Jamie Lynn Spears to move in with sister Britney & revive acting career

We might soon be seeing more of Britney Spears’ little sister, Jamie Lynn. The National Enquirer reports this week that Jamie Lynn intends to move to LA from Mississippi to live with Britney. This would also allow the former Zoey 101 star to revive her acting career, which was put on hold when she fell pregnant at 16. (I love how the Brits say that, “fell pregnant,” like it was an accident.) According to The Enquirer, this was all their mom Lynne’s idea, who hopes that Jamie Lynn will soon be working again. (And bringing in those paychecks to pay for Grandma’s plastic surgery.) Lynne also hopes to keep Jamie Lynn away from both Casey and a guy that she’s been dating, a 28 year-old businessman, of whom Lynn doesn’t approve. Oh I’m sure the industry types in LA will be much better for Jamie Lynn.

Teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears is leaving her native Louisiana and moving in with her big sister Britney in Los Angeles, the Enquirer has learned.

The move is part of mom Lynne Spears’ plan to revive her 18-year-old daughter’s acting career and separate her from her new boyfriend James Watson, insiders say.
Jamie Lynn started dating the 28-year-old businessman last December, but her mom disapproves of their 10-year age difference, revealed a source.

“Lynne is very unhappy about Jamie Lynn’s relationship with James. She thinks he’s too old for Jamie Lynn and has nothing to offer her,” the source told The Enquirer. “Lynne wants to see her daughter get back into show business.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 22, 2010]

So now Lynne is trying to control 18 year-old Jamie Lynn’s life. She admitted that she left a then 15 year-old Britney in the care of a friend and let her move to LA for her career. When Lynne was promoting her book, she also said that sshe thought Jamie Lynn was joking when she handed her a note that she was pregnant. Nothing was Lynne’s fault or responsibility and she reasoned that she couldn’t supervise Britney as a teen because she was teaching school and had two other children to care for. Now she wants to keep her 18 year-old daughter with a nearly two year old baby away from a guy because he’s ten years older than she is. Lynne thinks the best way to do that is to move Jamie Lynne to LA and back get her back in show business. What a piece of work this woman is. It’s good news at least for Britney as she’ll have her sister and niece with her. I wonder what’s next for Britney as she seems kind of lost when she’s not working.

Britney, Lynne, a bodyguard and her boys are shown outside a movie theater on 3/1/10. Jamie Lynn is shown at LAX airport returning to Mississippi on 2/10/10. That’s Maddie being carried. Credit: Fame Pictures

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33 Responses to “Jamie Lynn Spears to move in with sister Britney & revive acting career”

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  1. photo jojo says:

    This strikes me as a recipe for disaster.

  2. yeah suck it says:

    good luck jamie lynn, Ya gotta take care of your baby some how.

  3. Ron says:

    She should revive her weave first.

  4. DoMaJoReMc says:

    She looks TOTALLY wasted in the first photo :/

  5. grisgris says:

    I never see her wear anything other than sweatshirts, jeans and tees. Nothing wrong with that, but her appearance just doesn’t gel with wanting to be back in the spotlight.

    And on the topic of fashion – what on earth are those pants in thumbnail #3? They are giving me a headache.

  6. bellaluna says:

    And when she ends up like Lindsay Lohan, Lynne will be the first to cry she doesn’t understand and doesn’t know what happened. Mark my words.

  7. Erin says:

    NOOOOOO…just when I was starting to think that there was hope for this poor girl. Lynne Spears is clearly TOXIC for her children. What mother wants to uproot her finally-settled-down, 18-yo daughter with a child of her own in order to revive her show business career?? Isn’t that basically what got her 16 year old pregnant???
    I can only hope Britney is able to keep her sister on the right track. It makes me so sad that all these girls seem to want to do is be good, doting mothers, and the money grubbers in their lives just can’t let that happen.

  8. funnygirl says:

    At least the kids can play together…they could bond over how idiotic their parents are…what’s babyspeak for “Our moms are washed-up morons?”

  9. Maria says:

    doesnt she have bigger things to do, like graduate high school? maybe she did, i don’t know, but i doubt it. britney is a horrible influence on jamie’s kid, but hey, she has two of her own anyway, and they are already watching Britney per court order, so why not keep the mini-britney under the same roof? makes it easier to try to correct your poor parenting all at once.

