Gaby Sidibe brow-beaten to lose weight by diet pill company

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Okay, it’s really starting to piss me off how everyone is climbing up Gaby Sidibe’s ass about her weight. First it was Howard Stern and random unnamed casting director “sources” who publicly slammed Gaby for her weight. Now it’s a weight loss pill company! They released a statement “encouraging” Gaby to lose weight by taking their product, saying: “The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit and most of all, healthy!” Ugh. Douches.

There has been a big debate about whether Gabourey Sidibe’s weight will hamper her future career, despite her recent Oscar nomination.

Now, one weight loss company has written a letter to the ‘Precious’ star, telling her she needs to worry about her health — not her image, TMZ reports. has offered the actress a one-year’s supply of their product to help her lose weight.

“The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit and most of all, healthy!” the CEO wrote to Sidibe.

The young star has been the focus of much scrutiny regarding her size.

Howard Stern was recently criticized for lashing out about Sibide weight on his radio show. “There’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen. She is enormous. Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie.”

Others, including PopEater’s own Rob Shuter, have been kinder when discussing her present opportunities, yet still believe she’ll have hard time getting cast.

“The type of role this girl wants is going to be very hard for her to get,” Shuter told Joy Behar.

As for PopEater readers, 63 percent of over 15K voters don’t think she has a future in Hollywood.

[From PopEater]

Considering Gaby got an Oscar nomination without diet pills, why would she do the diet pill stuff now? And when will Kentucky Fried Chicken release a statement encouraging Renee Zellweger to have a bucket of chicken, biscuits and gravy because she’s too thin?

Of course, I’m not blind, and I’m not so jaded or “rah-rah sister” that I can’t see that Gaby is a big girl and that her career is going to be hampered by her weight. But she can also act her ass off, she’s an Oscar nominated actress, and she’s got the best attitude of any young actress out there today. She’s confident, she doesn’t take people’s sh-t, she sells herself well, all while coming across as a very sweet and optimistic girl. Can the world find a better way to encourage Gaby to be healthy rather than publicly brow-beating her?

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  1. Disco says:

    I’m with you Kaiser. Does Gaby need to lose weight? Of course. But it’s just smarmy to use her weight issue to try to sell a product.

    And I like the point about Renee. All those sickly thin Hollywood girls are putting their health at risk too. Except THEY still end up on Shape magazine. Is it the same? No….but it’s not really that different either.

  2. Magatha says:

    Also, what she eats is her own business. Also too, I wonder if she smokes cigarettes. Also three, who is healthier, I wonder, Gaby or Lindsay Lohan?

  3. zoe says:

    leave her alone

  4. bellaluna says:

    LOVE the idea of a statement from KFC offering Renee Zellweger free chicken, biscuits, sides, and gravy for a year because she’s so obviously at an unhealthy weight! LMAO!

    Seriously, leave this lady alone. If she wants to change, she will. Until then, let’s just enjoy her! (Isn’t it considerate of the company to choose a name in which the first 3 letters spell “ass”? That’ll be my new name for their company.)

  5. Lala11_7 says:

    Let’s KEEP IT REAL…

    Gabby’s weight isn’t the reason why she’s not going to be a viable actress in Hollyweird…


    (and as a Black woman and a cinemaphile…I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT)!!!

  6. Annabelle says:

    Diet pills are awful. But I do think she should be encouraged to exercise andceat better. Otherwise, not only her career but also her life will be limited, and shortened.

  7. lena says:

    her life, her body, her decisions

  8. Twocats says:

    This should be a decision she reaches herself. It’s like quitting smoking – your head has to be ready for it and nobody (are you listening Howard Stern?) should think they have a moral right to force or humiliate you into something you’re not ready for. She’s been a positive role model so far – leave her weight out of it.

  9. meme says:

    @bellaluna – too funny. can you imagine renee z. eating anything other than lettuce, nuts and berries? i agree gabby is too heavy but enough is enough. are they deliberately trying to humiliate the woman?

  10. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I would love to see her endorse Jenny Craig.

