Is “traditional” Jennifer Lopez consulting fertility doctors?


Hey, does everyone remember when Jennifer Lopez claimed that she would “never” consider in vitro fertilization because she’s so “traditional”? She said it in her Elle Magazine cover profile several months ago, claiming: “When it comes to family and relationships, I’m quite traditional. Just because of the way I was raised. And I also believe in God and I have a lot of faith in that, so I just felt like you don’t mess with things like that. And I guess deep down I really felt like either this is not going to happen for me or it is. You know what I mean? And if it is, it will. And if it’s not, it’s not going to.” Well, either this new report from Star Magazine is all kinds of wrong, or J.Lo is a big liar. Star claims that Jennifer is trying to get pregnant again, and she’s doing it with the aid of a prominent fertility doctor:

Most moms would have their hands full with young twins – but Jennifer can’t wait to add to her brood! Jennifer has visited Beverly Hills doctor Jay Goldberg, who deals with fertility issues, several times in the past month, and is considering turning to in-vitro fertilization to make her baby dreams come true.

“Jennifer insists she didn’t do IVF with the twins, even though a lot of people think she did,” a source reveals. “But now she’s having difficulty getting pregnant again.”

So the determined star – whose son Max and daughter Emme are two – has already had numerous blood tests and exams to see if IVF is right for her.

“She’s not going to give up,” the source adds. “Jennifer says she used to think that having two kids was enough. But she and Marc love being parents so much, they’re beyond ready to have more!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, March 22, 2010]

Now, of course, “fertility doctor” doesn’t always mean in vitro. And it also could be that Star is pulling this story out of thin air. There’s part of me that wonders if Jennifer is really so family-oriented, considering she’s spent most of her time post-birth trying to revive her old triple-threat career. But maybe J.Lo is really trying to have more babies? She recently sat down with OK! Magazine to talk more about her family priorities:

Your private life seems to be your priority now.
I do have more of a private life now. That part of my life has changed. I just didn’t want to be that person anymore.

You seem to be much more relaxed than earlier in your career.
I guess I am. You start out young and confident, thinking you want to be an actress and singer. Then you actually do it and it’s great for a while, but then you have all this success and other things start becoming more important.

Is it hard to juggle work and family life?
I think you have to know what is most important to you. And I think you have to realize that as much as you put into your relationship and your children — but more so. That’s how you balance it. For me, my family is the most important thing and everything else comes after that.

You seem so happy and content with your life, despite how busy you are.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the harder things are, the better things are. Where you’re test, that’s where you get to the next level in your life. You do things because your gut tells you to do them; then they can never be wrong because they’re right for you, no matter how [things are] perceived. The important thing is that you did it and you did it in the best way you could.

[From OK! Magazine]

Do I believe everything that comes out of Jennifer’s mouth? Not really. Because her actions seem to contradict her words, right? I mean, she’s been filming movies and sketchy music videos, she’s been doing musical performances all around the world and she’s made a new album. At some point she’s going to stop talking about how she’s so family-oriented. But, hey, no judgment. While I think she’s generally full of sh-t, I do think she puts a high price on keeping her private life private, especially after the Bennifer 1.0 disaster. But I also think she would sell Marc Anthony for a #1 at the box office.

I mean, is this the face of a woman who would rather be home with her kids?


Jennifer Lopez on March 7, 2010, at the Oscars and post-Oscar parties. Credit: WENN.

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  1. SolitaryAngel says:

    I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve actually SEEN her with those kids…a mother who truly wanted to spend more time with them would just do it. I think she’s full of sh!t too.

    LOL, in the photo there she’s posing so hard she might break something in her face! Ha

  2. Gracie says:

    I don’t wish JLo any harm, but god do I wish she would just go away.

    I cannot think of one album, one song, one movie, one anything of hers that is worth listening to or watching.

    That is just my opinion.

    She keeps trying to remake herself over again and again and it’s just sad at this point.

    To me everything she does is so vanilla that I had trouble thinking of one thing she has done that was even memorable. I still can’t think of anything.

  3. filthycute says:

    On the one hand, I can’t stand this self-important cow. But then…how come no one says this kind of thing about a busy male star?

  4. ogechi says:

    Hmmmm, hope Star didn’t get their news in the dumpster. Just thinking!

