Justin Timberlake screws around on Jessica Biel with literally everyone


This week’s tabloids are full of Justin Timberlake gossip, and all of it is bad news for Jessica Biel. I thought about making part of this story a bigger deal last week, but we didn’t have access to the incriminating photos, and the photos are what make the story, and besides that, Jessica Biel is still clinging to that dirt bag, so what’s the point? The basic gist is that JT was in Las Vegas last week and he was photographed getting very cosy with a “go-go dancer” (photos here). While the photos don’t have them kissing or anything, they are very close, and it does not look good.

Us Weekly reports this week that the “go-go dancer” was actually a “waitress” who “had her hands on his chest, under his jacket…The lady’s name is Joey Williams, and she’s brown with dark hair. A friend of Justin’s swears she’s not his type: ‘He’s into athletic tomboyish white girls.’” Meanwhile, Star Magazine reported the incident as Justin flirting/hooking up with TWO “go-go dancers” and that JT and the girls went back to his hotel room for a “sexy late night after party.” And finally, In Touch reported the incident as JT refusing to answer Biel‘s calls, “acting single” and talking to friends about “wanting out of the relationship” but not having “the heart to break up with her”.

So that incident was probably bad enough, right? Nope. JT and Cameron Diaz are also rediscovering their “chemistry” while working together on Bad Teacher. And OK! Magazine reports that JT told Biel that she basically has to suck it up:

From the moment Cameron Diaz reunited with ex-love Justin Timberlake for January’s Hope For Haiti Now telethon, their bitter 2007 breakup seemed long ago and far away — and she got that old feeling all over again. Sure, Justin’s deeply involved with Jessica Biel. But as a Cameron insider tells OK!, “Cam had forgotten what great chemistry she has with Justin.”

So great that it was Cameron, 37, who fought fiercely for Columbia Pictures to cast acting novice Justin, 29, as her leading man in their sexy comedy Bad Teacher, now shooting in L.A. — passing over an A-list lineup including Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper.

“Cameron kept telling them she wanted Justin,” reveals the source. “She was bummed because the studio said no — they didn’t think Justin would be good on the big screen.”

Still, the perseverant blonde would not be denied. “Cameron melted down and really pushed it,” the insider tells OK!, and when she showed clips from Justin’s comedy The Social Network, about the birth of Facebook, “that sold them.”

But what really made Cameron battle so hard for her ex? Was it merely his deft comic timing — or that she knew the Bad Teacher script called for steamy love scenes?

The film tells the story of a school teacher (Cameron) pursuing a spoken-for colleague (Justin).

“Cameron’s such a bad girl: she made them rewrite the love scenes so that they’re even juicier — and longer,” the source reveals. “She doesn’t want to stir up trouble. But you know, she’s been cheated on — Justin cheated on her. She may not hold to the letter of the law when it comes to Jessica.”

Now, after three years with Justin, it’s Jessica’s turn to get upset. While initially “freaking out” over Justin and Cameron’s lusty screen pairing, says another source, Jessica has since relaxed her attitude.

“When Justin made it clear he was doing the movie with or without Jessica’s support, Jess swallowed her pride and did the unthinkable — she pilfered Cam’s cell number from Justin’s phone and called her to bury the hatchet,” the source tells OK!. “Jessica said she was thrilled Justin was working with someone of Cameron’s caliber and thanked Cam for going to bat for him.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Did it happen like this? Who knows. I would like to think that Camy wouldn’t play these sort of games, but she might, just for fun. I can’t see her getting into a “girl fight” over JT, but she before, hasn’t she (right after they broke up, when JT was allegedly romancing Biel and ScarJo)? One thing is for sure, in my mind at least – Jessica Biel will really tolerate anything. She really thinks JT is something great (or great for her career), and she will just stand by and let him do whatever or whoever. Blech.



JT and Cameron on June 13, 2007. JT & Biel on February 19, 2010, in NY. Credit: INFphoto.com

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  1. Lway says:

    Who cares.

  2. Marjalane says:

    Do not see the attraction. Justin Timberlake is a punk doughboy that can’t act for sh*t. It’s hard to believe Cameron Diaz would bother with him again.

  3. Rianna says:

    Jessica Biel needs to grow a set and leave that man behind!

  4. lucy2 says:

    Sounds like he’s trying to get her to dump him so he doesn’t have to be the jerk and do it, but she’s just refusing to do so out of spite or stupidity. Ah, true love.

  5. stinabelle says:

    Lol at “brown with dark hair.” Interesting descriptors chosen there.

