Kate Gosselin called ‘terrible’ on Dancing With The Stars

Kate Gosselin made her debut on Dancing With The Stars wearing a Pepto Bismol pink gown with what Joy on the View called “pink bat wings” hanging from her arms. Gosselin’s dancing was just as bad as her cheesy sequined gown, which would have looked outdated on one of her daughter’s Barbies. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba praised Kate for taking a chance when she wasn’t the typical entertainer or athlete that was normally on the show, while more outspoken judge Bruno Tonioli called her dancing “terrible” and said it looked like her partner Tony Dovolani was leading her around “like a shopping cart.” The third judge, Len Goodman, noted how nervous she was. I loved watching Kate’s face when she was criticized by Dovolani. She looked like she wanted to shank him.

After Kate and her partner, Tony Dovolani, stepped their way across the floor, the octomom was met with some harsh criticism by some of the judges.

“The technique was terrible,” judge Bruno Tonioli said. “It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the floor. You have to exude something,” he added as a chorus of boos from the audience began to build.

Host Tom Bergeron fired back at Bruno’s “exude” quip, saying to Bruno: “Like you should exude tact.”

Unfortunately for Kate and Tony, they were the third lowest scoring couple of the night, nabbing just 16 points. Who fared worse? ‘All My Children’ star Aiden Turner and Buzz Aldrin, the 80-year-old astronaut.

[From Popeater]

The couple with the top score of the night was Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and her partner, Derek Hough. Close behind them at second was figure skater Evan Lysacek, and tying for third was Pamela Anderson (who did a predictably slutty dance in a short outfit and is sure to garner male votes) and ESPN’s Erin Andrews. Kate and Tony were in the bottom three. Kate said in the intro to her segment that she was going to “prove everybody wrong” that said she couldn’t dance, but I think she’s only proving that she’s so uptight she can’t let go and feel the music. At least we won’t be subjected to her on that show much longer.

In related news, this week’s In Touch has a funny article about how Kate is “obsessed with her hair.” They note her many hairstyle changes in the past few weeks and write that “the mother of eight has been spending countless hours in the Ted Gibson Salon, getting pricey hair treatments… that normally would cost up to $20,000.” They also quote a source who says “Kate thinks she is a celebrity and deserves to be treated like one.” Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of NY also says that “All Kate cares about is how she looks. She’s a media whore and she just can’t get away from it!” It takes one to know one, right?


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  1. scotchy says:

    ha ha HA!!! i cannot wait for her to get voted off.

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    The only one worse was Buzz Aldrin. And that British guy from the soaps was third-worst. Kate gets the boot 2nd. I think the voters will turn on soap-operaman first.

  3. GOMO1313 says:

    Loved watching her look like an A**, hope she gets voted out soon…it was sad that she didn’t have any family or friends in the audience cheering her on! I thought for sure her bodyguard??? would be there with the twins. And if I hear her state “I am just a mother trying to make an income for my children” oh give us a break..it is getting old Kate. Go home and be with the kids and be a good mother there.

  4. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I just LOVED in her intro about how she kept babbling about her ‘confidence’ blahdy-frickin’blah! All she was doing was trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her. I wondered how long it would be before she played the ‘pity-me card’. Well, hopefully it won’t be long before she is off the show. Then life can resume as normal again…….

  5. Obvious says:

    I think Buzz should win. He’s 80 years old and a part of history-real history not pop culture. go Buzz!!!!

  6. snapdragon says:

    her hair looks like yarn.

  7. scotchy says:

    i agree, those are some bad expensive weaves.
    wouldn’t that money be better spent on her children?
    what a wanker..
    i secretly hope buzz wins, but i doubt it. i am betting on the pussy cat doll.

  8. Stephie says:

    I don’t watch the show but caught her at the end, the few-second recap. Just that was awful. And sorry (but not really b/c I like Pam) to the Pammy haters but her few-second recap looked good to me.

    Oh…. did Kate get her boobs done or something? They look like balloons lately. Yuck.

  9. judyjudy says:

    “I am glad my kids can rest easy toinght”

    Whaaaa? Yes, I am sure they are feeling so secure and relieved that their mother finished her first dance.

  10. Stella says:

    First I want to say that I’m not a Kate fan- I’m pretty indifferent to her.

    With that said- I thought she did a pretty good job! I mean, she is not a dancer, she is not an athlete and has zero experience and these dances are much harder than they look! As someone with dance training and a very athletic background, I think partner dancing is some of the hardest stuff I have ever done. It is much more challenging than it looks and for a control-freak like Kate to be able to let go of herself enough to do something like this, is probably beyond difficult for her. Sooo I have to say, I’m actually fairly impressed that she was able to do it without looking horribly awkward or falling down.

