Whitney Houston’s family wants her to go back to rehab

Whitney Houston Arrives South Korea
Whitney Houston’s year-long comeback after nearly destroying herself through crack addiction may not be all it appears to be. While she seemed fairly together – for Whitney, anyway – at the beginning of the tour, things aren’t going so well on the road. Sources close to the diva say that her family is preparing an intervention to convince Whitney to head back to rehab after seeing increasingly erratic behavior during her world tour. My question is, how can you tell when Whitney’s behavior is anymore erratic than usual?

Worried friends and family members are begging Whitney Houston to go back into rehab! The R&B diva has appeared breathless, exhausted and disoriented during her comeback tour, prompting loved ones to fear she may have returned to her deadly drug abuse habits, say insiders.

Family members are leading a secret campaign to get the Grammy-winning entertainer into a facility for testing and treatment, if necessary, before her demons dead-end her career, according to sources.

“The family members are deeply concerned because Whitney appears to be back to the same erratic and troubling behavior she exhibited when she was in the grips of a crack and cocaine addiction,” an insider told The Enquirer.

“Whitney is drinking alcohol and she’s frequently dazed, confused and seemingly out of it. She came close to destroying her career and professional reputation with drugs, and the family is determined to avert a similar disaster.”

With a lengthy break between the Australian and European legs of her “Nothing But Love” comeback tour, Whitney’s family is racing against time to put the brakes on what they feel could be another downward spiral, confided a source.

As the Enquirer exclusively reported, Whitney refused pleas to postpone the tour amid worry that she was too physically and mentally fragile.

Whitney stumbled through the tour’s kickoff concert on Feb. 6 in Seoul, South Korea – struggling to hit high notes, sweating profusely and tripping over her own feet. Then the singer suffered a horrifying backstage collapse.

Whitney also struggled through her first concert in Australia, where some disgruntled fans walked out, declaring: “It was the worst concert ever.”

Whitney was in rehab in 2004 and 2005, and as The Enquirer has reported, a top medical expert predicts that the 46-year-old singer may have only five years to live unless she turns her life around. And her family is determined to save her.

“Her family wants her to slip into rehab during the break, and then undergo more intensive treatment in June. They feel strongly that Whitney won’t be able to finish the tour unless she gets help right away – and they believe it could save her life.”

[From The National Enquirer print version, March 29, 2010]

I have a hard time believing Whitney was ever sober. I mean, did you see her on Oprah? There are definitely some substances going on there. As for her vocal struggles, I think that was pretty apparent on her “Good Morning America” appearance last summer, in which she did more talking and made the audience and backup singers do almost all the singing whiel she danced around like a freak. Later, she blamed her “Oprah” appearance for the shoddy vocals. According to reports, during the concert in Australia, while Whitney was singing her signature “I Will Always Love You,” she butchered the big high note and stopped in the middle of the song to get a drink of water. No wonder people walked out!

I am wondering why Whitney’s family didn’t think anything was odd about those TV appearances and didn’t try this intervention idea before she hit the road, but hey – better late than never, right? I hope she does listen to them and gets herself together. This might be her last chance to redeem herself. As long as Whitney stays away from ex-husband and current “Celebrity Fit Club” contestant Bobby Brown, she might actually have a chance at cleaning up.

Whitney Houston gives concert in Moscow

Whitney Houston Arrives South Korea

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  1. meme says:

    the comeback that never really was. so sad because in her day whitney had the greatest voice. she ruined it with drugs and her career is over. very sad. very very sad.

  2. bite me says:

    Houston we have a problem…sorry had to say it. haha

  3. mila says:

    I agree with meme, she was the best.I would love to see her triumph again, sadly life is not a Hollywood tale.

  4. bellaluna says:

    She never should have gone on tour this early into her “sobriety” or in the physical condition she was in before the tour started.

  5. Hautie says:

    Whitney is out on tour because she needed the cash. But I agree that she seems like she is not all there, mentally. Like her medications are not being very well monitored.

    But I never believed that Bobby had any real control over her either. Whitney did exactly what she wanted to do. Including smoking all that weed laced with cocaine.

  6. escapee says:

    bellaluna – I thought the exact same thing. She jumped the gun. I think she really was sober for awhile but she needed more time to get her mental and emotional state under control and her voice needed to be re-trained. I really think she could have done so well had she just reined her grandiose plans in.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus, she looks like a train wreck. I remember her first album in 1984. Absolutely glorious voice. I blame Bobby for destroying her, and I blame her for letting him do it.

  8. Lem says:

    whitney and Bobby 4EVER

  9. nag says:

    Can’t her team be just happy for her to live on her royalties? Surely she must be able to live on them?

  10. d says:

    Sad. Sad if she’s doing it because she needs money. I wonder how much she’ll get in the end; concerts are notoriously costly. The comeback is a myth; her voice is shot, she’s not up to performing as much, and they keep trying to spin it, and spin it, and spin it, and the truth is, she’s DONE. But I’ll bet, like Britney, a lot of people are making money on the Whitney gravy train, they’ll do anything to keep it going, even at Whitney’s expense. It’s really sad.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    @Lem: You’re kidding, aren’t you? She needs Bobby like she needs a case of erysipelas.

