Is Brad Pitt wearing a Freemason ring?


Okay, before I even get into why Brad is at this event, can I ask you something? Is Brad wearing a Freemason ring? I think he is. Is Brad a Freemason? Why has this never been part of all of the Brangelina conspiracy theories?!? Because Brad being a Freemason is really juicy. Here are various Google images of various Freemason rings, and here’s a close-up of Brad’s ring:


Anyway, here’s an even weirder story – Brad Pitt is one of the producers of Kick-Ass, that kids’ film starring Nicolas Cage, McLovin’ from Superbad, and… Mark Strong?!? What the f-ck? Oh, and it’s directed by Matthew Vaughn, the (brilliant) dude who directed Layer Cake and is Claudia Schiffer’s husband/baby-daddy. This is like the most random film ever. Anyway, even though Kick-Ass doesn’t open until April 16, they had a big premiere for it in London on Monday night. And Brad showed up! With his facial hair. Ugh. He spoke to Us Weekly about his time in Venice:

Guess those pictures of the Jolie-Pitts living it up in Italy — the boat rides, gelato, and on-set smooches — don’t lie.

In London for Monday’s red carpet premiere of the film Kick-Ass (he’s a producer) Brad Pitt told that life in Venice has been “lovely!”

Pitt braved London’s downpour with a hat and quipped, “the rain won’t put us off a premiere!” (Kick-Ass stars Nicolas Cage and is scheduled to hit theaters next month.)

The star, 46, went stag for this premiere: Angelina Jolie, 34, stayed behind in the ancient city of canals with their six kids; she’s been filming the The Tourist there with Johnny Depp.

With The Tourist filming primarily in Venice for about two more months, the famous family — Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 3, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 20 months –has rented out a lavish, canalside 15th century palazzo.

[From Us Weekly]

Regarding Brad’s general appearance for the premiere… God, I don’t even know what to say. His clothes look fine, he looks like he bathed, which I can’t believe I actually have to remark on (but I do, because sometimes he looks dirty in a bad way). I like the lines around his eyes, I like that he’s no longer “pretty”. He looks, generally speaking, like a man. But that beard! It ages him terribly. Without the beard he would look like what he is – a very nice looking middle-aged man with six young children. With the beard, he looks like an a douchey aging hipster who thinks it’s “cool” or “hip” not to shave. But, whatever. If he’s a Freemason I won’t bug him.



Oh, Mark Strong! Yum.


Brad, Mark Strong, Matthew Vaughn, Claudia and others at the Kick-Ass premiere in London on March 22, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. bite me says:

    Pitt is going to make bank on this movie..

  2. sonola trip says:

    Brad looks like holy crap. Really. He looks awful. The hat and the beard are both ridiculous and make him look like a slob. This was a professional event – a red carpent event for God’s sake – and he turned up looking like a bum. Pitt is starting to look like Joaquin Phoenix when he was going through his crazy phase.

  3. Hannah says:

    Lol…kids film??????!!!

    What are you talking about?

    I’m going to the premiere tonight yay!! Matthew will be there – I cannot wait to thank him for Layer Cake and making a blond Bond possible! McLovin will be there also.

    I’m not the biggest Pitt fan but it would be cool to see him – such a huge superstar. Doubt he’s coming though.

  4. Ursula says:

    He looks really really bad. Dirty too, but he does look dirty most of the time and never in a nice way. Their family looks like it takes weeks without bathing. But it is common talk in Hollywood that he smells.

    And whats up with the pained look on his face all the time, like he is constipated or something. LOL

  5. Scout says:

    Oh my, I sure hope he ISN’T! Say it ain’t so….someone, please!

  6. bite me says:

    kaiser, i have a request.. that hot bitch tom ford was at the after party would you please post his picture

  7. busybee says:

    It looks like the ring has a bee on it. And considering they’re in Venice right now, the symbol of the bee is quite common. Yes I know i sound biased, but it’s true. Bee signs are common in venice.

