Madonna gives her new boy-toy Adam Senn a public lap dance


In Touch Weekly’s second biggest story of the week (after the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock/Bombshell fiasco) is that Madonna is officially turning into that creepy lady who smells like Vicks cough drops and thinks it’s “sexy” to grope young men in public. Too harsh? Listen to this story from In Touch about Madge and her undercover boy toy and tell me you don’t feel a shiver of revulsion:

Madonna may be 51, but she still can give a good lap dance! The icon showed up to the Moët & Chandon celebrity photographer Tom Munro private viewing in LA on March 6 with a new younger man, The City star and Dolce & Gabbana model, Adam Senn.

“She arrived with Adam from the back and sat in the VIP area,” an onlooker tells In Touch. “At one point, she got up and started dancing, and he was grabbing her waist and touching her butt. She turned around and gave him a lap dance and he looked like the happiest guy in the world.”

But Madge was keen on keeping her new beau under wraps.

“She made sure no photos were taken.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

No photos? Why, because they would ruin her reputation? Or maybe Jesus has her on a tight leash? Chuckle. Just in case you’d forgotten, this is Adam Senn:


Yeah. He was briefly connected to Lindsay Lohan a few months ago. And Madge’s other boy-toy, Jesus Luz, was connected to Lindsay just a few days ago, when British sources claimed that Lindsay wanted to party with Jesus, and Madge ordered Jesus to refuse Lindsay’s advances. But for about a month, Madge has been quietly and consistently been associated with Adam Senn in the press, at least. I have no idea if this is really happening. If it is, then this dude better get ready for even more sketchy lap dances.


Adam Senn images courtesy of Google Images. Madonna on December 15, 2009 in New York. Credit: Pacific Coast News.

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25 Responses to “Madonna gives her new boy-toy Adam Senn a public lap dance”

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  1. Ethel says:

    How old is this child, and Madonna’s skin looks amazing.

  2. Snarf says:

    Meh. No photos only an annoyomous “source” means it likely didn’t happen.

  3. Tess says:

    She’s bordering on grotesque.

  4. lastwordlinda says:

    It looks like she is getting ready to catch a peanut in that open-mouth picture. I think she is going to look really silly in 10 years when she is still trying to look and act like she is 20 years old. She can buff, puff, stuff and botox forever, but aging is inevitable. She already looks like she is trying too hard. Imagine how awful sagging skin is going to look when it’s hanging off her face implants.

  5. Jillian says:

    What’s going on with her molars?

  6. luckystarr says:

    Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.

  7. Lway says:

    Give it up Madonna!!

    She’s just coming accross as desperate now. We all know she’s paying these guys to be around her. There is nothing attractive about her anymore! She’s old!


  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    I could have done without the photo of her dental work! Eww.

    A Madonna lapdance? Ick, ick, eww and NAST.

  9. Risa says:


    I didn’t get past the grotesque licking of the lips- but I DO think there is a booger in there!!! GAH!- and black roots on her teeth!

  10. Jessica says:

    What is wrong with the teefers there???

  11. GatsbyGal says:

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiick. Groping on hot young dudes with her veiny, sinewy old woman arms. Barf city.

  12. Kaye says:

    Those are crowns on her back teeth.

  13. Mistral says:

    Holy crap, he is hot. Way better than Jayzooz!

    But, seriously Madge, it all seems so desperate. Find yourself a hot man around your own age if you want to maintain the sexy factor. They’re out there!

  14. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    What’s the deal with her teeth? The molars are not attached to her gums!

  15. Toe says:

    It’s the money, just like young girls are attracted to old men.
    I see nothing wrong with what she is doing. When i get that old, I wish the even french-kiss a deliciously handsome boy like that. Mjam…

  16. SallyJay says:

    LOL @ Gatsby Gal!! this guy was a bit of a douche on The City…so yeah….good luck there

  17. Heaven-bound says:

    Her skin looks great because of chemical peels, they make your skin glow. I have them once on a while.
    But, she is actually staring to look her age. the first thing that came to mind is “she looks like a grandma” a very good kept one of course.

  18. Lucy says:

    She is hitting new bottom of denial aging state.
    I love her but this is screaming out for pity.
    This guy is hot as any model is, but he’s also the airhead who had sex with Lohan unprotected and got STD of course. See blinds about that and all.
    Not that Madge can get any.
    She’s dead down there.
    Nothing lives under her belly button.

    Creepy people.

  19. juiceinla says:

    that is a hilarious picture of Madge.

  20. LindyLou says:


    One word. EW.

  21. hottathanholywatta says:

    Awesome! Work it! I only hope that at 51 I can get half the eye candy she gets. MADONNA U ROCK

  22. Julie says:

    You people are crazy. She looks great for one thing. She obviously doesn’t act like a 20 year old because if she did she wouldn’t be one of the most influencial and richest women in the world. I’ve met her in person in a normal environment. She had her hair done and make up on but she looked great. Even close up!!!!

  23. GatsbyGal says:

    Also, is it just me, or on that top picture can you TOTALLY see her gray roots coming in?

  24. kiki says:

    Manwhore Alert who in the right mind would have unprotected sex with Hohan that’s a down right EWWWW and I thought Madonna would never leave some one called Jesus to hook up with a model/escort how would you explain a STD to baby Jesus.

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