Are Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt rubbing off on each other, style-wise?

 Alice In Wonderland Press Conference

E! News is running a story that sounds a lot like one I wrote back in December. It was at the height of criticism over Brad Pitt’s scruffiness, and I noted that the same complaints that were being lodged against Brad are rarely thrown at Johnny Depp. Now E! News is asking whether Brad and Johnny are rubbing off on each other, style-wise. Although the thought of them sexually “rubbing off on each other” is pretty hot (What? I like man-on-man pr0n!). E! News suggests that while Angelina and Johnny are working together in Venice, that Johnny and Brad might find each other to be kindred fashion spirits, and they might “just be encouraging each other to find even more extravagant scarves, loopier headcoverings or, heaven forbid, more outré facial hair.”

European Premiere of 'Kick-Ass'

Would you look at this?

Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, two of the most deliriously delectable men that movies have to offer, seem to be consciously trying to make us stop lusting after them.

It’s not working. Look, we took Brad to task earlier, but the fact that these two have been spending time together while Depp and Angelina Jolie film The Tourist is worrying.

Why? Because these two free spirits might just be encouraging each other to find even more extravagant scarves, loopier headcoverings or, heaven forbid, more outré facial hair.
Handlebar moustaches, anyone?

Maybe it’s just us. Maybe you think they’re really rocking these boho looks. Maybe…

[From E! News]

To defend Johnny, I think he’s always had this kind of dirty hippie/boho/let’s-wear-a-lot-of-scarves-and-jewelry type style. As long as I’ve been paying attention to him, the man has loved his jewelry and his unconventional, fabulous-scarf-wearing style. As for Brad… well, I long for Brad to go back to his “Dressed Impeccably By Tom Ford” days. Although I think Tom Ford might have gotten Brad involved with some sketchy scarves and ascots and stuff. And regarding the facial hair stuff – at least Johnny is groomed! Of course, it’s probably for the movie. But still, you can tell that he’s keeping his sh-t in check. Brad is not.

Kick-Ass - European Film Premiere - Afterparty

 Alice In Wonderland Japan Premiere

 Brad Pitt at the Inglourious Basterds photocall in the sun during Cannes

 Alice In Wonderland Japan Premiere

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  1. Guest says:

    I am sorry but I think both of these men are highly overrated – always have been. The only difference between the two (style wise) is that Johnny carries it a big better. Brad just looks dirty and old. If Brad was not famous he would look like a street person. I will never know what Angelina sees in him. I bet she is wishing she could get out – but I think that both of them are really into their children. Oh well. I guess they are stuck with each other.

  2. Melanie says:

    Aww, Bradders looks so cute in his little scarf. I really wish Depp would “rub him off”.

  3. bite me says:

    thank you kaiser… Tom Ford is the hottest bitch

  4. meme says:

    they both look like crap next to Tom Ford. have to agree pitt and depp are so overrated but depp has been pulling off this looks for years so it’s normal for him. brad just looks the dirty homeless fool.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Johnny always dressed a bit kooky. It suits him, and just kind of fits his persona. I think he looks better cleaned up, but this is just how he is and has been for a long time.
    Brad, on the other hand, was typically more clean cut, and only recently looks like an old hobo. It’s not working for him.

  6. Malorie says:

    Brad looks like Sasquatch, Bigfoot. I wonder what dirty nest is he hiding under that grey.. hat?

    I love Johnny, but that black&white suit is hideous!

  7. city says:

    I have to say, at least Jonny shaves his neck and keeps it clean. Also, the fedora Jonny is sporting is WAY cooler than that knitted fabric rag Brad wears.

  8. Lee says:

    Hahaha!! Brad DOES look like a homeless wreck! Disgusting. I can just picture frozen boogers or wino barf in that beard. So, needless to say, he is no longer attractive in any way for me. Johnny, on the other hand, wears his style well – which is the point – for him it is style.

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    You can take those two boys out of Redneckville, but…

  10. A.K.A says:

    OR…. maybe Angie’s always secretly lusted for Johnny and she’s the one behind Brad’s look! :D

  11. ogechi says:

    Brat is no cherry, while Johny is hot.

