Sam Lutfi being investigated by police in Britney case


It’s truly amazing that Sam Lutfi still has not been served with his restraining order mandating that he stay away from Britney Spears. It was approved two weeks ago, but Sam has managed to stay below the radar, and technically the restraining order isn’t in effect until he’s served. I would imagine that Britney’s parents have hired some pretty good people to get to him, so he must literally not be leaving his house. Britney must be the only thing in his life, if she’s worth all this hassle. And things just keep getting worse for the Svengali: the LAPD’s Major Crimes Division is investigating Lutfi for his admission that he continually drugged Britney.

TMZ is reporting that Lutfi is being investigated by the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD. Brit’s conservators have complained that Sam drugged her as a way of keeping her under his control. Lutfi, of course, could not be reached for comment, however his spokesperson Michael Sands says that he is aware of the investigation.

Britney’s mom, Lynn Spears, gave a signed declaration to the court earlier this month, revealing that the night she arrived at Britney’s house for an intervention, Sam openly detailed to her his method of keeping Britney drugged up. “Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney’s pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdol and Seroquel. He told us that he puts them in her food and that was the reason she had been quiet for the last three days. He told us that the doctor who is treating her is trying to get her into a sleep induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to ‘heal her brain.’”

Of the investigation, a court insider confirms to OK!–”Yes. He was practicing medicine without a license when he was grinding up a cocktail of prescription pills and putting it in her food. There’s no doubt about that being a felony among other charges.”

[From OK]

Risperdal and Seroquel are antipsychotic drugs that are used in high doses to treat schitophrenia, in lower doses to treat bipolar disorder, and in very small doses to treat insomnia. Seroquel is also used to treat suicidal patients directly after a suicide attempt or if a patient is thought to be seriously contemplating suicide. They both have highly sedating properties on their own – combined they would create quite the zombie. They also have a long list of bizarre (and not uncommon) side effects that could explain some of Britney’s unusual behaviors. She definitely should never have been driving while on both of them. It sounds like Sam wasn’t so much “treating” Britney as he was sedating her.

Sam is also supposedly helping Britney “fight back” against her parents – or at least that’s how E! is putting it. He filed a petition to get Britney’s case moved to federal court, and also stated that she’s being kept from freely associating with her friends, handling her money, driving her car, etc. All those things are true – they’re pretty much the whole point of the conservatorship.

“Sam is at war with Jamie. This is his first strike,” a Spears insider said Friday, explaining that Lutfi feels Britney’s rights were violated because court-appointed attorneys did not investigate the claims her family was making about her condition. Lutfi’s new publicist, Michael Sands, who insists that the case has been transferred, filed the petition this week on behalf of New York attorney Jon Eardley, who is listed in the paperwork as Britney’s counsel.

“Ms. Spears has been denied the right to associate freely with friends. She has been denied the right to make or receive telephone calls. She has been denied the right to operate a motor vehicle…She has been denied the right to receive and send mail,” the petition states. “Additionally she has been denied the right to her finances. She is not allowed to access her money or credit cards. Britney has expressed that she doesn’t want to be under the lock and control of her family,” Sands said Friday. “She wants nothing to do with her father.”

[From E! News]

Michael Sands also insists that Britney’s case has already been transferred to federal court, even though all court sources say that’s not the case. Sam clearly doesn’t like that Britney’s parents are taking charge of her life. It has nothing to do with Britney not being able to freely do what she wishes, it has to do with someone besides Sam being in control of her. Britney’s freedom is the last thing on his mind. Hopefully someone will catch him soon and serve him with the restraining order… and maybe a nice little arrest warrant too.


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