  11. Wow says:

    This woman is vile, but I have to give her some props for going on that show and at least trying. And she’s looking nice with the new hairdo’s. Now if only she could manage to work on her personality… She’d be golden and 1/4 likable.

  12. may says:

    i thought brooke and that pussy cat chick looked like they were going to kill each other
    something is going on there!!

  13. RobN says:

    Not one of us would have had the guts to get up there and do what she did, so I wish her well.

    What bugs me are the people like Ice Skater boy and Pussycat Doll Chick who have been taking dance since they were three years old. It ruins the whole show. They’re basically professional dancers already.

  14. dee says:

    Kate was so terrible it was humiliating and embarrassing, but it was the funniest thing I’ve seen on tv in a long time. I laughed so hard my side hurt.

  15. flourpot says:

    … that’s not been a series of wigs she’s been sporting? I ~am~ off my game.

  16. Judy says:

    A different Judy. The only thing worse than her dancing was her fake smile and her pretending to be someone she’s not (nice).

  17. Dawn says:

    $20 thousand dollars on hair treatment?!

  18. Justalark says:

    I have never watched Kate’s reality show so I was one of the few truly objective viewers last night, judging from all of the Kate-hating comments I am reading online today.

    What I observed: Kate needs to quickly learn from the results of last season. If a star doesn’t exude warmth and an enthusiastic, likeable personality, the viewers will not get behind him/her. Mya was fantastic from a technical standpoint last season, but the audience never really engaged with her because she always seemed somewhat aloof and prissy. Kelly, on the other hand, wore her heart on her sleeve and won the audience over with both her tears and smiles, even though she was not the best dancer. LESSON TO BE LEARNED: The audience respects and rewards contestants who are genuine and engaging. Phonies and sourpusses will eventually be booted off, even if they have some genuine talent. As evidenced by Donnie Osmond, it’s as much a personality contest as a dance contest!

  19. Shelly says:

    Some of you people are just downright nasty. The “star” doesn’t pick the outfit, the pro does and that’s what Tony picked for her. Bitch at him. So what she said that about her kids resting easy. I work FT and go to school and when I’m freaking out over an exam, my kids are as relieved as I am when it’s over so I can relax and stop being on edge. Some of you people obviously have nothing better to do than try to tear someone else down. Can you honestly say you would pass up the chance to make a large amount of money doing something like this?

    She didn’t pay for her extensions. If you people would spend a little time actually getting the facts instead of just flying off the handle, you would know that the stylist from What Not to Wear put them in – free.

    And Dee, why did you laugh? Can YOU get out and do a waltz and not look clumsy or awkward? Doubt it?

    Glass houses people – glass houses….

  20. MMF says:

    The look on her face when the judges were giving their opionons was priceless.
    Exactly why I tuned in, to see her bomb.
    Go home princess, your time is done.

  21. Laurie says:

    I’m going to start calling her Shopping Cart Kate!! 🙂

  22. Becks says:

    I really didnt think she was all that bad, I mean, alot of the others have some sort of training and she doesnt. I give her credit, and hate to hear people talk so badly about her. She human and has made mistakes and I really think shes trying to show she can be a good person. There are a couple others that are worse, and I dont agree Buzz should win becasue hes Buzz. And then theres Pamela Anderson. OMG!!! Why isnt there any talk about her trashy ass? I find it so much easier to talk about her and some of the others than Kate.
    But whatever, I just wanted to say mu opinion and even if kate doesnt get very far, I give her credit for trying. I wouldnt have done it 🙂

  23. gonzo says:

    hey, was it just me or did pamela look high as a kite??? her eyes were huge and rolling around all crazy. she was fun to watch but seriously looked like she was on one. And yeah, poor Shopping Kart sucked. i loved the ending when they’re all out on stage…you can really tell there’s a lot of weirdness and animosity going on between a few of the cast.

  24. Melanie says:

    If you people would spend a little time actually getting the facts instead of just flying off the handle,
    Whaa? Settle down sister. Flying off the handle is par for the course when the game is celeb gossip for goodness sakes! LOL! Kate is that you????

  25. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I absolutely HATE it when people say stuff like “Not one of us would have had the guts to get up there and do what she did.” (@RobN) Speak for your damn self–I’d go on DTWS in a freaking heartbeat, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. However, since I’m not an athlete or has-been celebrity they didn’t call me this year. Maybe next year. 🙂

    I tried watching her show at the beginning and intermittently over the years and she just puts a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to root for her and like her, but I have never once seen her be sweet and genuine to anyone–not to Jon, not to her employees, not to her kids, nobody. She constantly comes off as a miserable, condescending control freak, and now has the benefit of the ‘woe is me, now I have to do it all myself’ attitude. I firmly believe she’s cashing in on her ‘celebrity’ not to support her kids but for herself. I know Hollywood is fake and blah-blah-blah. But seriously, this woman’s faux mothering makes me sick.

