Gerard Butler on Jennifer Aniston: “I trimmed her bush”


Well, hello, Sailor! Here’s a lovely photo of a scruffy, dirty, naughty Gerard Butler in London earlier today. Damn, something about him is working in these photos – he’s very sexy when he’s not photoshopped into a Tom Ford-esque oblivion. Anyhoodle, this morning big reveal of the April W Magazine cover (jointly with Jennifer Aniston) isn’t the only magazine appearance we can enjoy from our beloved raunchy Scotsman. He will also be the April cover boy for April’s Men’s Health Mag. I can’t find the cover anywhere, which is fine. Because we have some stellar interview excerpts… including a very naughty one in which he jokes about Jennifer Aniston and “trimming her bush”. Oh, you smarmy bastard!

Gerard Butler has revealed that he is such good friends with Jennifer Aniston that he once ‘trimmed her bush’.

The Scottish actor made his cheeky comments in a US men’s magazine and revealed the event happened at his Bounty Hunter co-star’s Christmas tree-trimming party.

He said: ‘Over Christmas [Jennifer] had a tree-trimming party that I went to. Yeah, I trimmed her bush.’

But he quickly backtracked, saying: ‘Sh-t. Please don’t put that in.’

The Law Abiding Citizen star, 40, who has been romantically linked to several of Hollywood’s A-listers including Aniston and Lindsay Lohan, also revealed that he is still single and “not a big relationship guy”.

He said: ‘I think I get laid less now than I used to, because I’m way more paranoid now – look at f-cking Tiger Woods! I mean, I’m nowhere near as naughty as I used to be, partly because I did a lot of that when I was drinking.’

‘I’m not saying I’ve cut that part out. I’m certainly no angel. There’s no smoke without fire. But, here’s the thing: while they’re accusing me of that, I’ve probably been off somewhere else doing damage with someone else. I’m pretty smart like that. I know how to get away with these things.’

He added: ‘In the last five years since coming out here, I’ve had two relationships. I’m not a big relationship guy. One of my vices is, I’m too wrapped up in myself and not always in a good way.’

[From Monsters and Critics]

Well… at least he’s honest, you know? What you see is what you get. He looks like a man-slut because he is a man-slut. He’s “not a big relationship guy,” he’s a “f-ck you four times in one night without knowing or caring about your name” guy. But isn’t it interesting that he name checked Tiger Woods? Is the Tiger Woods drama Gerard’s cautionary tale? Well, I have some good news for Gerry on that front: we would never be that pissed at Gerry for screwing everything that moves, because we know that’s how he is, and it’s not like he has a wife and kids. Oh, but I’ll buy that Gerard probably has as many lovers as Tiger used to. Gerry probably doesn’t remember their names, though.

Here’s Jennifer after a fresh bush-trimming:

Golden Globe Awards 2010 - PRESS ROOM

Gerard Butler in London on March 10, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. georgiagrl says:

    Gee do you think they have a movie coming out? All these stupid publicity quotes and sightings? God, they are boring?

  2. JulieNewmar says:

    “Four times in one night”…. hahaha, I remember those days fondly. ;)

  3. bellaluna says:

    Still love, love, LOVE him. He’s just got that je ne sais quoi (sp?) and it’s so hot!

  4. Meanie says:

    I can just imagine him yelling “This is Sparta” like a jackass while trimming the Aniston bush. But eh. I liked Law Abiding Citizen.Have zero interest in The Bounty Hunter.

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Still really unattractive and he should be ashamed and as well as you CB for giving me the most awful mental picture I have had in like a month or so. :P Jennifer Aniston’s Bush *gross* LOL Jen has a party so she can get her bush trimmed. lol

    Anyway kinda sick of hearing guys stating that they aren’t relationship material but whatever…I suppose honesty is better, then a bold faced liar like Woods.

  6. GatsbyGal says:

    I think The Bounty Hunter will be a great movie for me and my mom to see. We can both drool over Gerard Butler together. I think my mom’s had a thing for him ever since he was in Phantom of the Opera and sang everything himself. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

  7. Dorothy says:

    Best picture of him that I have seen lately!!! <3 him!!

  8. FrenchToast says:

    I think that’s nice when guys are 100% honest and just lay it on the line like that so there are no misunderstandings later. I’d never have anything to do with a guy like him, but we’re all different and I really respect his honesty.

  9. cee says:

    Can not stand either of them. He loks like spittle and she looks like she has to go the bathroom all the time. I wish she would stop copying everything that Brad does. Who cares if she takes her clothes off every movie for a mag every movie she makes? She is NOT sexy. Angelina oozes sex and can not help it. Poor Jen she just keeps trying.

