Vienna of ‘Bachelor’ plans plastic surgery to get famous like Heidi Montag

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We haven’t heard much lately about Bachelor Jake and his intended bride, Vienna, and that’s a good thing. I’m anticipating that the next we’ll hear of them they’ll have broken up and Jake will be hooking up with some random C-lister while Vienna grants tell-alls to whichever gossip rags will have her. In Touch has a story this week that Vienna plans on capitalizing on her brief glint of fame the Heidi Montag way – by getting even more plastic surgery and hoping her new alien-like features grant her screen time. Vienna has already had a boob job, having cleaned out her ex husband’s savings while he was fighting in Iraq to pay for it. She wants a revision, along with a nose job and lipo, according to sources quoted in In Touch. Vienna is also said to be insecure and is hoping that getting all that work done will keep her in Jake’s good graces. Good luck with that one.

An insider tells In Touch Vienna wants to get plastic surgery to make sure she’s first choice on Jake’s dance card!

Vienna, 23, reportedly underwent a breast augmentation a few years ago, but according to the insider, she’s planning a huge overhaul, which now includes a nose job, another boob job and liposuction. One reason for taking such drastic measures so soon is that when she saw the pictures of herself, “She was secretly horrified,” explains the insider. “She was disappointed in her appearance and that was one of the things that prompted this desire to have surgery.”

Although Vienna’s rep denies the story, the insider adds that Vienna’s so serious about changing her look that she’s already dropping hints that she wants to work with Dr. Frank Ryan, the plastic surgeon who performed 10 extreme surgeries in one day on the Hills star Heidi Montag. “Vienna is hoping to score surgeries for free and, like Heidi, document her transformation in a magazine, the insider explains.

And, like Heidi, the insider notes, Vienna knows that her relationship – and her looks – will keep her in the spotlight. “She wants to be a star and she’s turning to extensive plastic surgery to help transform her into the perfect 10,” explains the insider. “Vienna went on The Bachelor to be a star, and she’s not about to lose the focus of that dream.”

[From In Touch print edition, March 29, 2010]

We all saw how well that worked out for Heidi. She’s a joke and she looks painfully freaky. Still, she got a job on an Adam Sandler movie and there have to be some idiotic women, like Vienna, that see her as an inspiration. It’s a real commentary on society when fools like Vienna, famous for being on a dating show, get a bunch of feature-altering irreversible surgery at a young age in a desperate bid for a week’s worth of tabloid supermarket coverage. She’ll have to live with that face for the rest of her life. Maybe she won’t go as far as Heidi did, but with that same surgeon it’s a definite concern.

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The Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi at the Pre-Oscar Soho House Party

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26 Responses to “Vienna of ‘Bachelor’ plans plastic surgery to get famous like Heidi Montag”

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  1. Squirrel says:

    The nose is the only original and interesting feature of her face. The teeth are so fake it’s painful to look at – like out of a Disney cartoon. Then again though, so are his. Will they become charicatures of themselves?

  2. Cate says:

    She needs to go to an eye doctor and re-train that wonky eye of hers more than anything. It is hard to look at her straight on.

  3. Me says:

    Sorry but I can’t help myself – she is just so UGLY I have to say it out loud. She looks like she used to be a man. I don’t get it – the show producers might be blind perhaps? So many people and so little taste.

  4. bellaluna says:

    Change the name from “The Bachelor” to “A Bunch of Fame Whores Group Date.” How about a little truth in advertising?

    Oh, and umm, after seeing Heidi, I wouldn’t go to that plastic surgeon even if it was free!

  5. Feebee says:

    I’m no fan of Heidi’s but at least she started out pretty. Alas she now looks a 40 year old trying to hold on to something.

    Maybe it’ll be an improvement for Vienna but it won’t extend her 15 minutes. She has about 4 minutes left.

  6. hatsumomo says:

    I just Googled his chick because Ive never heard of her and she sounds absolutely horrid. I hope she does get the surgery and the joke turns out on her. No amount of P.S. will cover or distract from that appalling lack of talent or hide her ugly personality.

  7. danielle says:

    Ok – did she SERIOUSLY clean out her ex husband’s savings for a boob job while he was in Iraq, or is that just rumor? Did she ADMIT to that? Yikes! And how would you date someone who admitted to that?

  8. L says:

    I don’t like the girl, but lipo from WHERE? It’s not like she’s chubby.

    I really want her to change her hair. Whenever my roommate would watch the show, we would just mock her horrible hair. It’s bleached to the point it looks unhealthy (esp in HD-yikes!) She’s gotten her roots done since the show, but it’s still straw like and damaged. That would go a long way if she’s got low self-esteem.

  9. photo jojo says:

    How does anyone address her seriously with such a ridiculous first name?