  26. Kitty2000 says:

    F**k me, I get upset when my haircut costs more than $60. What the hell kinda hair treatment costs $20k???

  27. Shelly says:

    I know Melanie, I get irrate but it just irks me that people think that she’s milking money from the kids for her extensions, etc. Whether people want to accept it or not, businesses want Kate associated with their products so they will draw more attention. And no, I’m not Kate. I only have two kids who ride my last nerve sometimes to the point where I have to lock myself in the bathroom to get 10 minutes of peace! LOL I can’t imagine having eight children.

  28. Linda says:

    I wasn’t able to watch – but it’s on my DVR as I love this show – I was going to FF past Kate – but after reading this – I think it might be enjoyable to watch how miserable she was and what the judges said to her – hopefully she is gone!!!

  29. teehee says:

    WHen I watch her speak– she is just so stiff and not at all humorous or with character– nothing…

    I really cant stand seeing her smile because its just so obviously fake. And even laugh- its fake too. Why cant she actually smile as a person?
    Shes learned how to do it all just to put on an image- but not even well. And at least create an image you can sustain or that is more true to yourself.

    But yes proprs to ANYONE doing that — hard on its own, then in front of an audiece, then in front of cameras- then on TV for the world to see. I dont know if I could ever! 😛

  30. Sumodo1 says:

    I used to say: “If my mother had wheels, she’d be a shopping cart!” And, now there’s Kate “Shopping Cart” Gosselin. My, my. I’m still busting a gut from hearing Bruno say it. Bruno ROCKS!

  31. Scout says:

    I am soooo over her….

  32. nana says:

    im not her fan but I thought she did a wonderful job!  What is everyone’s problem! you can’t expect everyone to be a good dancer the first time.it’s a learning process. she admitted shes not a good dancer and trying her best.
    she looks pretty and i think shes nice and cool in the intro. shes having fun and im happy for her.

  33. Squirtle says:

    Aww I thought it was really endearing how nervous she was! I think she did a wonderful job as well and I wish everyone who just likes to tear her down would find something better to do, if you don’t like her, then don’t read about her!!

  34. DoMaJoReMc says:


  35. Lisa says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Dumb c*nt!!! I hate this chick!!

  36. oxa says:

    I can see it now, men with shopping carts dancing all over America.

  37. Maritza says:

    Kate will be there for a while longer, there are others much worse than her. Buzz Aldrin was painful to look at, Shannon did really bad too and Pamela was just plain embarrassing because she was all over her partner. I love the show, the outfits, the dances, everything about it!

  38. Lala11_7 says:

    I’ve NEVA watched DWTS…but I have to say…I had to last night…cause my girl Pam was on there (sorry…she’s a guilty pleasure that I’m not particularly guilty about)…and she MADE IT RAIN ON THEM….anyway…she was GREAT!!! Reminded me what I always thought she was the -HIT!!!

    This season should be VERY interesting…that soap star BROKE my heart…looking and sounding SO HOT…and dancing the complete opposite…AND he had that AWESOME PARTNER TOO!!! He betta GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  39. Feebee says:

    @ Shelly – the pros don’t pick the outfit, the costume is based on the dance and what the performer is comfortable wearing.

    I thought Tony having to talk to Kate about if she was really happy about being there and telling her she has to (at least) look like it then was telling. This may have been a bad move for Kate, if she’s too uptight to let go, pour her heart into it and take a little criticism then maybe goodbye sooner rather than later will be a blessing for her and everyone. And spare me the “this is for moms everywhere” G-R-O-A-N. She doesn’t give a sh!t about moms anywhere.

    I don’t understand the hate for Pamela Anderson. Yes, she’s a white trash mess of a woman but she makes no pretense. She wears higher heels, shorter dresses and lets her hair down. Her dancing may have been average but she was mesmerising to watch :).

  40. mollination says:

    Poor Buzz. 🙁

    P.S. I want Erin Andrews to win.

  41. TaylorB says:

    Slightly off topic but, I couldn’t give a rip about Kate in this show or any other, or most of the rest of them for that matter, except for the best one in the bunch…

    GO BUZZ!!! 80 yrs old and still working it as best he can, with a smile on his face, loving every second of it. Buzz, if you don’t win the trophy you still won the hearts of everyone watching.

  42. dee2 says:

    I absolutely cant stand seeing Kate on anything any more. she reeks of phoniness. There is nothing sincere about her or what she is doing, its all about her now, not the kids and everyone around her knows that.
    That said, I’ll give her credit for her effort last night. For someone who has no dance or athletic background, she wasnt THAT bad and could have been alot worse. I admit I would have liked to have seen her fall on her phony a** but I think the worst of the night was “Pam, I cant grasp im too old to look like this, Anderson”. Her hair was a mess and a flashback to the 80’s, and of course she had to be her usual trashy self. I hope she’s the first to go, then Kate. Erin Andrews gets my votes all the way.