    However, I do think Howard Stern is an asshole. I also think that Robin should be ashamed of herself, seeing as how she went through this herself. As the girls on the View pointed out, she should have at least had the loyalty to her fellow woman.

  11. guilty pleasures says:

    Please, please, no diet pills!! They are a killer and do not promote healthy lifestyle changes.
    Leave this girl alone, watch her act if she does so, let her be if she does not.
    ‘Also, too,’ what the heck are you asking if she smokes for? ‘Does she have unprotected sex?’ NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS..
    **drinks more coffee** (having a bit of a judge-y day today, back to snark tomorrow!)

  12. Aviatrix says:

    Yes it isn’t fair for other people to hawk their products by making an issue of her weight. Are both she and the other pin thin actress equally unhealthy? Probably. Realistically will she ever see this level of success without some drastic overhaul? Probably not. I tried to think of other full figured actresses her age, and it isn’t a black thing. Remember Nikki Blonsky? Yeah, young white girl got a lot of press because she was big and it was her first big movie. Have you seen her in anything equally high profile since then despite the rave reviews she received? No, not really. Gabby could majorly benefit from being Jennifer Hudson sized.

  13. Wow says:

    I would like to see Gabby around for a long time. Being obese is not healthy though, just as being anorexic is not healthy.

  14. bellaluna says:

    What I’d like to know (and I know it’s w-a-a-a-y too personal, but here goes) is: do these pin-thin women in Hollywood even have periods? Maybe that’s why everyone acts like it’s the Second Coming whenever one of them gets pregnant!

  15. Sandy says:

    I was really fat for a long time, so I know how hard it is. The only thing I can say is that the weight she has is probably going to cause her to die sooner. Period. For that reason and that reason alone I hope she can manage to lose some weight. Even 50 lbs would help.

  16. Magatha says:

    Hi guilty pleasures, sorry to offend you. All I meant to say is that just because Gaby is clearly fat does not mean *for sure* that she is automatically the unhealthiest one of all.

  17. Whatever says:

    Yes, please take our diet pills, which will later be proven lethal! Disgusting.

  18. Helena says:

    I think it is ridiculous to slam her for her weight in this fashion. But I do share the doubt that she will have that many roles offered to her. She’s not the problem – Hollywood is. Where are overweight, black and young women in movies? Push was written by the experience of the author. But other roles? Dumb, blonde, fake tan. That is how Hollywood likes 60% of female roles. Not talented, fun and truly captivating. Ugh.

  19. LolaBella says:

    I really don’t understand why everybody else that we all bitch and snark about on this site are fair game, but everybody treats Gaby with kid gloves.

    If we can snark at so called ‘bobble heads’ like Rachel Zoe and couch it as ‘concern for her health’ or not being a good role model why is it not okay to do the same for Gaby? That is one hell of a double standard couched in ‘political correctness’.

    The grim reality though, is that despite the overly effusive yet somewhat delusional speech Oprah made at the Oscars, Gaby will be a memory to Hollywood within the next 3 years (unless of course Oprah puts her money where her mouth is and she and Tyler Perry cast Gaby in all of their films).

  20. lucy2 says:

    I agree with your post, Kaiser, except I don’t think the world has to come up with a better way to encourage her, because it’s her business. Gabby is an adult, and it is completely up to her how she chooses to live her life. We can all HOPE she gets healthier and that her career is more successful as a result, but it’s up to her.
    She should sue that diet pill company for using her to try to hawk their bad products! Heck, if Blohan can sue for stupid reasons, why not?

  21. Thank you for this article!

    We are not blind and oblivious to her size. Okay! She is a plus-sized woman. However, as I’ve learned from experience and watching good ol’ reality TV, if your mind and heart are not aligned, you will NOT lose weight or keep it off. Now, I’m not saying that Gabby’s mind isn’t right, but it’s simple, if she thinks she’s fine as she is, no pill will work.

    Also, it bothers me that we are in a world where supplements are used for healthy living. I think that people should teach us how to exercise and eat our food in a healthy manner. I don’t want to be reliant on some caffeine pill to get me small. Either way, when she’s ready, she will have access to all the resources she wants. No comment, letter or blog will make her shrink until Gabby is ready.

