Court may extend Jamie Spears’ conservatorship over Britney

It turns out I am not the only person who’s a really, really big fan of whatever Jamie Spears is doing to daughter Britney. Today there is a court hearing to determine whether to extend his conservatorship, and it’s generally thought that the court will agree to it. Jamie has gone old school on Britney, confiscating her pink wig, refusing to let her impulse buy cars, pets, and houses, hauling her out of a hotel, and even hiring a team of security professionals to enforce the rules. Is this all a bit extreme for a 26-year-old woman? Hell yes, and it’s exactly what Britney needs. The woman has hardly been seen (and thus hardly been chased) by the paparazzi. I’m not saying she’s all better or not acting crazy, but at least she’s not acting crazy in public. That means she can’t further destroy what’s left of her reputation.

Britney even taught a dance class to a group of seven-year-olds. I was (and remain) absolutely critical of it at the time (what parents let their kids around a woman who isn’t even allowed around her own kids?) BUT it does show that Britney’s thinking about people besides herself, and that’s huge. It’s also a positive break from her usual routine of driving around aimlessly and patronizing every Rite Aid within 100 miles of her home. While I was afraid she might scar the children (which apparently she didn’t) it’s definitely indicative of a positive behavior on her part.

A commissioner will consider extending Jamie Spears’s temporary control over his daughter’s estate in a hearing Thursday afternoon, amid signs that his approach is keeping Britney Spears safe and out of trouble.

The singer’s father has been overseeing her well-being and her $40-million fortune since Feb. 1, when Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz named him and Andrew Wallet temporary co-conservators – giving them the right to employ bodyguards who control her actions and restrict her visitors. While Spears has been on her best behavior, sources say she’s been text-messaging friends from inside the house, complaining that she’s bored.

“She’s getting proper medical care and has professional security. The chaos has been removed from the situation,” says one legal insider, who anticipates that Goetz will prolong the temporary conservatorship at the hearing.

[From People]

Yay for sensible legal professionals! I was initially a little hesitant about Jaime Spears, since by most accounts he was not a positive part of Britney’s life growing up. He was a (supposedly) verbally abusive, disinterested alcoholic. However he has cleaned himself up and has been working as a chef for the last few years. Which also means he hasn’t been financially supported by Britney in anyway, which speaks highly of him. It also means she doesn’t have as much power over him – she can’t threaten to cut him off. Britney has often been said to behave like an 8-year-old. Given that, there is a possibility that what she needs is someone to parent her a bit, or at least look out for her until she can properly take care of herself.

Here’s Britney arriving at the Millennium dance studio today. She looks like an angry/obstinate child, but that’s a lot less scary than that manic joker grin she sometimes has. Images thanks to Splash.

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