  10. dude says:

    Jamie Spears (dad) is wearing hunting camo pants. Hunters wear them

  11. Rio says:

    I;m going to Hell for this, but…does that baby have a unibrow?! I seriously can’t tell if it’s shadows from her bangs or she’s sporting some hardcore hair action.

  12. Alecto says:

    i guess what lynns kids want don’t matter if they’re not bringing in a paycheck.

  13. ashley says:

    It totally looks like a unibrow to me too! Kind of like a bird you’d draw in art class in elementary school, but it was really an m.

  14. Just a Poster says:

    Rio, I think she does.

    Well to give her credit, she got the heck out of Hollywood and got her barrings back after having her daughter. Hopefully she can keep her head on straight.

  15. Icecat says:

    I agree with Dude. Those are Camo Hunting pants. My brother has a slew of them.

    As far as Jamie Lynn. Well maybe she wants to move to LaLa land? Who knows. I don’t think it is that bad of an idea for her to move in with Brit Brit. Ah, why am I even commenting.. I could care less.

  16. Green Is Good says:

    Countdown to the next unwanted pregnancy begins now. Obviously this clan has never heard of birth control.

  17. Jackie Brown says:

    she looks like Lisa Marie Presley in the top pic

  18. lucy2 says:

    Well, technically if Jamie Lynn is 18, she can make decisions for herself, but it seems Lynne still has a strangle hold on controlling her kids. It seems like a bad idea for her to back to show biz, she seemed a lot better off staying out of it.

  19. Laurie says:

    Am I the only one that thinks her “acting career” is a joke?! Zoey 101 was a mild hit for the pre-teen crowd but the acting was cheesey and her time has passed. She is too old for for the pre-teen roles and I don’t think she is skilled enough at the craft of acting for more advanced roles.

  20. Beth says:

    Jamie-Lynn doesn’t have a career to revive. Even if she didn’t get pregnant, I doubt she would be working. A hit show on Disney or Nickelodeon isn’t exactly a career launching pad.

  21. GatsbyGal says:

    Dina Lohan and Lynn Spears should get together and swap notes on how to better screw up their daughters lives.

  22. Shannon says:

    Zoey 101 isn’t the only thing she’s done, she did play the young version of Britney in that masterpiece, Crossroads.

  23. Melanie says:

    Arkansas is missing a resident, but LA is gaining a star! Is there anything these Spears can’t accomplish?

  24. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Did they teach sex-ed there? Maybe some college should be her first step.

  25. Rio says:

    @ ashley & Just a Poster…

    Lol, thanks for some validation…I honestly am not picking on a toddler, I just never knew toddlers could develop unibrows so I’m kind of fascinated.
    (For the record, I think uni’s are cute as Hell. My BF has one and I hate it when he plucks it!)

  26. Vendredi says:

    I actually think moving in with Brit is a good idea. But reviving acting career? Not so much. May be she just wants to move to LA. Who knows

  27. malina says:

    Oh Lynne…

    She pushed brit into career too and separated her from allegedly beloved boyfriend at the time…

    This women is such a bad mother.

    “…bringing in those paychecks to pay for Grandma’s plastic surgery.” sums it up best.

  28. Dhavy says:

    She looks like Lisa Marie Presley in the first photo

  29. ogechi says:

    All the best to her. Everyone has made one form of mistake to another. Growing beyond where u are is what matters.

  30. Leek says:

    That’s funny. I like her optimism. Too bad she’s been replaced.

  31. texasmom says:

    Rio — that’s NUTHIN’! My younger daughter has unibrow tendencies, but as a newborn she looked like a raven had landed on her head. I very carefully (and superstitiously) avoided horror movies while pregnant, but I did go see the Frida Kahlo bio-pic that Penelope Cruz did, and VOILA! Baby with a total Frida!

  32. missy says:

    Hey Shia leBeouf started off on one of those Disney or nick can’t recall. And check him out now. I won’t be surprised to see her acting again.

  33. yo girls i can’t wait for the expendables to come out! Its gonna be awesome!