  22. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Girlfriend needs to lose weight b/c she is morbidly obese & might die prematurely, not to win an Oscar. I’m thinking any kind of diet pill that makes your heart race would probably put too much strain on her aleady overworked heart. As far as an Oscar, she can do that no matter what her weight is, if she lives long enough.

  23. @ DoMaJoReMc

    Yea, Robin forgot she had a bit of a weight problem too…that’s funny. I wonder what Howard Stern said about her behind closed doors…

  24. dovesgate says:

    This browbeating is what every woman in Hollywood goes through. Even the women celebrated for not being pin thin quietly slim down behind the scenes so they can get more roles.

    The only difference is that Gabby is such a large woman that it isn’t a matter of losing 15-20lbs. Its a matter of losing hundreds. Therefore, all these people feel justified in ganging up on her, just like bullies ganged up on fat kids in middle school.

    This is never going to change. Unless maybe these actresses finally get so hungry they snap and start cannibalizing directors all over the industry. Wouldn’t that make a great Zombieland prequel?

  25. Cheyenne says:

    @bellaluna: if your weight drops below a certain amount to the point where you are severely anorexic, you won’t have periods. There is only so much stress your body can take.

  26. bellaluna says:

    @ dovesgate – Now there’s a movie I’d pay to see in the theatre! Excellent idea!

  27. Soso says:

    I hope she is able to lose wait for the sake of her health.
    However, has she said she wants a career in Hollywood?? Wasn’t she a student when she got the role in Precious? Are those studies her first love? I don’t know.
    Nonetheless, I saw Precious last night and WOW and double WOW. She can act She was terrific.

  28. snapdragon says:

    diet pills are so unhealthy, i really hope she doesn’t take them. she should lose weight, obviously, but hounding her won’t help. she is young and talented…hopefully she will be around for awhile.

  29. hatsumomo says:

    Ihope she does lose at least twenty pounds, but not that way. Diet pills are the worst way to lose weight: it screws up your sleeping patterns, metabolism, and destroys your liver. Seriously, there’s no safe pill to make you lose weight! Going to the park is so much more enjoyable than taking pills and jittering like a crack whore.

  30. shorty40 says:

    LolaBella, I totally agree with you. I don’t know why we all have the freedom of speech to say what we want about other people on this site, but to say anything negative about this chick is sooooo horrible?!! I don’t feel I, or Howard Stern for that matter, have to apologize for not wanting this balooga shoved down our throats just because Oprah and her clan want it. Blegh.

  31. ViktoryGin says:


    They rally begind this girl not only because she’s antithetical to an inveterate and impossible industry standard, but also because she gives representation to all women of color who are conditioned to hate themselves virtually from birth.

    It’s difficult to understand if you are not a racial minority having to deal with a predominantly white media and rhetoric that essentially communicates that you are worth nothing. As a black American that is the legacy that we are coming from. You are right in thinking that Sidibe is a peculiar case in terms of the kind of support that she gets. You’re right. Her case is exatrordinary because she brings an entire socio-cultural context to her sitution that most don’t and can’t. Let me tell you…historically, NO ONE LOVES the little black girl. She’s too dark, her hair’s too nappy, her nose is too big, she’s fat, and she’s nothing but a stupid cow who’s going to procreate and populate the world with negroes who are equally as worthless. Whether or not someone believes this to be true, we have to fight this kind of thinking as soon as we step out into the world. Attempting to build self-esteem out of that is a tall order for most which is people who break barriers are indispensible. I don’t mean to mitigate the plights of other minorities who go through something similar, but ours in one of the oldest and the most contentious in the US.

  32. JPX says:

    Why the faux outrage? I think it’s great that she is being forced to confront her weight issue, what does she expect? She’s a young woman and she’s morbidly obese. She will eventually become diabetic, she will most likely develop high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She will probably have a heart attack before she’s 30. Why be angry at the messengers? We’re the ones who will end up paying for all her health issues. I thought she was terrific in Precious, but reality is reality.