  8. Melanie says:

    Is this the skull and crossbones thing? If so I have heard that he is connected to that, but I believe everything weird about them.

  9. Hannah says:

    He isn’t on wikipedia’s list of celebrity freemasons :-p

    I didn’t know Richard Pryor was a freemason!

  10. city says:

    he is lame. take that hat off already.

  11. Cassie says:

    As with Johnny Depp I think no matter what Brad has going on – facial hair, hats, rings – he can do no wrong. And the crinkly eyes are sexy.
    That said, I think the ring looks more like a fleur de leis (spelling might be off a bit) from Louisiana. He probably picked it up in New orleans or maybe France.

  12. mila says:

    I agrre Cassie it looks like fleur de lis, “lily flower”, which is a traditional French emblem associated with French royalty.

  13. Haha random is truly the right adjective. I might see this movie because of its randomness.

  14. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    No he isn’t. It looks like no Freemason ring I have ever seen.

  15. Stephie says:

    I agree with busybee, it looks like a bee.

    So wish he would shave that thing off his face. Maybe Angie likes her man looking old. hm.

  16. nana says:

    its not a freemason ring, period.

  17. mslewis says:

    What is “random” is this post!! Getting hyped up over a Freemason ring. What’s with that? Is it wrong to be a Freemason? George Washington was a Freemason. Most of my uncles are Freemasons. What’s the problem? I don’t get it.

    Also, the same old comments all the time about the beard and hat. Brad Pitt is a middle age man who chooses to wear a beard and likes to wear knit caps. What’s the problem? It’s nobody’s business but his and his family. People need to chill. Just because he’s famous doesn’t means he has to conform to the standards of others.

    Re: the movie . . . it looks very funny and I think it’s great that Brad is producing movies for young people. Also, Matthew Vaughn rocks!!

  18. michellllle says:


  19. may says:

    what is freemason

  20. mollyb says:

    I love the bit about how he “spoke” to US Weekly about their time in Venice: . . . “lovely!”. Hahaha. What a scoop, US Weekly!

  21. Icecat says:

    You people are all so damn critical..Fuck. Leave Brad alone. I personally like the beard and hat. I find it completely irritating that, everytime this site posts a picture of Brad Pitt all anyone can ever talk about is the beard. LET IT GO. You’re not dating him…And, we’ve ALREADY heard how you feel like a thousand times…

    And, I don’t think its a Freemason Ring. I agree, it looks more like a Fleur De Lis. Which would make MUCH more sense because of his connection with New Orleans…

  22. Amanda47 says:

    The Fleur de Lis is the symbol of New Orleans. I’m sure that’s the association.

    Freemason rings have a compass and hammer.

  23. meme says:

    do those look like happy eyes on brad? i think not. he looks worn the fuck out.

  24. poopie says:

    get rid of the pube hair on the chin already !! jeez… does he think that looks GOOD? he needs to bring back the Thelma & Louise Brad !! ‘i love to watch him walk away…’

  25. flourpot says:

    @ Meme Have 6 kids, world travel, direct a film. Worn out yet? 🙂 PS. I think his beard is sexeh.

  26. Just a Poster says:

    Brad.. Brad.. WTF happened to you bud?

    You are a guy, all it takes with someone with your blessed genetic cocktail is to shower, throw on a white tee shirt and some jeans.. NOT THAT FRIGGIN HARD!

  27. That Girl says:

    I’m going with Fleur de Lis or Bumblebee…

  28. lucy2 says:

    I think he looks terrible. Yup, I do.

  29. may says:

    his is the face of an alcoholic for sure!

  30. john doe says:

    That’s not a Freemason’s ring. I think it looks more like a fly or something.

  31. annaloo says:

    That is not a Masonic ring.

    It would bear a compass and the letter G somewhere. My husband is the Master of a local pain-in-the-ass-of-our-marriage lodge here in NYC. Nothing wrong with being a Freemason, though I personally think my husband’s lodge is a relatively benign, useless group of men who really need to join Weight Watchers.

