Adam Lambert wears the greatest, most fabulous outfit ever

Adam Lambert Promotes His Latest Album For Your Entertainment

Here are photos of Adam Lambert performing in Japan this morning. I’m not even sure if I have words to describe how magnificent this outfit is. It has everything! Glitter, sparkles, spikes, chains, leather, spandex, mesh, jewelry, blinged-out shin-guards, booties, hair gel, eye makeup, more spikes, fingerless glovelets, nail polish… and a Victorian sense of decency, of course. Look at the (small) size of that bulge! Yikes.

Adam Lambert Promotes His Latest Album For Your Entertainment

Seriously, can you imagine Adam Lambert’s stylist? “Um, baby, you know what would bring this outfit together? More glitter. And maybe a few more spikes!”

Adam Lambert Promotes His Latest Album For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert performed in Tokyo, Japan on Monday in front of a crowd of young Adam look-alikes — They all dressed up exactly like him! Adam performed during an event promoting his newest album For Your Entertainment, but by the look of the crowd they’ve already been sold on it!

Adam brought the glam to his performance at Club Eleven on Monday and it was definitely appreciated by his fans!

The tiny Adam twins flashed the peace sign while posing with their Idol!

[From OK! Magazine]

This is why I worry about how the rest of the world perceives America. Because Glambert is one of our cultural ambassadors. But it seems like his Japanese fans knew what they were getting, so God bless. Do you know how many self-inflicted injuries I would have I even wore a tenth of what he’s got on?

Adam Lambert Promotes His Latest Album For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert Promotes His Latest Album For Your Entertainment

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  1. Ricci says:

    Ew ew ew but I admit he has balls 🙂

  2. malorie says:

    He is a tubby glittery Bill Kaulitz wannabe

  3. Oi says:

    will he please go away?

  4. meme says:

    this is why i hate american idol.

  5. girl says:

    What?! No codpiece?!

  6. guilty pleasures says:

    hahaaha! ‘self-inflicted injuries’
    Priceless, I would impale my ears on the shoulder weapons, how did he dance???
    The corset is the piece de resistance, imo.
    Wonder if the shin guards are regulation in the World Cup?
    Love me some Adam!
    Can’t get with the orthopedic shoes though…

  7. Novaraen says:

    That is totally a codpiece!! Reminds me of David Bowie in Labyrinth.

  8. RobN says:

    He’s about an hour from fronting an all-gay revue two blocks off the Vegas strip.

  9. LolaBella says:

    It’s like KISS meets Tokio Hotel and I think he looks glamorous and sexy.

    Also,that’s not a codpiece – that’s ALL Adam.

  10. Erin says:

    i want those leggings.

  11. Kevin says:

    The shoes do not go with the rest of this Kiss rip-off outfit. If he and Lady Doo-Doo would spend as much time on their craft as their “look at me” outfits maybe they wouldn’t have to try so hard.

  12. Marie A says:

    Adam Lambert is amazing once again. He never ceases to surprise and delight me. His voice would be enough all by itself but add the whole package and you’ve got a superstar. He is everything entertainment should be!!!

  13. islasands says:


    Gaga and Lambert to the left… obscenely boring conservatives – well, off you go(after you’ve done your Lambert stalking and left your comments) LOL!

  14. Lala11_7 says:


  15. bellaluna says:

    His outfit harkens back to the heydays of KISS, Twisted Sister, and the other “big hair” bands. I realise he’s too young to even know who they are, but when you’ve seen it before, it loses it’s shock value and turns into “schlock” value. Nuff said!

  16. Judy says:


  17. Adam is amazing this outfit belongs
    to the song,people forget that Adam come from theatr,it is a act by the song.When he sing a ballad he is al stripped down.That is what Adam is,every time differend BIG talent and he WILL make the world love hem.I do

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I am sad that I am at work & can’t see these pix til I get home. 🙁

  19. Ursula says:

    Ha ha ha, the write up just made my day!

  20. Oi says:

    @bellaluna: I’m younger than he is, and I’ve seen all classics!

  21. lola lola says:

    Looks like Public Access Tv. Sooooooo cheeeeeesy.

  22. Icecat says:

    Nice “bulge”…

    I bet he “stuffs” 😛

  23. bmom says:

    Hey! My daughter has those leggings!

  24. dizzybenny says:

    ”Adam brought the glam to his performance at Club Eleven”
    Club?as i was wondering just how big the club must have been i notice the ceiling on te last pic.looks like a very small stage.

  25. bellaluna says:

    @ Oi – What can I say? You have much better taste and/or are better educated than he is.

  26. ViktoryGin says:

    It’s Japan. Compared with some of the getups that Japanese performers parade, this is tame.

    Although, Kiss meets Tokio Hotel is an excellent description.

  27. here we go says:

    I like Adam, but Bill Kaulitz wears it sooo much better…and he’s prettier, too.