  33. ViktoryGin says:

    @ shorty40

    Oh, the shibboleth of the smug American. I don’t know if you are, but you sound like one. First, though the Bill of Rights has everyone thinking that they can say whatever they damn well please; note that it is privelege, not a right. Furthermore, your statements, though honest, are shortsighted. It’s dismissive apathy such as this that fuels minorities’ fight for representation and for the seeming privelege of feeling good about ourselves. And we do it in spite of lot of pain and crippling inadequacy…and glib attitides that further reiterate that people are daft or just don’t give fuck. So, if you are going to say what you want, why not try to use your mental acuity to try to understand from a broader and more enlightened framework why there is so much support for this girl rather than dismissing in a fit of smug arrogance.

  34. princess pea says:

    I am not a medical doctor treating Gabourey Sidibe, and so I can only speculate on her health. The same goes for all of you. (Unless you ARE her doctor, in which case you better pretend you’re not or risk breaching serious confidentiality laws.)

    I like Gaby’s personality. I like her face. I think she has the acting chops to pull off some great performances. I think that diet pills suck ass and hurt far more people than they help. I think fame does mean people will comment on all aspects of someone’s life, be they skinny or no. But I think it’s really shitty that in cases like this, people will hide their judgey bitchy attitudes behind the illusion that they are concerned about her health. Because they aren’t; they are commenting on a body type that society has told them is unacceptable and is therefore okay to mock and insult. And that’s about all I have to say on this.

  35. S says:


    I completely disagree with your statement. The reason Sidibe won’t be hired is because of her size, NOT her color. Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, and Jada Pinkett Smith disproved what you’re saying a long time ago. There ARE black actresses in Hollywood…

    however, how many obese ones are there?

  36. LolaBella says:


    IF Gaby does indeed want to have a career in Hollywood, then she will have to face harsh realities; she is not the ‘look’ that sells movies. She is not relatable to a lot of the targeted audience and that could be because of her color or because of her weight.

    That said, there are some talented black actresses out there; three of my favorites below:

    Viola Davis who starred in Doubt with Meryl Streep (who publicly asked directors to hire her because she was so talented at some awards show)

    CCH Pounder, who is an astounding primarily TV actress

    Audra McDonald is a talented Tony/Grammy winning stage/TV actress/singer currently starring on Private Practice.

    *Jennifer Hudson is an up and coming talented Oscar/Grammy winner who certainly has a very bright future ahead of her.

    I hear what you are saying and I believe that what you describe is one of the reasons that Tyler Perry opened his own studio and started making his own films starring predominantly black actors/actresses targeted at the black community.

    All in all, Gaby will probably be made to make a choice that a lot of people of all colors/creeds/social standings have had to make everyday about their careers: CONFORM or fade into OBSCURITY. That is the harsh reality; the choice is hers.

    Let’s hope that Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, Oprah and Tyler Perry who show Gaby the love can also show her the movie roles.

  37. ogechi says:


  38. sickofit says:

    Thanks to princess pea, you wrote what i was thinking, reading all the comments.
    if she is clever she’ll deal with it anyway. looking at her i get the feeling that she has what it takes to manage her life and her career whatever she will do in the future.

  39. K-Love says:

    My only question is where is the love. This young woman just made a movie. She played a part and seems to be a nice person.She is in college and loves her family. Why all the haters. I am sure if she feel she needs to lose weight for her health. She will, but that is her right and her decision. You have men beating on women, husbands cheating on wives and they are not over weight. Then you have Gaby and you trash her, because you don’t like how she looks. People are so fake,fake,fake,fake,fake, fake, fake. I love her personality, her attitude, her confidence and her spirit.
    And because of those qualities, when it’s time. She will do what is best for her. Not for hollywood or others. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Cecizahn says:

    Who say that all those skinny biotches out there are healthy? Im not saying being overweight is it either, but being thin or fat is not a sign of health. Fat people can be fat and have their blood pressure or sugar leves in an ok status.
    Trying to sell health with a pill isn’t healty either.
    Poor girl, she never thought that being in a movie will be so hurtfull.