  12. nnn says:

    The only difference between the two is that, actually Brad is the one who is more prone to clean it up like when he shave it or cut it nicely (like in the IB premier) and when he does…well he is Brad f*cking Pitt.

    He also has a better, taller and manlier body that carry well a suit as well as a sexy masculine walk.

    It actually makes sense that Jolie is still with him since she never strikes me as being superficially physical oriented wether in her case or in her partner. Otherwise she would have made sure to exercise and keep her ‘Lara Croft’ figure and would have never dated someone like BBT when she could have the next young male model around.

  13. Kim says:

    Go for it Brad don’t shave don’t film movies Just relax w/ your family. Btw he makes up to $2 million a film just producing according to VF . He produced Time Travelers Wife, Kick Ass, Eat , Pray and Love…He doesn’t have to spend 12 hrs on the set filming.Regarding Angie she doesn’t care about her man’s looks hell she married BBT

  14. EMV says:

    Johnny Depp has always dressed like this. It’s actually style. Brad Pitt is just trying too hard to not be stereotyped and now he looks dirty.

  15. gen says:

    Brad is very easily influenced. He looked like Jen when he was with her, he was looking like Angelina & now Johnny. The guy is a sheep as far as fashion goes.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    @Kim: you left out a zero. Brad Pitt doesn’t make $2 million a film, he makes $20 million plus backend.

  17. truthSF says:

    Man-on-man pr0n?, count me in. I hate to admit it, but their videos are 10 times better than man-on-woman or woman-on-woman (which is the most boring adult film ever created).

  18. Kim says:

    Cheyenne, $2 million a film as a producer only, according to Vanity Fair. I’m not talking about his acting fee. He hasn’t acted in a film since IB only voicework and producing. As a producer he doesn’t have to be on the set so more time for his family and he doesn’t have to shave(smile)

  19. nnn says:

    Pitt has worn the heavy beard and dirty look long before Johnny…he actually wore it in his late twenties and had the scruffier gipsy look long before Johnny. He came with the ultra laid back slightly gipsy look already while dating Robin Givens and even before Juliet Lewis.

    He was all jeans and three days unshaved type of beard in his twenties and pre Aniston, become KEN during Aniston but still at times sporting a scruffy beard. He also had always dirty jeans and putting several lpow priced t shirt after t shirt.

    Johnny actually was more cleaned cut with slick hair and extremely well shaved face, wore leather jacket and cleaned cut jeans a la James Dean. He was cleaner and more fashion oriented than Pitt in their twenties.

    From their twenties to their forties, Johnny is actually the one who has changed the MOST from his cleaned shaved look while Pitt is coming back to his original scruffy look. It just is more scruffier today as he ages but he had worn the same bushy scruffy facial hair several times during Jen and even dirtier pair of jeans when he didn’t emulate KEN.

  20. GatsbyGal says:

    I would LOVE to see them “rub off on each other” if you catch my drift… heh heh heh.

  21. truthSF says:

    I agree nnn, there are pictures of Pitt with various african American women he dated in late 80′s early 90′s and he looked both scruffy and clean:

    w/Robin Given and Sinitta(scroll down):

    w/Thandi Newton during vampire movie(scroll down):

    p.s. I didn’t even know he dated all these black chicks. Uh Brad, if you would’ve waited 10 years, I would’ve been available.

  22. juiceinla says:

    I though this read “Depp and Pitt rub one out for each other”.

    ahem. must not read peripherally, anymore.

  23. Coolzine says:

    I don’t think that Johnny is a style thief.He was allways original in everything he do. MY respect’s to him ;)

  24. nnn says:


    Yes Brad dated all these Black women.

    Actually his first famous relationship was with Robin when she was separated and divorcing Mike Tyson.

    The context was even more electric than today between hot b*tchy wild Robin and Jealous agressive Mike who used to stalk the couple Brad Robyn and warned Pitt several time saying that he still love Robin and that he wanted his woman back.