  28. Rocker_Girl says:

    Well, I am a female and just love the look. Sexy, fun and different. And yes, as a poster here said, back in the ROCK days when I was a teenager and in my twenties rocker dudes wearing tight pants and eye makeup was for dramatic and often “bad boy” affect, and had nothing to do with anything more. Adam likes to change it up and I just wish he would wear that look in the US more often. He use to wear the spandex type pants a lot in his underground days pre-idol. And if any musicians are younger than Adam THEY are following him – NOT the other way around!

    Love Adam Lambert’s vocal talent, beyond compare right now in my opinion, charming personality and sexy persona. And yes, he is all man where it counts:-) Haters must just be jealous….

  29. Novaraen says:

    No really….that’s a codpiece. There is no definition to his package…it’s cup shaped. The guy in the background with the silver leggings and the belly shirt isn’t wearing one though. LOL…

  30. Ron says:

    He’s David-Ziggy/KISS/Cher/Judas Priest all rolled into one super gay package!

  31. Jenny says:

    I’m so in love – Adam rocks in every way possible!

  32. Goober says:

    He looks like a BAD Bobby Trendy…

  33. Blitz says:

    It’s not because his outfits are outrageous that’s the problem with Adam. It’s that his music is boring and middle of the road, no edge. Admittedly I like more alternative stuff. I need the whole package- interesting music, lyrics etc… to grab me.

    He has a really good voice but I see him more for the Las Vegas set.

  34. ogechi says:

    Not a fan!

  35. Lisa says:

    Thank you to the young lady in Australia that bought Adam the leggings. We all appreciate it VERY MUCH!!! I hope America will start showing Adam the same love that he is getting in other countries. We need to progress in our thinking if we are ever going to be a great nation. Acceptance and love is what Adam is all about, besides being a remarkable talent. I JUST LOVE HIM!

  36. prissa says:

    I think this guy really “gives good face” LOL. I like his look, his screeching – not so much. I hope he stays with the black hair & makeup, it brings out his eyes. All in all, he looks GREAT!

  37. GatsbyGal says:

    Wow, it really doesn’t get any gayer than that.

  38. Teresa says:

    What the heck is up with those women “performing” beside him? They are the most frightening part of these pictures.

  39. Happy says:

    Johnny Weir! Watch out! Adam just dethroned you 😉

  40. snowball says:

    lola bella – that’s codpiece or else he’s stuffing. That’s not the way a package looks, even in spangly tights.

    He’s all about trying to be shocking, then whining like a baby when people don’t like it. Because of course, anyone that thinks he looks like an idiot must be anti-gay.

    I sit on the edge of my chair wondering what f-ery he’ll come up with next. I wonder if he and Rihanna share fashion tips.

  41. Wicked Glitter says:

    @snowball, “I sit on the edge of my chair wondering what f-ery he’ll come up with next”. This is exactly why Adam is on his way to being a superstar. And as far as Adam “stuffing “, I don’t think so, unless it is possible to be stuffing something that gets even bigger while he’s performing. Adam is just f–cking hot all the way around.

  42. GatsbyGal says:

    @WickedGlitter – I don’t think he’s on his way to being anything other than a laughing stock. I’m sure he has a sizeable gay following, as well as young teenage girl fans who think he’s hot and interesting because he’s gay, but I don’t see him gaining mainstream stardom. Sure, he gets talked about a lot, but so does Courtney Love and Lohan, and they aren’t exactly what I would call successful.

    As my boyfriend’s said before, he has talent, and his career could’ve been about his singing, but he’s chosen to focus entirely on his sexuality. It’s not “listen to how well I sing”, it’s “look at how gay I am.” Which is no way to become a superstar, sorry.

  43. Diana says:

    Adam Lambert now copied Bill Kaulitz Humanoid Look! OMG Adam is always copying Bill!

  44. girl says:

    My bad. I thought codpieces were worn on the outside and cups are worn in the inside.

    @Here we go: I am totally with you.

  45. westender says:

    I am waiting for Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga to do a music video together! The comments on that would be priceless!!

  46. Alexa says:

    “He’s David-Ziggy/KISS/Cher/Judas Priest all rolled into one super gay package!” — Ron

    Good one, Ron! I am soooo in love with my Lamby!

  47. Ravage says:

    It’s about time someone brought something new and exciting to the music industry!!! The pop and pop country are getting sickening. Thank you Adam Lambert for making music entertaining again. How nice to have someone sing that has a really gorgeous voice and the ability to present a song. Adam is unique. He is not copying anyone else. They are copying him. To the haters, go spread your diseased soul on another website. Congrats to Adam for going GOLD in the US and PLATINUM in Canada.

  48. I am clapping here for the crafty people who came up with that costume, the ones who pieced it together. And the eye makeup person, too. FAB.

  49. Kim says:

    Bitch, please. Even GWAR did this look in the 80’s and did it with a bit more aplomb.

    He’s about as fierce as my dead kitty, and I’m so tired of every mention of him being the siren call to a bunch of dried up grannies defending him because he makes their pruny nether regions tingle.