  41. Katija says:

    Man, I am a few blog posts away from making a “LEAVE GABBY ALONE” teary-eyed vid on YouTube.

  42. Mairead says:

    Yeah and diet pills kept Judy Garland sooo healthy 🙄

    I would see as some of you having a point, but in reality her colour, size and gender will make leading roles a very rare thing. If she chooses to become a character actress she will likely remain in some sort of work for quite some time.

    As another poster said Hollywood is to blame, but so are the cinema-going public. Although there are many of us who like content over style in a film, the key demographics (16-35 year old men – who I bet generally just download films now anyway).

    But they are backed up by a sizeable number, many of whom come on here and waste bandwidth saying nonsense like “She’s not hot enough to be an actress” – which is why we’ve ended up with Megan bloomin’ Fox!

  43. shorty40 says:

    ViktoryGin, well I don’t know what country you’re from, but here (and yes, I AM an AMERICAN) freedom of speech IS a RIGHT, not just a priviledge. You even pointed it out clearly for yourself to read: “Bill of RIGHTS”. However people want to conveniently “confuse” it with “priviledge” when we say something people like all of you on here don’t approve of. I have just as much RIGHT to voice my dislike of this girl and her image as you do your support of her.

  44. Rachel says:

    You are either too skinny or too fat in this world. I do not agree witht the comments she made about Renee Z. I am 5’9″ and I weigh 106… I am not anorexic I just work out alot and have good eating habits. I get told all the time to “Eat a Cheeseburger” and its just as rude as someone telling someone who is obese to drop everything and run around the block to lose some weight.

    Sure she’s a big girl but she doesn’t need to be rude to the skinny girls.

  45. dubdub2000 says:

    Listen off course this bit of self promotion from the diet pill company is ridiculous.

    But I am sick and tired of the people defending Gabby’s weight. If she were your friend, daughter, sister , co-worker, would you not tell her: loose the weight. She’s not chubby, she’s not fat , she’s MORBIDLY obese. It is beyond unhealthy, it’s deadly, literally. Forget about her career already, she should be thinking about her health. No one, ansolutely no one who looks like that is “fine with it”, despite their recriminations. For you to let yourself go to that extreme something is very wrong and no it’s not just your genes.

    So yeah companies and talk show hosts should not be making public declarations about her unprovoked, but when there is a discussion it should face the facts: the woman needs to loose weight for her own health and no she’s not going to get any stellar career in front of the camera looking like that: how many roles are their for morbidly obese women? Let alone african american obese women? And is that a bad thing? No. Hollywood’s obsession with skinny is extreme but promoting the polar opposite is just as bad.

  46. Raven says:

    Great comment, Princess Pea.

    Hollywood and media figures’ unhealthy obsession with weight is really playing out in this situation. People cannot stand the fact that an overweight woman has won an Oscar and did so her first time out. They now demand that she kowtow to the system and suffer like they do every day with their diet pills, ADD pills and celery.

    I’ve been struck by the fact that she is (or was) a college student who just tried out for this part and got it. She wasn’t going to make the Sports Illustrated College Coed issue but she made this. It was a lark and she took off with it. Sometimes actors are so perfectly cast that the performance is a winner on casting alone. You can’t always tell and you need to see the performer in some other things to know for sure.

    I have no idea what she wants to do, but I hope that she ignores all the so-called “for your own good” media and has as much success in the future whatever her choice.

  47. GrrrrrlGrace says:

    Yes, it’s unhealthy for her to be overweight; however, it is HER business. I’m not DEFENDING her size; however, I do realize that it’s her very own life, not mine. Are we all that perfect that we get to raise our eyebrows and tell her what to do? Come on! She’s an academy-award nominated actress with a bright road ahead of her, overweight or not. Yes, she’ll have or already does have health issues from the weight. But, I look at it this way, when I’m perfect I’ll sit on my high horse and start to tell her what to do. Um,wait… that’s never going to happen so I’ll keep my DA*N MOUTH SHUT like everyone else bossing her around about her weight needs to. Yes, it’s unhealthy but it’s HER business. The end.

