Did Rebecca Hall “homewreck” Kate Winslet’s marriage?

 Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 'Revolutionary Road' film premiere in London

Okay, this is the gossip I’ve been waiting for ever since Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes’ sudden split announcement. Yesterday, we heard some bullsh-t about how Sam and Kate’s marriage started failing because they worked together on a film about a failing marriage. It just didn’t seem true to me. It felt like there was something more. The Daily Mail also claimed that Sam was “bored”. Bored with work, bored with his marriage, et cetera. Which started to sound a little more likely. Because once you add “boredom” into the mix, “someone else” might be floating around too. Which is exactly what OK! UK is reporting. First they try to play it like Kate is leaning on Leonardo DiCaprio, and that of course, they may be hitting it in the near future. But then at the end, we get a taste of something a little bit juicier… Sam Mendes and Rebecca Hall. This is what I was waiting for.

LEONARDO DiCaprio is supporting Kate Winslet during her marriage split. Actress Kate Winslet has turned to her Titanic co-star and best friend Leonardo DiCaprio for support during her separation from husband Sam Mendes.

The trio worked together on 2008 movie Revolutionary Road, which is ironically about a marriage break down, and she is said to be relying on his support to get through this difficult time.

A source told The Sun: “Leonardo and Kate have been like brother and sister since they starred in Titanic together. And since Kate’s marriage problems started, around the time they were filming Revolutionary Road, they’ve got closer again. Kate feels like she can tell Leonardo anything.

“They were thrust into stardom together and were the only people who knew what the other was going through. He’s been a rock for her.”

While Kate – who is currently holidaying in Mexico with her two children, six-year-old son Joe and Mia, her nine-year-old daughter from her marriage to Jim Threapleton – has a close friendship with Leonardo, Sam is relying on his actress friend Rebecca Hall for support.

It has been claimed that the end of their six-year marriage came about after a row over conflicting work schedules, with 44-year-old Sam lined up to direct the new James Bond film in London and Kate, 34, planning to star in a US TV comedy show.

Kate and Sam, who married in May 2003, announced their split on Monday but friends claim they have been living apart for several months.

[From OK! Magazine UK]

For those who don’t recognize Rebecca Hall’s name, here’s her IMDB page. She was Vicky in Vicky Christina Barcelona, and she played David Frost’s girlfriend in Frost/Nixon. I think she’s a really wonderful young actress (she‘s 27 years old), and she’s very, very pretty – in a classy, Laura Linney-way. Or, like a young Rachel Weisz, who Sam dated before Kate Winslet. So, yes, my theory is that Rebecca and Sam are hitting it, or will be hitting it soon, and that Rebecca was likely a factor in Kate and Sam’s split. We’ll see if I’m right. Oh, here’s more about the situation from The Daily Mail.

Kate Winslet had grown increasingly frustrated with her husband Sam Mendes’s friendship with the young actress Rebecca Hall, friends claimed last night. Miss Hall, 27, daughter of theatre director Sir Peter Hall and opera singer Maria Ewing, provided Mendes with a ‘shoulder to cry on’ as his six-year marriage was on the verge of collapse.

Friends of 44-year-old Mendes last night claimed the pair were just good friends who had spent the past year working together on theatre projects in London and New York. But sources close to Miss Winslet said she was unhappy with their closeness.

Miss Hall first met Mendes while making her film debut in 2006 on Starter For 10, where he was executive producer, and they were photographed together at one of the premieres. They then worked together last summer when Mendes cast Miss Hall in two productions in New York and London as part of his Bridge Project theatre company.

They enjoyed socialising together and her performances were critically acclaimed.

Speaking about Miss Hall’s friendship with Mendes, a source close to Miss Winslet said: ‘When Kate found out that Sam had grown close to Rebecca she was upset. Rebecca is totally Sam’s type – a thespian mix of brains and beauty.’

A source close to Mendes confirmed to the Daily Mail: ‘Sam and Rebecca are good friends, of course they are, they have spent the better part of a year working together on the Bridge Project. But to insinuate that there is anything further in the friendship is taking it too far.’

A spokesman for Miss Hall also confirmed that she is friends with Mendes.

Miss Hall was born in London and privately educated at £29,250-a-year Roedean School in West Sussex before going on to St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. She dropped out after two years to become an actress.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah. I think this is happening. What a bastard. As for Leo and Kate… here’s hoping!

Berlinale 2010 - Please Give Screening

The opening night performance of 'Hamlet' New York

Berlinale 2010 - Please Give Screening

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20 Responses to “Did Rebecca Hall “homewreck” Kate Winslet’s marriage?”