    I like JT. *shrug*

  6. Mentok says:

    Well, who has Cammy been with since JT? She was obviously devastated when he dumped her, and I think she saw an opportunity to strike when all the JT/JB bad press started running.

    She never got over him. That’s why she fought so hard to co-star.


  7. Iggles says:

    Jess swallowed her pride and did the unthinkable — she pilfered Cam’s cell number from Justin’s phone and called her to bury the hatchet,” the source tells OK!. “Jessica said she was thrilled Justin was working with someone of Cameron’s caliber and thanked Cam for going to bat for him.”


    This girl doesn’t have pride!

    Also, speaking with Cam before they shoot the movie won’t stop them from falling for each other! (See Jennifer Aniston & “Mr and Mrs Smith”..)

    This girl is desperate and she needs to give it a rest. It’s obvious he doesn’t respect her. Why would you want to stay with a guy like that???

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    She passed over Ryan Reynolds…FOR JUSTIN?!?!?!? WHAT IN DA HELL?!?!?!

    And I’m NOT just talking about looks (which is ENOUGH)…I’m talking about acting chops…comedic timing (I’m sorry…d–k in a box…just ain’t enough proof) the ability to put a–es in the seats…I mean…REALLY!!!

  9. TG says:

    Too afraid to do it himself? I did that in the 9th grade. Got my friend to tell my boyfriend I wanted out. How childish. Jessica is so much better off without him and Cameron looks like an idiot hooking up with him. Do these women have any self-respect?

  10. Leek says:

    I don’t get it. He looks like he hit his face with a shovel and it froze that way and he seems like a total prick.

  11. pumak says:

    when u say everyone, does it include men?

  12. california angel says:

    Go-go dancer, more like LL wannabe. It’s official that JT has horrible taste in women.

  13. Pete says:

    The hell he didn’t do the same when he was with Britney: he was a teenage boy back then and all these women and girls were throwing themselves at the NSYNCer. That’s what I never got about the whole Justin-Britney “Cry Me a River” nonsense: everyone assumed he, too, hadn’t cheated.

    The dude has always been a cheat and only a fool believes that “Southern gentleman” front.

  14. Just a Poster says:

    I do not like this guy one bit.

    I think he is wannnbabywannabeman and looks puny!

  15. meme says:

    she passed up Ryan Reynolds for Pipsqueak? idiot.

  16. cara says:

    could she stick out her manly chest any further into his face?
    I think he is nothing but a time waster with woman..if they want to settle down it ain’t with this boy

  17. Jess says:

    who cares, if he wants to scew around its his business why should everyone get involved…

  18. Alipop says:

    Jessica Biel is SO gorgeous. WHAT does this dude have? An ENORMOUS penis? Even so, he’s dirty…you can see it in his face.

  19. CeeCee12 says:

    His friend says he likes athletic white girls? If I were JB I would be very wary of dark fat girls.

  20. Johnthing says:

    He’s uglier than she is.

  21. Jag says:

    Cam looks good in those photos. As for the movie, with JT as a lead, it’ll flop.

  22. Mouse says:

    That’s Shrek in the background, how old are these photos?

    He’s a nasty, uninteresting has been. She hasn’t made a good movie in a long time and is NOT aging well. Let them go at it Jessica, good riddance to him.

  23. mollination says:

    That line about his type being tomboyish white girls immediately tips me off that it’s a fake source. It’s someone with half a brain cell at the mag analyzing his past two girlfriends. I’ve never dated blonde boys but they’re who I’m most attracted to.

    Remember he dated Jenna Dewan (god how do I remember that!?)? She was a tan, curvy dancer.

  24. For Sooth? says:

    Two Hollywood idiots have been using “literally” incorrectly from the time it became the new “stunning” and the old “awesome” and now Kaiser dove into the trend head first. Please Kaiser don’t lend credence to the misuse of this word as it would “literally” make my head spin, NOT.

  25. Zelda says:

    Gotta agree with the last poster. Pretty please Kaiser? It is a huge peeve of mine when people use the word “literally” wrong. Why do people do that? Do they think it means the opposite of what it does? Can’t understand this new overuse of the word…

  26. BabyCakes says:

    I think he’s into just about anything with a pulse. What were his trysts with Janet Jackson and Rhianna? They don’t look like “athletic tomboyish white girls” to me!

  27. ThunderC*nt says:

    He is such a plain James. If he wasn’t famous he’d be the last guy in his group of friends to ever get any action! He is NOT ATTRACTIVE.