  48. Mistral says:

    I’m just going to repost something I wrote in another thread:

    Hey VGin,

    I understand completely that she isn’t on equal footing with the Mulligans of the world.

    First of all, she is a black actress. Hollywood does not have many great roles for women, and even less for black women (actors fare better). Where are the jobs for the amazing Angela Bassett? Or for Halle Berry? (I could make a ridiculously long list, but these two will serve). The colour barrier is very real, and it’s a shame. For that to change, black people of means need to financially back worthy projects that don’t reduce black culture to Tyler Perry-style exercises in stereotype. Then, when these projects make money, other producers and production companies will change their prejudicial practices.

    That said, her weight is going to be the real obstacle to any sort of long-term success. Everything you said is the point that Stern was making. There just aren’t many roles for people who don’t fit the physical beauty mold. Stern is calling out people like Oprah for pretending it won’t matter to her future prospects. The fact of the matter is–it will.

    You misunderstand me if you think I don’t want her to succeed. I don’t care about it either way. Let’s face it, whatever happens to her career in showbiz, she’s had more fun than a lot of us this year. She’s done a lot of stuff most of us will never do. So, good for her.

    But, I’m not going to sit here and root for her because Hollywood’s beauty standards don’t include people like her. Obesity is not “beautiful”. That’s the issue. North America is in a very dangerous place with this health crisis. We need to address the underlying issues–food production practices and poverty are a major root of the problem. Also, we need to start promoting healthier, more active lifestyles in our schools and in the media (and cracked out, skinny actress isn’t it, either).

    **That said, diet pills are never the answer and should be banned. The idea of a “quick fix” to cure every problem is another symptom of North America’s growing problem with obesity. People need to accept that losing weight and getting fit is a commitment they need to make, and that it will take hard work–but it is necessary. Unhealthy weights (too skinny and too fat) shouldn’t be encouraged by the media.

  49. GrrrrrlGrace says:

    Mistral–Obesity is not healthy, no, but please don’t force an opinion on everyone that “obesity is not beautiful”. Please don’t speak for the rest of us on our opinions.

    The media has made this such a circus that if the poor girl loses or gains a pound, it will be front page news. We’ve basically turned this into a self-righteous witch hunt. I’m sure she’s well aware that she’s overweight but again whether or not she’s a celebrity it’s her own choice.

  50. Aussie Mama says:

    Take ’em up on the offer kiddo, you will live longer.
    As much as I love her, the kid is morbidly obese, this is a huge health risk, especially at her age. This offer could change her life for the better, she will be capable of doing a lot more. Imagine getting old, when you are imobile as it is, this just does not help.

  51. Mistral says:

    LOL. I wouldn’t presume to speak for everyone, nor did I claim to be speaking for all of you. Just stating my opinion. That’s what we do here–a free exchange of ideas. Although, let’s face it, it’s a celebrity gossip blog; therefore, most of what we come here to read and discuss is pretty trivial. We’re not going to solve the world’s heavy issues (no pun intended) with our thread discussions.

  52. Magatha says:

    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I guess I just prefer the style of people like Stacey and Clinton on “What Not To Wear”, and the Fug Girls, and that’s basically “What is this person wearing, does it fit her, does it make her look like a million bucks, and if not, why not, and how would ya fix it?”.

    So when we go off on fat people – or thin people, or “bobblehead girls” or people we don’t consider beautiful – we’re going off on *them*, not how they’re presenting themselves. And that can get kind of mean.

  53. Sincerity says:

    Grrrrr/Grace, ViktoryGin and Princess Pea your posts are right on the money.

    The excessive preoccupation by so-called industry insiders with Gabby’s weight has very little to do with Gabby and more to do with the undeniable power of Oprah Winfrey to “make or break” careers and set trends.

    Many of these so-called experts are really somewhat “out of touch” with the average American and know essentially very little about minorities, period. Wealthy, influential minorities are extremely “scary” to “the power that be”. These people fear anything and anyone they can’t control and will do everything in their power to undermine the progress of minorities. Due to the necessity of political correctness, it’s much easier to attack and undermine Gabby’s confidence and prospects than to derail Oprah Winfrey’s success.