  10. naye in VA says:

    its his hair today. all scruffed. elongates his chubby cheeks lol

  11. Novaraen says:

    He is super gross….and the more he does interviews…the grosser he seems.

  12. karie says:

    Ugh, can’t stand him. You’re not funny, dude! Jen sure knows how to pick ‘em. That picture of her is not flattering either. Needs more photoshop.

  13. meme says:

    he’s gross. jennifer has the worst taste in men.

  14. Beth says:

    I don’t see the appeal. He was hot when “300″ came out (the real person not the character). But since then he looks horrible. In most of his pictures he looks like he’s been in a bar for a week just drinking and having sex. Not to mention his bloat.

  15. Willing says:

    he can trim my whole EVERYTHING! ANYTIME! :D

  16. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG Cee, thank for you saying it. I agree she is a big copycat.

  17. ThunderC*nt says:

    He’s just so regular looking. Not even nice eyes. Nada.

  18. j. ferber says:

    His blue eyes are nice, but his nose is bulbous. Ordinary looking bloke, no? And for every “dirty, naughty” backhanded compliment of a guy for this stuff, is a “ridden hard and put away wet” snotty remark about a woman. Double standard, no?

  19. Chana says:

    Congrats cee, you’ve brought Angelina into a post about Gerard Butler talking about trimming Jennifer Aniston’s bush. Why?

    Anyway, that was really funny. He’s a hot mess. But a cute hot mess. And there goes the theory that there is a “showmance” going on.

  20. Yvette says:

    Spittle? Now that’s a new one. Looking fine Mr. Butler.

  21. Ron says:

    I love this guy. He’s a full on tramp and offers no apolgies. And he is funny to boot. Where was he when I needed help trimming my (christmas) bush??

  22. *Lee* says:

    I think he is soooo good looking. Love him.

  23. CYANN says:

    Er, um, did they refer to Lohan as an A-lister?

    I don’t find him attractive at all.

  24. Emily says:

    Tree-trimming party? That’s a real thing? Seriously?

    I don’t get the appeal of him, but I do like the honesty.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    Jeez, can’t he keep his dumb f*cking mouth shut?

  26. Solveig says:

    That joke is soooo gross that I think I like him even more now. I like the most that he doesn’t give a effe about the way his words sound in a world like HW’s where the most important thing is to be perceived as a good person than to be a good person.
    Love the “don’t give a s*it attitude” but I also think that I’m not interested in finding out what his collection of V diseases looks like.

  27. Hm says:

    Sounds like just her type.

  28. nnn says:

    Not my type. Jen seems to have a nack for gross in men lately.

  29. girl says:

    Lindsay Lohan is A-list? Where the hell have I been.

    I checked out GB on Full Frontal Friday. I was pretty disappointed.

  30. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I read in some trash magazine, I can’t remember the name because I read so many of them, that JA has a personal assistant to wax her bush once a week.

  31. San says:

    Definitely movie promotion time. I kind of think Gerard is harboring lots of STDs.

  32. andrea says:

    the guy is an unattractive, immature misogynist. this is appealing now?

  33. nana says:

    eww look at aniston on that pic. looks like a used panty while butler looks like a doormat

  34. The Bobster says:

    I take it that it was the Brazilian.

  35. The Bobster says:

    I take it that it was the Brazilian.

  36. spence says:

    Shame Jenn was a babe in Friends but one forgets that was like 16 years ago and she was 20 something at that time. Gerard Butler is, was and always will be tartan SPAAARTAAAn! :D

  37. justathought says:

    I agree, what you see is what you get but he is a far cry from being honest.
    She jingled his bells before he trimmed her bush.
    And that is the truth.

  38. Orbit says:

    It’s a dumb innuendo and probably false, too: who calls a Xmas tree a bush? GeorgiaGirl said it first and best: they have another dumb movie coming out soon.

  39. SisterAgnes says:

    A tree-trimming party? How ridiculous is that? And I’m strangely not surprised that Aniston indulges in this sort of thing. How ‘Hollywood’ of her.

    Gerard Butler used to be hot. Once upon a time. Like a long time ago. Now? Shudder.

  40. dvz says:

    Aniston’s pupils are playing pinned on the donkey in that snap

  41. maniston says:

    Maniston is a dog, and these airbrushed into oblivion pics which make her look like heather locklear’s uglier older sister and nothing like the ugly Rachel Green that we’re used to are pretty fcking funny.