  32. Melanie says:

    Annaloo, thanks for the first belly laugh of the day!

  33. Lilias says:

    mslewis he’s at a premiere looking like that. He’s not just wandering about town. He’s literally a movie premiere where traditionally you go with at least a nice shirt and dress shoes.

    He’s dressed like a slob and that hat is ridiculous at an event like this. And the beard could at least have been trimmed to look decent. And he doesn’t care-clearly.

    But a lot of people don’t care about things that offend others.

    EDIT: How random is preggo Claudia Schiffer?

  34. J W says:

    close but NOT a free mason ring

  35. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    Analoo, so funny, thanks!

  36. susuan1 says:

    brad thinks he looks cool. He doesn’t not. A middle aged man wearing a knit cap ridicules.

  37. Reality Bites says:

    Why is it shocking that Brad’s production company Plan B produced this film?

    He also produced The Departed, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Troy, A Mighty Heart, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.. plus soon to be released Eat, Pray, Love and Tree of Life.

  38. Rosanna says:

    And IF he is a Mason, THEN… what?

  39. snapdragon says:

    it’s a fleur-de-lis. they are associated with new orleans and france. considering they have homes in both those places it makes sense i guess.

  40. skibunny says:

    Analoo that was hilarious!! LOL

    Brad Pitt looks like hell.

  41. JT says:

    I’m a Freemason and I would say that Kaiser is right. It’s blurry, but the general shape is there. Annaloo is somewhat correct about the ‘G’ showing on Masonic rings, but there are other symbols that can be in that spot.

    By the way, Annaloo, totally LOLing at your description of your husband’s Lodge. I’ve never been inside a masculine Lodge, obviously (well, except once when these nice men let me look inside) because I’m a lady (a Co-Mason). My Lodge is a tad different due to women & men being involved (aka allowed).

    I really like it. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the Masons, all unfounded in my personal experience. I’ve found a lovely group of people who want nothing other for me to succeed in life and be happy. It’s all about self-improvement. 🙂

  42. LayLow says:

    It’s not that people fear the old, sluggish freemasons themselves, it’s that in secret societies you don’t know where you’re taking orders from, or what ends they are working towards. One hand does not inform the other…

    Charity? Business tips? Right, so why so secret?

  43. ganjagirl says:

    Oh Brother…the following was taken straight off the web…”The bee and the hive have long been symbols of industry and regeneration, wisdom and obedience, with a place Roman and Christian symbolism. The hive is often seen in Masonic illustrations of the 18th and 19th century. Although “the bee was among the Egyptians the symbol of an obedient people, becaus of all insects, the bee alone had a king.
    The Bee hive’s use in Freemasonry was secondary to any number of other symbols based on the working tools of a stone mason. It is not surprising that a beehive should have been deemed an appropriate emblem of systematized industry when one looks at the regulated labor these insects have when congregated in their hive, Freemasonry has therefore adopted the beehive as a symbol of industry, a virtue taught in the instructions, which says that a Master Mason ‘works that he may receive wages, the better to support himself and family, and contribute to the relief of a worthy, distressed brother, his widow and orphans.”

    if we are going to start noticing things, how about all the triangles and 33’s everywhere. logos…tv commercials… print ads.

  44. juiceinla says:

    it looks like a bumble bee on Brad’s ring to me.

  45. JT says:

    Old and sluggish. Haha. Sorry, I’m just thinking of myself in that light and it made me giggle.

    I know the head of my order and she is a fabulous woman – I have faith that she would never give me an ‘order’ that would go against my moral foundation or harm me or anyone in any way. Partially because I know the person that she is, and partially that these things (morality, tolerance, abiding the law) are built right into the foundation of Masonry.

    The secrecy has never bothered me, personally. There are certain experiences you need to have without forewarning of what will occur in order to understand the lessons. You will never understand the word ‘hot’ until you either burn yourself or come awfully close to it (a negative example, but the most clear I could think of off the top of my head).