    For some reason, it has not actually occurred to them, that the average American movie goer would occasionally enjoy seeing actors/actresses who aren’t “picture perfect”. Perhaps this would be a trend worth experimenting with to some degree. Unfortunately, Gabby is not someone “the powers that be” discovered. She was discovered by an African American director, to perform in an African American film, promoted primarily by two very influential African Americans. It’s simply blowing their sense of security “sky high” and they would rather see Gabby fail than succeed.

  54. Meanie says:

    What year does ViktoryGin live in? Check a calendar, it’s 2010. The victim act is old and tired and it’s time to grow up.

    Gaby is not going to find a lot of roles just like anyone else trying to land a gig in Hollywood.

  55. Lay-Low says:

    Ugh! Predators!

    Weight – to have, or have not – is a personal choice.
    Something between that (talented) girl and her doctor, not the American public and the coalition of people who think all women should look like little boys with plastic boobs attached.

    Health and talent are two separate things, ok?

  56. ViktoryGin says:


    All of the actresses that you mentioned, though immensely talented, are character actresses. How many people can actually name them by name except you, me, and a few others who care enough to notice their work? (My personal fav in Viola Davis.) They have rarely had the exposure beyond the small screen partly because there is much less material for them adn partly because I think that it will be hard for people to accept them on the big screen chiefly because of their appearance. It’s a two-fold issue. They are not “cute” by many standards apart from race, except for perhaps Audra MacDonald. Then they are dark-skinned black women. Ever notice the majority of famous black women working in music or film are medium-toned to light skinned? It’s an entirely separate issue on top of just being fat or not looking the part. It ties into it a very sensitive issue for many women of color. Few are denying that Sidibe will be able to get work. She will, and it will be along the lines of these aformentioned actresses because of her looks. She’s limited. We agree on that. This is why there are so many who want her to succeed…because perhaps they want to see her do more than just occasional episodes of Law and Order…because so many of her kind are working in relative obscurity. People are supporting Sidibe because she’s a figurehead for many.

    If she does conform (as much as she can), that will increase her chances, but will she have the success of even Jennifer Hudson whose look aside from her size is more conventional and therefore more acceptable?

  57. ViktoryGin says:


    American, born and raised.

    I didn’t give the Bill of Rights its name, but ironically if I could have I probably would have chosen to use the same word: RIGHTS. Not because it is, but because it’s philosophical supposition and wishful thinking. Most people in the world don’t have the PRIVILEGE of speaking their minds whether due to legislative or cultural injunction. The 1st Ammendment was put into place to protect political dissidents and to preempt the control of information by a totalitarian state, so when you dumb it down by crying “free speech” in order to protect the fact that you want to spout asininity then its a profound misestimation of what free speech should be able to accomplish. There are political critics in Iran who are being arrested, jailed, and killed for speaking out against the current regime in Iran. If you live in N. Korea, you don’t even have access to the internet, in Turkey you can’t speak ill of the state, and Turkey is a democracy. So yes, it’s offensive when my fellow Americans go on and on ad nauseum about their “right” to take the piss of a celebrity online when many around the world can’t even vote or critique how they’re being governed. It’s repeatedly and arrogantly taken for granted.

    Furthermore, you wouldn’t have had to play the free speech card in the first place if you had come up with a convincing argument as to why you aren’t required to like this girl.

  58. ViktoryGin says:


    Presumptuous. lol. Like cultural traumas have an expiration date. I give Jews about another decade.

  59. Meanie says:


    Hey, you’re a bullshit artist and I’m just calling you on it. If you can’t make it in society in 2010, it’s you. No one is holding you back, or holding you down. And there are ten million avenues of media nowadays, if you don’t like the “white media” find another stream. Where do you live that women of color are preconditioned to hate themselves since birth? Better check with the parents, because they apparently aren’t doing their jobs.