  42. Godzilla says:

    “Maniston is a dog”.

    If THAT is what a dog looks like – tanned, healthy, toned and flexible – then f*** me, I wanna be a dog!!

    And I’m half her age.

  43. CeeCee12 says:

    She has had so much plastic surgery and lipo and this is still the best she can achieve?

    When does she officially become box office poison?

  44. lisa says:

    I know it was a joke.. but really is her 18 years old.. He is a grown man still acting like he is 20.. no class..

    but hey maybe Jen likes that in a man..hmmm John Mayer anyone

    That W spread was not what I thought it would be. They made it seem like it was a sexy photo-shoot.

    Gerry has that rakish vibe.. sexy on some levels.. but at some point you have to bring more to the table.

  45. teri says:

    Barbara Striesand and Courtney Love come to mind when I always see Jen.

  46. Carol says:

    Wondering why the relationship with Jen and celebrity gynecologist from Malibu Dr Pink never show up anywhere. They’re often seen together. The funny thing my girlfriends comment about that are his patients is that he looks like Vince Vaughn. Perhaps Aniston and Pink are just FRIENDS

  47. terry says:

    Somehow I have a feeling that Jen lost her bush a long time ago!

  48. sid says:

    Way to go Brangeloonies !!! You’ve managed to bring up BP/AJ in a Gerard Butler thread too !!! You people don’t stop at nothing, do you?
    Isn’t it always YOU guys who complain how jen should just “get over it” and ironically, the loonies are the ONLY people keeping the triangle alive !!! Fukin hypocrites!!!
    Oh and on a side note to “Cee” and “CeeCee12″:
    There WAS a time when both AJ and BP were hot… but ever since they started shagging… they’ve successfully managed to suck the hot right out of each other…FACT !!!
    Nobody finds an ageing, miserable lookin Brad or skin-n-bones junkie Angie, hot anymore!!!
    You wanna talk about plastic surgery?? Just look no further than Jolie’s nose… me thinks she went to the same surgeon as M. Jackson did !!!

  49. justathought says:

    Sid, YOU are indeed the hypocrite and a “jena~loon”…there was no need to plaster your rantings on this board.

  50. Praise St. Angie! says:

    is a tree trimming party really that foreign to people on here?

    we had them all the time when I was growing up. has nothing to do with being “hollywood”, it has to do with having your friends and family over to trim your xmas tree, eat, drink and be merry. it’s called celebrating the holiday.

    and please, enlighten me…how is she “copying everything brad does”?

  51. nnn says:

    Wow Sid, calm down. No need to have an heart attack over this, geez

  52. Cheyenne says:

    Now, now, Sid, calm down, willya? No need to get your panties in a twist. Angie is with Brad, Brad is with Angie, Jen is with whoever Huvane says she is with, and everybody is happy. Ain’t life grand?

  53. lilred says:

    @ Praise St. Angie!: I know we still get together to trim our Christmas trees. As a matter of fact all of my friends and I take turns doing the rounds and helping each other.It’s lots of fun.

  54. meme says:

    what’s wrong with a tree trimming party? lots of people do that. it’s fun. ANOTHER celebitchyite got his panties in a wad?

  55. Chana says:

    I also have to say my family had tree-trimming parties. I didn’t realize it was such a “Hollywood” thing to do considering my uncles, who live on a farm in the countryside and do not own a television, had one every year. Chopped down their own tree (which they grow themselves every year) and everything.

    I’ll have to let them know that since Jennifer Aniston does it, it’s a “Hollywood” thing now and perhaps they should stop…

  56. Emily says:

    I think the tree-trimming parties must be an American thing, because I’ve never heard of them before. Everyone I know buys trees that are already trimmed for us.

  57. Jax says:

    I wish there was a party to take the damn tree down and put all the ornaments back into their little boxes. I really hate that part.

  58. CeeCee12 says:

    Woah sid, pop a xanax already. Jen has had loads of plastic surgery.

    I never mentioned AJ. You did. Contrary to your ravings some people can dislike Jen all on her own without even thinking about AJ or Brad. I have never liked her.

  59. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol at Jax! that part does suck!

  60. terri says:

    i love gerard butler!!! he’s so handsome!!!

  61. Julie says:

    In a world of pretty metrosexuals and everyone being an ambassador for the U.N. I am thrilled to see a guy who’s not into waxing and doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks. He’s raunchy, sexy, earthy, a little crazy and can shag me rotten any day…no name exchange required.

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