Reese Witherspoon watches TV all day

Reese Witherspoon was on the Tonight Show last night and told Jay Leno her TV viewing habits. It sounds like she pretty much watches television all day, because she said she watches a little of The Today Show, a little Good Morning America, then she catches The View, then Regis & Kelly, then soaps, also Martha Stewart’s show. She said she loves crafting and that she watches Martha Stewart for that, but that she flips the channel a lot. She also likes Project Runway and Amazing Race, and said she has a male friend who is going on Amazing Race who is a writer who she does yoga with.

She also talked about how she has trouble as a producer getting money and asking for favors, but when Jay asked her about demanding actors asking for things like bigger trailers and better TVs she said she understood that and doesn’t mind getting small comforts for actors, like their favorite coffee in the morning.

Reese said her worst auditions were when people put her down personally, and said things like “you’re not pretty enough,” or “smart enough,” or “tall enough.” Then Jay told the story of his worst audition, where he had to wait 2 hours for the casting agent to tell him that they were looking for a Woody Allen lookalike and he didn’t fit the bill. That was the most interesting part of this interview, considering that Reese didn’t tell any cute stories other than the fact that she watches TV constantly. As an Internet addict, I can’t relate.

Here are the videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Reese is promoting Penelope, a fairy-tale type film about a girl born with the face of a pig. It is out in the US on February 29, and Reese plays sidekick to Christina Ricci’s title character.

The header image is an older one of Reese promoting Rendition at the Rome Film Festival on 10/21/07, thanks to PRPhotos.

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