bunch. Kate’s now a famewhore, she used to put up a motherly front for the show on TLC but it was all just that.. a front for someone who is really a famewhore.

  40. Caligal says:

    For those of u who are stating that Jon is flitting about the country with a skank of the week fyi he has visitation days (weeks). He was just photographed with the kids last week or the week b4.
    I suspect he also is bound by a gag order not to speak to the press. So he is in no position to defend himself.
    He has definitely made a fool of himself and deserves criticism for his behavior. And if TLC would allow him freedom he would probably still be acting like a db.
    TLC keeps Kate on a short leash and she is their property. The People covers are paid for by TLC.

  41. lucy2 says:

    Anastasia, I’m in agreement – not only did they have a pretty good TV deal there for a while, but she’s also had 3 books published, a number of paid appearances, and probably a whole lot of freebies given to her and the family. She’s also making big bucks for this DwtS show, so I don’t want to hear her crying about having to support her kids, especially when there are families really struggling to do that. What she’s trying to support is her own fame and her upscale lifestyle.

    I too would rather leave kids in the care of rabid OR rapid wolves that Jon Gosselin. 😀

    It is really gross of People to put this on the cover instead of the OSCARS, only the biggest even in Hollywood. But this is the same mag that ran a puff piece on Jen Aniston and relegated Haiti to a sidebar. The blame in both cases falls on the magazine, no question.

  42. Caligal says:

    Whoops! I forgot to mention. Have any of u noticed how short Kate’s heels r in the costume photos from DWTS? I thought all the ladies on that show wear really high heels. Kate wears higher heels when she goes shopping in Reading.
    It just looks strange to me.
    This is not a slam just an observation.

  43. Judy says:

    What Johnny Weir has to say about Kate Gosselin from E!Online:

    “Kate Gosselin and Johnny Weir are like family.

    “OK, not exactly. But who would have thought they sorta run in the same circles.

    “We’ll let the Olympic figure skater explain…

    “My cousins’ house backs up to the house Jon and Kate lived in,” Weir, 25, told us at Elton John and David Furnish’s AIDS Foundation benefit.

    “Weir spent his younger years in Quarrysville, a small Pennsylvania town about 50 miles from his family and Gosselin’s neighborhood in Wyomissing. “It’s a very small and quiet area,” the Olympian explained. “Everyone’s like, ‘What are paparazzi doing in the middle of Amish country?’ It was really annoying for everybody.”

    “Weir has met the world’s most famous mother of eight and he is not rooting for her on Dancing With the Stars. “She was a terror,” he hissed. “She was rude to everyone at this charity show, and showed up very late. She’s not a film star. She’s not a singer. And it’s not really acceptable in those cases either, to be a nasty person.” (FYI: Weir has thrown his support behind moon man astronaut Buzz Aldrin.)”

  44. *Lee* says:

    Actually, quite a few celebrities do have multiple children. And quite a few of them talk about how wonderful parenthood is, while flitting around the world, as is their job.

    She’s keeping her family in a certain style of living, maybe everyone would feel better if she were making minimum wage. She’s also the only parent contributing to that household.

    I still don’t see what exactly she is doing wrong here. She certainly has the money to fly home whenever she has days off. We really have no inside information on how much time she spends with each child.

  45. Judy says:

    *Lee*–Pounding my head against the wall…do you read any of the other posts?

  46. tracy says:

    sign me up for the ban!!

    Kick KHate”pity me and pay me” Gosselin out on her flat ass.

  47. Anastasia says:

    Dude: Jon ASKED for more time with the kids since Kate is going to be in LA Mondays through Thursdays once the show starts.

    She said no, they can spend those days with the NANNIES.

    That’s just hurtful to the kids. They’d rather be with their dad than nannies.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about Jon’s personal life OR her personal life. But those kids deserve to see their dad if their mom is going to be flying off to LA every week to get her mug on TV.

    Lee: why is it she either needs to make the big bucks or “minimum wage” according to you? In her part of the country, RNs make about $85,000 a year. That is NOT peanuts! That plus the child support Jon is court ordered to pay means they would still be living a nice comfortable life.

    She does NOT have to run around the country trying to get her face all over the place in order to support her kids. Hell, that’s not even what she’s about, though that’s what her mouth says. Kate is about Kate. Period.

  48. tess says:

    Thank you Anastacia and Judy!

  49. Kate G's Friend says:

    To the Kate Gosselin’s Haters:
    . You DO NOT pay my bills
    . You DO NOT put food on my table
    . You DO NOT and CANNOT raise my children
    . You CANNOT tell me what my career choice should be
    . You CANNOT tell me to let my irresponsible ex-husband, Jon, stay in MY house when I am away
    . I HAVE A RIGHT to earn a living
    . If you don’t like me DO NOT watch me on TV
    . If you don’t like me DO NOT read about me or comment about me on websites
    . DO NOT mind my business, mind your business
    In other words….. kiss my as* and STFU

  50. michellllle says:


    So are you her ‘friend’ or are you KG?
    Had to ask since you put it out there, you did speak in 1st person afterall.

  51. Anastasia says:

    Kate G’s “friend”–oh this is awesome. Let me school you about being a public figure. When Kate Gosselin put her life and her kids’ lives up for sale and public consumption on TLC, she opened herself up to criticism. You see, that’s how it works. If the public likes you, then great. But if they don’t, if they find you to be a despicable, shallow, shrewish, bitter, verbally abusive selfish famewhore, then it’s not so great, is it?

    Tell your “friend” (she doesn’t have any friends, honey) to enjoy the remaining 3 minutes on her 15. She doesn’t have the talent (of any kind) to overcome her huge personality flaws and she’ll soon go back to being a nobody.

  52. Anastasia says:

    Oh and inform her that the public DOES put food on her table. Or not. It’s called ratings, darling. Everyone who is working in the public realm depends on it 100%. Most are at least able to realize and acknowledge that connection. La Kate is too dim to see that.

  53. Judy says:

    CB, I just reported myself regarding my above two comments. I am over-the-top regarding KG and am going to quit reading anything about her. Please delete my two previous comments. Thank you.

  54. Jazz says:

    @Judy – did Johnny Weir really say that? Then I love him all the more!!

  55. Leek says:

    Kate, moms can have fun. We do it every day and some of us single girls manage to do it without ever even mentioning our ex.

    We just don’t like you so it’s easy to be more highly critical in situations we wouldn’t be to other more likable personalities.

  56. dee says:

    LOL@Kate G having a friend post for her.
    and yes, we do contribute to paying your bills with our tax dollars and the viewer ratings. I live in the same state as you or(Kate)and my tax dollars go towards paying for all your kids state paid healthcare and all the other freebies you get.
    Sorry but when you and your PR agent are plastering your face all over the news and web, people are going to respond and they have every right to.
    Kate is not a star, has no talant other than breeding babies and yet we have to see her everywhere. People will stop commenting when they no longer have to look at you in the news and on every website.

  57. lucy2 says:

    Why do the kids get state paid health care? That doesn’t seem quite right.

    LOL. She’s definitely seems like one of those “celebs” who is screaming “pay attention to me!” and then in the next breath asking how dare people scrutinize her. Can’t have it both ways.

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