    I remembered a story where he supposedly said to Brad that he better stay away from Robin and that he will whoop his a** otherwise. I remembered him one day breaking Brad and Robin’s home and that it was one of the main reasons why this relationship ended because of Mike jealousy and constant bulldog type bullying and agressive warning to Brad who had enough and called it quit for “safer waters”.

    I actually liked Brad with Thandy more even if it was explosive and hot with the triangle : Robin – Mike – Brad

  25. Lil says:

    gen I totally agree with you!
    This man is sooooooo influenced. Like now he is saying that he will just married “angie” uhhhgghhh, if gay merriage will be legal. But he’s first wedding cust 1 million dollars for god sake!!!!!!!!!! HIPOCRATE!!!
    By the way, he looks like a grandpa who reeeaaaally likes some weed.

  26. GatsbyGal says:

    @Lil – Hahaha, you’re wrote “hipocrate” hahahaha. It’s “hypocrite”, you burke!

  27. Freya says:

    I think Johnny Depp is just a weirdo. Brad Pitt is going through a scruffy phase. He will clean up nicely, I hope(!), for the next red carpet appearance with Angelina.

  28. PandaBear says:

    I seriously just cannot imagine a dude who puts on scarves, necklaces, hats and jewelry of any sort, weird sunglasses and whatever-else before leaving the house. Seriously, NOT attractive at all, any of it! Facial hair styling and some fashionable clothing are ok. Johnny Depp is hot, but I can’t get behind any dude who wears anything like that, any jewelry at all besides a watch, it’s just not masculine, yuck!

  29. Silvie says:

    Johnny & Brad are both overrated as actors. They are also extreme attention w**ores, that’s why they dress like this.
    It takes calculated effort & time to look in the mirror and go through the rituals of layering cloths, putting on jewelry–necklaces, bracelets, hats, facial hair decorations–(Brad sometimes) etc., when they know they are going out & will be seen and photographed. They purposely look for dirty jeans & shoes to wear… the list goes on.
    They also have reputations of very poor hygiene habits, and downright stinkiness. Basically, they both seem to be gross, boring & vapid as persons. Have you ever seen anything intelligent or interesting coming out of their mouths? I’ll bet they do all this as a distraction for a tiny dick & general mediocrity in the sack.

  30. nnn says:


    You forget the sometimes black eyeliner that Johnny often put.

    Anywxay, here are young Depp and young Pitt in 21th Jump Street.

    Everytime i see it, i wonder what Depp may have done to his face because unlike Pitt, his facial expressions have tremendously changed.

  31. Michelle says:

    @GatsbyGal not all CB commentors speak english as a first language, you don’t have to be rude about it

  32. Rosina says:

    This is a fairly decent picture of him from the night. In many of the other pictures taken he looks completely stoned. Disappointing because now he is a Father and should be more responsible and yet he seems to be retrogressing. I fear that the majority of the responsibility for thier Children is bourne by Angelina; not suprising though when you look at his relationship history, he does not seem like a very good mate.

  33. GatsbyGal says:

    @Michelle – Yeah, and there are also a lot of people who are stupid and can’t spell.

  34. love fanfiction says:

    GatsbyGal LOL

  35. Moofreakinmoo says:

    PandaBear – maybe it’s a signal to us equally unconventional girls, so it’s not a total waste of time. I love guys who can pull off shit like that, hot! It tells me he probably likes poetry and crazy music. Too well groomed says Dan Brown & John Mayer :D

  36. irrerycle says:

    Hey guys,

    My name is Charlie and I am from Stirling in the United Kingdom. I have freshly discovered this forum and I like it alot.
    I am a bit shy so I wont write much about me but maybe when I will get more confortable, you will get to know me better!
    My main hobbies are astrology and watching movies. I also love outdoor activites but the temperature has been bad for the last weeks or so here in Stirling.

    I was wondering if anyone else here is from the united Kingdom too?

    I am glad to have joined this forum!

    PS: Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. I could not find the right one!