  10. mollination says:

    I don’t think they have plastic surgery that replaces the upper half of one’s face – so there’s no way she’ll ever be a “perfect 10”. If she went for a conditioning treatment, and went to a soft natural brown, it would at least help her cause. But that face (and ugly personality to match) is beyond help.

  11. kai says:


    WHAT? I certainly HOPE not, that is despicable! My husband is a Gulf War vet, and those men in Iraq have been through pure hell, believe me. I cannot imagine, knowing what I know about Iraq I and II (and I know nothing compared those who have actually been there), that anyone could do something like that to someone over there. It’s sick, horrible and she should have gone to prison if it’s true. If she did do it, I hope she rots in the deepest pit of hell. DISGUSTING.

  12. Iggles says:

    Why did he pick her? He’s always smiling a mile wide in photos. I read somewhere that he’s 32 and she’s 23 year old former Hooter’s waitress?

    Seriously? This girl has nothing on Trista. Why are we celebrating bland jocks and the airheads who love them? Time to cancel this ridiculous show.

  13. Liz says:

    Wait! She has a rep? WTF? Sad and pathetic. Vienna can certainly use a nose job however, I have no idea what can be done about her wonky eyes. One eye goes to the left and the other one goes wherever the hell it wants!

  14. Kelbees says:

    23? Yeah. Right. Uh-huh.

  15. escapee says:

    Does anyone else wonder if he picked her so that he can extend HIS 15 minutes of fame when his media attention starts to wan by dumping her and then going around giving a bunch of interviews as to how horribly he was “deceived” by her?

  16. Feebee says:

    @escapee… very interesting! I’d like to think he was that cunning but alas… ha ha.

  17. boo says:


  18. ThunderC*nt says:

    mollination, you’ve been making me laugh for quite some time now. Love your blunt posts.

    This guy’s self esteem must be in the toilet and I CANNOT stress enough how freakin’ horrible brassy blond hair looks on olive toned people. If she wants to go blond she should do bleached highlights (no brass)on her brown hair. She won’t have to worry about roots if she does a heavy highlighting in a sandy colored tone. All you see when you look at her is her dye job b/c it doesn’t belong on her. She looks way better brunette.

  19. Camille says:

    He looks like he stole Jennifer Anistons chin (god imagine the spawn if he had somehow managed to hook up/breed with her! Yikes!). And she needs to go back to her natural hair colour as that awful blonde tone is doing her NO favours.

  20. GatsbyGal says:

    Vienna has already had a boob job, having cleaned out her ex husband’s savings while he was fighting in Iraq to pay for it.

    WHAT?! If that is true, oh my god…that’s SO low. What a terrible, terrible woman.

  21. Mary Jones says:

    She is the ugliest creature I have seen in a long time. Nothing can save that horrid face. Plastic surgery cant work miracles.

  22. Kirsten says:

    She should spend less time trying to fix her face (as it’s a hopeless cause) and more time working on being less of a total sleaze.

    God, the first interview with her before she met Jake was a joke. Seriously? She has dates with her dog? I hated her from day one and realized that Jake is a frigging MORON.

    He’s got to be the biggest turd of a Bachelor so far. And that’s even counting Andrew Firestone.

  23. westender says:

    I will never understand why people who are fairly attractive to begin with, insist on getting so much work done that it makes them look like reject plastic dolls from Mattel. Then these same people will go back for more! Some people just have too much time and money on their hands

  24. JOJO says:

    If I could say one thing to Vienna it would be! DON’T DO IT,
    For anyone to change their looks as tho they want to improve their looks is stupid. You are who you are. Vienna may not be the prettiest and will never get there even with a knife job. Nobody does!Not even Malinie Griffith or Cher or Heidi.

  25. Lisa says:

    She can get all the plastic surgery she wants but it won’t change her ugly personality! If you really look at her closely in a bathing suit she does have a large lower bottom and some big arms (her mom isn’t a twiggy either so she is doomed) so lipo will be needed some eye-correction surgery for her the cross-eyed cow wouldn’t hurt either, she is just nasty all the way around.
    It’s so obvious she is really ‘trying’ to behave and be this classy woman but eventually her true colors will come out. She is just using Jake to get stardom but quite honestly my opinion of him has gone down a lot too. He had no problem warning Jillian about Wes but when it came to the girls trying warn him about Vienna he didn’t take anyone’s advise. So Jake, you deserve nothing but heartbreak from this one!

  26. Tiffany says:

    Ok How can anyone judge her!!!! You do not know her, and anything you hear in tabloids is a crock anyways. Get over it!!!!!!! I am sure a few that have posted on this are fat and ugly themselves lol. So dont sit here and insult her untill you have met her yourself. And can then form an oppinion on her. How would it feel to have a camera in your face for all that time and not have a chance to be yourself.