  50. jillian says:

    Puh-lease, Adam Lambert was doing glam-goth waaaay before Bill Kaulitz. Bill was just kind of punky-feminine-gothy when Adam was doing full-on male-Lady-Gaga stuff. Bill only started dressing all glammy right before Humanoid came out.

    And Adam Lambert has a WAAAAY better voice than Bill does. Just sayin’.

  51. Wicked Glitter says:

    @snowball, Adam is already a superstar “gaing maintream stardom” . The majority of people all over the world love him, his voice, and his monumental ‘asset’. The only people who want him to fail, and are always mentioning he is gay are people who have their heads up their as*. The same kind of ignorant people who hold ‘Tea Psrties’, and think Glen Beck is the second coming.

  52. karenk says:

    He is so hot.

  53. GatsbyGal says:

    @Wicked Glitter – Get off your high horse (and Glambert’s dick), for crying out loud. So people who don’t like this guy are ignorant republicans? That’s what you’re saying, here. Just because I think he’s stupid and overhyped and is only out to make a name for himself based solely on his sexuality, that doesn’t mean I am ignorant, or republican, OR a homophobe (because I know that’s what you’re hinting at).

    Also, this cracks me up, you said: “The only people who want him to fail, and are always mentioning he is gay are people who have their heads up their as*.”

    Uhh, except that HE is ALWAYS bringing up how gay he is. He practically screams it from on high, and then he gets all uppity when people DARE to say they don’t like him. I don’t have a problem him with homosexuality, I just have a problem with his attitude and his personality.

  54. susanedmunds says:

    If you don’t like him why did you google him. Are you a closet gay that can’t even admit it to yourself? I think he is wonderfully fun and entertaining and he can sing. I am so glad some one is doing something besides rap and boring pap. I am also glad to see a male artist on stage that doesn’t look like he just rolled out of bed, need a shave, or wearing those hideously stupid looking baggy pants. I love the fact that he puts out the effort to entertain us and that it is just him having fun. We should all have more fun and be as fearless and open in our own lives.

  55. mags says:

    yo this is so not even that crazy in Asia, boys wear some seriously crazy glittery, eye-make up-y stuff. i will not be surprised if i see clones of this running around seoul this weekend…
    ps LOVE IT

  56. NR says:

    Oh, PUKE. I’m just about at the point where I detest his obnoxious fans more than I do him. Here is what the fans of his are called. (80% of his fan base are 55 or older women):

  57. dee says:

    spot on GatsbyGal.
    I dont care whether people are gay or not, Im tired of this kid talking non-stop about it. If he had any real talent he wouldnt need to mention it. He’s banking on the attention he gets from being open about it but that doesnt mean he has the talent to make a long lasting career in music.
    Im guessing by this time next year it will be “adam who?”.

  58. Whitey Fisk says:

    I remember several friends disagreeing with me when I suggested he was gay back at the beginning of American Idol.

    You can bet your behind I’m forwarding this photo to all of them! It’s just doesn’t get any gayer than this. More power to him!

  59. jessica says:

    i liek him and his music….who wants to bet he’ll be a girl before his career is over…lol

  60. Lily says:

    I love him. I don’t even care what he wears or looks like.

  61. Jess says:

    I find that he could do whatever he wants, he’s hot and he does have THE voice. I like him, but I do love Bill Kaulitz better…

    I find that people that just keeps saying that he’s no good, they are just jealous that he’s successfull and they have nothing…sorry but he does work really hard to accomplish his dream…

  62. Not bitchy says:

    Wow, stop, desist!!!If you don’t like Adam or being gay, go away. Rest of us love him and all the glitter that comes with this talented man. Anyone who says he can’t sing is tone deaf. Not your cup of tea, your loss, leave the rest of us be.

  63. jackie says:

    adam lambert > bill kaulitz. adam has a better fashion sense, a better look (WAY more gorgeous.) and a better voice. everything i loved about bill kaulitz last year got multiplied a million times and now inhabits the incredible adam lambert. bill who?

  64. Patti says:


  65. Brian Dednam says:

    its called a blender.

  66. dick hertz says:

    pathetic Bill Kaulitz wanna-be.
    stop copying Bill!
    it’s just sad. I know Bill is a superstar that u will never be but just enjoy him rather than mar his image with your sad little interpretations

  67. Alann says:

    Boys get over it. Read the book written by Germaine Greer “The Boy”, and get back to the roots of Greek eros, where men and boys were allowed and proud to show off male anatomy. The feminists movement are guilty of creating the low self image a boy has of himself and his male anatomy showing off in speedos, etc. The USA prudes who invented the boxers to hide what have. what’s wrong with showing off what we have? what’s wrong with showing off the male beauty a boy has. The only thing we see now from USA which has contaminated the rest of the world is baggy trousers, sagging trousers showing off a brand of undies, baggy hoodies (thank you Bronx Hip hop), making us hideous, mistaking for male machoness. Women give us back our shorts and tights and get lost. Long live teh codpiece!!!

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