    That first outfit is super gorgeous.

  5. canadianchick says:

    Doesn’t surprise me, I know lots of Catholics who explore IVF, they sometimes are just careful to limit the amount of excess embryos.

  6. Cheyenne says:

    Coming from Star magazine, I’d take that report with a whole bushel of salt, never mind a grain.

  7. bellaluna says:

    @ Gracie – The most entertaining thing she’s done has been her public man-hopping. On the other accounts, ITA.

    Of course she’s consulting a fertility doctor – it’s how she got the twins! And if she really wanted to spend more time with her kids, she wouldn’t have been dressed like that, hair and make up done to-the-tens (Jen does everything over-the-top, so to-the-nines isn’t enough for her!); she’d be in jeans, with her hair in a ponytail, and probably wouldn’t be wearing much make up at all. But no one would see it, because that’s not an event. It should be more important than an event.

  8. lena says:

    what the hell is everyone harping on her for??? what actress who is a mom doesn’t come to red carpet looking glammed up??? And like filfthycute said above, you never see these types of stories about busy male stars. And i’ve read on other sites, that she always takes the kids with her to work…and there are pics of her with her kids on set with their grandmother.

  9. Lala11_7 says:


    Zero Population Growth…

    I’m just sayin…

  10. Just a Poster says:

    Oh dear lord help me, I am going to defend Jlo *shock, horror.. totally blaming it on the time change!*

    When I had my first child, my OB was wonderful and great for a first time soon to be Mom. I had no idea he was a fertility expert. To me he was just a wonderful doctor. Perhaps this is the case??

    Or……….. I am still wonky after the time change.. Take your pick gang! =)

  11. snapdragon says:

    j-lo & marc already have twins and she has gone through the childbirth experience. instead of going through fertility treatments why not adopt a child who is already here and waiting for a family? i don’t understand when people do this – if they really loved kids they would love them no matter who gave birth them.

  12. Cinderella says:

    So when you’ve desperately tried everything possible to stay in the public eye, yet your career is still in the crapper, let’s get pregnant!

    That will give you press coverage for at least 9 more months.

  13. CeeCee12 says:

    I agree that male stars aren’t treated similarly when they have babies at home.

    However, in this case her assertions have a false ring to it. She seems hungry for her former glory and nothing, no nothing, is going to get in her way.

  14. saywat says:

    Will this untalented, washed-up, always constipated-looking woman go away already?

  15. TG says:

    Male stars who have babies at home, also usually have a baby momma at home too. J. Ho is the one shouting from the mountain tops how much she loves being a mom and the folks on her are just callig her b.s. I believe I read one quote by one of her friends that she was an “amazing mom”. Can’t figure out what she does differently than many other mothers to get that special distinction. Nothing wrong with a working mom though. And doesn’t Marc Athony already have 5 chilren? Why do Marc and J. Ho act like the twins are the only ones?

  16. blinditemreader says:

    I’m glad she and her makeup artist friend finally made up (he was leaking info to the tabloids). He makes her look so good.

    I’m such a terrible human.

  17. Maritza says:

    It’s nice to see that she has finally settled down with the man of her dreams Marc, and people thought it wouldn’t last… They have enough money to have a dozen more kids. I hope she has another set of twins.

  18. agasg says:

    Talk about a sweet treat! Jennifer Lopez took twins Max and Emme, 2, to Menchies in Calabasas, Calif., on Monday for some self-serve frozen yogurt. The singer, who sported sunglasses, also brought her parents and a bodyguard along for the trip. “She was very quiet,” says an onlooker. “She just swirled her yogurt, helped her kids swirl their yogurts and left.”

  19. Leah says:

    Talk about a sweet treat! Jennifer Lopez took twins Max and Emme, 2, to Menchies in Calabasas, Calif., on Monday for some self-serve frozen yogurt. The singer, who sported sunglasses, also brought her parents and a bodyguard along for the trip. “She was very quiet,” says an onlooker. “She just swirled her yogurt, helped her kids swirl their yogurts and left.”

  20. TTT says:

    If she is so incredibly religious and traditional, then why does she keep going through men like kleenex? How many times has she been divorced now? She is such a hypocrite to put down women who use fertility treatments.