  43. Mistral says:

    I hope she goes. She is trying to set herself up as some sort of representative for working moms everywhere? Please, woman, spare us your nonsense. How about getting your butt out of the public eye and just focus on parenting. Her and Jon’s famewhoring is of epic proportions.

  44. gg says:

    I bet Kate is Pammy’s biggest fan … (not)

  45. moo says:

    Shelley – the website is Celebitchy. The name says it all… we bitch about celebrities. You may want to go to Just Jared or something where they just ooze love and sparkles all over celeb’s.

  46. Amy says:

    Kate didn’t do a good job but hats off to her for doing it. Now hopefully she’ll get booted off and go back to take care of her kids, where she belongs.

    People think Pamela Anderson danced well? She danced terribly!! All she did was awkwardly wiggle her hips in a horrible attempt at trying to be sexy. She doesn’t “have it” anymore. She also looks like a clown with too much make up on. People still think she is good looking?

  47. Chrissy says:

    I thought Kate did a great job. I would have been way more awkward out there. Having Nicole and the figure skating guy does take away from the competition. They both have significant advantages over the other contestants. I will continue to watch and I hope Kate does great!

  48. Uzi says:

    Bruno rocks, and the “shopping cart” comment was hysterical and right on the money! Other than Neicy Nash, who I loved but the judges didn’t, I agree with the contestant rankings. Buzz and the soap opera guy were painful to watch. I’ve never understood the appeal of Jon and Kate and their TV show (maybe it’s because I’m not a mom), but I do give her a lot of credit for stepping outside her comfort zone. I just hope she doesn’t get the “housewife sympathy vote” and stick around longer than she should. I also hope Pamela stays for a while, as she could be this season’s Cloris Leachman in terms of off-the-wall entertainment potential.

  49. Melanie says:

    @lala, Pam’s face is busted but her legs are still amazing. Very pretty to watch from afar. I mean really far.

  50. TaylorB says:


    You are so right. It kinda sucks because it is pretty obvious either the Pussycat Doll chick or the Gold medal Olympic figure skater who are both well trained in choreography and timing are going to win it. Why do they even bother putting people like Buzz Aldrin or even Kate Gosselin who are not athletes and frankly have no chance in hell on the show? What is the point? Basically they pit a bunch of Olympians and professional dancers against regular folks (like Aldrin, Tom Delay, Steve Woz, Cloris Leechman, etc.) Just to humiliate them?

    On the other hand I would love to see one of those others attempt to be an ER nurse or to master the calculations required to pilot a craft to the surface of the moon, without killing everyone in the process. So I guess on balance the clumsy nerds still win.

  51. Eden says:

    I honestly thought Kate did a great job, so I’m not gonna hate on her. But Pamela Anderson, OMG that woman looked like a 43 year old busted scratch & dent Barbie doll.

  52. Anna says:

    The bad news is that right now Kate’s riding a pretty big pity wave, which may transelate into votes.

  53. Ana says:

    I think it’s funny that she claims that her dance was for all the moms out there.

    Like she is the first mother to be on DWTS.

    Her boob job does look pretty good, but her smile still reminds me of the Grinch.

  54. Alexis says:

    HOW ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT HER! I thought she only had 15 minutes.

  55. ViktoryGin says:

    Kate, Kate, Kate…let me take you to a black hair salon. They will hook you up and have your extensions looking virtually undetectable…..all for a nominal fee of 150 dollars.

    Wow, I almost forgot that Pam Anderson is actually attractive under all the slut-wear and crackwhore make-up.

    I think that Nicole Scherzinger’s participation on the show is an elaborate set up by her record company. While she is the most interesting thing about the Pussycat Dolls, she has yet to prove her viabilty as a solo entertainer. This is a way to drum up support for her and have her re-try at a solo career.

  56. boo says:

    “Not one of us would have had the guts to get up there and do what she did, so I wish her well.”

    Speak for yourself. I’d do that in a second for free if I had the chance.

  57. TaylorB says:


    It really would be fun to learn how to ballroom dance, and do it well. They Wouldn’t have to pay me a dime to try and be graceful for once in my life. I would LOVE to be on that show, but in my case it would be called ‘Dancing with the Least Coordinated People on Earth’.

    I hope Kate and the rest of them appreciate how cool it is to learn how to do those dances, and wear the fun outfits. That would just be such a total blast.

    Oh and I gotta say… GO BUZZ!!!!

  58. Amy says:

    She actually cannot dance, but I admire her courage for trying.

  59. DoMaJoReMc says:

    “The bad news is that right now Kate’s riding a pretty big pity wave, which may translate into votes.”

    I think the only one to have pity on KHATE is KHATE. IMO