    Life comes as it wills and if you knew the grand scheme ahead of time, it would cheapen and dull the experiences. Masonry is sort of like that. You need to have a certain amount of experience before you can have knowledge. There is nothing dire or dark about it, it’s simply the natural order of progress and growth.

    I understand that it freaks people out, but I’m glad that I didn’t do a bunch of research before I became a Mason, because I know that it was much more powerful and beautiful in my uninformed state. I have had so many ‘aha’ moments because of the way things are set up. I wouldn’t give those up in order to reassure myself. Having trust in the goodness of the Masons that I knew before joining was enough to make me feel completely safe.

    There are many different types of Masonic orders, but the stereotypical version is of course what is seen in Hollywood and the media. Until a few months before I became a Mason, I didn’t even know women were allowed. A friend of mine said she didn’t like Masonry because of its misogyny, but that wouldn’t apply to Co-Masons as women are an integral part of our order.

    It’s not for everyone, obviously, but there is truly no reason to worry. Anyone who is a Mason and does bad things has completely strayed from the original purpose of being a Freemason. Personally I’m more worried about the government and what they’re doing – talk about a secret society. 😉

  46. JT says:

    For the Canadians: Tim Horton & Alexander Keith were both Freemasons. 😉

  47. Liz says:

    Take another “pill” Mark Strong! Your pupils are giving everything away.

    Brad Pitt, you look like sh!t. Angiejo has sucked the life out of you while leading you around with a leash. Pathetic!

  48. Liz says:

    One more thing……….that is certainly a freemason ring!!!

  49. Melanie says:

    So Freemason’s are not into NEW WORLD ORDER, ect?

  50. JT says:

    Melanie – not the ones I know. We just want the world to be a better place and to improve ourselves and surround ourselves with like-minded people.

    I guess it’s sort of like a beauty pageant: we all want world peace. Hahaha.

    PS. Isn’t New World Order a band? No, wait. That’s New Order. I like them.

  51. Melanie says:

    @ 50. I wish I could see your name, but for some reason the name and the number blur together. Anyway, I appreciate that you are trying to explain your club but I still don’t follow. BUT if in fact Brad is a freemason, could you please tell him to trim his beard for self improvement? I would not accept him into my club looking like that (yes I would)

  52. Isaidit says:

    This is NOT a Mason’s ring. It look more to be a “fleur de lis” symbol. See

    Remember that Brangelina like to consider themselves very “European.”

  53. Canuck says:

    No, that’s not a freemason ring, nor is it a fleur de lis. It’s a bee. Funny, we’ve seen Brad wearing a scarab ring in the past which signified life that comes from death in ancient Egypt. Now he’s wearing a bee, which symbolized the same thing in ancient Greece. Just saying…

  54. gee_gee says:

    Whatever that ish is he bought it at the swap meet.

  55. Aussie Mama says:

    To make it in the world, you either have to have Freemasonry ties, or Jewish ties. That’s a fact.

  56. Bee says:

    I think Angelina is probably on board with this look, scruffy beard and all. She doesn’t seem to really like her men pretty. Hello, Billie Bob Thorton. He was always sporting the 5 o’clock shadow and skull cap look. I also think Brad loves the fact the he is no longer pretty. He always seemed like he was very uncomfortable with being seen as a “pretty boy.” People may hate his look, but I think Brad seems more comfortable with himself than he’s ever been.

  57. JT says:

    @ Melanie, no worries, it’s hard to explain with all the stuff we are supposed to keep secret. I think I frustrate my family and friends with my inability to give them a full description. My boyfriend (not a Mason) was worried that I was involved in naked orgies (that’s a negatory) but aside from that doesn’t care what I do.

    I would love to have that kind of influence over Brad’s personal appearance. I agree that the beard is seriously sapping away his hotness. Maybe if I could figure out if he is in fact a Freemason, who is his Grand High Pubah, and make them listen to me. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen. 🙁

    @Aussie Mama – I must be doing something wrong… I’m a Freemason and I’m unemployed. The old boys’ club might work like that, but not in my world. How does one become Jewish? 😉

  58. lena says:

    someone needs lasik….it’s a BEE people! A BEE!!!!!