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  1. bellaluna says:

    Yeah, that sounds more like it. Also sounds to me like he’s a serial cheater. Men usually don’t roll out of a warm bed unless they have another one to roll into.


  2. scotchy says:

    @bellaluna you are right about that.
    With Mendes’ slimy rep, I am surprised they managed to stay married for this long.

  3. VIktoryGin says:

    Hmmm…I’ll reserve judgment or speculation on this one until I see them step out publically (mostly out of my subjective admiration for Hall)… and then it’ll be an Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz-style hate-fest.

    The theatre aspect is what gets me. For many involved in theatre, relationships are like are like a game of hot potato…just wait and you’ll get your turn but you don’t get caught out.

  4. e says:

    was he married when he hooked up with Kate or was she the one who was involved with someone else…I can’t remember. In any case I think they should have seen this coming.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Funny, yesterday it was all Kate’s fault, now it’s all Sam’s. Sigh. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be and broke up?

    btw, OK UK doesn’t seem too keen on facts – Winslet is starring in a 5 part, HBO miniseries drama set in the Great Depression – not a “TV comedy show”.

  6. cara says:

    I hate his beard

  7. scotchy says:

    i thought the “comedy series” comment seemed a little far fetched. Winslet isn’t really known for her comedy chops.
    Yes they were probably not meant to be and broke up, but speculating is fun.
    my theory in break-ups is that both parties are at fault in some respect for the disintegration of a relationship.

  8. guesty says:

    hated these lines in titanic ‘put your hands on me jack’ & ‘that’s why i trust it’!

    even tho i love love loved that movie & leo & kate would be so hot together.

  9. ogechi says:

    Men Men Men!!!

  10. Iggles says:

    I admit, I love Kate and Leo! I was 13 when Titanic came out, so they’re always gonna bring a smile to my face.

    However, I think they’re just friends. If they became something more, that would be grade A awesome! However, the only way I see that happening is like 20 years down the road when they both have gray hair. By then Leo’s model affliction should be cured, and Kate’s latest relationship again ends in divorce..

  11. NJMDPS says:

    She (Rebecca) should keep her mouth closed for pictures. The first open mouth picture of her…….very unattractive. I’m certain Kate will bounce back.

  12. gaby says:

    Sorry to bust your bubble but Kate and Leo would never happen.. he only dates 25 year old models who weigh 25 lbs. They’re probably close and have more of a brother sister relationship.

  13. Maddie says:

    well if it’s true she takes after both her parents, she must lack her parents boundaries while married or married people.

    Her mom is Marie Ewing.

    this is her father’s list of wives:

    Nicola Frei (1990 – present) 1 child

    Maria Ewing (1982 – 1990) (divorced) 1 child

    Jacqueline Taylor (1965 – 1981) (divorced) 2 children

    Leslie Caron (6 August 1956 – 5 Feb 1965) (divorced) 2 children

  14. Shawna says:

    Daily Mail, why are the ladies called “Miss Hall” and “Miss Winslet” while the man is just plain “Mendes?” Jerks.

    I’m looking forward to the rush of Winslet hookup rumors. I love hearing about her!

  15. Aitch says:

    Never heard of this Miss Hall before. She is lovely. But c’mon– Kate Winslet we are talking here. Kate Winslet shouldn’t have to threatened by ANYBODY!! And I think Kate is too good for Leo. I love Leo, but he is a modelizer and that is just his speed. 🙁

  16. Ally says:

    This seems consistent with Mendes’ pervy vibe, but I hope it isn’t true. It’ll poison the interesting and promising Rebecca Hall’s career forever.

  17. noonoo says:

    How weird,…I rarely watch tv movies but two nights ago I watched “starter for ten” with Rebecca Hall in it. Now here she is on celebitchy….small world.

  18. orion70 says:

    I hated her character in VCB to be truthful.

  19. Kelly says:

    I think when you’re wealthy and famous and constantly around attractive people who are ambitiously motivated to sleep with you, there are just too many options. For both parties. Just think about the scenario in relation to yourself- if you had hot young people throwing themselves at you every other day, celebrity-styles, how long would it take you to stray?
    Honestly, Id last about a month before snapping up that hot piece, and Ive been married 16 years!!

  20. chikkentikkatellmewhatswrong says:

    I don’t like Rebecca Hall. I hated her in Vicky Christina Barcelona.. I found her so annoying in Starter For Ten. In fact, I’d probably avoid a film with her in it. I have a severe aversion to gummy, lanky, ‘English Rose’ types.. so willowy and yet… oh so deep. Not.