    Please save the lecturing on the Bill of Rights too. Most Americans take it for granted, absolutely. But that’s because they are free to do so. It’s a RIGHT to speak freely and it’s a RIGHT to sit at home bashing celebrities if we so choose.

  60. ViktoryGin says:


    I didn’t think that you were trying to wish Sidibe ill will, and if you were I honestly wouldn’t care provided that you could rationally defend yourself. You managed to do that. Not everyone is going to like her or like looking at her. Period. I just encourage people to think about the wider social context.

    Regarding, the financing of black project….very good point. I completely agree. Some time last year Spike Lee was doing an interview and gave his blunt opinion about his disdain of Tyler Perry and his work when asked. The interviewer then asked would black people actually go see higher quality projects if presented to them. Tyler Perry shrugged his shoulders and said that you choose with your wallet. So, yes, I agree with that. In Perry’s defense, he said that he’s trying to put relatable characters on screen and kudos to him from attempting to up representation, but it’s still low-brow buffoonery. Plug Jesus, and you’ve got a winner with the AA community. Eye roll.

  61. EMV says:

    Since when is this just about “blacks” not being able to work? This is 2010 not 1950.She is working she just landed a new TV gig. Being “black” is not the only color in the spectrum. Brown people have it just as rough. Hell anyone who is trying to get a break in the arts has it rough. SO this is not about race. She was in the right place at the right time and she can actually act. GOOD FOR HER! She seems like a nice girl…but… She is morbidly obese and it is a health risk, Just as being anarexic is. One you have seen one of those “body” exhibits you will know what fat does to your organs. It’s scary. As for diet pills,i’m glad she stayed away from that crap.

  62. crash2GO2 says:

    @meanie: I have a great saying for you: ‘Best be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.’ That is all.

    @VictoryGin: Woman of very dark color have made it big in the modeling world (I am thinking particularly of Iman) albeit they are few and far between. What a shame that think of all the fabulous talent we have no doubt been missing out on all these years simply because a young woman’s skin was too dark. So strange to me.

    I think this young woman is beautiful and talented and has the chops necessary to make it big, although the dogs of Hollywood are already nipping at her heels. I’m rooting for her.

  63. ViktoryGin says:


    Why are you operating under the assumption that I’m an artist? I never said that; but assumption is your strength, I suppose. To disagree is one thing, but to trivialize someone’s experience when you’re never walked in her shoes or those of the underepresented is disdainful and not to mention pitiable. You accuse me of being stuck in the past but your dismissal and narrow consideration of the situation is what’s old. Please.

    Neither did I make a statement that there is some clandestine manipulator who is strategically holding anyone back. That’s useless rhetoric that I’ve never allowed to influence me. I was elaborating on the complex sociological issues that STILL affect minorities in the industry, and blacks aren’t the only ones. This post just happens to be about a black actress, so I decided to keep it about that. If you would rather hear a variation on the same disenfranchisment from a non-black minority who’s NOT “making it up and playing the victim card”, ask an Asian.

    Furthermore, if you’d read closely rather than littering the thread with your reactionary bullshit you would note that I concede that Americans have the privilege to say what they want to say. That’s indisputable. The problem that I have is when it’s taken for granted AND used in the place of cogent thinking…something you reiterated in your address to me. So, unless you want to add some critical thought to the discussion rather than negating what I say with your blanketed assumptions, fall back.

  64. princess pea says:

    So,do you think she’s stupid? That she needs you to save her from herself?

    She knows what she weighs, and she knows what that means for her career prospects and her future health. She hasn’t been living under a rock, for goodness’ sake; she’s an intelligent young woman.

    To answer the hypothetical posed by dubdub2000, though, NO I wouldn’t say anything. My best friend is quite overweight. She is very aware of it, she sees her doctor regularly, and they have talked about the various medical implications of her size. She knows what she has to do to change it and as an adult woman it is up to her to make those choices. Am I supposed to stop being her friend because she hasn’t started taking an aerobics class? If she wants my help or support, she’ll have it, but it’s her body, her business.

  65. ViktoryGin says:

    @ crash…thanks 🙂