  59. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Again, it is not a Freemason ring. My grandfather was a Mason, and it is not even close. The person earlier in this thread who said he was a Mason must belong to some new order, because it is not even close to being the symbol.

  60. Rosanna says:

    JT: I’m a Freemason too from a mixed lodge here in Italy (Scottish rite).

    And btw even when you were born in a Masonic family and do a lot of readings the inner experience is something truly amazing. No words can depict it.

  61. LOG1Kpi says:

    I stumbled upon this site reading about Masonic things, Because Freemasonry is a journey and we all value education and knowledge. I read one of your posts said “It’s all over the web” Really? The internet is the least accurate of all sources. You should spend some time visiting your local library and reading some books instead.

    There are numerous books written by Freemasons and non-masons about the craft, recommended by the Grand Lodge. Freemason is all about Self Improvement and becoming a better man. Education is a daily thing. I suggest you educate yourselves, whether men or women, you will all be more respectable people if you do.

    TJ: No woman can ever become a Master Mason. NONE. They have been close in the past, but never Raised to the sublime degree. If they do, that particular lodge is not charted by the grand lodge, therefor not recognized. Obviously not endowed with the secrets of a Master Mason

    Like one of you pointed out, Our founding fathers where Freemasons, for the most part. So was Mozart, Beethoven, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Lewis and Clark, previous U.S presidents, and all sorts of good man through out the world who have done great things for mankind. Instead of searching for “Celebrity Masons” Search for Historical Masons. Men that have changed the world for the better for you and I, and surround nothing but positivity, Valor, and Character. If things like “Traveling the land to receive Master Mason wages to better provide for my family” sounds like the devil to you, so mote it be.

    Through out history a man’s honor, Valor, Word, character and such virtues where never associated with women. Not that it’s true, but it’s tradition. well, I think it’s true.

  62. Alex says:

    He isn’t a FreeMason. Even if the ring was a Masonic ring (which it isn’t) then it wouldn’t matter that He’s wearing it because anyone with enough money can buy one.

  63. leestar9627 says:

    it looks like the addidas sigh don’t ya think???

  64. kamran says:

    It’s a David Yurman “wasp” ring.
    Freemason hahahaha!

  65. Matt says:

    He is a freemasons I mean his bloodline is connected to george w bush & barack obama. any many others too that are freemasons that we see on tv and movies from time to time. let’s just say cusins and other like madonna is also freemasons and if u’re gonna go “freemasons are only for men” then yr wrong. ofc there is the eastern star for only weman but freemasons have weman there too so dont give me that bull.
    and the ring on his finger, doesn’t matter he is a freemasons that’s a fact.

  66. I want getting over a damaged heart will be so easy as following a number steps..but its no longer…

  67. Jose says:

    It looks like it could be a double headed eagle Scottish Rite ring. If it is he’s fully a brother in the level.
    But idk the pic is blurry.

    JT if you are in America, you are a clandestine and cowne. You do not or will never be acknowledged by us. You’re a faker, but if I makes you feel better, keep being you. Just know you will never get “true” light through a clandestine lodge.
    @the other brother, I do agree with you. But in England the Ugle has aknoedged 2 lodges that except females… So it isn’t imposible. Also if you read our history there are stories of females being masons in the 1700’s
    But I do agree. We are a male fraternity. I do not agree with England’s excellence of females.

    Back to the subject.
    If Brad is a brother( easy to find out. Call the grand lodge of Cali and ask)
    Not a big deal, and doesn’t change anything. People need to stop being stupid. We’re a fraternity…

  68. William Nopper says:

    It looks to me like a modernistic eagle in front of a big “A”. OMG….I’ll betcha ol’ Brad’s a closet member of The Audubon Society!

  69. marissa says:

    thats a david yurman ring with a bee.