  12. naye in VA says:

    No. the first time i heard her speak after her comeback was on Donny Simpsons Morning show and the first thing i said was “shes still on the drugs” . its either that or theyve messed up her mind so much her brain takes longer to function than her mouth. i think she still is personally because Bobby doesnt sound nearly as warped as she does on Celeb Fit Club

  13. Mentok says:

    She’s not planning on selling those kids for crack, is she?

    Sorry. I had to.

  14. Snarf says:

    Time to move on Whitney, it’s over.

  15. d says:

    @ #12 Yeah, I wonder if most people are in denial about how much brain damage drugs can do to you. I can believe she’s not on drugs, but also that she’s pretty damaged from it all. I’ve met a few people who’ve done hard core drugs and alcohol for years and years and they really are kind of slow in a variety of ways. They didn’t always realize it either…but you end up in conversation with them and then come away from it going ok, someone’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor anymore. Sad.

  16. ogechi says:

    Too bad

  17. LindyLou says:

    Such a tragic waste of life and talent.

  18. Squirrel says:

    She still needs help. And it does not look likely that she will ever get back to the performance she was capable of. I really wish her all the help and health possible. She was amazing back in the day.

    Is anyone close to Mariah paying proper attention? With the eternally-full champagne glass she holds it is just a matter of time…

  19. Sincerity says:


    Your observations are probably right on the money! Whitney’s posse is trying to make as much money as possible and more than likely she probably needs it. I just hate that she didn’t allow herself more time to polish her act before she went on the road. If she ever decides to tour again in the future, it will be much harder for her to demand top dollar for her performances. Her people should probably streamline her European tour dates by rescheduling the earliest ones in order to give her more time to mentally prepare for the rigors of performing. I really want to see her succeed but Whitney has to want it more than anything else in order to make it happen. I wish her only the best of luck!

  20. Uzi says:

    People need to stop blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney’s problems. Yes, he’s got his own issues, but he seems to be doing a better job of putting his life and career back on track. I hope Whitney gets the help she so desperately needs, and soon.

  21. Lem says:

    Cheyenne: not so much kidding. they are perfect for each other

    I mean honestly, once you’ve found a man to pop your doodie bubble (or whatever) is there any need to keep looking.

    BobbY BOBby BoBBY hell to the yep, they belong together

  22. Tia C says:

    She’s a mess who doesn’t look like she’s gonna clean up anytime soon.

  23. moo says:

    “She came close to destroying her career and professional reputation with drugs, and the family is determined to avert a similar disaster.”

    And this is why her drug rehab didn’t work the first time. SHE wasn’t there for herself. She was doing it to shut up her family. Until the abuser wants to make themselves better, interventions rarely work.

  24. Scout says:

    She was something else back then! What a beauty, what a voice, what an overall talent. So sad they path she took…I fear that this is truly the end of her chances for a comeback ever again….

  25. Shawn Ames says:

    TTTT, her entire career and class changed once she met Bobby Brown. It seems he may have dragged her life down in the gutter with his. I remember Whitney’s voice used to be AMAZING, and I especially liked her in the Kevin Costner movie.

  26. Mistral says:

    Loved the 80s/90s Whitney. Hope she can get herself together.

    “If somebody loves youuuu, won’t they always love youuuu?” –Still love ya crazy crack ass, Whitney 🙂

  27. Riri says:

    And the next celebrity funeral is …

    U heard it here 1st!

  28. Sunnyjyl says:

    @d, exactly.

  29. Aussie Mama says:

    Lost Cause, she’ over.

  30. Jess says:

    There are a lot of things going on there.
    In Australia, her concert promoter said that the reason why she had difficulty singing or hitting the high notes was because she smokes cigarettes. But in interviews, she can barely maintain her concentration.

  31. BReed says:

    It’s Ovah! for Whitey…she looks like a mess and her voice has gone south. It is all too bad..she was such a GREAT SINGER in her day. Crack must REALLY be whack cause it is has done a job on her. Bobby or no Bobby, she is responsible for her own behavior.

  32. kimmi says:

    …she needs to get back on the wagon, and press the reset button. I am praying that she’ll recover…She should do Celebrity rehab, and keep it 100.

  33. Natasha says:

    A little scary as her come back tour is selling out fast in the UK

  34. tee says:

    all we can do is pray for her and not judge!

  35. david n says:

    you can’t “slip” back into rehabe like
    you can quickly tune up a car. Addiction
    and or alcoholisim need to be treated
    by total absenence. You can’t quit crak
    abuse only to think you can once again socially drink. It does’nt work that way.She’s gonna die, and shame on all of her handlers for allowin her to killherself. Your either serious about your addiction or you get dead. How many frickin times do we have to say this

  36. VUVURISH says:

    I wud b veri sad to find that whitney is realy back into drugs. she should know by now that if she ever go back there again she will not make it alive and kristina will lose a mother and poor Cissy Houston would lose a daughter to drugs. The devil is out to ruin whintey an she needs to keep strong praying the lord. there is no musician that i know who has had the world praying and beleiving the lord for her. What else in the world would she b searching for, all that there is for her at that age is the lord and her daughter. she should look at her own mother who raised her under the power and blessings of the holly spirit.